3 Best Exercises To Lose Body Fat – It’s Not That Hard!

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In this post I want to help those guys who think that they need to work hard to burn they fat, which really is not necessary. Here I will show you some best exercises to lose body fat, and you don’t need to pay for gym, you can simply do them outside or wherever you want.

I will primarily focus on aerobic here. Among the most common aerobic exercises where fats are consumed as energy fuels, and not carbohydrates, are walking, running, swimming, biking, rowing, skipping rope.

For most of these activities, no membership in gym is required, they are accessible to everyone, but also you should pay attention to choosing a type of training because it does not suit everyone.

Cardiac frequencies should be 50 percent higher than the number when body rests. Walking is ideal for everyone, running for those who need a little weight loss.
Read on and find out what is the best exercise for you!

Walking. As Simple As That

If you are not in a hurry with the weather, it’s always better to walk than to drive by car or by city transport. Walking is the activity of the lowest intensity, and therefore gives the weakest results. However, it is ideal for beginners, threatening people or recovering from injuries.

It can also be useful for the active recovery from stronger training so that there is no over training, and it is the great step to start with the methods of higher intensity.

Beginners are recommended to walk three times a week for 20 to 45 minutes, with an intensity of 50 to 70 percent of the maximum number of heartbeats, according to some studies, adding that for an hour of walking you can burn from 300 to 400 calories, which is really great. Step easy

But how can I burn calories walking?

Pretty easy!

Your weight × distance = energy used during walking. Time is not that important like distance you will pass, so if you walk for 15 minutes 1,5 km or lower you will burn more calories per kilometer.

For most beginners walkers, the best decision is to increase distance and not speed. A simple rule is that a person of 90 kg should burn 100 calories per half a mile.

You can burn more calories per kilometer at low speed, because with each step you stop and because of that inertia does not force you to go ahead. On the other hand, when you walk fast, you activate your muscles and they burn additional calories with each step.

The Best way to burn more calories: Walk longer!

Give your best to pass more kilometers. Concentrate yourself on increasing distance, not speed, and walk 4-6 days a week. Also, if you prolong a few minutes, you only will burn more calories, so keep that in mind.

Burn more fats with every kilometer!

1. Learn fast walking! At speeds with over 25 minutes per kilometer, you will burn much more calories, and in the same time you will build muscles.

2. Wear some extra load! I don’t recommend that, but if you wish to do that, make Fast walksure to take no more than 5 kilograms, and put it in your backpack, because your body need to stay in balance. Keep in mind that if you add weight on your arms or legs, there may be injuries.

Maybe you didn’t know this, but when you eat one candy bar, it will cost you 4-7 kilometers walking! And if you eat Big Mac, ×3 times more walking! So, be careful.

How fast you need to walk to lose weight?

Well, first you need to warm up yourself a little. Wake up your muscles and tell them that you plan do activate yourself for some time.

Walking slowly 5-10 minutes will prepare them to burn calories on efficient way. Make sure that you don’t start pretty fast, because you will only burn additional sugar and your calories will stay intact.

Your optimal speed to burn fat should look like this:

– you should breathless yourself, but you must be able to talk full sentences

– your pulse must be 60%-70% of maximum heart rate

– walk with this speed 30 minutes without interruption, of course when you gradually manage to build that time.

You can do this and much more, but be careful! Listen your body and don’t force him to something that he can’t do. Every walk faster than your previous, will be more than enough!

Cycling. It Should be Interesting

Biking is a great way to lose weight healthy, as you strain yourself, you usually get healthier at the same time – and it’s fun. So, if you’re panicking to lose weight, it’s time to stop thinking about it, but starting to work. Today. Why wait?Cycling

As one of the best cardio exercises, riding a bicycle is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight, and besides that, you are outdoors in the fresh air – which affects your heart and health in general.

While many types of recurring exercises cause damage to your joints, riding a bicycle does exactly the opposite.

As this is a minor impact sport (resulting in a reduction in load and injury compared to most other forms of exercise), cycling actually strengthens the muscles of the hips, the backbone, the gluteus and the front box, and does not weaken them.

As these muscles are stronger, it’s easier for you to burn fat so that, bike riding is actually a better option for losing excess fats from jogging.

How are cycling and weight loss connected?

You will lose fat and burn calories by increasing your heart rate, which helps to achieve your goals to reduce weight.

This is a cheap way to lose weight (I assume that you have a bike), and it does not pollute the environment.

The ride on the bike strengthens and tightens the big muscle groups in the legs like the front box, the gluteus, the back box and the leaves.

Biking is a low-impact sport and takes weight off, so it’s a great option for many people who can not deal with high-impact sports because of the pressure they put on their wrists, such as running.

How many calories you can burn?

Depending on your weight and effort, riding a bike will help you to lose weight by burning between 70-640 calories in half an hour. Observed on average, a regular ride on a bicycle burns about 290 calories per hour.

Research shows that you need to burn at least 2,000 calories per week through exercise. Regular cycling burns about 290 calories per hour. British research shows that half an hour of cycling can burn almost five pounds of fat every day for almost a year.

Room Bike is a great way to burn calories every day!

Exercise at home

One of the benefits of exercising on a room bicycle is that you can track the heart rate and adjust it – improve the melting of fat deposits. The only thing that can pose a problem here, is that you will be bored fast.

How many kilos you will lose while driving a bicycle depends on how intense you are practicing, i.e. by turning the pedals at speed, and the load you set yourself.

If you want to lose weight quickly, than you should drive energetically, and your heart rate should be 80-90% of the maximum.

A moderate ride of 50%-80% of the maximum is considered to be the most extreme load and the best method for weight loss, and a light ride involves 45-60% of the maximum number of heartbeats per minute.

An energetic ride with the bicycle in an hour burns 782 calories at a heavy person with 60 kg, while moderate burns about 500 calories per hour. It has also been found that the people with more weight burn more calories than the skinny ones.

Swimming. And Fat Burning

Well, I love to swim and you?

Healthy swimmng

Swimming is a weight loss exercise that is actually very cheap and you can swim in any swimming pool that you like. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to lose excess pounds.

Cardio exercises include swimming and it has been proven that swimming quickly and efficiently burns calories. For people who have problems with fat, swimming is an ideal sport.

When you eat food, you also consume calories that you need to burn later. Swimming is a great way to easily burn excess calories quickly and efficiently, without much effort.

You’re probably wondering how many calories per hour you can lose by swimming, and you’ll probably be surprised that by swimming you can burn 400-750 calories per hour.

The exact number of calories you will spend depends on how you swim. If you choose a harder style, you will burn more calories than some lighter style, where you will burn fewer calories.

Style that I like most is chest swimming, and believe me with this style you can Take actionburn most calories, but also this style is slow, so it is the best for beginners (also for advanced guys) who want to burn fat! With this style, in an hour, you can burn up to 650 calories!! Imagine swimming every day just for one hour!

Be Persistent. Always!

Here I showed you only 3 types of exercises, that I think are most efficient and really easy to do. You can do just one and you can combine all three, it’s up to you. Don’t give up, when you didn’t even begin yet! Try to do what is most easy to you.

If you can’t go swimming for some reasons, simply go for some walk. You don’t know how that will help you.

Ask some friend to go with you or girlfriend, it’s always better when you have someone to support you. If you have room bike, ride, ride and ride! If you don’t have it, go out and ride bicycle.

Never give up

You can do this exercises, only if you want. There is no one who will force you to sit on bike and ride. And if for some reason you don’t like this exercises that I talked about find others that will suit you. But take action! Move that ass and burn him!

If you have some questions I would be happy to help you! And also, if you take this exercises, feel free to tell me your results or no results and we will discuss what is going on!

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