Can I Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise – Try Denmark Diet!

losing weight with denmark diet

The Danish diet is a very strict diet and is considered one of the worst. Want drastic results on your body? if you are asking yourself “can I lose weight fast without exercise” Denmark diet is maybe for you!

Do You Know What is Denmark Diet?

This diet is also referred to as a Copenhagen diet or a Danish hospital diet. Her program connects with the Danish Royal Hospital, although this relationship has never been proven. This food program is considered very strict but promises great results – 5 to 10 kilograms in 13 days.

That’s a great result for such a short time, is not it? You will find it hard to assert that this diet will give even more drastic results in 13 days and you can lose up to 20 pounds. However, these results for such a short time are unlikely, even at the cost of not eating anything.

How Denmark nutrition affect an organism?

The supporters of this diet claim that it aims to permanently change the metabolism and that the results are so good that the kilograms will not return for the next 2 years. The Danish hospital diet is a low-calorie diet.

Following her program, you only enter 600 calories per day. In this lies the secret of its effectiveness, because we know that a lower number of calories that have been introduced means losing weight.

ADVISE: The fact that the diet is effective does not mean, at the same time, that it is good. In fact, such a strict diet is not desirable unless you are under the care of a doctor.

Denmark Diet 13 Days and Its Rules

You must be wondering what is so drastic in this diet. First of all, there are strict rules.

Danish diet rules that you must respect:

  • You can only have three meals a day, preferably always at the same time. Breakfast should be before 9 am, lunch and between 12 am and 2 pm, and dinner between 5 pm and 6 pm.
  • Every 13 days a diet has exactly prescribed foods and quantities of which you must not deviate.
  • You must drink 2 liters of water per day.
  • There is no use of salt or spices.
  • There is no cheating or violation of the rules. No matter how hungry you are, there are no snacks, even gum. You should not drink alcohol during this program. If you succumb to temptation, give up the diet.
  • The diet lasts 13 days.
  • You must not repeat the diet before a period of two years passes.
  • The diet is not intended for children, teenagers, pregnant women, nursing mothers, but only completely healthy people who have excess weight.

All this is not so scary until you look at the Danish diet menu in detail. It includes a very limited number of foods and a very small amount of food.

It’s very likely that the Danish diet will keep you hungry for 13 days.

The only way to cheat hunger is to drink a glass of water.

The rules of this diet also mean that you eat only 3 meals a day, without a snack. However, the big problem is that very often tea with sugarthe first-morning meal is not a meal at all. It’s just a cup of coffee or tea, and a cup of sugar.

It’s insufficient to give you energy for the rest of the day. In addition, other meals are very weak.

This is the reason why it is very difficult to comply with the rules that this hospital diet implies.

Denmark Diet Menu

Each diet has its own menu according to which it is special and by which it is distinguished from other diets.

Danish diet is very strict. Each day is clearly defined, has specific foods that you can eat and must be strictly respected.

Breakfast for 13 Days

1. Day – a cup of coffee and sugar cube

2. Day – a cup of coffee and sugar cube

3. Day – a cup of coffee, sugar cube and one piece of toasted bread

4. Day – a cup of coffee, sugar cube and one piece of toasted bread

5. Day – freshly chopped carrot with lemon juice

6. Day – a cup of coffee, sugar cube and one piece of toasted bread

7. Day – a cup of tea

8. Day – a cup of coffee, sugar cube and one piece of toasted bread

9. Day – a cup of coffee and sugar cube

10. Day – a cup of coffee, sugar cube and one piece of toasted bread

11. Day – a cup of coffee, sugar cube and one piece of toasted bread

12. Day – freshly chopped carrot with lemon juice

13. Day – coffee cup, sugar cube and one piece of toasted bread

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Lunch for 13 Days

1. Day – 2 boiled eggs, 200g cooked spinach, one tomato

2. Day – a glass of yogurt and a piece of ham

3. Day – 2 boiled eggs, chopped ham, Danish salad

4. Day – a glass of yogurt and juice from freshly cut orange (not more than a liter)

5. Day – 200g of boiled fish, sprinkled with a little lemon and a little-soaked butter

6. Day – fresh carrot and 2 boiled eggs

7. Day – no lunch

8. Day – 2 boiled eggs, chopped ham, Danish salad

9. Day – a glass of yogurt and a few rings of ham

10. Day – 2 boiled eggs, chopped ham, Danish salad

11. Day – a glass of yogurt and juice from freshly cut orange (not more than a liter)

12. Day – 200g of boiled fish, sprinkled with a little lemon and a little-soaked butter

13. Day – freshly chopped carrot and 2 boiled eggs

Dinner for 13 Days

1. Day – steak from non-fat meat (200g) and Danish salad

2. Day – steak from non-fat meat (200g) and Danish salad

3. Day – one cooked celery with one tomato and any piece of fruit

4. Day – 25 g of non-fat cheese, boiled egg and one chopped carrot

5. Day – steak from non-fat meat (200g), Danish salad and cooked celery

6. Day – Danish salad and roast chicken meat without skin

7. Day – roast lamb piece and any piece of fruit

8. Day – one cooked celery with one tomato and any piece of fruit

9. Day – pork steak without fat (300g) and Danish salad

10. Day – one cooked celery with one tomato and any piece of fruit

11. Day – 25 g of non-fat cheese, boiled eggs and one chopped carrot

12. Day – steak from non-fat meat (200g), Danish salad and cooked celery

13. Day – Danish salad and roast chicken meat without skin

As you can see, if you decide that this hospital diet will be your way to the super-slimline, then you will mostly eat boiled eggs, carrots, lean meat, spinach, celery, tomatoes and fruit as desired.

On the seventh day, you have the only dinner and you do not eat almost all day. Coffee, if desired, can be replaced with tea. A Danish salad is also an indispensable ingredient for a Danish diet, which you can eat in unlimited amounts for a meal, but not between meals.

How To Prepare Danish Salad

Danish salad is a frequent meal in this strict diet, and you can immediately make larger amounts of this salad that you will keep in the refrigerator, in a box with a closed lid. Of course, you do not need to overdo it with quantities.

If you want your salad to retain its nutritious ingredients, it should not stand for days in the fridge, so do not stock up for moremake danish salad for weight loss than 3 days.

Preparing a Danish salad is simple. You need to clean and chop the following foods:

1 leek

1 kg of carrots

1 kg of white cabbage

two peppers – one red and one green

This salad is poured with 1 dl of oil, a little vinegar and sprinkled with half a spoon of sugar and half a spoon of salt. It is also all the spice you use in a diet.

Denmark Diet Experiences

You are wondering about the experiences with the Danish diet and is it effective? Well, I have the answer – the hospital diet is effective and allows you to take 5 -10 kilograms in a relatively short time. These kilograms should not be returned when you stop with a diet.

The Danish diet promises results in lasting 2 years.

Experience with Danish diets also says that, despite being fast, it is very demanding and difficult because it involves very few foods and very small amounts of food. It literally shocks your body and primarily affects the loss of water from the body and fatty deposits.

That is, say the supporters of this diet, a metabolic shock, from which the body can not recover for two years. As the shock would not be even greater, it is very important that you return food and calories to your menu gradually. Rapid return to the old diet could have a bad effect on your health.

In that case, the experience with the Danish diet could be described as shocking! And there’s no need for that.

If you have enough character to comply with the rules that require this hospital diet, you will need to make sure that your further diet is moderate and healthy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Danish Diet

When you enter into your body twice as fewer calories as you need for the normal functioning of the body, it can have more deficiency than the benefits. When this diet is concerned, calorie intake is three times smaller than needed.

Feeding this way, you make 600 calories a day, and a person who leads a completely inactive life takes at least 1800 calories. This will lead to weight loss, but it’s also likely that you will be hungry, exhausted, weakened.

The lack of calories in this nutrition program was accompanied by a lack of nutrients. Feeding predominantly with protein foods with little fresh vegetables and a minimum amount of fruit, you will not get all the vitamins and minerals that the body lose weight without exerciseneeds, nor the proper amount of carbohydrates.

Therefore, you will not have enough energy to carry out everyday life activities or to perform a more serious physical or mental work.

With this diet, physical activity is not recommended. Danish diet experiences have shown that with this calorie intake you would not have enough energy for that.

This diet uses the authority of the Royal Danish Hospital, but it has never been confirmed by this institution. Consequently, it raises doubts about its effectiveness.

There is no doubt that she will help you lose weight, but there is a big suspicion of her health effects.

This diet encourages skipping meals and does not recommend physical activity, and some rules may be meaninglessly strict. For example, sugar-free chewing gum can supposedly ruin the whole diet.

All this leads to the fact that you have to be very cautious. It is very important that you monitor your condition and stop with your diet if you feel great weakness, dizziness, fainting, and any bad consequences. Consult your doctor and choose a less strict diet.

If you still decide to start this diet, I can highlight a few benefits of this nutrition program.

  • By lowering calories you will surely lose weight – the diet is effective
  • You have to respect the rules for only 13 days – the diet is short-lived
  • Results will affect the work of your metabolism and will last for 2 years – the diet has long-term results

Tips that can help you endure the Danish Diet easier:

  • Do not try to exercise during the diet
  • Start the diet in spring or summer, when fresh foods are more affordable
  • Start a diet when you are on vacation and when you don’t expect much physical effort or mental engagement
  • Try to occupy yourself with something, whether it’s a job, a hobby, or anything else, so you do not think about food and how to break the rules of the diet.

Why Is Danish Diet One of the Worst Diets You Can Try

If your only goal is to lose a lot of pounds in a short time and you are ready to sacrifice and suffer because of it, the Danish diet is the right thing for you. However, if your health is important to you, then you should consult your doctor before starting this nutrition program.

Although this diet is often referred to as a hospital diet, it is unlikely that a doctor or a nutritionist will recommend it to you.losing belly fat easily

Almost every story about healthy and proper nutrition is based on the input of various foods, and breakfast is the main meal that needs to have the most calories and to provide you with enough energy and nutrients by the end of the day or until the next meal.

Proper nutrition usually means three meals a day and 2 snacks. Weight loss diets always mean deviations from these rules, and this diet has gone to the extreme.

It means 3 meals, which for some days are reduced to 2 meals and a drink – coffee or juice made from squeezed orange. 600 calories a day can barely be called a diet.

We should also look at the claim that this 13-day diet causes metabolic shock in the body and that after that, the body works for 2 years after this newly formed metabolism.

Do you really want to give your organs such a shock?

The Danish diet is not, and should not be a long-term diet. This strict and low-calorie diets are not healthy and always lasts briefly.

However, they may somehow awaken in you the awareness of how unhealthy you are in your daily life, how much you eat, and what your habits have led to accumulating fatty deposits. There is also a better way to reduce fat on the stomach.

Danish diet can be difficult, but a valuable lesson on health and nutrition.

Usually, such a strict diet is prescribed to people who are overly obese, who have difficulty moving and have other health problems caused by excess pounds.

They are then administered under hospital conditions and under the constant supervision of doctors. That’s why we can often hear about this diet as a hospital diet.

Do you think Danish diets are the right choice for you, or do you think you should give priority to a less strict and better-balanced diet? If you do not know the answer, ask your doctor.

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