Best Weight Loss Diets Of 2019 – Can You Stand It?

The fastest diets for weight loss are the most popular among people whose goal is to lose as much as a few extra pounds as soon as possible.

Whether it’s 2.5 or 10 kilograms that are not “at will”, it’s important to know that a diet who lasts short requires a strong force of will, discipline, but also steel nerves to overcome this short period of significant “denial”.

In this topic I want to present you some best weight loss diets, that you can use for losing your fat!

You should know that excessive kilograms can not be lost overnight and that the healthiest way of coming into shape requires passing through several stages of adaptation; changes in the way of life, diet, and above all the beginning of exercise and movement.

Before deciding on which diet you should go, for the reason that you step into a new jeans or simply have an anniversary, you should consider whether they are unique to you and how much you are willing to change your lifestyle after implementing such diets.

After all, health is what is most important and what we need to keep throughout our lives. If that is not a good enough reason for you, find something that will motivate you and provide you with enough will, will and strength to get rid of excess pounds.

Let’s start!

Top 4 Effective Diets For Fat Loss

1. South Beach Diet

2. Cabbage Diet

3. Apple Diet

4. Medical Diet

#1 South Beach Diet – Worth A Try!

Duration: 4 weeks

Expected loss of kilograms: 4kg-7kg

South beach diet, the work of the American cardiologist Dr. Agatsona, who used this type of diet on heart patients he healed. The diet is based on the introduction of foods with a low glycemic index.

A glycemic index is a measure of the rate of increase in blood glucose after consuming a particular food. There are foods with a low glycemic index that slowly raises the level of glucose, and thus the secretion of insulin.

This diet is very favorable for our organism because the fat and carbohydrates do not eject when changing the nutrition, but they are good substitutes for bad ones. It was designed by Dr. Arthur Agatston, and the main idea of this diet is modesty. Potatoes

What is recommended for this diet is the increased intake of Omega-3 fatty acids that are found mostly in flax, salmon, seaweeds, tuna, sardines, etc. and are very important because they protect against heart disease, lower cholesterol, reduce the share of bad cholesterol in the blood and reduce the possibility of getting some types of cancer.

For this diet it is important to remove sugar from the nutrition, it can be replaced by honey or sweeteners.

It is conducted in three phases.

The first phase is the most difficult to perform because it requires strict control to achieve a loss of 3.5 to 7 kilograms of body weight over the course of two weeks.

At that stage, unlimited intake of foods rich in proteins such as fatty beef and pork, poultry (chicken, turkey), game, fish, shellfish, eggs and non-fat cheeses.

Foods that are imported are mainly of animal origin and are allowed to bring vegetables, while the carbohydrate intake is minimized. At that stage, the intake of sweets, cakes, ice cream and any foods with a low glycemic index is not allowed to interfere with the weight loss process.

The intake of saturated fats, and therefore butter, cream is prohibited, and it is recommended to consume olive oil. The first stage of the goal is to induce weight loss, which is later continued through a less drastic form of diet.

In the second phase, a slightly higher intake of carbohydrate foods is allowed, although attention should continue to be on foods with a low glycemic index, that is, on the intake of foods rich in proteins and complex unrefined carbohydrates. In the second stage, it is determined independently how many carbohydrates can be injected, and the sign that the correct weight loss is indicated is correct.

The third stage is the maintenance phase of the kilogram after the desired body mass has been reached, and it lasts for life. At that stage, quality eating habits such as the selection of unsaturated fats (eg olive oil), low-fat meat and cheese and low-glycemic index carbohydrate such as unrefined cereals should be retained. Olive-oil

As it is clear that it is impossible to strictly stick to the rules of the entire life, a few adventures and glorification of ice cream, cakes, etc. are permitted, but in a conscientious manner and still within the limits of a quality nutrition.

Let’s take a look on one menu example:

Phase 1:

Breakfast: fresh cow’s cheese and cucumber salad

Lunch: cooked chicken breast (150 g) with spicy vegetables, ricolla salad with olive oil

Dinner: tuna salad, tomatoes and broccoli, additive of olive oil and basil

Phase 2:

Breakfast: pineapple, apple, crackers of integral rice (2 pieces) with tofu

Lunch: moussaka from cooked chicken, cauliflower, corn (1 tablespoon)

Dinner: omelet with beetroot and green pepper, rice salad spiced with extra virgin olive oil

Advantages using this diet:

The advantage of the South Beach Diet is that it gives pleasure to a sudden loss of weight. The diet recommends the ingestion of non-fat proteins, integral grains, and ejection of simple carbohydrates through desserts.


The diet is rich in proteins, and poor in carbohydrates, which disrupts the recommendation for a balanced entry of these macro-nutrients. The imbalance in their input also leads to a lack of vitamins and minerals in the long-term stay on this diet. Folic acid deficiency, vitamin C and B group may occur.

#2 Cabbage Diet – Its Fast!

Duration: 3 – 7 days

Expected loss of weight: 4-7 kg

You must be near situations when you need to lose weight urgently to look Top. Well, if you did not know, diet with cabbage is the right way to do it.

The name of the diet may be associated with a variety of dishes: cabbage salad, sour cabbage etc. However, the secret ingredient of this diet is a soup or cabbage soup. If you have not tried cabbage in this variant until now, then this is an opportunity.

I do not guarantee that you will be delighted, because there are certainly more tasty ways of cooking cabbage, which require more skill and have more calories. But you can be sure that you will lose significantly on weight because you will eat this soup for all 7 days, how long this diet lasts. Cabbage Diet

It is a very effective and short-term diet for weight loss, especially suitable for those who do not have to lose a lot of extra pounds.

It is even more ideal for those who do not have enough will to completely change their nutrition and switch to a long-term diet and a healthier diet such as chronic nutrition.

Unlike those long-term diets that give slower results and simply have to become your way of life, the cabbage diet works very fast and the results will surely encourage you.

Although not lasting, for the simple reason that you will definitely not be able to live months in cabbage soup ( not recommended), this diet will motivate you to continue to take care of your line with your quick result.

Important: However effective, this diet should not be held for more than 7 days!

If you want to repeat it, it’s a good idea to take a break at least 2 weeks before consuming it again.

How this diet work?

Can you really eat and lose 5 pounds in 7 days? In fact, you eat very little calories when eating cabbage soup. The cabbage itself has about 23 calories per 100g.

There are about 5.6 g of carbohydrates in it. In other words, no matter how much you eat it, it’s unlikely that you will be able to overcharge calories.
In order for the cabbage diet to lose weight, it’s important that you follow the following rules:

  • Do not experiment and do not ask for excuses for an additional meal or substitution of soup with something else. Fix 7 days of rules, because that’s not much!
  • Drink 2 liters of water per day
  • Get some multivitamin that will compensate vitamins and minerals which are not in the soup

How good is a cabbage for health?

Primarily it is extremely rich in vitamin C, and is often neglected as a food item in this respect. In combination with a soup that is also rich (and for which the cabbage has a specific, strong smell when cooked), it is excellent in removing toxins and free radicals from the body.

The cabbage is excellent for digestion and you must surely be familiar with sour cabbage for this purpose. During the acidification process, microorganisms that are beneficial to the intestinal flora are formed in it; the acidic cabbage that is consumed in some way acts as a probiotic. Healthy Soup

In addition, it is excellent for heart and blood vessels. It has the ability to reduce the absorption of fat from food and thus affect the reduction of bad cholesterol.

Fresh or sour, it is excellent for strengthening immunity and against anemia, and cooked (especially as cabbage soup) is excellent for detoxification of the body and weight loss.

Advantages of using this diet:

  • It’s cheap, especially when the cabbage season starts. Which, by the way, is the right time to get on with it.
  • The cabbage is full of vitamins and what is the most important fiber that will keep the citrus. In addition, unlike some protein-based diets where you usually feed on healthy but dry foods that can cause constipation, you will not have this problem with this diet.
  • There is no everyday cooking. Since you eat soup of slimming cabbage every day, there’s really no reason for it to be cooked daily. Make supplies for 2 or 3 days!
  • Quickly visible results that will definitely motivate you to continue to eat cabbage soup for 7 days.


The first flaw is definitely a very monotonous menu. And this disadvantage comes especially if you are not a cabbage fan or you don’t like a way that I will describe in detail.

Other shortcomings are short-term results. Though this diet brings quick results, then when you return to the old nutrition you will very quickly return your weight. And believe me, after a week of cabbage, you will want everything and everything!

The third deficiency is the feeling of weakness that can occur due to insufficient calories.

Let’s see recipe for this diet!

Prepare the necessary ingredients:

  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 large tomato
  • 6 stems of celery
  • 1 big onion
  • 2 cubes for soup
  • 1 cup of cabbage vegetables
  • 4 glasses of water
  • a spoon of olive oil

Preparation of cabbage soup is simple, short and goes like this:

Cut the vegetables into dice. On olive oil, first fill the onion until it softens, then add celery, tomato and pepper. Pour water and add soup cubes and cook for 15 minutes. During that time, chop the cabbage. Add it to the rest of the vegetables and cook for another 10 minutes.

Do not add salt, nor add any vegetables. It’s okay to add some low-calorie vegetables, but avoid as badly as potatoes, carrots, etc. The soup is rather impeccable, but if you really want to enrich it, add herbal spices.

You may be wondering what kind of nutrition plan you need, if I have already said that you only eat cabbage soup in unlimited quantities. Well, here’s good news. You do not just eat soup. Certain moderation exists and they will help you to digest the diet easier.

First day:

Eat the soup made by the above recipe in unlimited quantities, but you can eat fruit. All but bananas are allowed. Also, you can drink unsweetened teas and cranberry juice alongside water.

Another day:

Fruit this day is not allowed, but you eat vegetables. Of course with the unavoidable soup. Vegetables can be boiled or raw, but keep them leafy and low-calorie and avoid corn and root vegetables. For dinner on the second day, you can eat a single or two roast potatoes. Without salt!

Third day:

Combine the first and second day. So, eat fruits and vegetables, but avoid roast potatoes for dinner.

Fourth day:

Satisfy the need for sweets. You will do this by storing bananas (up to 8 pieces) in addition to the inevitable soup and drinking smooth milk in unlimited quantities.

Fifth day:

Add 250g of beef and 6 fresh tomatoes to your cabbage menu (you can add baked chicken without a leather or fish instead of beef)

Sixth day:

Add vegetables and beef to your menu in the desired quantities. Of course, you eat cabbage soup, at least once a day.

Day Seven:

This day, enrich the menu with brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices and vegetables.

Its important that every day you eat soup at least once a day and the foods prescribed above. Do not mix the days, do not add fruit when you need to eat vegetables and try 7 days to stick to the rules. They are not difficult and the period is not long, and only in this way will you see the results.

Read a complete Cabbage Diet Here!!

#3 Diet With Apples – Pretty Easy!

Duration: a few weeks

Expected loss of weight: 1 kg per week, if necessary and more

This diet means consuming an apple before each main meal. The idea is that fibers that are rich in apple can easily suck a man and that he will therefore need less food for meals, and in turn he will reduce / remove the craving for the sweet.

The rest of the diet plan resembles South Beach Diet – meaning it is a diet with relatively small amounts of carbohydrates and a reduction in saturated fat intake. Refined sugars are forbidden, and only foods with low glycemic index are used. Apple diet

The recommended number of meals is 4-5 smaller meals per day, based on low fat foods. Each meal or snack should also contain some protein because it has been proven that this combination reduces appetite and improves weight loss.

People who are on this diet are encouraged to take plenty of fruits and vegetables and thus reduce total calorie intake without feeling hungry.

Recommended food:

Apples, low-fat cheese, non-fat yogurt, eggs, chicken breast, turkey, fish, beef, oats, brown rice, broccoli, lettuce …

Why you should use this Diet?

  • Eating an apple before the beginning of a meal creates a sense of satiety and reduces the possibility of overeating.
  • Apples contain dietary fibers that can help lower cholesterol levels.
  • Apples contain flavonoids that help prevent heart disease and certain cancers.
  • The meals are well-balanced with non-fat proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.
  • Higher intake of thin skin proteins reduces appetite and maintains muscle mass during dietbrestraint.
  • A diet with apples encourages the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Easy to monitor – no counting of calories or measurements.
  • It encourages physical activity.

Why you should not use this Diet?

  • It can get you bored to eat an apple before each meal.
  • Many of the things that the average person used to get used to (mostly sweets) have been eliminated.
  • A diet with apples can be difficult to track vegetarians if they want to stick to a literal diet plan.

One example of menu:

The breakfast

The Apple

Omelet with low-fat cheese

A cup of cooked oats

The afternoon snack

A piece of non-fat cheese

A cup of fatty yogurt


The Apple

Chicken breast grill

2 cups – steamed broccoli

A marsh brown rice bowl

Afternoon snack

Capuchin Shake


The Apple

Grilled salmon


#4 Medical Diet – What Is That?

Duration: 5 or 15 days

Expected loss of weight: 2-5 kg in five days or 10-15 kg in fifteen days

Some weight-loss diets have a very strict rules and an exact menu for everyday that does not deviate. Some others have fewer “loose” rules, so instead of a specific menu, they have only a list of foods that are allowed, and which you combine at meal time.

A medical diet belongs to that group which has clearly defined rules and a menu from which it does not deviate. If you stick to them, they promise great results. For 15 days 10 kilograms less. Healthy meal

Does it seem to you that a new diet appears every day? They are mostly fast and based on the food, because that’s what we need today when we live in a crazy pace – quick results and simplicity without a lot of rules. Such is for example a diet with eggs.

The creator of the medical diet is American cardiologist Herman Tarnover. His goal was to make his patients, who were obese, and thus have heart problems, a diet plan that would help them lose weight.

Apparently, the diet was effective, and satisfied users began to share it among themselves. In 1978, the official presentation of this diet was published in a printed version and is still used today.

This diet is often referred to as a hospital diet and a Scarsdale diet, by the name of a medical center founded by Dr. Tarnover.
Scarsdale diet has no complicated rules. The menu is precise and contains a precise percentage:

  • proteins (43%)
  • fats (22.5%) and
  • carbohydrates (34.5%).

In short, what can be said about the rules of a hospital diet is that they are rather rigid. The number of calories that is being introduced is significantly reduced and this is why this is another low-calorie diet.

Breakfast is the same every day. The menu is made in 7 days, and the next week you start from scratch. Since the rules are restrictive, the hospital diet may only last 15 days. After that, you only need to maintain your weight.

The rules of a medical diet do not require starvation. You can eat as much as you like, but just what’s on the menu that day. Some foods (such as toast) are limited in quantitative, but this is emphasized. However, you should be careful not to exceed 1000 calories. Alcohol is prohibited at all.

Let’s take a look on menu:

For this fifteen-day diet, breakfast is the same every day and it is quantitatively limited. This means that you will eat every morning:

  • Half grapefruit
  • A piece of roasted bread
  • A cup of coffee, tea or water – no sugar, honey or any sweeteners

Important: The bread for breakfast and other meals should be integral. Instead of a grapefruit that is considered ideal (but there are those who can not eat it) you can eat any other fruit, but not bananas and no grapes.

First Day:

Lunch: various cold appetizers ( can be pechenitsa, can be some less fat sausage, ham), Tomatoes – can be freshly cut, and can be baked without fat or dessert on steam, Coffee, tea or water – again without sugar

Dinner: Fish or shellfish, Salad, any vegetable you like or that you have at hand, Piece of baked whole bread, Grapefruit, Coffee, tea or water

Second Day:

Lunch: Baked hamburger made from low-fat meat. Only meat, therefore, without bun or bread, Salad. It can mix tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, curry. Coffee, tea or water

Dinner: Fruit salad – chop any fruit you like and mix, Coffee, tea or water

Third Day:

Lunch: Tuna or salmon. No oil, only with lemon or vinegar, like a salad, Grapefruit or any other seasonal fruit. In the period when there are watermelons, I recommend it from the heart because it is full of water, sweet, sunbathing. There is even a watermelon diet. Coffee, tea or water.

Dinner: Roast lamb meat, no fat parts. Salad of tomato, celery, cucumbers and lettuce. Coffee, tea or water.

Fourth Day:


  • Two eggs, best cooked or stored in any way that does not involve the use of fats or oils
  • Sweet cheese with reduced fat percentage
  • One piece of toast
  • coffee, water or tea


  • Chicken, roasted or grilled, without leather
  • Spinach, green peppers and beans in unlimited quantities
  • Coffee, water or tea

Fifth Day:


  • Versatile cheese provided it is slim
  • Spinach in unlimited quantities. The Best fresh or cooked, stored without fat
  • Piece of toast
  • Coffee, water or tea


  • Fish or shellfish
  • Salad of any fresh vegetables
  • Piece of toasted toast
  • Coffee, water or tea

Day Six:


  • Fruit Salad. Again, combine the fruits you love, chop and mix
  • Coffee, water or tea


  • Roast chicken or turkey. No skin.
  • Tomato salad and lettuce
  • Grapefruit
  • Coffee, water or tea

Day Seven:


  • Chicken or turkey – cold
  • Vegetables. Can be fresh tomatoes or carrots or cooked cabbage, carfiol or broccoli.
  • Grapefruit
  • Coffee, water or tea


  • Steak of any kind in unlimited quantities, only without grease and greasy parts
  • Salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and lettuce
  • Brussels sprout
  • Coffee, water or tea

After you have finished the first week, you will have to go back with this menu again, and this is a two-week diet plan.

It is recommended to eat one type of food for one meal during meals and not mix them (except when it is stated that the meal should be a mixture, such as a fruit salad).

But what to do after those 15 days?

If you thought that after two weeks of survival in this strict regime, your misfortunes came to an end, then you are mistaken. To remain skinny, you need to maintain your weight. Dr. Tarnover recommends that you eliminate from the diet:

  • bread and pasta,
  • starchy vegetables (say potatoes),
  • sweets and sugar in any form,
  • milk fat
  • alcohol


These would be some diets for which people decide in most cases if they want to lose unwanted pounds quickly. Each of these diets has its own peculiarities, just like you.

So it’s good to study their characteristics, the permitted diet, the number of meals, the importance of exercise, the advantages and disadvantages and similar characteristics, before we start with a diet. Perhaps to your best friend cabbage diet is ideal, and you will not be able to withstand it.

Watch out

If you already decide on a certain waiver because of the loss of excess pounds, at least chose diet that suits you best! Then it is also probable that you will endure the diet’s period and achieve a set-up much higher. I certainly advise you to consult with your doctor, as some diets are too serious for certain health and aging groups.

With every change in our life there is a certain risk that you need to be aware of and you must not ignore it, so think carefully before deciding on something like this.

And once you start to lose weight, you will not miss a handful of good will, lots of energy, and the desire for progress in all aspects.

If you decide to try some diets I mentioned above, I would be happy to hear your results, so be free to comment below!




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  • Christine

    Very informative articles. You mentioned in the cabbage soup diet that one should take vitamins to make up for what you lose in food. Is it best to take multivitamins while on any diet? or could that be dangerous is some cases?
    You’ve provided great information here as people should be aware of any risks around quick loss diets.

    • Daniel

      Thanks Christine! It is highly recommended that you use vitamins when you are on any diet and even when you  are not, but it is not vitally. Vitamins cant harm you so you dont need to worry about that, but of course recommended dose should not be overpassed.

  • Anita Alig

    Hi Daniel

    thanks for introducing these diets. As I have been looking for a diet, this is very informative for me. I see on some websites that you should talk to your doctor before starting a serious diet. Is this true? Also, I’ve tried some diets and found that my digestive system wasn’t happy. Why would that be? Thanks for the advice.

    • Daniel

      You are welcome! I am glad that it can help you. As for the doctors, you are right. You should not start some serious and demanding diet without your doctor permission, especially if you have some diseases with kidneys, heart, liver, stomach etc.

      If your digestive system is not happy with your diet, you should stop it, don’t do anything by force. It is maybe because of sudden change in nutrition and body must get used  to it.

      In any case, if discomfort lasts longer then 7 days, stop your diet and always listen your body. If you need to lose weight go Here and find safe and natural way of losing excess fat without any side effects.


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