11 Best Low Calorie Foods For Weight Loss – Lose Up to 10 Pounds!

best low calorie foods for weight loss

Low-calorie foods do not have to be tasteless or with little nutrients. Fill the fridge with the best low calorie foods for weight loss that’s good for both the line and the health!

Although donuts with 0 calories do not yet exist, this does not mean that your quest for tasty, fit foods is over. If you watch the line, you should also pay attention to what you eat, so you do not have to think about consuming all those extra calories you have entered, and the best solution is low-calorie food.

When you eat low-calorie food on your plate every day, over time, you will no longer get fat in your body.

Although there are urban legends of food that carries fewer calories than the body needs to burn, it does not mean that markets and supermarkets are not full of foods that are delicious and have little calories.

If you are looking for foods that do not contain a lot of calories, here are some delicious suggestions.

Zucchini – 31 Calories per Medium-Sized Zucchini

When you start thinking about nutritious and low-calorie foods, let your zucchini be at the top of the shopping list. Zucchini contains important nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin K, manganese and fibers.

Zucchini is incredibly good for every diet. However, few who make them in the right way, ie a way that is acceptable in diets.

Unfortunately, the most popular way of cooked zucchini is fries, ie grooming. Grilling is usually the worst way to save food. Oil warming goes into so-called trans fat that is actually responsible for high blood cholesterol levels.

The best way to prepare the zucchini is baking in the grill or in the oven. Baking at high temperatures is also the best way to keep foods as good as possible. And the zucchini has a lot of good sides.

First, the zucchini is full of fiber, and the fibers are all you need in a diet (with protein). The fibers make you satiated, and the added absorption of fat is added, so if you eat a little greasy cheese, for example, there will not be such a “problem”.

The fibers are what is made of zucchini more resourceful, and they are not reduced by thermal treatment. What does not survive the baking is vitamin C, but we do not rely on these vegetables to enter this type of vitamin either.

On the other hand, zucchini have a lot of minerals, especially magnesium, which is important for the health of the heart, blood vessels, is also important for antioxidant enzymes. Since the zucchini is made up of over 90% of water, then their caloric value is very small.

Cucumber – 22 Calories in Half a Cucumber

95% of the cucumber makes water, and this is why this is one of those that contain little calories. This large quantity of water can hydrate and saturate you, so you will rarely fall into the temptation to eat sweets and other “forbidden fruit”.

If you want to enter a bit of fiber, do not peel the cucumber just wash it well.

Grapefruit – 37 Calories in Half Grapefruit

If you are looking for fruits that do not contain much sugar and calories, you’ve found it. And as with the other citrus fruits, grapefruit is full of C vitamins. Researchers at the University of Arizona have found that daily intake of grapefruit reduces collagen, blood pressure and cholesterol, which means it’s good for the heart.chose grape for weight loss

Celery – 6 calories per piece

Celery is not the most popular food in the world, but it is one of the most vulnerable. Celery is said to be full of volume, which means you can eat it in large quantities without having to count calories.

If you want to enter something crispy and a lot of K vitamins, eat a celery that is low-calorie food and reduces the risk of heart disease.

A suggestion for eating

Make chicken soup with nuggets. In a large frying pan, heat the oil in a medium-high heat. Add black onion, carrots and celery, and fry until the onion softens. Add 4 cups of chicken broth, half a spoon of salt, ¼ black pepper and ¼ tsp of chili. Serve until the vegetables become soft, so add chopped chicken and cooked noodle.

Radishes – 17 Calories per Cup

Radishes contain a lot of C vitamins, which is needed for our body for the growth and recovery of body tissues, as well as the increase in muscle mass. Even green parts of radishes are edible and full of low-calorie nutrients.

Strawberries – 49 Calories per Cup

Now strawberries are now available in supermarkets throughout the year, and not only contain little calories and lots of fiber, but also have a good dose of vitamin C. Studies suggest that higher intake of C vitamins can ease breathing during exercise, especially in people suffering from asthma caused practicing.

Popcorn – 31 calories per serving

If you pop the popcorn with butter and salt, popcorn is a calorie bomb, but if you want a low-calorie version, pop it in the air. Since popcorn is a volume food, it can savor you faster than any other snack so they are great low-calorie food if you want to replace them with dinner.

Turkey Breast – 72 Calories per 85 Grams

That low-calorie foods are not just greens are a confirmation of the turkey breast. When you make a sandwich, turkey breasts are the best option for a low-calorie variant of a sandwich. Turkey breasts are one of the finest meat that exists among dried meat products. To avoid adding sugar, do not take turkey breasts with honey.

Chicken Breasts – 92 Calories at 85 Grams

Perfect low-calorie food with lots of protein. Chicken breasts may not be particularly interesting as meat, but if you need low-caloriechicken breasts and weight loss flesh lots of protein, chicken breasts without skin are definitely the best option.

Consuming foods with lots of proteins helps maintain the line in two ways: you stay satiated longer and increase the thermal effect of your meal, which is the number of calories you burn when digesting food.

Lens- 115 Calories per Half Portion

There are not many foods that carry so many nutrients in them like a lens. Not only is a low-calorie food but also contains a lot of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. And they are also cheap food!

Milk – 83 calories per cup

Milk contains high-quality proteins and very few calories. Each glass of milk carries three ingredients for bone health: calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus. If you can afford it, buy organically-harvested milk that gives cows that are not full of antibiotics.


Number 1 Recommendation For Weight Loss

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  • Babsie Wagner

    Oh my, that baked zucchini looks absolutely amazing, and honestly, I never realized just how nutritious zucchini is!  Wow.  That makes it all the better!  I love everything on the list, and now I’m going to chow them up!  Great article.  I won’t be doing the milk, though.  I did read in several places that dairy causes inflammation, and since I can tend to have joint pain if I’m not careful, I definitely don’t want to aggravate it by eating dairy products.  Thanks for the wonderful article as always!

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Babsie! It is very true that this foods are the best ones if you want to reduce your weight but also improve your overall health. Milk can cause inflammation in some people and you can avoid it if it does not suit you.

  • Norman

    Thanks for posting. Of the foods you discuss, my 3 favorites would have to be: radishes, chicken breast and strawberries. I love eating chopped radishes with tuna fish – it provides that extra bite. The only challenge is when I mix it in a tuna fish sandwich with mayonnaise. To get around this, I use a light mayo and lemon juice to liven up the taste of the otherwise bland light mayonnaise. I eat chicken breast regularly, and particularly enjoy it when it is seasoned with curcuma. Then I eat it with tomatoes and some pasta on the side. I find it simply delicious!


    • Daniel

      That’s great Norman but one thing that I would like to recommend is that you should completely eject mayonnaise from nutrition, even light one. Although it says that it is light, there are ingredients that can badly affect our heart and blood vessels.

  • Jennifer David


    Thank you for this useful, helpful and informative information.

    I have been looking to change up my menu and this article is really helpful to me in giving me more foods that I can add and replace some of what I have.

    I am grateful for the information that you gave about cucumbers, grapefruit and popcorn.  i will also be trying Zucchini because I have seen some really good recipes including it.

    I will be sharing this because I feel that what you have done here will help a lot of people looking to lose weight and this is the perfect time of the year.

    Many thanks


  • Chris

    Thanks for this list – it’s going to become really useful over the next couple of months when I go on a cardio and calorie restriction session. 

    I was aware that chicken breasts were always a good choice, but I had no idea that plain popcorn could be used as a diet snack. Why is it no good with salt on it? What changes calorie-wise?

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Chris! Salt is not good at all because it retain the water in our body and it can badly affect our heart and blood vessels. We all know that salt is number 1 culprit for bad cholesterol and we should reduce it to the minimum.

  • kemdi21

    Thank God i stumbled upon this great website. Till now i always loved popcorn but  i was soo scared of eating them since i thought  it was gonna add to my weight and im quite health conscious!!. It’s such a relief to find out that Popcorn only has 31 calories per serving in them. Also i love how you list and display the calories for each food so it gives you an idea of how much to take to not overshoot your calorie consumption for the day. 

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful post. It’s really helpful and informative to say the least!!

  • Derek

    A good description of a few of the low calorie foods available. Perhaps some discussion of how and where to use some of them would give more useful information to readers.

    I use Zucchini a lot. As I don’t eat pasta I spiralize zucchini and use it in place ot the pasta.


  • Olonisakin Kehinde

    Waoo,  unbelievable,  i never knew cucumber is a low calorie food. 

    I have been taking cucumber for a long time,  it’s not tasty but I still manage to eat it.  Thank God I have done myself a lot if good.  I love the lists of low calorie food in your post.  Honestly do you really mean popcorn is a low calorie food?  That is amazing and it’s good because most people eat popcorn a lot. Strawberry is also one of my favourite. I have often blended strawberry with grape  and take it as juice after lunch its awesome. Thank you for this post. 

    • Daniel

      Thank you for your thorough feedback! Those foods are great to introduce in daily menu because not only will you lose pounds but also greatly improve your overall health. Popcorn is a great snack but you should avoid salting.

  • Matthew

    I’m on a healthy diet at the moment due to ill health last year, not to lose weight, just to get my body to its former glory days when I used to be a lot healthier. But then again, it wouldn’t harm me to lose a few pounds around my belly area, lol.

    Looking at the best low-calorie foods in your list I am shocked to see popcorn in there, I know it’s no good covered in salt or butter but for some reason, I still thought that on its own it still would be quite high in calories.

    Everything else you show I love to eat, especially grapefruit in the mornings for breakfast and although it can sometimes taste a bit sour, would I be defeating the object if I were to sprinkle a bit of sugar over it?

    • Daniel

      You will not do anything bad if you sprinkle a little sugar over it but try to reduce it on minimum because sugar is sugar and we should avoid it as much as possible.

  • Rob S.

    These are excellent choices for low calorie foods for losing weight! One I know for sure I can’t have us milk although when I was a kid, I LOVED milk. I just can’t have it anymore.

    But I love chicken breasts and turkey breast and eat them all the time. I also enjoy strawberries every day for breakfast because berries are the best fruit to have when you’re diabetic because they are the lowest on the glycemic index.

    Grapefruit I have on occasion which I enjoy too. Vegetables go without saying because they are the best foods for you and are all low in calories.I turn to popcorn for a healthy snack too. I have to watch everything I eat especially with type 2 diabetes.Great choices for low calorie foods!

  • R.J.

    Hey Daniel, I like your article. I’m all about healthy and your article further reinforces the concept that healthy is better. I feel like I’ve been overdoing it on the soda and after reading your article I feel that much more invested in being healthy. I’ve never had Zucchini raw but I’ve had it in my spaghetti once and it was good. All the foods that I saw in your article are very appetizing and are great sources of energy to lose weight.

    • Daniel

      Thank you, by introducing these foods in your daily nutrition you will do great thing for your line and what is most important, you will feel much better and full of energy.

  • Laura

    Nice overview! When I say popcorn on the list I was almost cheering, until I read you cannot use salt and butter. 🙂

    Chicken breast is something I eat at least one time a week and I noticed you mention not to eat the skin. I’ve always been told not to eat the skin as it is bad for us (from when I was a little girl). Thanks!

    • Daniel

      Thank you Laura! When it comes to chicken skin, it is not good because it contain a lot of fat which is very bad for our heart and overall health. If you enjoy eating skin, of course that you can eat it in small quantities but not too often.


    This is a unmovable idea educative totaling concerning weight loss: Of the foods you discuss, my 5 favorites would have to be: radishes, popcorn, Milk ,chicken breast and strawberries. I high regard eating chopped radishes following tuna fish  it provides that new bite. The and no-one else challenge is as soon as I join up it in a tuna fish sandwich following mayonnaise. To obtain then insinuation to this, I use a fresh mayo and lemon juice to liven happening the taste of the on the other hand feeble fresh mayonnaise. I eat chicken breast regularly, and particularly enjoy it behind it is seasoned gone curcuma. Then I eat it in the in front tomatoes and some pasta on the side. I locate it clearly savory!

  • Mary Ann

    Thanks Daniel for such a great list. I am happy to say that I eat all of the foods on your list except for two – (1) Milk – I use unsweetened almond milk on oatmeal and in cooking; and Lens.

    I like zucchini but don’t tend to buy it because hubby doesn’t like it. However, after reading the benefits I  have decided I will start buying it again. Maybe if I jazz it up and bake  in the oven, I will convince him to eat it. He is already a popcorn lover and I always keep some on hand. 

    Looking forward to more great articles!

  • Stefan

    I love the popcorn diet. I could eat popcorn every day. Not with butter, maybe with some drops of olive oil.

    Of course, I also like the grapefruit. We grow grapefruit here our selfs and when there are ripe fruit I eat one every day.

    I heard grapefruit is actively burning fat, a long time ago there was a commercial for grapefruit 45, in the radio in New Orleans. I’ll never forget that one. It said, “No way I eat grapefruit, grapefruit 45” lol.

  • Leo

    I enjoy eating all the foods on your list and if they help to lose weight as well, then I will try to include them more often in my daily diet. Thank you for the recipes you have included in this article too, I would love you to provide other tasteful recipes as well. What do you recommend to use as a substitute for the salt? I cannot get used on eating food with little or no salt, so I would like to know if there is any other food to use instead of salt.

    • Daniel

      Thank you Leo! If you don’t want to use salt, there is always alternative. You can use chili pepper or lemon juice, it will greatly replace salt. You can also try cinnamon, it is good substitute for salt.

  • Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    I usually exercise a lot in order to lose weight, this ha worked so much in the past, but the problem is sometimes I am too tired to do some exercises and if not that, I sometimes too busy to do exercises. Eating  foods with low calories, I think will really help me. Foods such as strawberries, popcorn, turkey and chicken breast can be easily found and added to my diet.  

    Thank you so much for such great info

    • Daniel

      Yes, this foods are great for those people who are unable to exercise but you should try to find even a little time for training, it will greatly help in the weight loss process but also on the quality of the life.

  • Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and good info!

    I agree with everything you have written here, and it will help people in certain things. We are thinking about losing weight, but also having a lean muscle mass, which many people forget, and the majority thinks it comes from steroids.

    I will share it so that people can see what we eat for that, and also what normal people can eat to lose weight!

  • cjciganotto

    Hello Daniel, 

    Congratulations your article is for my source of inspiration. We must consume low calorie foods, for example we have the zucchini cooked in the oven, a squisiteness. You mention many more I also consume a lot of chicken breast with zucchini, they get along very well.

    Look for low calorie foods our body will thank you. 

    Thank you very much for sharing!! 


  • Paul

    Dear Daniel,

    Thanks a lot for the informative post on 11 Best Low Calorie Foods For Weight Loss.

    I got great insights from your posts. As you know very well losing weight is the biggest challenge for many and many are struggling with it.

    I do have some friends who are telling they are going to reduce their weight for nearly 10 years but they are only increasing it lol.

    I am going to implement what I learned in your post. People fail in implementation. I really enjoyed your post and I need to include few things you have recommended (Zucchini, Lens, Popcorn, Strawberries) in my menu. I am going to share this great post with my friends, for sure your post gonna be a great help to them.

    Wishing you great success!


    • Daniel

      Thanks Paul! You are definitely right. Most people try to lose weight but very small percentage really succeed in that because it is hard for people to change their lifestyle. This kind of foods great because it not contain empty calories and it is great for cleaning the body from toxins.

  • Israel

    Thanks for the informative post about the 11 best low calorie foods for weight loss! Kudos for making it known that by eating low-calorie foods daily on my plate, I will no longer have fat in my body. This is really amazing.

    Thanks a lot for suggesting the list of the delicious foods which do not contain a lot of calories! I particularly love the chicken breasts which have low calories with lots of protein. Thanks for the great help!

    Israel Olatunji


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