Can You Lose Weight Eating Watermelon – Awesome Watermelon Diet!

complete watermelon diet for weight loss

A diet with watermelon can help you lose weight very quickly. This is a real summer diet in which you will enjoy and define your line for the sea!

What to do when you planned a holiday in detail, and did not remember your look on the beach? You held the diet for a few days and then quit because you could not resist temptations.

A diet with watermelon is perhaps your straw of salvation. Read on and find out can you lose weight eating watermelon or is it just a myth?

Can You Gain Pounds Eating Watermelon?

Are you skeptical about the idea that a diet with watermelon can help you lose weight because she is sweet?

Have you read that too much sugar that does not spend during our activities leads to the formation of fat deposits? Is the watermelon good for losing weight or can it add you pounds?

Let’s explain this concern about too much sugar.

Each food has its own glycemic index (GI) indicating how quickly it raises the level of blood sugar. Foods with a glycemic index greater than 70 are considered to be high-GI foods. The watermelon has a GI 72, therefore very high.

Do you need to worry about that? Does the watermelon add unwanted pounds?

If you are a diabetic, then you should take care of how your body will fight the blood sugar level. If not, you should consider the Glycemic load and, based on that, determine if some food will help you to get fat and how body will fight with sugar.

This indicator is obtained by multiplying the GI with the amount of digestible carbohydrates and dividing it by 100.

  • Glycemic loading is too high if it is greater than 20.
  • Less than 10 are considered low

So can watermelon make you fat?

It has a glycemic load of about 5, because it has 7g of carbohydrates per 100g.

Therefore, her sweetness is not a problem and she can not make you fat.

On the contrary! I affirm that the watermelon is good for losing weight.

How Many Calories Watermelon Have?

If you want to lose weight, then you want to know how many calories watermelon have and whether it really is a good assistant to that goal.

The calorific value of the watermelon is not large. On 100g, it has about 30 calories. The problem is that it is full of water and is very heavy and 100g of this sweet vegetable is not exactly the dose that satisfies our appetite.

Mostly we eat much more and we fear if the watermelon can make us fatty. And yet, just to eat a kilo of this sweet food, you ate 300 calories. It’s just a little more calories than it has 100g of white bread. And what do you think, what will fill your stomach more?

So, watermelon diet can be very effective for weight loss. Its composition makes up 90% of water and it can be said that you lose weight with watermelondrink more water than you eat. However, unlike water, it has plenty of fiber, and that’s exactly what its secret is.

Unlike water, you have to deal with her chewing. It sends a signal to the brain to eat, and the sense of satieness is easier to reach.

In addition, the fibers fill in the holes just like the liquid, which reduces your appetite.

The watermelon diet is also great because it successfully combats the biggest enemy of every diet – the craving for sweets. Because you know, the watermelon is sweet!

The last and not the least important advantage of the watermelon is the fact that eating it, you are getting enough water into the body, which helps in the process of ejection of toxins, the regulation of sodium levels in the body and the elimination of excess water from the body.

Water is what makes it difficult. How do you think surplus water affects your weight?

This diet, as well as some other diets, is based on the fact that when you replace fat-rich meals with fiber-rich rations, you remain satiated or melted pounds.

Short-Term Watermelon Diet

Unlike an Atkins diet, a Dukan diet or some kind of specific nutrition program, there is no specific diet with watermelon, but this is what is called every diet that includes her daily consumption for a certain period of time. That’s why there are more species of this diet.

One of them is a short-term watermelon diet that lasts 5 days and allows you to take 5 kilos during that time.


Short-term and fast diets based on just one food can help you lose weight quickly, but not to get permanent results. For this it is necessary to keep it healthy continuously.

However, if you are in a hurry with the weather as before going to the sea, and you do not need much to the perfect line, the watermelon diet is a great summer variant with which you can start your life in the slim body.

Summer is the perfect time to start a diet because you have a variety of fresh foods available to you.

Menu Example For 5 Days

First day:

Breakfast: 1 slice of watermelon and a cup of coffee or tea

Lunch: 150 g beef with 150 g of cooked rice. Cool yourself with a slice of watermelon

Dinner: 60g cheese, bread slice and watermelon

Another day:

The breakfast; a slice of toast bread, a cup of coffee or tea, and a slice of watermelon

Lunch: 100g of chicken without skin, a piece of bread and a slice of watermelon

Dinner: 100g grilled fish, 100 g cooked rice and even 2 slices of watermelon.

Third day:

Breakfast: Like the previous day – a piece of toast bread, a cup of coffee and a slice of watermelon

Lunch: 50g pasta with tomato sauce and 3 slices of watermelon.

Dinner: Salad of fresh vegetables and watermelon – as much as you can eat

Fourth day:

Breakfast: 2 slices of watermelon

Lunch: Broccoli soup (any vegetable soup will be fine), a piece of bread and 2 slices of watermelon.

Dinner: 3 roasted medium-sized potatoes and 2 slices of watermelon

Fifth day;

Breakfast: 3 slices of watermelon

Lunch: 150 g of beef and unlimited quantity of watermelon

Dinner: A piece of an integral bread, 60 g of cheese and 3 slices of watermelon

This method of eating drastically reduces the number of calories burned and should not be monitored in the long run.

Exercising and recreation skip these days as you will feel bad, exhausted, and tired.

If you notice that you do not like this diet, stop it immediately and do not wait until the fifth day. There are a handfuls of diets you can try. Maybe a diet with watermelon is not for you.

Long-Term Watermelon Diet

This variant of the diet has two phases. Although called long-term, it lasts relatively briefly – 13 days.

The first phase of this child is very restrictive and lasts for 3 days. During this period only watermelon is eaten and nothing else.

The second phase lasts 6-10 days. It is lighter than the first phase, but still quite restrictive. It means 2 meals a day and a watermelon as a snack between meals.

Example Of Menu For The Second Phase Of Diet

Breakfast: a piece of cheese and a bowl of cereal with milk

Lunch: Fresh meat or fish stored without fat. Can be grilled or boiled. In addition, it can salad of fresh vegetables, seasoned watermelon diet for weight losswith a few drops of olive oil and a little vinegar.

For dinner and for snacks between breakfast and lunch, go 2-3 slices of watermelon.

Even this diet is not recommended in the long run, and it is especially wrong to extend the first phase and try to lose weight under the exclamation: “I adore the watermelon! I’ll only eat her ”

This can help you get rid of your kilograms, but also good health. Do not forget that you need fat and protein for a healthy life, and there is nothing to overcome here. It only has water and fiber and carbohydrates.

Another variant of a long-term child with watermelon is to put it spontaneously into your menu during the summer – the better it is.

  • instead of snacks and sweets
  • for every snack

You will see that it will be good to fill an empty space in your belly without having eaten something that will stick to you in the form of a hall. This way you will significantly reduce your calorie intake.

This is the best way to use a watermelon for weight loss, but it can hardly be a salvation at the last time!

Consider this diet for your springboard to a slim figure. After you have finished with the watermelon diet, whether you follow a longer or shorter program, you should continue with a healthy and proper diet and not return to old habits.

In fact, in this way, you’ll find it very easy to see in the 13 days how many greasy and poor foods you actually eat in the body and what you are exaggerating with.

Watermelon And Health

It may not be the best and the healthiest food in the world, but it’s good. Watermelon is rich in vitamins A, B1, B6 and vitamin C.

Just like tomato juice is rich in lycopene, a compound that gives it red color. It is believed that it helps to combat heart disease, cholesterol and some forms of cancer.

Since it is rich in fibers, it is excellent for regulating digestion, and the presence of water in it allows you to refresh and to be always well hydrated.

The watermelon is rich in magnesium and potassium, and eating it satisfy daily needs for these minerals. It reduces muscle pain after exercise and strenuous training.

The bite of watermelon is a bite of pure, real and effective refreshment for the whole body.

How To Chose Mature Watermelon?

What technique do you use in this case? Are you throb it, are you looking for a cutout or can you recognize it in appearance? Is choosing a watermelon lottery for you?

In order for this diet to be effective, it is necessary that the watermelon you eat is right and that it may be eaten with its red watermelon diet for body detoxcolor and sweetness, and this can only be done if it is well matured.

The opening of a watermelon that is green is like opening a disappointing birthday gift.

One way to find out that she is mature is to study her bark well.

Since it does not grow on the branch, but on the ground, a part of it that is laid on the ground has a different, brighter color.

If this color is yellowish, the watermelon is mature. White or green color indicates that you need to bypass it.

Another way to evaluate maturity is to look at the color of the bag and the surrounding ring. If the ring is brownish, the watermelon is ripe. If it’s green, it’s picked too early.

The holes themselves can deceive you. Being dry is not always a sign that the watermelon is ripe, but it may already be a sign that it has been harvested for a long time. That’s why it’s best to run for the color of the ring.

What Are Experiences With Watermelon Diet?

Watermelon diet is a diet that is a real hit during the summer, when they are easily accessible to us. Claims say that in this way you can lose 15 kilograms in 7 days or 2.5 kilograms a day.

And what are the real experiences and is this claim real?

Perhaps such a claim can be true if you eat only watermelon in small quantities and nothing else with it.

You will probably watermelon shake for weight lossfeel very bad and the chance to stand this way for 15 days is very small.

Eating only watermelon is almost the same as living on water alone.

In doing so, you have good chances to ruin your own organism, leading to hypoglycemic shock.

The experiences of those who held a longer-lasting diet with watermelon say that it’s possible to lose about a kilogram a week, by replacing the snacks with it.

The diet carried out in this way does not have to be kept for 13 days only and can be extended for an entire year.

Eat normally, carefully select foods and replace fats and sweets with watermelon and you will surely notice how the results are.

A short-term watermelon diet can help you lose up to 5 kilograms in 5 days, but it will most likely be excess water from the body.

If that’s what’s endangering your perfect line on the beach, just go ahead – step up and then continue to keep it healthy and eat healthy.

If you need some serious weight loss, you should know that there is no diet to help you get ready for 7 days. Watermelon experiences say that she does not give magical outcomes in this field.

In that case, preparations and holiday plans should have started much earlier.

The biggest advantage of a diet with a watermelon is its short term and therefore we are glad to embark on this experience. The results seem to be fast-moving, and we eat what we love.

Can Watermelon Diet Be Your Salvation In The Last Moment?

It can only if you do not have too many pounds. For the perfect body, it takes much more effort, exercise and proper nutrition.

In any case, the watermelon will not hurt you. Eat as much as possible – for the sake of enjoying and refreshing. It is a better choice then aerated beverage or any juice with artificial sweeteners.

The fact that this diet will reduce your appetite, allow you to get enough fluids, and finally lose weight accept – as a bonus!




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