Best Weight Loss Products Of 2019 – Find Perfect Product For Yourself!

Various weight loss products can be found on the market, causing the majority of users to be very confused – what product to choose, is it really effective and what should be paid attention when buying?

Everyone knows that some laudable weight loss products for a part of the user simply do not work. This can be partly attributed to the wrong choice of products since almost each of them has a different effect.

Certain products work only with physical activity, one part of them is intended for increased fluid excretion, while others have the purpose of reducing hunger.

Read on to find the best weight loss products that will help you with your fat loss!

It is very important that you know your body and knows how to help it. If your problem is that you can not control the amount of foods you eat and just enjoy your meal, and at the same time you often feel hungry – you need a preparation that will help you to reduce your appetite.

In the event of a feeling of “nausea” due to excessive fluid retention, look for a product that encourages sweating and urinating.

If you have bad digestion and inflammation with the accumulated kilograms, look for a product that regulates digestion and works to get all harmful substances and fats out of the body.

Targeted action achieves the best results, so I decided to introduce you to the most popular products and their effects.

So we shall begin!

Top 4 Best Fat Loss Products

1. Capsiplex capsules

2. Herbalife Formula Nutritional Shake Mix

3. Green Coffee Extract

4. Raspberry Ketones

#1 Capsiplex – The Winner

Capsiplex is a fat burner of British manufacturers that appeared in 2010. Immediately after it appeared, it made a real boom in the English market, and soon after that, this tablet began to spread across the rest of Europe.

Today, Capsiplex is a popular weight loss supplement in almost the entire world.

Whenever you are looking for a weight loss supplement, what you first need to look for is a list of ingredients that are in that tablet. This is important because you do not want your body to consume ingredients that can be dangerous to your health.

Many supplements on the market are placebo tablets containing ingredients that are not effective at all.capsiplex

Such tablets are advertised as something special and contain good ingredients when in reality they actually do not contain anything good.

Let’s take a look at ingredients:

Capsicum (an extract of hot peppers) is the main ingredient within Capsiplex tablets.

This extract contains the substance Capsaicin, which has been proven to speed up metabolism and to help with faster fat burning.


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Peppers naturally raise body temperature for a small percentage, which affects your metabolism speeds up, which further affects the number of calories burned.

Caffeine is a stimulant that also acts as a suppressant of appetite. In small doses, Caffeine affects the thermogenesis, a process where your body is able to burn more calories even when you are in a state of rest.

Niacin can inhibit the production of fat cells in the body. Niacin plays a major role in releasing energy from proteins, fats and carbohydrates so that they can be utilized in the best possible way. This ingredient may still be useful in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

What Can Capsiplex Do For You?

The main thing Capsiplex does is it can help you burn up to 278 calories per day.

Someone can think – if the hot peppers are so good for weight loss, then why should I take the Capsiplex tablet when I can eat a pack of hot peppers every day and in this way a slimmer?

That’s right, but if you really would lose weight, you would need to eat around a large number of hot peppers every day for a few weeks. In translation is impossible for most people.

Otherwise, if you were wondering what these 278 calories actually mean that Capsiplex can burn for you, here are some examples of what’s the equivalent of 278 calories:

  • 1 hour and 20 minutes of walking at a medium speed
  • 25 minutes of light running
  • 1 hamburger
  • 1 piece of pizza with cheese
  • 2 chocolate cookies


How To Take Capsiplex?

It may sound crazy to insert a tablet into itself that contains an extract of hot peppers, but the Capsiplex manufacturers have created pills with a special outer shell, so you will not feel any irritation when you drink the Capsiplex tablet. It will not cause discomfort or any side effects.

Take 1 tablet a day. If you are a practitioner, take the tablet 30-60 minutes before your exercise. Keep in mind that exercise and great physical activity are not a prerequisite for Capsiplex to help you lose weight, but exercise will definitely accelerate your weight loss process.

How much can you lose fat with Capsiplex?

The official claims of Capsiplex are that if you are taking Capsiplex as suggested, you can expect to lose 1.5 kg to 1.8 kg in the first week.

It will also not be necessary to drastically change your eating habits, as Capsiplex will at the same time suppress your appetite, so you will want to eat less and less as time goes by.

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#2 Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix

Healthy slimming begins with a balanced and healthy diet. There must be the daily intake of important nutrients properly distributed, in perfect balance and quantity.

It is the only guarantee that the body will receive every day what is necessary and normal to function. (Healthy diet and healthy weight loss means sufficient amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, positive fats and water)

Accelerating metabolism is also very important in the weight loss process, as it results in faster burning of calories and the general well-being of the whole organism. (Toxin Cleaning).

Whether you want to safely and comfortably control or maintain your body weight, Formula One, Meal Replacement and Weight Control can help you achieve your goals with long-lasting results.

Created by the advanced food processing technology, this specially formulated, a unique blend of ingredients contains the highest quality soy proteins that, although absorbed, are carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibers.

It is scientifically formulated to provide you with food ingredients of a complete meal, satisfying your hunger and your sense of taste for simpler and healthier weight loss.


It is recommended to every person:

  • who wants to have a healthy and balanced meal
  • which has not been breakfasted so far
  • which does not have time to eat well
  • who wants to lose weight
  • which suffers from a fall in energy

Main Advantages of using this Shake:

  1. A new, enhanced protein-rich formula derived from soy protein isolate.
  2. Each portion (made with milk) provides approximately 17 grams of protein. This helps the body maintain the balance of the necessary proteins, which reduces the wear of muscles during weight control to a minimum.
  3. It contains a combination of slow-release and rapid-release carbohydrates, which helps to regulate the variation in blood sugar levels and maintain the level of energy.
  4. Low calorie, only 217 cals per serving (including 250 ml of half-breast milk).
  5. Easy preparation – shake in a sealed container or use a mini mixer or a standing mixer (blender). The mixed drink immediately foams and has a smooth, creamy structure.
  6. It can help you lose both centimeters and pounds

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#3 Green Coffee Extract – It Rocks!

Over the past few years, green coffee has become one of the most popular weight loss supplements.

In addition to helping to remove excess pounds by, among other things, reducing appetite, green coffee is thought to be good for the heart, protection against neurological diseases and delay the emergence of signs of aging.

What is green coffee?

What is the extract of green coffee and what makes it different from other coffee products? Green coffee or green coffee extract is a product that comes from raw coffee.

This coffee is used to make black coffee and fry at 245 ° C, which significantly changes its chemical structure, color, flavor, taste and nutrient content.

Instead of drinking as a drink, green coffee is taken in the form of tablets, which are made from grated raw coffee beans and have much more nutritious ingredients.

Green coffee in addition to being good for slimming is a great source of several types of antioxidants and other nutrients, including polyphenols.

One of these polyphenols is chlorogenic acid and in green coffee is in large quantities.

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Chlorogenic acid is one of the most important reasons why green coffee is so healthy and because of which green coffee has a good effect on the weight loss and melting of excess fat.

Green coffee tablets contain three types of chlorogenic and caffeic acids, dicapoic acids and antioxidants, including caffeine, ferulin, isoferulin, and p-coumaric acid.

The green coffee extract contains about 46% chlorogenic acid, as well as hydroxycinnamic acids, which are known as excellent antioxidants.

Green coffee encourages weight loss

Green coffee has become popular when some studies have shown that it can help with the loss of excess pounds.

Although this sure is not a magical way of losing weight with which you can lose weight overnight, science has proven that chlorogenic acid has a highly absorbing effect and helps the body to burn glucose and the fat deposited into energy.

Side Effects:

In some people, caffeine in any form can cause side effects, including anxiety and blood pressure problems.

If you have problems with the sensitivity to caffeine or heart problems, it is important to avoid beverages and supplements that contain caffeine, because they can cause or exacerbate cardiac abnormalities.

#4 Raspberry Ketones – You Should Try It!

Natural raspberry ketone promotes fat metabolism, keeps appetite under control and affects fat degradation.

Losing weight for anyone is not an easy task, so it is complementary to a diet that helps to lose excess pounds more and more popular. The latest hit of the weight loss that has conquered the world is raspberry ketones.

We all know the sweet smell and taste of raspberries, but rarely know it is one of the most precious foods. This stunning fragrance comes from ketone, folic acid to red raspberry.

For a long time, raspberry ketones were used in the cosmetics and food industries.

Apparently, they were discovered by scientists, dietitians and sports coaches who confirmed that weight loss.

How do ketones work?

Raspberry ketones act on the enzyme lipase, which is responsible for the release of fatty acids and the discharge of fat cells in the process of fat burning.

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Simply put: raspberry ketones increase the effect of exercise in active people and promote the process of converting fatty deposits to those who do not want or can not move.

They also affect the process of liver cleansing that is in our body responsible for the metabolism of fat and toxins. So healthy liver performs their function more easily and the body hardens to accumulate fat deposits.

Ketones affect hormone adiponectin. Studies have shown that people who are naturally skinny have this hormone represented more than others. These people make it much easier for them to consume the food they consumed and turn it into energy more quickly.

Those who are prone to obesity have a shortage of this hormone, so they tend to accumulate fat deposits because they do not consume foods that enter the body.

Natural raspberry or supplement?

Whenever we talk about natural foods that burn fat, suppress appetite or affect digestion, many wonder why not increase the intake of these foods in the body. To make red raspberry extract work, we need to consume at least 200 milligrams.

In order to bring as much raspberry ketone, we should eat about 40 kilograms of raspberries. Then you would bring in so much sugar to reverse the effect of weight loss.

Advantages of using Raspberry Ketones Supplement:

  • Effective Weight Loss
  • Accelerating metabolism and degrading fat
  • Strengthening immunity
  • Protection of blood vessels and heart
  • Regulation of blood sugar

How to consume Raspberry Ketones?

Experts recommend that you take 2 pills daily. One you can take with breakfast and the other for lunch. In this way, you will enter the 200mg of raspberry ketone, which is the recommended dose of many experts.


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  • Alex Pappas

    Thanks for the post! I’ve heard of the Herbalife Formula Nutritional Shake Mix and the Green Coffee Extract but now of the other two. I’ve also never heard of Capsicum. It’s very interesting that it’s an extract of hot peppers. I never would have thought of doing that haha. I know that getting weightloss pills are a very skeptical thing now since a lot of weird ingredients go into them.

    • Daniel

      Hi Alex! Yes you are right, today is pretty hard to choose right weight loss product because there are so many frauds out there but list above is completely safe for use and results are guaranteed. 

  • Paul

    Hi Daniel,
    This is a great article on a topic I am very interested in and have very little knowledge. The products all seem to be reputable and good value for money
    These products are very competitive and are high volume sales which lead often to confusion and suspicion, so your succinct easy to read post makes the buy an actual option
    Thanks again

    • Daniel

      Hello Paul! Thank you, I am glad that I could help you. You are right, products are pretty reputable and popular and there is nothing to worry about. 

      I know that so many people are struggling when it comes to buying weight loss products online but I presented here products that are completely safe for use and which gives results.

      Everyone who respect the rules given above about consuming, will see results.

  • Courtney Myles

    I really enjoyed reading your article. I have a website related to something similar to yours. You have some really interesting and inspiring information on weight loss. My favorite article was about the detox diet. You mentioned in the article that the detox diet doesn’t long. How long do it last? How long can I do a detox diet for weight loss?

    • Daniel

      Thank you Courtney! I really appreciate that! As for the detox diet you should keep it 7 days, that is optimal. You probably saw that there are two types of diet, 7 days and 3 days, so you should not pass the recommended. Personally, I prefer a 7 days diet because results are more visible.

  • So Your Kids Play Sports

    I’ve heard of raspberry Ketones before but have always wondered how they work. Thank you for explaining!! I couldn’t imagine consuming 200kg of raspberries per day so the pills are surely more efficient. My only question is, being that this is technically a natural supplement… can I use it while nursing?

    • Daniel

      Well, yes, raspberry ketones are a great way to lose excess pounds. It is natural supplement but in your case I think that you should talk with your doctor. Personally I think that it is safe as long as you respect recommended dose, but it is more safe to consult a doctor or pharmacist..

  • kmv

    Great review, thanks!

    So, I’m most interested in starting on Capsiplex. Are there any side effects that you know of? Should people with sensitive stomachs be careful with this product?

    Also, I followed your link and it doesn’t look like Capsiplex is available any longer (at least not un the US). Do you have another similar product you would recommend?

    I’m going to hang around your site for a bit, looks like you have a lot of other good reviews and tips. Thanks!

    • Daniel

      Hi! You’re welcome! Sorry about that! I did not know that it was all sold, but I fixed that! As for the side effects, I can tell that this product is safe for use as long as you respect the recommended dose. Some people report a headache while consuming it but it is mainly because of a lack of water. 

      If you decide to avoid Capsiplex, I would highly recommend you to try Herbalife Formula 1 Shake! You can read about it on this same page, it’s under Capsiplex.

  • Furkan

    My trainer suggested that I should use green coffee extract for fat loss and I wanted to try it for a really long time. However I do intermittent fasting for a long time and when should I consume green coffee extract for optimum results? What do you recommend for me?

    • Daniel

      Well, yes, green coffee is really great supplement when it comes to weight loss. You should start consuming Green Coffee extract at any time you want but make sure that you respect recommended dose which is 2 capsules daily, 30 minutes before meals. 

      You should drink it with 2 glasses of water, and I am sure that you will be satisfied with results.

  • Justin

    Thanks for the review of some weight loss products. I’ve experimented with several supplements over the years and I’ve nearly concluded that nothing beats a healthy diet of non-processed foods and a consistent exercise routine (plus I’m a big fan of intermittent fasting). Have you tried any of these products yourself? If so, which one(s) have you tried? And, what kind of success have you experienced with it?

    • Daniel

      Hi Justin! I must agree with you, balanced diet and regularly exercises are crucial for safe and natural weight loss. We live in that time where almost every food is processed and it is hard to decide which food is really healthy, but we can’t give up. We must find and give our body everything (healthy, of course) nessessary for normal functioning.

      As for the products above, I have a very nice experience with Herbalife Shake and of course, Green Cofffee Extract. I discovered Herbalife Shake in 2015 and decided to give it a try. When I say to you that I am also using it today, you can be sure that it work. It is not perfect ( what in the world is?) but it gives very nice results when it comes to weight loss.

      Green Coffee Extract is other product that I found very useful. Maybe in the beginning it is hard to get used to it but after couple of days everything gets fine. It cleanses the body from accumulated toxins and with it also throw away fats and calories.

  • isaac

    Capsiplex seems the best for me. I can’t really take milk so the Herbalife protein shake is not a good thing for me (i found all milk, even soy, contributes to my acne….). I also like the fact that capsiplex uses natural products in it. Just wondering do the user need to cycle on and off while using it for fat loss? While it’s efficiency drop with long term use?

    • Daniel

      Hi Isaac! You can freely use Capsiplex as long as you want, I mean until you achieve your weight results. There is no efficiency drop with long term use, just make sure that you respect recommended dose.

  • Marlinda Davis

    Hey there! Thanks for taking the time out to share the best weight loss products of 2018. I notice that a lot of weight loss products have caffeine. I was wondering if drinking coffee would have the same effect as a weight loss supplement if it is drank black without any sugar, cream or other add-ins?

    • Daniel

      Well, so many people drink coffee and I did not heard that someone lost weight because of just drinking it. You should drink tons of coffee daily to provoke weight loss and that is impossible. This types of supplements contain not so big amounts of caffeine but they also contain other important ingredients which are important for weight loss.

  • Florence

    Thank you so much Daniel for this great review on top weight loss products, i have struggled with weight problems for long time and have tried various products without much success,i have noticed today that i have not been careful to pick the products i have used based on my main problems. I have severe issues with inflammation and will now look critically at the ingredients of the product i choose, My question is on the capsilex product,do you think it would be safe for someone with inflammation problems due to its main component which is peppers?

    • Daniel

      I would definitely recommend you to contact your doctor or pharmacist because of that. You can also try Herbalife Shake, it is completely safe and you can drink it without any consequences.

      All the best,


  • Tommy Diependaal

    Hi Daniel, I am a metabolic health coach/fitness consultant myself and normally not in favor for weight loss supplements, but Capsiplex I would indeed also consider a good product Herbalife or any other meal replacement shakes is not something I usually recommended. But all in all a very informative article and 3 products I would recommend also.

    Thanks for sharing


  • TimMoto

    These four products for weight loss seems to be very effective and safe apparently.  The advice on each one makes me trust each of the products.  

    The Capsiplex, being the best product is probably the one I will try first. Looks like it is quite easy to take it in pill form.  The fact that it will burn 278 calories per day is really good enough for me. 

    The Herbalife Shake is very tempting because I can drink it on the go which would be very convenient for me on my commutes to and from work each day.  The coffee extract from green coffee, I’ve never heard about before, so I got a good education on that product…thank you.  

    The Raspberry Ketones should like it also works very well with releasing fatty acids and therefore discharges fat cells. Makes sense to me.  Thanks!

    • Daniel

      All of these products are high-quality and made of natural and safe ingredients. You should choose only one that will suit you best. If you would rather consume pills than I recommend using Capsiplex but if you prefer meal replacement than I recommend trying Herbalife shake.

  • Monalisha

    Hi Daniel.
    Your review of the best weight loss product 2019 was really awesome. My mother is suffering from a weight problem and she has been trying to lose weight but she can’t. By reading your post I have learned about the top 4 best fat loss product. I will definitely share your post to my mother and tell her to follow your instructions.
    Thank you for sharing such an important post.

    • Daniel

      Thank you Monalisha, I am glad that you found it helpful.

  • RoDarrick

    Hi Daniel,  I read your post. 

    It sounds bizarre at first when I read that capsicum is a product extracted from the pepper.  Then I read further to actually decipher the importance of pepper to weight loss. The claim here makes it exciting that it will burn 1.8kg per week and also suppress my appetite.  That’s huge from a tablet and I wouldn’t mind trying that out.  Wow!  The other products have very nice features too but I’m more interested in capsicum

    • Daniel

      Yeah, capsicum is used in many weight loss products primarily because it is effective in the weight loss process. It can provoke thermogenesis which can result in the burning of excess calories.

  • Colleen

    You have an informative post, Dani! While I’ve heard of all of these products, I know less about the Raspberry Ketones, but that product sounds the most interesting for my use. I love raspberries but sure couldn’t eat 200 mg of them to get the results that the capsules get. After reading the product description, it sounds like the Raspberry Ketones would be very helpful. This formula speeds up metabolism and even strengthens the cardiovascular system while it attacks fat cells. What a deal! 🙂 Now I am better informed about how the Raspberry Ketones work and how the product would benefit me. Thank you! 

    • Daniel

      Hi Colleen, I am glad that you found it helpful. Raspberry Ketones are not so popular today when it comes to weight loss but they definitely can significantly affect losing of excess pounds.


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