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Dieting is a major concern when it comes to weight loss and one must pay proper attention to it if you want to get your desired body or shape. You will continue to gain weight if you take in more calories than you can burn.

A good option would be to burn the calories as they come through physical activities but we all know how stressful, inconvenient and time-consuming that could be. A better option then will be to avoid excess calories by reducing the amount of calorie intake.

“Preventive weight loss measure” is how I like to call it and of course just like machines, preventive maintenance is better than corrective maintenance.

However, deliberately reducing the amount of calorie intake by watching meal choices is not easy for a lot of people as hunger and cravings for greasy, nice scenting and mouth watery but unhealthy meals are a big distraction.

This will require a lot of discipline and self-control.
Fortunately, 310 Shake Healthy Meal Replacement Review will do for you what you cannot do for yourself. Replacing your meal with 310 Shakes will help control your hunger level thereby reducing your calorie intake.

Product: 310 Shake Meal Replacement

What is it for: Healthy Meal Replacement, Weight Loss

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My Rating: 9.8 out of 10




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What Is 310 Shake Meal Replacement?

310 Shake is a low-fat and carbohydrate diet proven as effective for weight loss. It is a natural meal replacement with ingredients obtained from high-quality protein-rich plants.

Unlike whey protein, plant-based proteins do not cause digestion problems, proving to be healthier.

310 Shake Meal Replacement contains a Tri-plex protein blend, fiber blend with other vitamins and minerals which will help in not just controlling hunger but will help to boost the immune system while building and maintaining muscles.

The Tri-plex protein blend is made of pea protein, brown rice protein and hemp protein which are plant-based proteins.

  • Pea protein

Pea protein, usually in powder form is a supplement gotten from yellow peas. Yellow peas provide a high-quality protein as it contains all nine amino acids which the body needs from food so its presence in 310 shakes will not just make you feel full but will help maintain your health and preserve your lean muscles. It is also rich in iron and digests well.

  • Brown rice protein

This is another good source of amino acids. It is low in fats and carbohydrates. Brown rice protein will also help maintain your muscles and blood sugar level.brown rice protein

Hemp protein is gotten from hemp seeds and this source of protein also helps to keep you full, thus reducing food cravings. It has other health benefits such as speeding up metabolism.

  • Fiber

Fiber is a type of carbohydrates that the body cannot digest. Alongside the Tri-plex protein blend, a fiber blend in 310 shake Meal Replacement also helps to keep you full thus reducing food cravings and controlling hunger.

This fiber blend is made up of Soluble Dietary Fiber, Waxy Maize, Cellulose Gum and Xanthan Gum. Fiber helps in digestion and to check blood sugar.

  • Probiotics

310 shake Meal Replacement contains probiotics in the form of lactobacillus. Probiotics help to promote gut-friendly bacteria which aid digestion in the human body.

  • Vitamins and minerals

310 shakes do not only contain hunger controlling ingredients. Very useful vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, B, C and D, iron and magnesium are also present in the shake.

How To Use 310 Shake For Weight Loss?

310 Shake Meal Replacement is one of the easiest meal replacement you can use for weight loss. All you have to do is to replace one or two of your daily meals with 310 Shake.

310 Shake Meal Replacement is simply prepared by mixing 1 scoop of the powder with cold water, milk or fruit juice. It does not require any form of blending or stressful activity.

This weight loss supplement can be taken before and after your workout. Taking this shake will create energy to fuel your workout or replenish you with energy after your workout.

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Benefits of Using 310 Shake as a Meal Replacement

The advantages of 310 Shake Meal Replacement after personal research and reviews from users of this product are as follows:

  • Absence of side effects – Unlike weight loss products made from whey protein which may cause digestion issues, there are no records of any side effects from users of 310 Shake Meal Replacement as it is a healthy product
  • Suitable for vegetarians – 310 Shake is made from plants making it the best option for vegetarians.
  • 100% no sugar and No artificial sweeteners – 310 Nutritional Shake is totally sugar-free and does not contain fructose, sucrose, aspartame, or any other artificial sweeteners. Only natural flavors are present in the shake
  • Less than 100 calories per shake servings – Unlike some meal replacements which will contain up to 200 to 250 calories, 310 shake contains only 90 calories per shake serving. This makes it one of the best weight loss meal replacements you should try
  • A variety of flavors to choose from – 310 Shake Meal Replacement come in a number of flavors you can choose from depending on your taste. They include vanilla, mocha salted caramel, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.

Are There Any Possible Cons?

  • Results from taking 310 Shake Meal Replacement are not instant but gradual so, consistency and patience are required.

My Final Word

Having a desired weight or body will not just make you healthy and smart but will give you the self-confidence you need. While exercising and dieting are the primary measures for weight loss, an extra effort through meal replacements will yield better results.

Good meal replacements such as 310 Shakes will not just help you in weight loss, it will also help you build and maintain your body while ensuring that you are in good health.

With this, 310 Shake Meal Replacement can replace up to two of your daily meals depending on how much weight you intend to lose.

Meanwhile, I will like you to have this at the back of your mind; “Preventive weight loss is better than corrective weight loss”


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My Recommendation



  • Sugar-free Meal Replacement
  • Contains Quality Proteins
  • Can be used by vegans and vegetarians
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Less than 100 calories per serving


  • Consistency and patience are required


  • Lok Which

    Thanks Daniel for this awesome post. The fact that you assured me that this product has no side effect has really triggered my interest for it because that has been a major concern for me,using products that at the end of the day you will get unpleasant side effect but I think I have discovered the right choice for myself to lose some weight and I believe it is for both gender so I can recommend this for my female friends that wants to lose weight.

    • Daniel

      That’s right, this shake can be consumed by both men and women and it is a powerful meal replacement  without side effects that will greatly improve person’s life.

  • Anita

    This is a great review, meal replacement I would say is the last resort to weight loss. Cravings are one of the most causes of weight gain especially for women. This would work very well for people who has such problems. As much as you have indicated that this product has no side effects, is there a possibility of getting addicted to it even when your weight goes below your target.

    • Daniel

      Hi Anita, thank you for your feedback. This is one natural and complete meal replacement and you should not worry about any type of addiction. I was using this shake and you can stop consuming it whenever you want.

  • Rajratna

    Great review Daniel! Thanks for your time and effort to explain about 310 Shake in much clarity. Actually I got hesitation to choose the best healthy shake for the weight loss, but this article has eliminated my hesitation.

    I’m going to order this and I think it’s one of the best protein shake because it provides Tri-plex protein, fiber, and many more minerals and vitamins as well as it is vegetarian and diabetes friendly.       

    • Daniel

      I can guarantee that you will be very satisfied with 310 Shake as it is a low-calorie meal full of nutrients and vitamins necessary for normal body function. I heard that vegetarians are surprised with this weight loss supplement as it is plant-based.

  • Dale

    This is a great article. I am a diabetic who needs to lose weight.  According to your review this seems to be safe for diabetics,  I know I have to lose weight but its not as easy as it sounds.

    I am going to take a closer look and let my Dr know about this and see what he says.

    Thank you for taking the time to write a great article.


    • Daniel

      310 Shake is a complete meal replacement full of healthy nutrients and I personally know a person who is diabetic and he freely consumes this shake but with doctor approval so I would recommend you to consult your doctor before using it.

  • charles39

    Dani I have been trying to look for the best meal for my weight loss and the one without side effects and I believe I got what I have looking for so I should stop complaining and take action and the action is to get my self 310 shake. That way I know I can look and feel  better

    • Daniel

      I must say that that is one of the most popular reasons why people don’t succeed. They talk about how they will consume meal replacement, they will change nutrition habits but there is NO ACTION. Talk, talk, talk… Give it a try and don’t forget to come back to share your results.

  • Sujandar Mahesan

    310 Shake sounds like a really healthful choice of supplement for me. Fiber is one of the carbohydrates I was looking to take in along with my workout. I was really glad to know that 310 Shake contains the fiber I needed. Thank you so much for sharing this article about this meal replacement. I’m going to give this a try for my next month’s supplement.

    • Daniel

      I was also trying to find a meal replacement with enough amount of fiber and 310 Shake is a great option. When it comes to losing weight, fiber plays a big role because it can satiate us for a long time.

       I would recommend you to introduce it to your daily menu as soon as possible because people like to delay things and when you delay something like that, it is possible that you will forget about it.

  • zuchii

    A lot of people wanting to lose weight struggle with their dieting plans and the temptation to always have a taste of the sweet evil. Thanks to products like the 310 Shake replacement that helps in managing strict dieting plans. Its rich content of natural sources makes it ideal and recommendable to everyone.

    • Daniel

      There are so many weight loss diets out there and people simply don’t know what diet is the best for them. Changing one or two meals daily with 310 Shake is far better than keeping some restrictive diet which will harm our body and health.

  • Jay

    Starving one’s self because of trying to reduce weight is a wrong approach. You can still consume food on a regular basis and still get the result you require in terms of weight loss as long as we eat healthy food. Whenever I gain a few more pounds and I plan to reduce weight, what I like to do is that I pay close attention to what I consume and try to eat as healthy as possible. 

    The 310 shakes is a healthy meal replacement and is a good alternative to starving oneself and the fact that it has no side effect is amazing. To get a result with such products one has to be patient because most things that give instant results don’t normally give lasting results.

    • Daniel

      I appreciate your feedback Jay! You can lose weight with starving but those results are not lasting and healthy. I don’t know why some people go for that option when you can lose weight in a healthy way, you just need to change some things in your daily life. 

      310 shake is a great option for anyone who needs to lose pounds because it is a complete low-calorie meal replacement full of nutrients which gives results. Just like you said, weight loss is a long-term goal so no one should expect instant results.

  • Taetske

    Good afternoon Daniel,

    I read your post at the right time of the year. Lots of naughty foods during the holidays has made me lose my ideal line. Of course, I also sit too much at the computer and even if I try to compensate with garden work I have gained weight. 

    You are right, dieting is not easy. I know this myself as I have gone through many phases in my life.

    I like the precise information you give in your post on 310 Shake meal replacement. The proteins are plant-based. that sounds good, even hemp protein, great. It has no sugar which is excellent and neither aspartame, that would have been really bad. It has no added artificial flavoring but it does have most of the vitamins. All in all, it looks like a good product which is worth trying. Thanks for the information.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Daniel

      I am glad that you found it helpful Taetske. It is very easy to gain pounds but it is very difficult to lose them especially in a short period of time. 

      New Year and Christmas are those periods where people massively eat everything they can get in their hands, I was one of those group too. 310 shake is here to help us to “recover” from the holidays by replacing our meals full of calories with a healthy and safe meal replacement.

  • Myles

    When I was a younger fella I made protein supplementing a part of my daily diet. Over the years I let that habit slip away and now planning to get back at it. I have been looking at Whey protein but was told there is better products out there to consider. This 310 shake in your review is the sort of thing I think I’ve been looking for and happy to see I can easily order it from Amazon. Thanks for the info Daniel. Cheers.

    • Daniel

      Yes, protein is very important for weight loss process but also for maintaining muscle mass. This shake is a great source of quality protein and you can be sure that by intaking 310 shake, you do a great thing for your body.

  • Henry

    Hi Daniel! Thank you very much for suggesting 310 Shake. Others had mentioned it but I had no clear idea of its benefits. But reading your review has made me understand it’s an excellent aid for out dieting goals. It’s important that 310 Shake does not have side effects. And I like it doesn’t have any sugar neither any artificial sweeteners. I greatly respect your site, and I trust your recommendations. Based on the good results I’ve had by following your advice, I’ll also give 310 Shake a try!

  • Kira Price

    I definitely think shakes are the way to go to losing those necessary pounds. It does require an extreme amount of discipline and having to say no to all the comfort foods.

    Life sucks in that way sometimes however at least the shakes are flavorful and can make the transition much easier on calorie intake. 

    Thanks for the tips! 

  • Seun Afotanju

    Good one here Dan, you really took your time to explain through how 310 shake works I must say that I am indeed impressed. I do have a very close friend of mine who is obese and he loves eating a lot without slowing down, that can eat the world if he could, do you think it is going to work for him if recommended?

    • Daniel

      Hi Seun, thank you for your feedback, I know that group of people who simply enjoy eating and they cannot control themselves. 310 Shake can certainly help your friend but he must change his lifestyle and reduce the amount of food he intakes daily. He should replace 2 main meals with this shake, breakfast, and dinner, lunch is by his choice but it should contain vegetables and protein (meat).

  • Kim

    Thank you for such a thorough post Daniel!

    I agree that preventive maintenance is definitely better than corrective! But, corrective might just be much easier with this product. I love, love, love that it is plant based and sugar-free! 

    Also, besides being healthy, it also eliminates that planning stress I get when trying to plan my meals. And another bonus for me is that I can take it on the go! 

    Many blessings! 


    • Daniel

      I agree with you Kim. This product is sugar-free and plant-based and it is very important for our organism. Most meal replacements contain a high amount of sugar and it actually does not help us. 310 shake is a great choice whenever you go and you can be sure that with every glass you will intake quality nutrients and vitamins which will result in healthy and slim body.

  • DerrAd

    That’s a very comprehensive review and it looks like a good alternative for people who want to do less active work to reduce their weight. I would go by your conclusion that preventing weight loss is better than putting in place corrective measures. I spend most of my time in the lab sitting but I make sure that I jog twice in a day during breaks to prevent accumulation of calories. 

    However, it’s good to know that such a product exist and would revisit your post anytime it becomes necessary. Thanks for the information.

    • Daniel

      Any form of exercise is better than doing nothing, you are doing great. I always recommend fast walking at least 30 minutes a day as it is one of the most effective methods to stay active and improve your exercise level.

  • Derek.

    Hi Daniel,  thank you for such an in-depth review.  I have spent a lot of time researching various protein shakes and bars in relation to maintaining a balanced and lean physique. I find the 310 Shake quite interesting because of it’s benefits, when I say this I mean in relation to weight loss and appetite suppression, for a lot of people this a key selling feature, which I will encourage me to take it for a spin.  

    • Daniel

      That’s right, 310 Shake is great appetite suppressant although it contains less than 100 calories per one serving. One more thing that I think is very important is that this shake does not contain sugar or any artificial sweeteners which is an awesome benefit for losing excess pounds. Most meal replacements contain a lot of sugar and that is a big problem for those who want to burn kilos.

  • Olalekan Taliat

    Most weight loss diets does not specifically say when and how pounds are going to be shed. The nutritional content or 310 shake shows as usual its going to be a steady shedding of weight. I am obese and have tried different weight loss formulas. 

    The unique thing about 310 shake compared to all other dietary weight loss methods I have tried is the inclusion of hemp protein which definitely makes you feel less hungry. I thing I will have a trial of 310 shake.

    • Daniel

      That is why prefer 310 Shake more than other meal replacements becasue it is full of high-quality proteins and it works great as a appetite suppressant. If you only replace your breakfast with this shake you will do great thing for your body but also for your health.

  • Tunde

    Great work Daniel, I really love the way you carefully outlined the review on 310 shake. You have really convinced me about this lovely product. It appears to be the best option especially for people that don’t have enough time or strength for daily routine physical exercises. The product looks great and I hope there isn’t any form of side effect after its consumption..?

    • Daniel

      Hi Tunde, you should not worry about side effects as this meal replacement is made of natural ingredients and honestly, I did not heard anyone to complain about if after consumption. 310 Nutrition is very popular and trusted brand so just go for it, you will be surprised how it can improve your life when it comes to nutrition. Btw, you can stop consuming it whenever you want without any problems.

  • hussaain

    This is a wonderful and carefully reviewed product. I actually read over and over in order to be convinced. It’s only possible to have a good result when all factors are put into consideration. I have read about 310 shake meal before now and I can attest to the fact that its a good product. The reviews I read about the product is a top-notch and I can easily recommend for anyone 

    • Daniel

      310 Shake is a favorite meal replacement across the globe primarily because it contains quality and safe ingredients. It is enough to replace breakfast with this shake and you will see the benefits even in a couple of days.

  • John Pavich

    This seems like a very good product and seems to cover all the bases and is also plant based so even vegetarians can take it. The way you describe in detail what this product can do for your health is a no brainer. As you say we also need to exercise but by also taking 310 every day is a good way to stay healthier and in good shape physically by getting the necessary vitamins and minerals etc. that we need on a daily basis especially as we get older!

    Your website also looks very professional and interesting to read and interesting for me as I also have a website that talks about the importance of taking vitamins daily and have since I was 19 years old and I am now 68 years old and very healthy. A lot of people don’t believe me when I tell them how old I am they think I am in my 40’s and I just tell them it must be the vitamin supplements.

    So, keep up the good work spread the word on healthy living!

    • Daniel

      Thank you, John! I can agree with you and say that it does not matter if you have 20 or 60. If you eat properly and have a regular exercise you will stay healthy and young forever. You are doing great, just keep like that. I often see people who are 40, 50 and they look much older because of lack of vitamins and nutrients. 

      Just like you said, it is very important to intake proper vitamins especially as years pass because, in that way, we will ensure that our body gets quality minerals and nutrients for proper functioning.

  • Cliff

    Thank you for the review. It definitely looks like this shake is the real deal! A great source of vitamins and minerals and a source other than what to get your protein from. Also including fiber which is great for the digestive system and to give one that full filling. I 100% agree with what you said about prevention is easier than having to get the weight off too.

  • RoDarrick

    I once had a dieting plan and all was in accordance. I kept my weight in check but over time, I lost interest or better stated, work stress made me worn out and lose interest. I’ve gained excess weight and it’s becoming alarming for me. Thankfully, here I was reading your post. I will get back to dieting through the product 310 shake replacement as found in your post.

  • Emily

    I like that you can use it to replace just one meal per day. So often people stumble with weight loss because they have to change their eating too much.
    However, I do find it a bit strange that you say it can be mixed with fruit juice. Given that many juices contain more sugar than sodas and many excess calories are from beverages, don’t you think it would be better just with water?

    • Daniel

      Hi Emily, I was thinking primarily on the homemade juices and not those bought in markets as yes, they are full of empty calories and sugar. Homemade juices are great as you use fresh fruit and in that way, you consume all necessary nutrients and vitamins needed for our body.

  • Faheem

    Hmm, sounds interesting, basically, it’s concentrated powder instead of a full meal. Well, as long as it works for people, then that’s nice I guess, but I don’t know, just seems a bit strange to me to replace a whole meal with some powder. To me, it’s like taking concentrated pills instead of actually eating food. I’m open minded, but just not something I’m used to. Guess you’re right when you say this requires patience and graduality.

    • Daniel

      Well, meal replacements are very popular today and so many people achieve great results consuming it. It is true that there is a lot of low-quality meal replacements and the point is to choose the right one. 310 Shake is a balanced meal full of quality protein, fibers, nutrients and vitamins which you simply cannot intake by regular meal. This has nothing with pills because there is no such pill that can give you all necessary nutrients like meal replacement

  • gartensgalleryPlus

    This is a product I have never heard of before. So I think it is great that you are getting the word out there about it. And that it is fulfilled by Amazon is good. Millions of people trust their site. It is very informative for many weight loss programs. Is it low carb enough for people watching carbohydrates for weight loss? like Atkins or Keto diets. The Keto diet wants you to eat only 20-30 carbs per day.

    It takes a reduction in the diet to lose weight. 3,500. calories to lose 1 pound. Yes, you are right prevention is the best medicine. Unfortunately, so many Americans are above their ideal body weights. and don’ even know it. I wonder if a chart with peoples ideal body weight would help sell this product. It is something to think about.

    I know a lot about dieting because I am overweight. I am 62 years old and have struggled my entire life. I have trying most diets out there even Gastric By-Pass surgery. I was one of the first cases in northern MN. Since then they have changed it and it is more effective than back then.

    All in all, I think this product can work. It watches all the vitamin and minerals, is gut-friendly yet is very low calorie. You can’t even eat one of those diet lunches in the freezer aisle at the Grocery store and get 2-3 times the calories than this and they are not very satisfying.

  • Alister Bredee

    Am happy to see that this is a protein supplement. The problem with most weight loss Programs is they contain very little protein. As a result, the body begins to consume its own muscle mass. The place this starts is usually the face, giving that haggard look.

    This product contains three plant-based protein supplements. By far the best is Hemp Powder. This is a first-rate protein source. I see it also has probiotics and vitamins. All of these are essential for healthy living. The product sounds promising.

    Dr. Alister

    • Thank you for your thorough feedback. It is very important that we intake healthy and nutritious meal in our body and 310 shake is truly one of those. What I like the most about it is that this shake does not serve only for losing weight or gaining muscles but also for overall health as it contains needed vitamins and nutrients.


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