Alkaline Diet Meal Plan – The Cheapest Diet Ever!

alkaline diet meal plan

You always wanted a flat stomach, and you did not know how easy to get it? Maybe it’s the right time to get to know more about the alkaline diet meal plan, which in a short time became a real hit in Europe.

It’s about a diet that improves your health and acts preventively against serious illnesses like cancer.

What is most tempting is the fact that there is no hunger, hate and energy shortage in this diet. And what exactly is an alkaline diet and whether it is the right choice for you, read the following text.

Basic Concept of The Alkaline Diet

The alkaline diet is something completely different from all other diet regimens. It is based on the idea that the food we consume can alter the acidity or basicity of our body. When an organism has digested foods, it receives the energy it needs for normal functioning.

What remains during this process can make the body acid or base. The excessive acidity of the organism can negatively affect health. People who have an acidity of the organism are tired, bad wills, punctures, feel muscular pain and are susceptible to infections.

On the other hand, the alkaline organism is considered to be a protection for the body and represents something that we all need to strive for.

The alkaline diet is so designed that it will help to establish the proper pH balance of the organism at the same time bringing your line to perfection, which is the goal. The main rule that you must adhere to in this diet is: “Daily intake 75% of raw and 25% cooked food.”
is alkaline diet good for us

Of course, alcohol is prohibited, all industrially processed foods, too strong and fatty foods, as well as sweets and large amounts of sugar in coffee or tea.

It is recommended to drink about 2 liters of water per day, and those who are quite physically active should increase the intake of water.

It is not exactly prescribed how much this diet is, as a rule, you should stay in this diet until you get the desired weight.

And even then it would not be bad to apply some rules as you would ensure your long and healthy life.

How To Know What Food To Choose?

The food is divided into one containing the acid, neutral and alkaline residue. In neutral foods are natural fats, starch and sugar. Most sour foods are made of the food of all kinds, meat and fish, eggs, alcohol, milk and dairy products and cereals. Alkaline foods are fruits, nuts, vegetables, baking soda and legumes.

How much is it sourly we measure it with pH value. Here we use the parameters 0 to 14 which have the following meaning:

  • From 0 to 7 is sour,
  • 7 is neutral and
  • From 7 to 14 is alkaline or basal.

Many scientists have found that diseases like cancers, candida, urinary infections, etc. develop in an acidic environment, not basically, which only contributes to the significance that this diet has in the body.

Alkaline Diet Menu Per Days

On the Internet, you can find the correct list of which foods belong to which group, and so be sure to form an invisible menu. My recommendation is that although many recipes can be found online, you do not do it yourself.

Consult an expert who will, in the most adequate way, make a detailed diet plan. Only in this way can you make sure that your meals contain all the necessary nutrients for the normal development and functioning of the body.

Following is a menu for 7 days of keeping a diet:

DAY 1.

Breakfast: A omelet of two eggs, a piece of whole bread, tomato and a ginger tea. For the snack a fistful of nuts fruits.

Lunch: Celery and carrot soup and beef with sweet cabbage. For snack one apple.

Dinner: 150 g of grilled chicken and cabbage salad.

DAY 2.

Breakfast: Boiled eggs, pepper salad, tomato, cucumber and cheese. Tea as desired. For a snack hazelnuts.

Lunch: Cabbage salad, grilled chicken and 200 g of boiled broccoli. For the snack few fresh carrots.

Dinner: Fish as desired and lettuce.
choose healthy snacks

DAY 3.

Breakfast: Polenta with young cheese, tomato and yogurt. For snack one banana.

Lunch: Potato soup, a piece of integral bread and cabbage salad. For snack cacao from rice milk.

Dinner: 150 g of baked chicken served with season salad.

DAY 4.

Breakfast: Ginger tea and pancake made from buckwheat flour coated with jam. For a snack fruit salad.

Lunch: Cooked zucchini and salad of young beans, carrots and cabbage. For a snack, a fistful of figs.

Dinner: Squeezed orange and integral pastries with young cheese.

DAY 5.

Breakfast: Two egg yolks and zucchini with boiled beetles and carrot juice. For snack one apple.

Lunch: Mushroom soup, a piece of integral bread and a bit of grilled chicken. For a snack half-serving of avocados.

Dinner: Broccoli salad with spices, garlic, yogurt and a portion of integral bread.

DAY 6.

Breakfast: Green tea and pie with buckwheat flour with cabbage. For a snack fruit salad of watermelon and melon.

Lunch: Fish soup, cabbage salad and a bunch of integral pastries. For snack grapefruit.

Dinner: Mushrooms in a marinade made of olive oil and lemon baked in an oven and served with tomato salad and cheese.

DAY 7.

Breakfast: Lemonade, oatmeal porridge with a little forest fruit and cinnamon. For a snack dry apricot.

Lunch: Baked fish and the green salad with radishes and garlic. For a snack a handful of walnuts.

Dinner: A portion of a green salad and an integral bread slice covered with avocado, olive oil and garlic spreads.

Alkaline Diet Positive Experiences

User experiences are generally positive when it comes to an alkaline diet. Its users point out that they not only lose weight but have felt better and more energetic, which is not the case with other exhausting diets.

This is a somewhat longer diet, where it will take weeks to reach the desired weight, but as it is very flexible and allows you to create a menu yourself without starvation – you will be able to hold it for a longer period of time.

The positive side of this diet is both easily available foods, removing persistent fat from the stomach, it is cheap and will strengthen your immunity and thus improve the overall health of the body.

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  • Eugen

    Hi Daniel,

    Interesting idea.. As the person who always sticks to the healthy and balanced diet I don’t trust such things as alkaline or something even crazier like juice diet. I mean this is ridiculous.

    I am not judging people using it, I just feel like at the end of the day all you need is 3 macroelements: carbs, protein and fats.

    So, there all different ways to get them, but I am a fan of conservative dieting..

    Well, recently I have also tried fasting which had some good impact on me but it’s more of a routine regime than dieting lifestyle.

    Just wanted to share a thought.


    • Daniel

      Well, people attend to try everything when it comes to weight loss because it is very hard for someone to change or improve their lifestyle. Alkaline diet is safe and healthy. It can help us to lose pounds but also reduce bad cholesterol, normalize blood sugar and the like. 

      Fasting is also one of the best methods to improve our health and lose weight. I am doing it too from time to time.

  • Jenny

    I love how you laid out the diet for each day. I’m so full of diets that are so general that I can’t figure out what I have to eat. Like following a diet is not challenging enough – even though, so worth it! – now I have to figure out what all that means?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Daniel

      Although it looks like it is difficult and complicated, it is not, Alkaline diet represents the healthy diet which should improve our health and line in not so long period.

  • Guillermo

    Hi Daniel, Nice article and interesting idea, I heard about it before and I think it makes sense. The type of food that are alkaline are usually foods that all or most diet regimen calls as healthy. 

    I believe that regardless of the diet lifestyle anyone has we should be eating to keep our bodies in an alkaline state with a balanced Ph.

  • Les

    Hi Daniel, this is an interesting article, thanks.

    I’ve also had occasion to try to combat the acid in my system but for a different reason. I suffer terribly from gout which results from acid crystallizing out of the blood stream and forming needle like crystals in the joints. VERY painful.

    As a former chemist, it was logical for me to try and up the pH of my blood to try and combat the effect. I take an alkalizing drink a couple of times a week and it’s working.

    The other very important point you make is to drink enough water and I do try to take 2 liters per day. I keep a 1L bottle on my desk and refill it as necessary. I had really bad back pain, but once I started drinking enough water if disappeared!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Daniel

      Water is very important for our health and body but also for weight loss. It is good that you started with one liter and as time passes you can increase it slowly to 2 liters.

  • delroaustria

    Alkaline Diet Meal Plan is interesting to try but I think the suggested Menu for 7 days could be challenging to follow particularly for busy people like me who always rushing on the job back and forth. 

    What I tried and included on my diet is to consume citrus fruit.  I am now on the second day of my regime drinking calamondin (calamansi) juice mixing it with honey.  Calamondin is an abundant citrus in our locality here in the Philippines. I found it refreshing if it was chilled with ice and I aim to continue taking it once a day for one week.  

    Do you think it will help to alkalize my body?

    • Daniel

      Well, yes it is a little challenging but definitely worth the try. Citrus fruits are one more way to lose pounds and they are pretty effective. You can continue to use Calamondin but make sure to make a little break at least for one week and than continue the same.

  • julienne murekatete

    Hi Daniel, Nice article and interesting idea, It s my first time to hear about alkaline diet but it seems very active if taken as recommended . I think it makes sense. I believe that regardless of the diet lifestyle anyone has we should be eating to keep our bodies healthy .

    I will try it because i want to lose weight

    • Daniel

      Well, alkaline diet is not so popular and famous but it certainly work. Results are great and pounds will not return if you continue with proper nutrition.

  • Laura Endahl

    I like how you break it down, list a menu for each day.  But I am such a junk food junkie.  I AM addicted to sugar.  Believe me I tried to stop, it almost as bad as trying quit smoking.  Keyword–almost.  Next January I’ll be 18 years quit.

    Anyhow, do you have an suggestions for somone who has very little will power to cut down on the sugar??

    Thanks for your article,Laura

    • Daniel

      Hi Laura, you should definitely eject sugar from your nutrition because it can provoke some serious diseases such as obesity, diabetes etc. You can not eject it immediately, it takes time and you should reduce its intake little by little. Sugar addiction is not good at all and I know so many people who can not live without sugar. Just like I said, try to reduce it little by little and start eating a lot of protein.

  • JB

    I can totally relate to the idea of trying to get rid of that last remaining belly fat! This Alkaline diet offers a new approach worth trying. Actually it seems more natural, as there aren’t special foods to buy. Just good healthy non processed stuff. Which makes sense.  I like that balance is the key, not starvation. 


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