Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner Review 2019 (UPDATE)

The few years just before the new millennium till now witnessed an impressive increase in the production and use of drugs, supplements, herbal solution and products made for people and individuals seeking to lose weight, burn off fats and look slimmer and fit.

Many people bought various products that are made to help them lose weight but got disappointed time and time again as the search for effective and working remedy soars.

Today, I will do applied nutrition green tea fat burner review. Being fat and obese has become very frustrating to many people as the stature rubs many of the confidence and self-worth they desire and want to show off every day.

This and many other reasons which are based and substantiated on medical and health grounds made everyone with big and obese stature look for ways and method to slim and burn fats and calories even when it seems elusive.

Dieting programs aimed at planning and making arrangements for meals that are low in fats, calories and sugar were and are still much in various stores and outlets and this is a further proof that a lot of people are seriously seeking to know what works for them.

Product: Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner

What Is It For: Thermogenic Fat Burner

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Recommended: Yes

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10




What Is Green Tea Fat Burner?

The truth is that many of the drugs and products that have failed and those that have worked have always been premised on the promise that excess body fats will get ‘melted’ or burnt by various ways listed by various manufacturers and producers.

One or few of the products with an innovative approach to fat burning is the applied nutrition green tea fat burner which promises buyers that the tea will increase and improve the fat burning ability of the body rather than the conventional promise that the product will burn fats off.

This claim sounds nice and many people who probably decided to live with obesity and excess body weight due to their belief that most fat burning products are scams wanted to try it out.

I also got interested and wanted to try out the green tea fat burner to find out if it works effectively as described by the manufacturer.

Green Tea Fat Burner Ingredients

This diet supplement is made to help and empower the body to burn fats and calories. It is a product that is packed with lots of fruit that contain and supplies the body with needed and required antioxidants to reduce the harmful effects and activities of free radicals and elements.

The extracts that are also part of the ingredient which ensures increase burning of fats known as thermogenesis.

Green Tea Fat Burner is made by Applied Nutrition in Los Angeles and they promise that individuals will easily achieve weight loss aims if a fat burner is combined with low-calorie diet and exercise.

The green tea fat burner is made from various fruits and other vital and important natural components which serve as its ingredients.

They include:

  • Grape skin powder,
  • Burberry,
  • Bilberry,
  • Elderberry,ingredients full of antioxidants
  • Pomegranate,
  • Eleuthero powder,
  • Green tea extract which is 50% EGCG,
  • Soybean oil,
  • Caffeine,
  • Asian Ginseng Extract,
  • Holy Basil Extract,
  • Yerba Mate powder,
  • Schisandra powder,
  • Beeswax,
  • Soy lecithin,
  • Glycerine,
  • Purified Water,
  • Sodium copper
  • Chlorophyllin
  • and Titanium dioxide.

Directions For Use

Green Tea Fat Burner is a product designed to work along with every individual’s effort. You must take this product in combination with the reduced calorie diet and exercise.

Take two liquid soft-gels in the morning and one or two soft-gels in the afternoon with good meals and a full glass of water.

The product contains many extracts from herbs and green tea which ascertain that the excess fats accumulated in your body is burnt faster and through consumption of meals that are low in calorie and constant exercise, you get a deserved and expected result.

Pros and Cons

Based on the experience and knowledge gathered as regards herbal or natural products, it is important to state that each product has pros and cons which must be properly described for better understanding of what benefits people can derive and the possible harm that people must stay away from.

Below are some important pros and cons of the Applied Nutrition Fat Burner product.

Pros of Using Green Tea Fat Burner

1. Increase and Improve Fat Burning Rate

Most products made as slimming tea, herbals or just diet supplement are usually based on the ability of these products to burn excess fats in the body as they are being taken by buyers according to the direction for use.

However, the selling point of the applied nutrition green tea is the difference in its approach to fat burning which is basically through thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is about the body itself and how it finds it necessary to burn off calories with increased metabolism. It’s more of an internal approach to weight loss rather than relying on products to work on the fats itself.
caffeine burns excessive calories

The green tea fat burner contains all the ingredients listed above and based on further research, I have found out that the ingredients truly contain the active substances to increase fat burning rate in the body.

Natural caffeine is found in the fat burner as an ingredient and it works to increase calorie burning activities of the body.

The green tea extracts were identified as a reliable source of ECGC which acts efficiently to increase body metabolism leading to weight loss through the burning of fats.

The green tea extract is traditionally known to be very active in China for thousands of years and it has been proven medically to possess health benefits such as activating and instigating fat oxidation and supplying necessary antioxidants.

2. Radicals Activities of Free Radicals

The human body is a compartment that contains some free radicals. These radicals react and work to cause damaging and detrimental effects and results and it is very important and necessary to fight these free radicals by preventing their activities in any parts of the body.

The list of herbs used as ingredients for the applied nutrition is capable of contributing to weight loss goals and management as well as helping to produce needed and required antioxidants when they combine with lots of fruits such as Bilberry, Burberry, Elderberry and many others.

These fruits are very effective in supplying antioxidants to prevent and guide the body against any form of cell-damaging activities which free radicals cause.

It is very important to state that because some very beneficial fruits are not grown in all places due to environmental effects, enjoying the beneficial effects of such fruits is basically through products like this made as a food supplement.

3. Helps to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss is based on two concepts which include the burning of already formed excess fats and calories inside the body and the reduction of calorie intake to prevent further build up.

For an effective product to have a lasting effect and impression, the two concepts must be ensured and guaranteed in its usage and direction.

Green tea fat burner offers the perfect and much-accepted way and method to burn fats and calories in the body and also advise buyers to combine the burner with meals low in calories.

The advise taking meals low in calorie means there will be no constant introduction of fats as some are being burnt off by through increased metabolism caused by the diet supplement.

Cons of Using Green Tea Fat Burner

Most of the ingredients used for weight loss and fat burning products must be researched to ensure individuals with some other health conditions or issues are not out into further problems while trying to lose weight and achieve desired body statute and weight.

In respect to the applied nutrition green tea, individuals are advised not to exceed the daily usage as well explained in the direction for use.

One of the very important cons is that pregnant women and those nursing babies should stay off the diet supplement because some of the active ingredients can be harmful to the physiological condition of the woman carrying or nursing a baby.

Natural caffeine is found in the diet supplement and as such its presence in the human body may affect blood pressure.

For individuals that are having health issues, doctors must be consulted to ascertain if they can use the green tea fat burner supplement. The supplement is also not manufactured for people below 18 years of age.


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Overview and Conclusion

The Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner is a complete diet supplement with very effective extracts of green tea, herbs and lots of fruits that combine to provide needed substances to activate metabolism and increase the rate of fat burning in the body.

Based on my review of the product, it is very effective and efficient if used as directed and combined with exercise and low-calorie consumption. In conclusion, the review made by lots of buyers and users is impressive.

This is a proof that the product works well and anyone willing to burn excess body fats and weight should try it out if he or she is not exempted from using the product as discussed in the cons above.

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Applied Nutrition Green Tea










My Recommendation



  • Burns Fat
  • Quality ingredients
  • Great Source of EGCG
  • Easy To Use


  • Not for People Under 18
  • Not For Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers
  • Not For People Who are allergic to caffeine


  • Kabirat

    Green teas are loaded with immense benefits to our general health and well being especially elimination of free radicals.

    Getting rid of excess fats which are detrimental to the vital organs of the body can not be overemphasized and slimming green teas does this functions effectively. 

    Apart from the caffeine it contains , I  think it’s a safe way to loose fat the healthy way.

    • Daniel

      I agree, green teas are one of the best natural supplements that are great for weight loss and body detoxification. EGCG is a very powerful antioxidant that burns deep fat and with caffeine, it is even better because caffeine accelerates metabolism which leads to more loss of pounds.

  • Clement

    What an educative article, I really like your post, easy and simple to comprehend. Indeed being too fat and obese is really frustrating and so many products are out there that are really not working. From your post I so believe the green tea fat burner will perfectly work for weight loss. 

    • Daniel

      It is true that there is so many weight loss products on the market and a vast majority not work but there are those ones that can help in fight with kilos and one of them is green tea fat burner. I was using it 6 months ago and I am very satisfied how it works but it is true that we should not expect miracles without changing our bad habits like eating food full of calories.

  • Matt's Mom

    I ran across this post while looking up information on green tea.  There is so much “hype” around green tea and how it helps with weight loss.  A good friend of mine just gave me a copy of a diet she had been following with amazing results.  I plan on starting this diet.  And of course listed is to drink green tea.  I am certainly not a tea drinker, for some reason I have just never acquired a taste for tea.  So I am wondering if I can take this supplement in place of drinking green tea.  Do you think it would be a similar selection?

    • Daniel

      Of course that you can use this supplement instead of drinking tea, it is even stronger because it contains 50% EGCG which will greatly boost your metabolism and it will result in more burned calories.

  • Nicole Stiles

    I really appreciate you cons section. I recently had a baby and caffeine intake is something to watch out for while pregnant. And I recently learned that people can have allergies to caffeine. Unfortunately for those individuals, they wouldn’t be able use this product. I like that it has green tea in it. I love the health benefits of green tea. I use it all the time to stop a runny nose. Thanks for the review!

    • Daniel

      Yes, green tea has so many benefits for our organism and not only for weight loss. Just like you said, nursing mothers and those people who are too sensitive to caffeine can’t use this supplement but drinking regular green tea is definitely possible and you should not worry about side effects.

  • Jill

    Hi Dani, thanks for this well researched review on Applied Nutrition green tea. Am pleased to see it comes in a gel capsule as am not keen on the taste of green tea. Have tried drinking it but find it isn’t to my taste. These could be a better option for me but I will speak to my cardiologist first. He has me on certain medication and need to see that they will work well together.

    Definitely agree that doing some exercise would also be beneficial and having a low fat diet too.

    • Daniel

      I must agree with you Jill. If you are consuming some medications you should consult your doctor because this product contains caffeine and it can have some reactions with your medicines. If your doctor approve it, you can start consuming it.

  • Marlene

    Thank you Daniel for a great informative post.  The first thing you do when you want to loose weight is make sure your mind is right.  Then you invest in your health progress with this great tea you suggest.  

    I also struggled with my weight for almost 30 years.  I can recommend this tea to anyone, with a right mindset combined with this great tea, you’ll see the change.  I speak from experience.  

    Good job on this post Daniel.  Great success to you.

    • Daniel

      Thank you Marlene, proper mindset is the most important thing whenever we want to lose weight or something else in life. It is not hard to lose weight but people don’t want to change their bad habits. This tea is great and it works but if you still consume greasy food full of calories and don’t have any type of exercise, you will not see results that you desire.

  • Chris

    About ten years ago, when I first left my twenties, I suddenly realised that my stomach was waving a little white flag…and I had a spare tyre developing. 

    I wanted to use healthy options to lose weight so the two main routes I chose were running (5 miles every morning) and switching regular tea for a variety of green tea…and I never looked back. 

    The green tea option is a VERY effective diet supplement, regardless of what some people try and say, and the overall health benefits are excellent! 

    • Daniel

      You are right Chris, green tea is a great supplement that can help our body to eject toxins and calories and in the same time, increase metabolism and mood. Anyone who is looking to lose pounds should give it a try.

  • Randy


    Thank you for this informative article. It is important to notice that the green tea enhances the body’s ability to burn fat rather than it being the fat-burner itself. I am also glad you included the cautions that will help someone using the product for their own benefit. I noticed that you included diet and exercise combined with the product as part of the program. I think this is important to remember too.


    • Daniel

      Proper nutrition and exercise play a big role in weight loss process and anyone who think that will burn pounds by just sitting and drinking supplements is wrong. Even light exercise (30-minute fast walking) can do a miracle for our body and with combination with green tea fat burner, results will be more than visible.

  • Jay

    I noted one of the points you made about those with obesity settling for living with their obesity because a lot of products out there are not doing the job they are meant to do by reducing the obesity. This is very true because a lot of companies that make these products always make outrageous claims and they show pictures of obese people suddenly becoming skinny.

    The actual people that then buy these products and end up making use of them don’t experience this transformation from obese to skinny. It is rather unfortunate. What do you feel is the cause of this? Do the people that buy these products don’t actually use them the right way or is something else wrong.

    • Daniel

      I must agree with you. Internet is full of so many products for weight loss and people often buy those products but they don’t see results because they have a wrong mindset. Losing weight after night is not possible but people think that it is and then they believe in products which says that you can melt pounds in 3 days simply by drinking pills. 

      One more important thing is that most of weight loss products work but people are not using it like it should. They sit at home, eat what they want, drink weight loss pills without any type of exercise and expect miracles.

  • Sherman

    Thanks for diving deep into a topic that we hear so much about but few really understand. It seems as if almost everything that we see nowadays is packaged like some magic pill that does the work for you. the reality is that your you need to do the work. If there is any fat to be burned, it is your body that needs to burn it not some product. If not, it’s harmful. What I like about this product is that it doesn’t even claim to do it for your body instead it helps your body do it for itself. AND, it does that naturally…good stuff.

    • Daniel

      Yes, we should do most of the work, supplements are there to help us and motivate us in our goals.

  • Cheri

    I’ve been curious about the correlation between Green Tea “supplements” and fat/weight loss for quite some time, and I’m glad I came upon your article, Daniel. You explain exactly what’s in the Green Tea Fat Burner, how it works, and situations in which one might be cautious about using it. 

    The older we get, the less, it seems, that the usual diet and exercise regime that always served us well seems to work (or at least that’s the case for me, unfortunately, and it’s so frustrating!) 

    Based on your review, I think the Green Tea capsules could be that “magic ingredient” that boosts my metabolism enough to start showing positive progress and results again while also providing some added health benefits, too. Thanks for your insights!

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Cheri, with this fat burner you will not only see great results when it comes to weight loss but also in your energy level and skin.

  • choannah

    Great article. Green Tea is definitely a fat burner and I also agree that mindset is key to any fitness, weight goal. 

    I have heard a lot about Green Tea and there are so many on the market so having a clear unbiased review helps. I recently learned that it is also good for detoxification.

    Thank you.

    • Daniel

      That is true. Green tea is one of the best methods to detox your body in natural way without any cons on health.

  • azaliha

    Very detail and informative review. I felt more confident about these green tea fat burner when you are highlighting both pros and cons.  I believed any other slimming products would never advised increase the dose just because you want quick results. Its might cause more trouble than solving your fat issues.

    Pregnant and nursing mother also not advised to take any supplements without prior consent from doctors. So after all, what I see in this review only positive side of taking this green tea burner. Anybody with weight issues should consume this fat burner to help solving their problem. Thank you for sharing.

    • Daniel

      Thanks Azaliha for your in-depth feedback, it is very important that we look in ingredients of every product that we want to consume when it comes to weight loss. 

  • Diane

    Hi Dani – thanks for sharing your article. I am a big fan of green tea, and began to use it to replace my morning coffee several years ago. Interesting to learn that it is available as a supplement, with all the same health benefits and probably more, with all the various extracts. I wonder if it has any anti-ageing effects as it combats the damage from free radicals? All the best, Diane

    • Daniel

      That’s right Diane, green tea is great for skin and you can be sure that your skin will look more beauty while you consume this supplement or classic green tea from the bags. You will clean your body out of toxins and your skin will be great and tight.

  • Dianne

    Hi Daniel

    I think you are right,  there are so many products on the market that claim to burn or melt fat and these should not be taken without thoroughly researching them first. 

    The thing with Green tea is that it is a known healthy product for us with many benefits that are not only isolated to weight to loss. Good to see this product comes in capsules form because I personally do not like green tea, for some reason it makes me feel really sick!

    • Daniel

      Hi Dianne, it is the same thing with me. I don’t like to consume it from bags, I am not a fan of that flavor but green tea is definitely very healthy drink that have numerous benefits for our body.

  • atwabi

    Hello I was on your website reading about green tea. Am in Uganda and we have different producers and manufactures of tea. I like green tea and i take tea every day, in milk and in cold water. How is this one different from what your talking about? Actually i did not know that there is a lot of nutrients that you mentioned in green tea. Thanks for your great post

    • Daniel

      This version is more powerful then regular green tea from bags because it contains high amount of EGCG which can help in reducing body weight and ejecting excess toxins.

  • Tim Bennett

    Tomorrow I am about to begin the GM Diet.

    It’s my 3rd time to do it and I find it very effective. Green Tea is recommended in this diet for all of the reasons that you state.

    It is well know that green tea is very beneficial for us.This came as a very timely reminder as I am going shopping 1st thing in the morning.

    Thanks for a information packed post.

    Very helpful


    • Daniel

      I agree Tim, green tea is highly recommended in all types of diet because it is a great antioxidant that can satiate you for a long time and burn calories in the same time.

  • Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and good info. 

    I totally agree with you about the green tea, it is one or maybe even the best one when it comes to fat burning. I like the fact that this is a totally biological one, or nature if you want to say, without any chemicals or synthetic stuff around. 

    This supplement is highly recommendable for people who are struggling to lose weight. 

    • Daniel

      Thank you Emmanuel. I think that everyone who have problem with excess kilograms should give it a try because results are visible and it is also one great way to clean your body.

  • Joe

    Thanks for the informative review on this product. Obesity is indeed a very serious issue  and proper supplement and exercise play a major role in helping with this. And most important is that the supplements are made from safe and natural ingredients which I can see that Green Tea Fat Burner is. 


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