alli Diet Pills Review 2019 – Best FDA Approved Weight Loss Supplement!

Weight loss is one of the most difficult and frustrating tasks as long as health is concerned. This is because it is not an instant action.

Weight loss is a gradual process so it requires not just patience but discipline and consistency too. Losing weight could be a bit easier if we follow the basic principles and directions.

The major contributors to your present weight are your diet and physical activities. Everyone wishes for a great body that is not overweight but mere wishing will not make you lose weight. Your daily activities will determine how much you weigh.

Sometimes, where exercising as well as dieting may not seem to work as rapidly for you, it is advisable to enhance the weight loss process with a good diet pill.
Today, I will present you alli Diet Pills Review.

This pill is recommended for people who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 and above. Having a body mass index of 25 means that you are overweight and you have to lose some weight. BMI is calculated using your weight and height information so, a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is seen as being healthy.

While some weight loss pills will suppress your hunger level, alli Diet Pill does not work this way. It keeps your appetite intact. However, this weight loss supplement will only stop a percentage of fats in your food from digesting into the body.


Product: alli Diet Pills ( Orlistat 60mg Capsules)

What Is It For: Weight Loss

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Money Back Guarantee: Yes

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10




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What Is alli Diet Pill?

As stated earlier, alli Diet Pill is a weight loss pill that helps in managing one’s weight. This pill does this by preventing the absorption of dietary fats into the body.

The major content of alli Diet Pill responsible for this is called Orlistat. Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor derived from lipstatin. Lipase is an enzyme (secreted by the pancreas) in the human body responsible for breaking down fats in diets into forms which the human body can recognize and utilize.

When this fat content is not absorbed by the human body, they are eliminated with other undigested food through bowel action.

With Orlistat present in alli Diet Pill, it prevents up to 25% of fats in diets from digesting.
alli Pill is meant for adults who are eighteen (18) years and older. They are not to be taken by children, pregnant or lactating mothers, people who had an organ transplant, people taking cyclosporine and people who already have a healthy weight.

How To Use alli Diet Pill?

Each pill of alli contains 60 mg of orlistat and it is to be taken by adults who are as young as eighteen years old. You must consult a doctor if you are younger than eighteen before taking alli Diet Pills.

alli Diet Pill is taken alongside a balanced diet. Your meals must contain fat, although not more than 15 grams as recommended by the manufacturer. If your diet does not contain fat, then a dose of alli Diet Pill will not be required. One pill of alli should be administered within an hour after consuming a meal containing fats.

With alli, your body goals are already knocking on your to use alli diet pills

It can be taken up to three times a day; say breakfast, lunch and dinner. A meal with so much fat content might result in digestion disorders. It is also recommended drinking a lot of water, at least 2 liters a day.

However, a combination of alli Diet Pills, right dieting alongside proper exercising will yield very significant weight loss results even in a shorter time than expected.

Pros of Using alli Pills

After taking deep research on alli Diet Pills and also considering positive remarks from people who have taken this pill, this product possesses qualities which makes it better than some other weight loss products.

  • People who used alli while dieting and exercising lost more weight than people who only dieted and exercised. You will lose more weight when you use alli Diet pills along with physical weight loss measures.
  • No effects on appetite – alli Pills have no effects on your appetite or food cravings so you can feed regularly but try not to take so much fat in your meals. Of course, you are trying to lose weight so you would not want to take too many fatty foods.
  • FDA approved – it means that this weight loss supplement is tested and approved by experts
  • Other nutrients are still utilized – While lipase enzyme is being inhibited by alli Diet Pills, other enzymes aiding digestion such as amylase and protease are not affected. This means that the body can utilize other useful nutrients and minerals which will keep the body in a healthy condition.
  • Required fats are retained
    Fats are a very useful part of our diet although they are required in a very small quantity to help in hormonal regulation and vitamins absorption. Excess of fat, however, would lead to overweight and other health complications. Fortunately, this weight loss product will prevent about 25% of the fat content in your meal from being absorbed thus, leaving enough fats which would be required by the body.
  • Side effects are minor and can be checked. The side effect of this pill which might be a gastrointestinal side effect is not experienced by everyone. However, where it occurs, it is very temporary and is only experienced during a first-time intake of the pill. Soon enough, the body system gets used to it and the side effects are no more experienced

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Cons of using alli Pills

  • Improper use of alli Diet Pills can pose some side effects on the user. As it is recommended that not more than 15 grams of fats should be contained in each meal, an excess of fats in one’s meal might lead to disturbances in the stomach which are quite temporary.
  • alli Diet Pills cannot control your hunger level or food cravings, therefore, you are left with the task of controlling your diet. This will require you to have self-control.

My Final Word

Losing weight without affecting your general health is very important. Gradual weight loss will lead you to achieve that desired body weight.

Discipline in dieting, exercising with proper use of weight loss pills like alli is the way forward. With this weight loss supplement, it is guaranteed that you will lose one to two pounds weekly or even more.

You can seize the opportunity as there is a refund package if the drug does not work for you.

A feedback from you after taking alli Diet Pills will be appreciated.

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My Recommendation



  • FDA approved pills
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Absorbs 25% of fat you intake through food
  • Easy to use
  • Money-back Guarantee


  • Possible Food Cravings


  • Bruno Oliveira

    Hi Dani:

    I’ve been trying to lose some weight since I quit smoking about 10 years ago. I’ve tried diets, exercises, pills and although some of them worked I regained my weight soon after I ended everyone of them.

    Alli’s pills look promising and definitely something to consider right after this festive season to get back to shape.

    I’lll give them a try,


    • Daniel

      Hi Bruno. That is the most common problem when it comes to weight loss, lost kilograms are returning because we often continue with our old habits like eating fatty foods, fast food etc. This diet pill will help you to lose nice amount of pounds but if you do not change your old habits, all will be in vain.

  • zardozmania

    Is this pill for long term use if you want to control your weight after you have reached your desired goal? I’m not generally interested in taking ‘drugs’ of any kind, including prescription, but alli sounds pretty mild, with few if any side effects. Do you know if it has been around a long time or is it a fairly new approved drug?

    • Daniel

      I think that you should use it until you achieve desired results. Keep in mind that when you stop consuming alli pills it is advised to continue to eat healthy because if you eat greasy food full of empty calories, your lost kilos will return which is obvious. Those pills are not new, they are for a long time on the market and people continue to use them as a great weight loss supplement.

  • Diane

    Hi Daniel – thanks for sharing this article. I have always been a bit wary of taking diet pills that suppress the appetite, so its interesting to see something that works differently. The absorption amount of 25% sounds quite a lot, but I am relieved to see that it still allows for the necessary fats to be processed as normal by the body. If I try them, I will be sure to leave feedback. All the best, Diane 

    • Daniel

      You are right Diane. 25% is not small amount at all and it is more than enough to help us to burn excessive calories. What I like the most about this product is that it is tested and FDA approved which is very important when it comes to weight loss products, we should always pay attention on what we consume.

  • fyre

    In your video you stated this is a weight loss AIDE noT a weight loss solution!  I really appreciate when people who are promoting these types of products get to the core of the issue at hand. 

    Eating well and exercising is truly a practice.  I’ve been training people for years and I am still astounded when they discuss the latest fad diet pills.  

    Everyone, well not everyone but, a lot want that 6 pack and a million dollars but, that takes good practices for our own individual needs!  

    I’ve never taken these personally but, I’ve heard others say you may need to supplement a few fat soluble vitamins if you take this product. 

    • Daniel

      That’s right. This product is created primarily to help you in the weight loss process but it can not help you if you don’t change your old habits when it comes to nutrition. It is highly recommended that you have regular exercise and to avoid high-calorie food.

      As for the additional supplements, it is truly up to you. While I was using this product I was not using any other supplements and I was satisfied. Proper nutrition, regular exercise and a lot of water are highly recommended when you decide to consume alli pills.

  • Jenny

    Its good that you stated the cons of the Alli pills as well as the cons. And you are absolutely correct to highlight that weight loss requires exercise and a healthy diet. It is impossible to change your body long-term without also having a healthy diet and exercise. It is unrealistic to think there is a magic diet pill that can give you a lean body without actually looking after your body. 

    • Daniel

      I agree Jenny. There is no magic pill that will just burn those boring kilograms without firstly changing our lifestyle. Proper diet and exercise are a base of every weight loss program and this product is made to support you and give you a motivation to not give up because this pills will absorb fats that you consume through food and you will eject those calories through stool.

  • Brenda

    Weight loss can be challenge, especially when one is dieting and exercising but still can’t achieve a favorable result. These weight loss supplements seems likely to give results as long as the instructions are followed. There seem to be few side effects and I especially like that it doesn’t suppresses the appetite. 

    Even though personally I have no weight issue, I know persons who do and it’s always nice to be able to give advice on weight loss/control and recommend an effective product. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Daniel

      Weight loss is a long-term goal and it acquire strong dedication and will. There is some people who will lose weight pretty fast but there are other people who will need long time to see the results. It is individual, we are all different and results will be different but what is most important is that no one should give up before fighting, we control our body and that is something we need to remember all the time.

  • Michel

    I try not to take diet pills, because I hear from a lot of people that as soon as you stop, the weight comes back. This I know is mainly due to them returning to their old eating habits which got them over weight in the first place.

    I can afford to lose about 10kg, but haven’t been able to shift the weight since giving birth 12 years ago. I suppose I should be happy my weight is stable, and I am at the moment mainly working on not getting heavier, as tends to happen with age. I try and eat healthy and am quite fit but my sweet tooth is my downfall. I wouldn’t mind a pill that gets rid of that forever.

    I think the success stories from people who have managed to keep the weight off are simply because they have made permanent life style changes for the better.

    • Daniel

      Hi Michel. This is a healthy meal replacement and you can also consume it just to improve your eating habits. Although this shake can help you lose weight, it can also serve as a healthy meal full of quality nutrients. Changing lifestyle is crucial for healthy life and this shake can greatly help in that by just replacing your ordinary meal full of calories and sugar with meal full of protein and vitamins.

  • Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and good info. 

    In the gym I’m working now, they are starting to sell this actually. 

    Some reviews are very good I have to say, we are waiting for more, since the majority are taking them for 3 weeks, and as you know, it has to be at least one month and a half to be absolutely sure about the effects. 

    However, like I’ve said, I totally agree with this review and that it is a good one. If people are not convinced yet, you have to try it and you will see. 

  • Mariem

    Brilliant post Daniel!

    I’ve been trying to lose some weight since years but I’m consistant with my diet and lately I started taking some pills and they helped me lose some weight but the only problem is I can’t lose my belly fat, can alli Diet Pills help me loose belly fat or I should go to the gym lol.

    • Daniel

      Going to the gym is always a great benefit but you don’t have to go a gym if you pay more attention on nutrition and exercise. By only fast walking 30 minutes daily you will achieve great results when it comes to your line. Alli diet pills can definitely help you but you should not expect miracles because losing belly fat takes time.

  • KPalmquist

    I see that the pills you are discussing basically inhibit the absorption of fat. I would think vitamin supplementation would be recommended. Also, BMI isn’t always the best measure of overweight, especially with the heavily muscled. Waist/Height or waist/hip ratios are slowly taking over BMI. I will recommend this pills to my cousin, he suffer from obesity.

  • charles39

    Dani there is nothing more stressful than a big body and body you have tried to for ways to lose weight and it’s is not working. So I am impressed by Alli pills as a way. Of weight loss for me looking good and having that great body is very important and I know it is for everyone, know the next thing I am doing  I am getting those pills ASAP.

    • Daniel

      It is very important to mention that these pills are not some magic bullet that will melt accumulated pounds just like that. Changing lifestyle from the root is primary and then this pills can help you a lot to achieve your desired results when it comes to the body line. 

  • Sujandar Mahesan

    That weight loss pill sounds like an essential for weight loss. First of all, I should thank you for your honest review about Alli Diet pills. Now I exactly know how it works and helps with losing kilograms. It also gives me more confidence that it is FDA approved. So thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Sujandar. I think that it is important when products related to weight loss like alli pills are approved by FDA as it means that it is tested by people who know what is good for people.

  • Brandon

    I was always skeptical about diet pills because most fitness guys will tell you nothing like that exist, the only thing that will help you is hard work and a diet. It seems these guys aren’t always correct seeing as alli Diet Pills are a great way to lose weight. The fact that it is FDA approved and has minor side effects makes it a great choice in my eyes. I’ll be getting some for myself asap!

    • Daniel

      That’s true Brandon. alli Diet Pill is one of the most trusted and popular weight loss supplements today. I always look for trusted products who are tested and approved by experts because no matter how much weight we should lose, you should know what you consume, our health is a most important thing and we should not throw money on something that can harm our body.

  • Kira Price

    I’ve heard great things about the supplement and that it really works. I wonder how many people actually work out while taking the supplement. Stress is the number one cause usually for weight gain and weight loss and I’m interested to know if people realize that working out regularly keeps stress down which aides to better life. 

    • Daniel

      It is true that alli pills work but just like you said, not so many people pay attention to exercise. Folks think that just by consuming weight loss pills, they will magically lose pounds and that is not possible.

  • Jane

    Hi Daniel, thanks for the information. These pills look promising for weight loss but I have one concern. You’ve said that there may be gastrointestinal side effects but they will only happen when first taken until your body gets used to the tablets. What sort of gastrointestinal problems might happen?



    • Daniel

      Hi Jane, there is nothing you should worry about. Alli diet pills are FDA approved and they are completely safe for consumption. Side effects are very rare and it usually happens if you don’t consume pills like described, you should respect recommended dosage and drink a lot of water. While I was doing a research about this product I saw that some people felt bloating but just like I said, it was due overusing a supplement.

  • Dave Asprey

    Hi there Dani

    Great job on writing this blog post on Alli diet pills. This was very informative and your research has left me with no doubts that this pill would work for anyone wanting to lose weight.

    The diet pill industry has received a bad rap over the years, however the testing and trials that go into these products now is comforting. The FDA put in the work assuring that these products are safe to use for weight loss.

    Thank you for your review and I will be sure to share this blog with my friends

    All the best and cheers


    • Daniel

      Thanks, Dave for your thorough feedback. I think that the most important thing is to ensure that the products we consume are tested and approved as our health doesn’t have the price.

  • Adamuts

    Everyone wishing to lose weight but the fact is weight-loss is a gradual process, your daily stress and activities will determine your possibilities of losing weight. This article said a lot about Alli diet pills, am interested in it since its FDA certified, will these pills be a continuous process? Will the money back guarantee returns back my money if results don’t occur?

    • Daniel

      It is very important to reduce stress and anxiety as they are one of the main culprits why we are obese or why we can’t lose weight. The first thing that I would like to say that it is important to include exercise in your daily life, at least 45 minutes a day. You will achieve results much faster. 

      Don’t forget about nutrition, you should reduce high-calorie intake and include vegetables, fruits, protein, seeds etc. As for the money back, I think that they don’t offer a money-back guarantee but that is not the reason to not give it a chance and achieve your results. When you go on their page, you will see many satisfied customers who achieved great results with alli.

  • Saori

    I’ve seen ads and the products at the store but I never knew how it works. I was just assuming it’s the same as other diet pills that contain garcinia cambogia which suppresses your appetite. It’s great to hear that alli would help your body absorb less fat! My BMI is not over 25 but sounds like I can use it when I eat fatty meals like barbecues so that I’d feel less guilty. Nice review and thanks for being honest about cons as well 🙂 

  • osinachi1

    I have been trying to help my elder sister lose some weight for the past 15 years now and nothing seems to be working, we have tried diets, pills, and exercises but some worked and stopped working. But after reading this review I have decided that am going to give Alli diet pills a chance because it looks promising but my question is how long does she have to use the Alli diet pills? Please, I will be waiting for a reply and thanks again.

    • Daniel

      Losing weight is a long-term process where you need hard will and dedication. Nothing can happen overnight but if you are persistent, you can achieve great results. Alli diet pills are FDA approved pills and you can be sure in their safety. 

      Your sister can take pills until she achieves desired results but it is important to not only use weight loss pills but also change lifestyle. More exercise, proteins, vegetables, fruits, seeds. Throw away fast food, industrial food, white flour, white sugar.

  • Tracy cole

    That’s a very comprehensive review and it looks like a good alternative for people who want to do less active work in order to reduce their weight. I would go by your conclusion that preventing weight loss is better than putting in place corrective measures. I spend most of my time in the lab sitting but I make sure that I do some exercises on a daily basis.

    • Daniel

      That’s great to hear Tracy. Many people work in the office and have a sedentary life and they even don’t try to find a way to do a little exercise, they just arguing how they don’t have time and that’s not a truth. Everyone can afford at least 30 minutes to be physically active as it is very important if you want to lose weight.

  • supportcme

    Sounds interesting Daniel, nice article and I have struggled a lot in losing weight I tried dieting exercise but I never tried on diet pills because I didn’t know that pills can help in losing weight, I think these Alli diet pills can help in losing weight effectively and I definitely need to give a try. Thank you for sharing the information Daniel, good job.

    • Daniel

      Weight loss pills can definitely help in the weight loss process but what is important to say is that you should not only rely on pills without changing your daily habits. If you want to lose weight it is also important that you regulate your nutrition and introduce some type of exercise. Try to reduce high-calorie food and start eating more vegetables, oats, fruits, seeds, etc and drink plenty of water (1-2 liters a day)

  • Faheem

    As a supplement to a decent diet, I can really see this helping your body out a lot. It also helps that this has been given approval by the FDA. Gives you a sense of security that there aren’t health risks involved as long as you stick to the instructions. It’s also nice to know the science behind it. 

    Not just some hocus pocus magic pill, but a simple concept behind it breaking down the fat before it would be digested into your body (if I understand it correctly). Basically, as if you had a knife to cut off that percentage of fat off of whatever you were eating. 

    • Daniel

      That’s right, it is very important to consume quality and proven product as they give the best results. Of course, this is not a magic pill and it is required that person change nutrition and introduce some type of exercise in daily life to maximize the results.

  • lynnsamuelson

    Hi Daniel,

    It’s scary how many weight loss products out there that are not FDA Approved. I was afraid to use any of them until I heard about alli. The fact that it’s FDA approved was huge. As much as I wanted to lose those extra pounds that had slowly piled up during a super stressful and busy time in my life, I wasn’t willing to pay money for something that was either bogus or, even worse, potentially harmful. 

    I can attest to the fact that alli does work. It’s not a quick fix but when combined with a low cal diet and exercise the pounds came off. You are totally right about the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise because that’s an important part and has kept my weight at my optimum level even after I stopped using alli.



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