7 Days Diet Plan For Weight Loss – Your Healthy Diet!

7 days menu for healthy weight loss

A healthy diet for weight loss lasts a total of seven days and is based on the daily intake of integral cereals.

Recent research published in the Journal of Nutrition from the USA confirms what has been known to many from before: that is, daily consumption of healthy integral cereals contributes to the reduction in volume in the waist, but also significantly improves our overall health.

Similar studies were done much earlier, and almost every primary goal was to establish the relationship between dietary fiber (from a large number of foods) and the body mass index in adults.

In the text below, learn how to keep a healthy diet, I have prepared 7 days diet plan for weight loss that will help you in a fight with boring kilos.

The basic postulate that we have to adhere to, and recommended by a healthy diet in its seven-day menu is that every other day you consume another integral grain. So let’s start…

First Day – Wheat

Wheat grains are full of nutrients, especially vitamins E, B3, B2 and B1. It contains a real miner of minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, copper, it is rich in zinc, iron, magnesium, and contains numerous fibers and irreplaceable folic acid.

From the past we know that fiber-rich food fine balance and maintain our body weight, keeping high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels under control, as well as levels of LDL (undesirable) cholesterol.

A healthy diet recommends just a whole grain of wheat, here’s what your diet should look like during the first day.

Take 180 grams of wheat whole grain to add seven and a half deciliters of water and cook at medium temperature for 20 minutes.

  • Breakfast: porridge, a substitute for white sugar and a cup of milk
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup (1 cup), young onion (1 waist), porridge.
  • Dinner: porridge, 1,25 dl of probiotic yogurt, healthy substitute for sugar, little cinnamon.

Second Day – Millet (healthy diet)

The cereal (millet) is extremely rich in lysine, as well as proteins and vitamins from the B group, it does not contain gluten, and is recommended for people who are intolerant to this protein. Excellent alkalizing of the body and it is very easy to digest.

It works remarkably as a natural diuretic, it helps in the case of frequent hard stools and poor digestion, as well as in diarrhea (then it is mandatory to grind the millet before it is cooked), strong vomiting (prepare the soup of the millet) and diabetes. It millet porridge for weight lossworks great on stomach, pancreas and kidneys.

Prepare a daily porridge of millet: take 180 grams of ground millet, add 7,5 deciliters of boiled water and cook for half an hour at medium temperature.

  • Breakfast: millet porridge, a healthy substitute for sugar, one deciliter of warm milk.
  • Lunch: a full cup of vegetable soup, millet.
  • Dinner: millet, natural sugar, apple, juice from a single red lemon.

Third Day – Oat

This is abundant with E vitamins, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and magnesium. Oatmeal is a very good source of protein, it reduces the level of fat in the blood, it also works anti-carcinogenic.

Helps in case of stool closure and long-lasting constipation, nervous system and all degrees of hemorrhoids, even those who bleed.

Prepare daily portion as follows: take 180 grams of organically grown oat flakes, add 7.5 deciliters boiled water and cook for about ten minutes at medium temperature.

Breakfast: oatmeal, natural sugar, a cup of warm milk.

Lunch: vegetable soup, integral cereal, parsley and garlic.

Dinner: porridge, natural sugar, 90 grams of young cheese, one large spoon of cocoa.

Fourth Day – Rice (healthy diet)

Rice is rich in valuable vitamins from the B group, reduces the risks of colon cancer, lowers fat levels and helps in the event of diseases caused by dietary fibrosis (diabetes, hemorrhoids, chronic constipation and varicose veins).

Prepare a daily portion of rice: pour 150 grams of integral rice in the boiling water and cook at medium temperature for 35 minutes. Peel 450 grams of homemade apples and chop them into small pieces, add some water and steam it for about ten minutes. Mix integral rice, apples, lemon juice, cinnamon and sugar substitute.

Divide on equal three servings and eat one serving for each meal during the day.

Fifth Day – Barley

Barley beans are rich in important proteins, potassium and calcium. This cereal strengthens our pancreas and guts and regulates and improves the functioning of the stomach. It also strengthens the blood and is also useful for gallbladder and nerves.

Prepare a daily portion of barley porridge: take 180 grams of peeled barley, add 7.5 dl of boiled water and cook for at least ten minutes at medium temperature.

  • Breakfast: barley porridge, natural substitute for sugar or a deciliter of warm milk.
  • Lunch: Vegetable soup (full cup), barley porridge, waist of young onion and pepper.
  • Dinner: barley porridge, natural sugar, half a glass of orange juice, two spoons of low-fat yogurt.

Sixth Day – Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a cereal that abounds with potassium, phosphorus and calcium, as well as almost all vitamins from the B-group and with a large amount of niacin.buckwheat porridge for fat loss

Buckwheat porridge strengthens the body and is especially recommended for reconvalescents after hospitalization.

Daily servings of buckwheat porridge: take 180 grams of peeled buckwheat, add 7.5 dl of water and cook for a good ten minutes at medium temperature.

Breakfast: healthy buckwheat porridge, a natural substitute for white sugar and a little warm milk.

Lunch: vegetable soup, buckwheat porridge with mild spices.

Dinner: buckwheat porridge, natural sugar substitute, low-fat yogurt cup.

Seventh Day – Combination of Cereals

Prepare a daily portion of integral cereals: take 60 grams of wheat grains, 60 grams of peeled buckwheat and 60 grams of quality oat flakes. Add 7.5 dl of boiling water and cook for about twenty minutes at medium temperature.

Breakfast: integral porridge, natural sweetener and half a cup of warm milk.

Lunch: A light vegetable soup (1 cup), integral porridge, garlic and three teaspoons of tomato sauce (warm all together).

Dinner: integral porridge, natural sweetener, lemon juice, a little cinnamon and one apple.

Healthy Diet for 7 Days – Experiences

Integral cereals will rebuild your digestive tract by regular consumption and will further stimulate a much better work of the digestive organs, and will supply you with the necessary minerals, precious plant fibers and vitamins.

If you do not like one of the integral cereals, or you have the problem to get it and find it in your place, select those cereals that you can use and watch to use them alternately.

Between meals, it is best to drink mild natural mineral water – the best completely non-greasy, fresh juices (natural stewed) and unavoidable green tea.

When you finish your diet, try to eat significantly less meat in the following period that follows.

If you continue to eat integral cereals and when a seven-day healthy diet passes, combine them with dry grapes or dry apricots, as this will additionally contribute to weight loss and experience the ability to take up to 9 kg within the next six weeks. Nutritionists recommend this seven-day diet and to people who have problematic facial skin.

Do not intake white sugar in any form, and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden, try to be more physically active and watch to walk as much as you can.

Conclusions of nutritionists: Daily consumption of at least one meal containing healthy cereals contributes to the reduction of total fat in the blood.

These undesirable fats are most often accumulated around our waist, and if such healthy meals were consumed more often over a day, they would contribute to a better health overall.

A healthy diet for 7 days is precisely that, if you adhere to the menus in the next week, you can lose as much as four pounds per kilogram.

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