20 Rules of Restriction in Chrono Nutrition – The Best Way of Losing Pounds Ever?

20 rules of chrono restriction

You have decided to lose weight, have a chrono diet, but the rules that require a restriction in chrono nutrition are not clear? I will try to explain them better!

This phase in chrono diet is sometimes mentioned as mandatory and therefore it has remained somewhat unclear. However, this is a necessary phase through which you have to go if you want to lose weight and have a flat stomach.

Chrono nutrition is becoming more and more popular and becomes a way of life just like vegetarianism or veganism. Have you noticed that a few of them talk about it as a diet? It’s true that it can help you lose weight, but it’s more a way of life and a change in food-related relationships than diets.

That’s the secret of its success and popularity – it gives you visible results that you will find evidence at every step, it allows you to eat everything and still lose weight.

How do you eat all but lose weight? Keep reading and find out 20 rules of restriction in chrono nutrition and how can you achieve an ideal weight.

The chrono diet is based on the fact that it does not matter just what to eat, but also when to eat.

This is a rule that is well-known in life for diabetics. They adapt their diet according to their organism and therapy. For those who are healthy, insulin therapy does not need, but it is good to adjust your diet to the secretion of this hormone.

It is known when and how many times insulin is active in our body and hence the need to eat three meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack.

In the same way when you follow the rules of chrono of eating.

  • Be careful what you eat
  • At what time do you eat?
  • How to combine foods

If you look at the combination of foods, you will almost certainly conclude that you whole life has eaten some meals wrongly.

Do you eat bread with every meal?

Drinking water right after the meal, you’re eating fruit right after the water?

To begin to lose weight with the chrono diet, it’s not enough to look at a time alone, but you also need to give up some things in the beginning. For this reason, Dr. Ana Gifing recommends the restriction on a chrono diet. Here’s what it’s actually about.


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What Is The Restrictive Period in Chrono Diet?

As we have said, this is a phase that is not part of the original idea of Alan Delabos and was introduced to Dr. Ana Gifing to make this diet a quicker result when weight loss is concerned.

Just as the name suggests, at this stage some foods have been abolished and this is a restrictive period that needs to provide weight loss and fewer calories.

He imagined this to be an individual plan that was made for each individual. Before the start of the chrono nutrition (or its restrictive period, because only that part can be considered a diet in terms of weight loss diet) it is necessary to consult a nutritionist and perform an intolerance test on food.

Foods that prove to be problematic on this test are immediately dumped out of the menu. This results in the recovery of the organism and the elimination of toxins. They are not necessarily always poisons, but all that hurts our body, at least nutritionally!the best chrono nutrition

People who do not have a large excess of kilograms, restriction to a chrono diet will not be needed, but the very change in life habits will bring a flat stomach. So you can hear that some people are talking about this stage, while some claim they did not have it.

Those who need it will have to adhere to some rules for some time.

How Long The Restriction Lasts?

The restrictive period in chrono nutrition usually lasts 28 days because it is the period that needs to pass for the body to be cleaned of toxins, and maybe longer if you have not reached the desired weight during that time.

20 Important Rules of Restriction

In normal chrono eating, you have 3 meals and snacks. However, in a restrictive period, you do not have a snack and you only have breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no meal in between, and especially no snacks because they are one of the biggest enemies of a healthy and lean line.

At first, it can be confusing to remember all the rules and that’s why I will put them together in one place so that you can easily follow them:

1. You do not start the day with coffee! She must not drink before breakfast. If you’re used to starting a day with this drink, go to a hot lemonade or tea. Coffee is drunk at most 2 times a day – one after breakfast and one after lunch – without milk, sugar, cream and any supplements.

2. Breakfast is the most important meal. Eat it before 9 am.

3. Meals are served at a time of 5 hours. If breakfast is at 9, lunch should be at 14 and dinner at 7 pm.

4. There is nothing to eat between the main meals. By introducing foods when their time is not activated, the secretion of certain hormones is activated when it is not the time for them. All this results in the accumulation of fatty deposits and, above all, a disruption of health and imbalance in the body.

The chrono diet comes from the way our ancestors used to feed. They went hunting and ate when they caught something, not when they looked at the fire, the stars and when they were bored. Their food was not a form of entertainment and pleasure, but a form of satisfying the needs of the organism.

5. All sugars are ejected – white sugar, yellow sugar, fructose, honey. In the restrictive period, there are no sweets in the form of food, neither in the form of beverages (carbonated or non-carbonated juices with the addition of sugar)

6. Fruits are not eaten, either for meals nor between meals, because they have fructose, and sugars are bypassed in a wide harbor.

7. Milk does not drink, because it also has milk sugar – lactose, as does yogurt.

8. Dairy products are only allowed for breakfast, and this is 3 times a week. You can eat sour milk, sour cream, young cheeses. Old cheeses do not eat. Never combine two dairy products in a meal (say cheese and sour milk)

9. Alcohol is ejected because it is obtained by processing fruit (which we do not use) or cereals, often with the addition of sugar and prevents the burning of fat deposits. It is permissible to drink a glass of red wine sometimes.

10. White flour is not used. Other types of flour are allowed – corn, buckwheat, oat, barley, rye.

11. The bread and pasta of the flour allowed are only for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are without pasta and without bread!

12. It is necessary to drink 2 liters of water per day. It can have lemonade without sugar and herbal tea. Acidic water may be carbonated, but not more than 2 glasses a day. Liquid is not entered half an hour before and half an hour after a meal and this is important to remember if you have the habit of pouring a meal with a glass of water.

13. Meals can be prepared on pork fat or butter. Sunflower and other refined oils are not used, nor margarine. Cold-cut oils are not thermally treated, they are not cooked or fried, but can be used in salads. For example, olive oil.

14. It is permissible to eat whole grains or bran, but it is not allowed to eat various flakes.

15. Meat products are allowed for breakfast, the best ones for which you are sure to be made from meat – pechenitsa, sausages if they are homemade, chicken breast in a wrapper, ham, bacon. Do not be on cheap products of this kind – there are more gelatin and supplements than meat.

16. Eggs are allowed. For breakfast whole, for other meals only whites. Eggs are never mixed with dairy products when the restriction in the diet is concerned.

17. Meat is allowed and desirable. You can combine him with eggs and dairy products, and best with some good fresh vegetable’s salad. You should not combine 2 types of meat in one meal.

18. Starchy vegetable’s are forbidden. Avoid beans, potatoes, peas, carrots, beets, rice. Other vegetable’s are allowed, preferably fresh, as they cooking release more sugar.

19. Vinegar is not used as spice. Instead, acidify the salad with lemon. Vegetables and similar food supplements are also prohibited because they often contain sugar. Use sea salt and the right vegetable. Other spices are allowed.

20. The amount of food is unlimited. Eat to be satiated to the next meal, but do not overdo it. Don’t skip any meal and you do not need to drastically reduce them. You must not be hungry between meals so as not to succumb to various temptations.

It is believed that the insulin in our body reaches its maximum 3 times a day, after a meal. Its effect lasts for 3 hours and therefore it takes at least so much time between meals to return to normal.

When you take a break of 5 hours, as required by a restrictive diet period, you are sure that your pancreas had time to rest.
going to sleep before midnight

The body has some of its inner natural rhythm and hour – the one that makes us be active in daytime, and at night we sleep.

We know that for a good rest and normal work of the organism, it takes 8 hours of sleep, but it is important that you lie down and eat in time.

The best thing for your body is to get up to 8 o’clock in the morning and lay down before midnight.

You should not eat before bedtime. It takes at least 2 hours from the last meal to go to bed.

This list of rules can be confusing at the beginning, but it’s not that hard to get it to work because, unlike some bad diets, you really eat food for breakfast.

If you are sufficiently occupied with the duties and other things that prevent you from thinking on food, you can withstand 5 hours without eating.

If it’s easier for you to do it with an adequate example, then look at how you can specifically combine breakfast, lunch or dinner in a restrictive period of chrono eating.

What to Eat For Breakfast in The Restrictive Period?

Breakfast in chrono nutrition is mandatory and it is desirable to be between 8 am and 10 am in the morning. Even though you are in a restrictive period, you can quite enjoy yourself. This is the only meal during which you eat bread, but not the wheat flour to which you have been accustomed but from the allowed types of flour.

Find an integral or rye bread that you know is made from reliable ingredients and without blends.

Pasta is only allowed for breakfast, so instead of bread, you can combine pies, pancakes, macaroni, but not every day, once every 10 days. Of course, you also make and choose them without white wheat flour.

An example of Breakfast:

1. Bread, sliced ham and a glass of sour milk. If you’re used to seasoning this sandwich with ketchup or mayonnaise, you should know that it is not allowed. Mayonnaise because it has refined oil, ketchup because it contains plenty of sugar. If you really need a daub, try a sour cream or some young cheese, but then no sour milk.

2. Eggs roasted in fats with a little onion, a piece of bread and salad

Breakfast should be the most memorable meal. Although there are no limitations in quantity, do not overdo it. It is best to make yourself a meal of a certain size and do not add anything to the amount you have set.

Eat slowly from smaller plates. The feeling of satiety does not come immediately after chewing, as opposed to the feeling of contentment and eating in the food. You can not mix these two if you want to lose weight!

Lunch in Restrictive Period

Lunch is not quantitatively limited, but it is denied for some foods. It is generally recommended that this be a combination of some cooked or dined vegetables and meat. I have already said that we do not eat starchy vegetable’s, so here the sausage with bean is not a good variant, nor is the meat baked in potato sauce.

Lunch Example:

Stuffed pepper: For this, you need 500 g of ground meat, but do not buy almost minced meat because it is mostly mixed, and in the chrono restriction two types of meat are not allowed. You need a few more heads of the onion, a little cauliflower that wants to imitate the rice of stuffed peppers to which you are otherwise accustomed.rich chrono lunch

Fry the ingredients with grease and add spices to taste (not vegetable or similar spices but salt, pepper) and fill the peppers.

Close peppers with tomato pieces. Put in the water to boil and add a little-cooked tomato (take care that there is no added sugar) or tomato juice that you made yourself.

With these dishes, you can eat a salad of fresh vegetable’s. Before lunch, you can eat soup, but without pasta.

It is desirable that lunch makes 3/4 meat and 1/4 of vegetables as the cooking process produces a higher glycemic index and more quickly releases blood sugar.

Dinner in Restrictive Period

The chrono dinner should be light and generally simple. It is best to combine fatty meat (chicken, turkey or some fish) and salad. What is specific to dinner is that only greens and white vegetables are combined in the salad, because it has a smaller glycemic index and lowers blood sugar.

Dinner Example:

1. Grilled chicken breast and a portion of green salad seasoned with lemon and olive oil

2. Saury roasted in foil in the oven. To spice it, make a dressing from a little olive oil, lemon, garlic and parsley.

It is best to have dinner until 20 pm and not sleep for 2 hours afterward.

Experiences in Restrictive Period

We come to that most interesting part, and that is the answer to the question of what the experiences are, what can you expect when you change your habits, how much you can lose and at what time.

Experience with restriction in chrono nutrition was found by forums, and there are also a lot of Facebook groups united around this diet. And they are the most diverse.

Some are satisfied with the results, some complain that they have very well removed the kilograms at first and then began to stagnate. Some have lost more, some less and everything else, it’s impossible to get a rule out.

How much you will lose depends on the speed of metabolism, movement, and how consistent you are. Each organism reacts differently and someone needs more time to lose 5 pounds, and someone less!

What To Eat After The Restrictive Period?

This without a snack phase is the time when you are actually on a diet and when you change your habits. Every day overeating and bad combinations are changed with 3 unlimited meals with limited combinations and discipline.

Chrono nutrition experiences are generally positive and most people manage to overcome this period without starvation, and the results are quickly detectable. Then when you begin to get compliments at the expense of your look, this diet becomes twice as easy.introduce healthy food in your nutrition

The restriction of chrono nutrition lasts 28 days, but it can take longer if you need to lose more pounds. After restriction, you do not return to old habits, you begin your life according to chrono rules.

Chrono diet is nothing dramatic and does not require a waiver. You just need to carefully choose when you eat and all that you have ate so far to differentiate and combine according to the rules.

What you will surely notice is that, in addition to excess pounds, a dry look of your hair disappears and even it begins to recover.

After the Restriction, Some Ejected Foods are included in Nutrition

  • Breakfast can be enriched with cheese and old cheeses. It’s best to stay on integral bread. Avoid flakes – it is best to eat quality in the morning.
  • The lunch opens again the welcome door with starchy vegetable’s. You can prepare peanuts, beans, or rice again. However, it is important here that you do not combine them with strong proteins. It can sometimes be with meat, but with some lighter, such as chicken or turkey. It’s best to cook them without meat.
  • You can add pasta to your lunch, but occasionally. Eat soup with pasta or some macaroni. Save this for rare occasions. And here it is important to know that pasta does not combine with proteins.
  • Dinner can now include vegetable’s that do not belong in a green-white combination, so you can freely rush into any salad.

What is the biggest change in the period after the restriction is the introduction of lunch or sweets. Even though there will not be a world dying if you eat a bowl of ice cream or a piece of cake sometimes (and in reasonable amounts), if you plan to maintain your weight, it’s best to keep black chocolate and dried fruit.

Avoid buying sweets, chocolates and snacks, everything that contains sugar, milk, white flour and margarine and other refined fats. Restriction in chrono nutrition prohibits fruits at any time of the day.

It is important that the snack is only one and it should be at least 3 hours after lunch – not immediately after the meal and not after breakfast or dinner.

Final Word

This diet has strict rules of combining foods and meals, but not quantity, and therefore the results and experiences vary. After all, it’s an individual diet. How much (and how fast) you lose will depend on your self-discipline.

Restriction in chrono nutrition is the biggest challenge. Then when you swing it over, and with that you see the results, accepting the rules of healthy eating will be completely simple.

Since almost everything is allowed at a certain time, there are no nutritional deficiencies, nor need to supplement the diet with multivitamin tablets, there is no reason for chrono nutrition to become your way of life!


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