5 Best Fat Burning Supplements For Men in 2019 – They Will Melt You!

Many guys are thinking or are afraid that if they use some supplements for their fat burn, they will harm their body.

Well It’s true, but only in the case, you don’t know what is best for you, or what you need to use.

Today I want to introduce you the best fat burning supplements for men, that actually could help you not only lose your weight (burn fat), but also help you to build your muscles (we know that more muscles mean more fat burning), and who don’t like more muscles?

Also, you don’t need to be afraid or suspicious about products that I’m gonna show you, I personally used these products, and they did not let me down! Just try, and you will see is it work or not.

So, let’s begin with our fat melting!

#1 L-Carnitine. Burn Fat. Build Muscles

L-Carnitine is a natural supplement to the diet. We all have it in our body already. Our body only produces it in the liver and kidneys.

It helps the fats to turn into energy. If the body is a motor, and the fat is the gasoline that drives it, L-carnitine is the oil that lubricates the system.

The food of animal origin is the main source of L-carnitine (especially cow meat), while the food of plant origin contains it in small, almost invisible quantities.

Without the L-carnitine system is unbearable and our body feels tired because it lacks energy.

Then the body signals that it is hungry and there is no other way than reaching for food. Lack of L-carnitine in the body is also registered as a feeling of nausea and muscle weakness.

Carnitine is mainly used in weight loss, but it can also be useful for building muscle mass.

The role of L-Carnitine in the body is to help in the transport of fat to the mitochondrial cells. When the fats are found there, then they can be used to produce energy.


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Without the proper input of L-carnitine is not possible to use fat as energy for energy. L-Carnitine also helps to maintain a low blood glucose level, even after a meal rich in carbohydrates and helps to utilize carbonate from glycogen reserves.

Because carnitine is known as a fat burner, it can be used during the period when you want to increase muscle mass, while preventing the increase in fat deposits.

How to use it:

Consume 1 to 3 grams of L-carnitine before or after training. It is best to use L-carnitine with carbohydrates for better absorption.

#2 Whey Protein. It Rocks

New research says that a milk-derived ingredient, known as whey protein, can be very helpful in weight loss.

The term “whey” actually refers to a complex substance derived from milk consisting of a combination of proteins, lactose and minerals, with little traces of fat.

Protein is the most abundant part of whey and involves much less protein (amino acid) and peptide proteins. Each of these parts has unique biological properties.

Modern filtration technology has been dramatically improved over the past decade, which allows isolating some of the high-bioactive peptides of whey, such as lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase, which appear in very small quantities in cow milk.

Consumption of whey proteins and before exercise supports fat burning and can help those who want to increase or maintain muscle mass.

Whey is the best supplement for building muscle mass, and it also plays a very important role in defining muscle mass and weight loss.

When we want a definition of muscle it is very important that we enter enough protein or at least 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of weight.

This seems a lot to you and maybe exceeding your caloric intake but you should know that the protein uses the most energy to absorb in the body or about 25 to 30% somewhere.



Also, the whey protein supplement helps us feel for a long time.

How to use it:

It is best to use it after getting up, before or after exercise!

#3 Caffeine. Don’t Sleep!

Caffeine also helps in the utilization of fat deposits for energy production and increases focus and reduces fatigue after exercise.

The bad side of consuming caffeine is that after some time the body develops tolerance, so it’s best to consume caffeine for two weeks and then rest for two weeks.

Although many say caffeine reduces appetite, I could not find such a study, but I found a study that shows that caffeine does not affect appetite, but he can help otherwise, it stimulates thermogenesis (this is a process when the body produces’ heat and energy in food digestion). But this process also affects very little on weight loss.

Some studies show that caffeine increases fat oxidation (which means that more fat deposits will be used to produce energy), which I really like.

I have been using caffeine supplement in the past, and honestly, he is not that perfect for fat burning, but he has its role in weight loss. Maybe slow, but it helped me.

Caffeine also reduces insulin resistance, which allows better utilization of energy carbohydrates.

How to use it:

It’s best to start consuming 100 milligrams, then slowly increase the dose by 50 milligrams until you feel the effects.

Do not consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine!


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#4 Green Tea Extract. Healthy Drink

Green Tea is known for helping you lose weight because it contains EGCG that helps to accelerate metabolism.

Combination of caffeine and EGCG (green tea) can help you in the process of thermogenesis that can speed up your metabolism.

There are also studies that show that supplementation of green tea extract improves fat burning, respectively that participants in this study who used the extract of green tea extract burned 17% more fat than those who did not use this supplement.

Scientists also have found that green tea catechins help prevent glucose from passing to fat cells. Also, green tea acts as a glucose regulator by helping to slow down the rise in blood sugar after a meal.

In this way, large insulin jumps are avoided (and we know that a lot of insulin in the blood leads to the accumulation of grease in the form of fat).

More and more people drink a variety of drinks in the morning like cappuccino, frappe etc. with double milk or double sugar.

The calories that we intake in this way have a devastating effect on our waist.

If you want to save so many calories in the morning, and still want your dose of caffeine, try replacing coffee and coffee drinks with green tea and after a few weeks, you will definitely see the difference in your weight.




How to use it:

It is best to use about 270 milligrams per day, divided into 2 to 3 doses throughout the day. If you drink green tea, do not drink it after 6 PM because it contains caffeine that can cause insomnia.

#5 Coconut Oil. My Warm Recommendation

Although coconut oil is not a supplement, I highly recommend it because it contains medium-sized fatty acids that are very quickly absorbed in our liver and are used to produce energy.

This means that you can use this oil before training instead of carbohydrates or with a lower dose of carbohydrates.

Some researches show that coconut oil can also accelerate metabolism as it affects thermogenesis. Studies also show that if you replace ordinary fat with a medium chain fat, your body will burn more calories.

Triglycerides found in coconut oil (MTS) increase the speed and energy that our body burns calories.

One study has shown that 15 to 30 grams of MTS per day increase energy consumption by 5%, which means that you will burn an additional 120 calories per day by consuming coconut oil.

This can lead to significant weight loss in the long run. And if you keep the diet and exercise, the results will be visible in no time.


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How to use:

I personally use a small spoon of organic coconut oil with a cup of green tea before training., but if you don’t train (not recommended) it’s okay, you can use one spoon daily before breakfast or any meal you want.


Be free to use these products, they will help you for sure, but also pay attention to your nutrition, don’t expect that some product will simply burn your ass while you eat what you want without restriction.

I said that you can consume these supplements, and yes, you can but it would be ideal if you use them while you train or doing some exercises, because if you combine them with your training results will be super awesome!!

If you need anything or you have some questions feel free to comment below!!


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  • What’s up, yup this article is really pleasant and I have learned lot of things from it

    • Daniel

      Thanks Alina for reading. I am glad that it could help you!

  • BEazzy Shifts

    Oh no! I don’t want to get fat; and with pot belly too. I have said that severally knowing that my dad has those criteria. Thank you for sharing these 5 best fat burning supplements for men. I have heard about green tea severally. I think it is the best fat burning supplements that is used worldwide. I’ve heard so many Awesome testimonies about its effectiveness.

    • Daniel

      Well, yes, green tea is definitely one of the best fat burners and it can greatly help in the weight loss process but we should also not forget to improve our nutrition and exercise level.

  • GeeEss

    Thanks Daniel for a wonderful article. L-Carnitine was an eye opener. I am struggling last few years to lose weight and have tried many supplements but with limited success. After reading your article I am motivated to try L-Carnitine. Hope it does not have any dangerous side effects. Would love to hear more from you going forward.

    • Daniel

      You don’t need to worry at all. As long as you respect the recommended dosage you will be fine. There is so many people across the globe who are using L-carnitine.

  • Tim

    Great article!

    I am a long time Whey Protein user and really enjoy using it. That is a great tip too about protein taking more energy to absorb!

    Your section on Green Tea was definitely the most interesting to me and the last thing I was expecting to see in your list. I had no idea it helps with weight loss!

    Thanks for putting this together it is really informative and helpful!

    • Daniel

      Green tea is great antioxidant that cleanse our body out of toxins and with that, it also eject excess calories which lead to a weight loss so you should definitely pay more attention on consumption of green tea.

  • Steve

    Daniel, good to see you’re keeping up the good work.  Definitely a well informed article.  Obviously caffeine is part of coffee, I was wondering if all the other compounds in coffee were also good for weight loss.  Or is it better just to go with the straight caffeine?  I will definitely share this with my friends.


    • Daniel

      In small doses caffeine is great fat burner and can melt fat deposits very well but if you have some problems with high blood pressure you should first consult doctor. 

  • Sylvia

    Your 5 products recommendations are very detailed and, in my opinion, are very helpful to make an informed decision. 

    Not all the time you will find this kind of article so well written, thank you for sharing.

    I didn’t know about #1 L-Carnitine and due to your description I do believe this is something which really could help my husband to burn fat and build up his muscles again.

    I personally use Coconut Oil for years and I can confirm that it is awesome in so many ways. I will follow your tip to use it before I start exercising.

    • Daniel

      Thank you Sylvia, you are doing great. Coconut oil is for sure a good supplement that can help us in weight loss process but also can help in overall health.

  • Alice A.

    Yeah I know this post is for men and the best fat burning supplements. But I think women can pick up a lot of ideas here too. Your number 1 fat burning supplement, L-Carnitine, has become well known in my country. Why? Because it is what a large juice production company used to come up with a brand now known today as a lifestyle juice beverage which aids in weight loss. Many people, men and women alike, are loving this drink; they claim that it is really effective in burning fats because of the L-Carnitine in it.

    So if people who are keen on losing weight by burning excess fats in their bodies are loving this brand of juice, they will be more thrilled to learn that L-Carnitine comes in the form of fat burning powder supplement. 

    You’re absolutely right, these fat burning supplements work best if we combine them with some physical activities. Great post!


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