Can You Eat Sweets And Still Lose Weight – Complete UN Diet!

UN diet for weight loss

Are you asking yourself can you eat sweets and still lose weight? UN diet is a diet that you can try to achieve this goal. Here are her rules.

This is one of the most popular ways to lose weight that can allow you to lose up to 20 pounds in 3 months.

Lose weight and eat sweets and pasta? Is not that fairy tale?

UN diet is not a short-term diet, and for the results, you need to adhere to it for 90 days. If it’s effective, it’s not too long.

The question is what is happening after that? Is there any other effect or results are permanent?

Yes, the truth is that you are allowed to eat sweets and enjoy pizzas and dough. But is it as simple and as easy as it sounds?

No diet for weight loss is not easy and every success requires a lot of self-discipline. If you think it’s easy, you may not know everything about the UN diet.

What Do You Need To Know About UN Diet?

To begin with, let’s break the fog around her name. Although many people have heard about it, few know that the name “UN diet” does not have anything to do with the United Nations, even less with “UNICEF”.

This name derives from the original name given by the author of this diet to his nutritional project that made an unprecedented success – “Undiet” in the translation “No Diet”.

There are many misconceptions about this name. Far from the fact that this diet has no known author and that it is a “national” or some sort of international diet. Just as Chrono’s diet connects to Dr. Ana Gifing, Dukan’s diet for her creator Pierre Ducan and Atkins for Dr. Robert Atkins so is this diet nutritional masterpiece by Megan Telpner.

It is completely wrong to attach to her a United Nations label that deals with much more important questions than what should be found in your daily menu.

Likewise, it’s far from not having a starve in the UN diet and that it is one “not a diet”. It’s going to make you!

Usually, we do not see diets as a nice experience, and therefore this name should suggest that it is one of those variants that emanates from bad emotions due to the renunciation of food intake.

4 Stages and 6 Principles

Long-term diets are generally divided into certain stages, more or less restrictive.

UN diet has 4 stages, one for each day, which alternates and changes daily and whose order must be strictly observed.

We have, therefore:

  • Protein day
  • Starchy day
  • Carbohydrate Day
  • Fruity day

It’s a common mistake to eat a meager food these days. When we say that a certain type of food is eaten every day, it does not mean that they eat only proteins all day long and nothing else.

They are based on meals, but other ingredients are also combined, such as smaller amounts of carbohydrates from an integral bread or salad.

The basic principle of the UN diet is that a certain type of food is introduced each day, thus ensuring a balanced diet without any major temptation.

In addition to this basic idea of diverse nutrition, the UN diet also follows the following 6 principles that must be strictly UN diet fruit breakfastobserved over the course of 90 days for the duration of the diet.

1. Every morning you start with a fruit breakfast, regardless of whether you have the rest of the day on carbohydrates or proteins.

You do not need to be guided by what day is your turn. Simply, eat some fruit in pairs.

  • It is necessary to eat 2 pieces of fruit for 2 breakfasts – 2 apples, 2 oranges, 2 kiwi fruit.
  • If you opt for bananas, one banana is allowed.
  • If you’ve ever liked a small seasonal fruit like strawberries or cherries, you can eat a handful of small fruit or 8 pieces.
  • You can eat dry and dried fruit, but you should not eat more than 100 grams of this fruit a day.
  • Canned fruit is out of the question!

2. You start a diet with a protein day and under no excuse, you do not change the order of the day. Basically, this is more important for self-discipline than for weight loss. If you break a rule once, it’s likely that you will do it some other way, and then you will not see the results.

3. You should not eat after 20 o’clock in the evening, and between meals should pass at least 2 hours. If you plan to go to the bed hungry and with an empty stomach it will take 4 hours or more. It also depends on what is on your agenda, because some foods are better than others.

4. Lunch and dinner are very often the same, only for dinner, you need twice as much food or some foods that are ejected for lunch.

5. Be sure to drink 2 liters of water per day.

  • Other liquids, such as tea, coffee or lemon, are allowed, but without added sugar
  • Alcohol and carbonated drinks are not considered just as juices with additional sugar, whether carbonated or not.

6. If you feel you lack vitamins or minerals, you can take some multivitamin tablets

UN Diet – Menu and Recipes

It is clear that the consumption of the so-called “real food” is here, rather than some unhealthy products. Also, the food you eat is not fried but just cooked or baked. To help you more easily, follow the example of the UN Diet menu for days.


Your adventure with the diet of the United Nations begins with this day and here is an example of a menu for a protein day.

Lunch: Soup without noodles, 250 g of meat (preferably a slight variant such as chicken breast), a piece of integral bread, a salad of fresh foods in unlimited quantities.

The proteins include milk and eggs, so you can put them into a combination if you are not a meat enthusiast or you are a vegetarian. In this case, lunch can be 3 boiled eggs instead of meat.

It is recommended that different sources of protein do not interfere – that is, meat and eggs, or eggs and cheese in the same meal are not mixed.

Dinner: When the UN diet protein day is on the order, then there is not much thought and creativity in selecting a meal. What you ate for lunch, eat for dinner, but in a double smaller amount. In this case, remove the soup, and it is advisable to throw out the bread.

This is a great option because with one preparation you solve the problem of two meals, save time and no food throw.

A break between the meals during this day should be at least 4 hours.


A starchy day can be a real challenge if you’re not used to eating lots of vegetables without any food cover. Starchy potatoes for perfect lunchvegetables should be boiled and possibly added a little ketchup or tomato for flavoring.

Of course, you can add some spices to make the dish tastier. Do not overdo it with salting.

An example of a menu for a starchy day may look like this:

Lunch: You can prepare potatoes, rice, beans, spinach, broccoli, carrots … It is important to cook it and do not fry. And besides, you can eat fresh salad in unlimited quantities, so use it to get yourself well.

Dinner: Same as for lunch, but half the amount.

Do not have ideas for a meal? These are some recipes for a starchy day:

Potato is grateful for combining this day. You can cook it and exfoliate it and make a salad by cleaning the potatoes cooked in the shell, cut and add a little vinegar, black onion and very little olive oil.

Baked potato

You need half a kilogram of potatoes, a little onion, spice plants as desired – rosemary, basil, garlic, oregano – combine what you love. The onion and potato are cut into rings and sprinkled with spices. Sprinkle with some water and put it in the oven to bake.

Baked beans

Bake two cups of beans. On a few drops of olive oil, pour carrots, onions, finely chopped and ground tomatoes and add some salt and peppers.

Transfer the cooked ingredients into the reflux bowl. First beans, and spread vegetables and sprinkle with spices – parsley and garlic. Bake in the oven.

A pause between meals during the starchy day is at least 3 hours.


If you are a lover of sweets and pasta (which is very likely if you have a huge excess of pounds because they are surely deflecting a way to pile them up) then this day will be the day you enjoy.

Diet and enjoyment? Rare combination!

Still, you would not get lost on the wrong path, here is an example of the menus for carbohydrate day in the UN diet

Lunch: Get Italian specialties. Good spaghetti with tomato sauce or vegetarian pizza with ketchup, as well as vegetarian lasagna or dumplings with some vegetarian variant of sauce. Tomato is a great choice for stimulating the weight loss process.

You can also combine pasta with a few dried vegetables. For example, in a little oil cook the finely chopped onion and make healthy pizzacabbage, and add the pepper as desired. Mix the cooked macaroni into it.

Do not like pasta and pasta?

Then, when the time comes for carbohydrate day, you can also choose some pastry or croissant, making sure that they are not filled with meat or cheese.

Dinner: Opportunity to sweeten the day. The previous day dinner was the same as lunch. Here you can make changes and eat a candy for dinner.

You can eat 2 thinned pieces of cake, 3-4 cakes or three balls of ice cream. It is important here to spice all of it with black chocolate that has its role in preserving health.

A pause between meals during UH is at least 3 hours


If you do not like cooking this is the day when you will rest from making menus and recipes, but also when you are likely to be the most hungry.

During a fruity day in the UN diet, you can eat fruit in unlimited quantities.

Although this sounds like a good solution, if you’re not accustomed to such a diet, it can be a very big challenge.

It is advisable to have a pause between meals during the fruity day for at least 2 hours since the fruit does not hold the satiety.

Once you have finished with a fruity day, you begin with the first day – with a protein day.

What Is Water Day?

UN diet also has one particularly exhausting day, which is a water day. It follows when you turn the above cycle of 4 different days 7 times. Or, if it’s simpler, every 29 days should be just on the water. During this 90-day period, you will have 3!

A water day in the UN diet means that you do not eat anything and drink only liquid.

It does not have to be pure water, but can also be unsweetened teas, soups, lemons or some flavored water such as Sassy water for slimming.

Does it still work easily for you?

Of course, the UN diet has clear rules that are easy to follow.

It’s so until you come to the point that your best friend is a birthday party when you are on a protein day or a fruity day, and she offers you a cake, and then when you have an appointment on a fruity day in a restaurant that offers great meat specialties.

Results and Experiences With UN Diet

Have you met anyone who had experience with this diet? The people who kept it mostly managed to lose a lot of pounds, but not exactly 18-25 kilograms as claimed to be taking this diet off. Usually, the results were twice as low.

Many claims that the first 10 days have not received any shift and that the results came only later. This can demotivate, especially when you know that there are faster variants that can help you lose a lot of pounds in 10 days, such as, say, a fast diet with eggs.

UN diet should not be held for more than 90 days. Although it seems at first glance that it allows you to enjoy the best in everything, it is restrictive and any sudden change can have a bad impact on the body.

Most nutritionists recommend that breakfast should be the most memorable meal you will spend throughout the day and whoUN diet results needs to give you energy by lunch.

In the UN diet, the two fruit at first glance act as a healthy breakfast, but they can hardly hold you for 4 hours and give you enough energy to lunch.

This diet is a gradual exhaustion of the organism and it is not recommended for a longer period of time.

Another misconception is the story of accelerating metabolism. Often it is said that 90 days is the time that the body needs to change the speed of metabolism.

Some other nutritionists, such as those who have devised a Danish diet, claim that it is enough for 13 days and that the changes last for up to 2 years!

However, keep in mind that the best way to accelerate the metabolism is the physical activity you need to include with a limited diet, as well as taking enough fluids during the day.

This will give you the best results. The only question is how much you will have energy for the exercise with the UN diet and what to eat after training to recover. In any case, try to move, even if it was a walk.

To say finally, and that the UN diet does not have to last for 90 days, because that period has nothing to do with metabolism and its periodic adjustment. If you reach your desired weight even before, experience shows that you can break it earlier and continue with a healthy and moderate diet.

What happens if after 90 days you decide to make up for all the enjoyment that you have given up?

3 months is a long enough time to get appetizing down, to see that the diet works and you get motivated. If after that you continue to make unhealthy food choices and get stuck, your pounds will return.

Want to repeat the diet?

Then you should wait at least 3 months after the end of the previous session. However, if you need it again after 3 months, are you sure this is the right diet for you? It may, however, be better to change the complete diet and lose weight without starvation. Lately, in this field is very popular Chrono Nutrition.


We have already resolved a mystery and a misconception about the name of the UN diet. It is not an internationally accepted diet of the United Nations, but the intention was to present itself as “no diet” – a diet in which there is no temptation and no hunger.

Well, you may not be eager for some foods like some more uniform diets, and the waiver of enjoying it is not so terrible, but with a handful of fruits and only 3 meals a day, without a snack, you will definitely be hungry.

Whether you will feel hunger and exhaustion during a day of water, it’s unnecessary to talk about it.

However, not all is black and UN diet is not a bad thing if after that you stay on the trail of healthy eating and continue to take care of your diet. It can help you get rid of excess pounds and reach the desired weight. How will you maintain it? Well, that’s already another story.


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