11 Important Facts About Calories You Didn’t Know

important facts about calories

In the last 30 years, calories have gained immense popularity, that it is almost unthinkable that a person at the moment when she wanted to start a diet and lose weight, did not think about this energy unit.

Counting calories is not only important for people who want to reduce their weight with the diet, but it is important for everyone who wants to preserve their health with their diet and match it with their pace of life and activities during the day.

Daily calorie intake is an important first step in food research that continues to test calorie tables as well as calories in foods that we eat. Although a great deal of information is available today that we need when we are researching calories, there is still much more that you cannot find about calories.

As you read this text, it’s safe to explore calories and wonder what you do not know, and you should know about calories yourself. Therefore, read the important facts about calories below that you probably did not know before, and you should!

#1 The Declaration On Products Is Wrong In The Number Of Calories Up To 20%

Laws in many countries, allow producers to have a mistake of up to 20% when measuring and labeling nutritional value (in this case calories). Manufacturers are not able to control the raw materials they use in the production of their products, therefore there is this legal regulation.

This entails a problem when counting calories and believing the declaration declared by the manufacturer. Namely, if the food you eat according to the declaration has 300 calories, it means that there may be between 240 and 360 real calories. This difference is not small, and in total, it leads to total misconception in counting calories.

How to be sure of the number of calories?

The most effective way is to prepare food independently. In this way, you can know the energy value of each ingredient and you can count calories more easily and safely. This is, however, for many impossible missions due to the time and skills needed to prepare food, so you must sometimes risk that 20% of calories.

#2 It Is Not Possible To Spend All Calories With Training

You must have noticed that many mobile health and fitness applications propagate the consumption of all calories burned.

This is actually one of the greatest myths because it is not possible to spend every calorie consumed, all of which leads to excessive caloric intake and the thought that it can be consumed.training consumes calories

A study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine has shown that the most important is from what kind of food calories come from.

Depending on this, calories are converted to fat, used as energy or for another process within the body.

All this tells you that as much as you are trying to spend all the calories burned, the origin of these calories is much more important. Try to get foods that will lead to proper nutrition and allow you to spend every calorie in the right and healthy way.

#3 Calories From Proteins Are Very Important For Weight Reduction

Protein is one of the most important foods for every human being. In addition, one gram of protein contains only 4 calories, which is more than double the size of one gram of fat containing 9 calories. Research has shown that optimal calorie intake from proteins is between 25% and 35% of calorie intake per day.

This entry leads to the best results in an effort to reduce body weight and maintain a satisfactory state of the body.

Proteins are a necessary element for the growth and regeneration of the cells and bring several benefits in the diet, which are:

  • It can reduce hunger
  • It can increase muscle mass
  • They can increase the speed of digestive metabolism

Protein diet is one of the best ways to lose weight and remove excess pounds. This is all a good reason to consider entering the recommended amount of protein found in meat, eggs, dairy products, cereals, nuts, and soy products.

#4 There Are Also Empty Calories

As the word itself says these calories contain nothing, and this case is nothing good for human health. Empty calories are those that provide energy, but very little nutritional value. Mostly they do not contain dietary fiber, amino acids, antioxidants, nutritious minerals or vitamins.

Sources of empty calories are almost always adding sugars and solid fats that are added during industrial food production to add and improve the taste. It is most important to note that these calories are found in fast foods and almost all snacks and juices that can be found in stores.

Empty calories are also found in alcohol that is full of sugar, but the ingredients it contains are not necessary for the functioning of the body. This is the reason alcohol affects your body weight and is avoided when you want to lose weight.

For all this, it is easy to understand that empty calories are the main cause of obesity in the modern age. So avoid all kinds of added sugar and fat if you see them on the product declaration.

#5 Counters of Calories Burned On Machines Are Mostly Inaccurate

No matter how many calories counted on machines in the gym were interesting, sometimes we cannot fully trust them. This is that gym machines regularly show 20% more calories than actual ones. And why is that so?

Simply, the machines do not have enough information to insert into the calorie-counting equation. Information that is entered generally contains the weight, gender and year. This is certainly not enough and is the reason for the mistake of the count. What is lacking is the level of training and the percentage of fat in the body.calorie calculator

As you get more fitness in training, therefore, you spend less energy and calories for that same exercise.

All this requires less energy with better exercise to overcome the same effort. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly increase the effort of practicing on a particular machine.

If you have a higher body fat percentage, calorie consumption will be lower. By reducing the percentage and amount of fat, and by increasing the muscle mass, there is a rise in calorie consumption for the same effort that you invest in a particular gym machine.

Thus, a person with 80 pounds and 20% of fat when running on the tape will spend the same amount of calories as a man with 80 pounds and 35% fat. However, it is realistic that a person with a lower percentage of body fat will consume considerably more calories by training on this tape.

#6 Water Intake Consumes Calories

Water is a very important part of everyday life, but what’s interesting is that it has a huge impact on calorie consumption. Namely, two liters of water you need to drink to lose an additional 96 calories. To spend this number of calories, you need to run about 20 minutes.

What’s even more important is what you do when drinking water. If you drink it before eating, this reduces hunger as well as calorie intake. A study that has been conducted has shown that half a liter of water is half an hour before a meal, helping people lose 44% more pounds.

When all of these combines with healthy and proper nutrition and physical activity leads to easy weight loss.

#7 Bizarre Ways To Spend Calories

An average person consumes calories for various processes within the body or for activities you cannot even imagine. As I have already mentioned, water helps to consume a certain amount of calories, but there are also many additional bizarre activities that are consumed every day by the energy we enter daily through food. So here are some of these bizarre ways.

Who would say those morning teeth washing lasts 3 minutes and consumes up to 10 calories. As the teeth are washed at least twice, this leads to the fact that daily teeth washing consumes 20 calories and more. Really incredible.

Hugging is something that we would definitely have to do more often because one hug for one hour consumes 70 calories. So hug your loved one, and in addition to showing love, spend extra calories.smoking consumes calories

11 calories per hour are spent chewing gum. This is an activity that many people are practicing, but I’m sure they would never say that so many calories can be consumed in this way.

Smoking a cigarette consumes 10 calories. The obvious reason for this is increased lung activity that have a major impact on energy consumption.

However, this is not the healthiest way to consume additional energy during the day, because the damage to health is significantly greater than the benefit.

#8 A Low Percentage Of Fat In The Product Does Not Necessarily Mean A Small Number Of Calories

Although they are the most common in fat, they are not the only source of calories. So many products that have a label indicating that the level of fat in them has decreased, do not have much fewer calories in themselves.

The reason for this is that they are mainly additives that change fat and complement the calorie-rich taste and often significantly more harmful than the fats themselves.

For example, peanut butter with a reduced amount of fat has 187 calories, while the same amount of the normal amount of fat has 193 calories.

#9 Calorie Was Defined In 1878

German nutritionist Max Rubner discovered the isodynamic law. This law argued that the basis of foods was an exchange of energy and was used in early obesity studies carried out in 1900 by Carl von Noorden.

Since 1925, calories have been diffused in Jules, while in 1948, one calorie was defined as 4.2 Jules. Today, on the product declaration, besides the number of calories, you can also see the number of Jules in that food.

#10 There Are Also Negative Calories

You may not have heard of these calories, but they are a very interesting phenomenon. Negative calories are present in foods that use their degradation and digestion to consume more calories than eating. For example, if you eat a piece of cake that has 360 calories, the body consumes about 100 calories for digestion, while an extra 260 is stored in the body.

On the other hand, many foods contain only a small amount of calories to consume much more than digestion. One of these vegetables is celery containing only 6 calories per 100 grams. For digestion, this consumes about 40 calories, which means that 34 calories will be withdrawn from the stock that you can consider consumed.

On the list of foods that can bring negative calories, there are many vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms.

What is interesting is that these vegetables almost never eat raw, but by thermal treatment and additives they increase calories and potentially lose these negative calories.

#11 Calories Keep Us Alive, Help Build Tissue And Give Energy

Each time we eat, the body releases all that energy (calories) we have introduced for many activities within the body.

First and foremost, calories keep us alive because they provide the energy necessary to perform all the normal functions of the organism such as breathing and blood flow, that is, the work of the heart.

The number of calories the body consumes for calories and muscle massthese functions is called the basal metabolic rate. It’s about 1330 calories for an average woman and 1680 for an average adult man.

Another calorie function is that they help the body build and restore tissue, as has been proven by many of the studies that have been done on this subject.

For example, victims of fires that have damaged a large part of the skin’s tissue start with high-calorie diet in order to regenerate the tissue as much as possible. The growth of muscle tissue or muscle mass is impossible without the input of calories.

Any kind of physical activity is impossible without the input of calories. And the part that does not consume is stored in the body mainly in the form of fat and leads to weight gain.

However, grease in the body is not a bad thing because everyone needs it to be used as an additional source of energy. If you do not eat enough calories, it’s just that fat will be consumed as a spare energy source.

Final Word

As much as calories may have been a great stranger to everyone and how easy it was to find information about them, it is not easy to link every fact to the very easiest way to lose excess pounds, so that counting calories together with the 310 Shake is a great recipe for the diet and easy weight loss.

If we want to lose weight, maintain body weight or preserve health, calories are one of the key factors. That is why I have brought you this text which contains a great number of interesting and useful facts for understanding calories and their management in everyday nutrition.

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