Can You Lose Weight With High Protein Diet – Myth Or Truth?

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Protein diet is based on foods rich in protein, and is extremely poor in carbohydrates. The idea is to reduce the level of insulin by limiting carbohydrates.

This stimulates the body to produce more glucagon, which helps to burn stored fat. Authors claim that by practicing this diet for a long time, your fat will begin to melt itself.
Let me explain you can you lose weight with high protein diet or not.

A protein diet, as the name suggests, is a diet that is based mainly on proteins. You must have heard so far that this type of diet allows you to quickly lose weight, while you can eat almost in unlimited quantities.

What Are Proteins And Why Are They So Important?

Proteins are one of three macro nutrients, with carbohydrates and fats. Proteins in the human organism have the following role:

  • Recovery and Maintenance: Proteins are a major component in muscles, bones, hair and skin. These tissues are constantly renewed and the proteins in them are replaced with new ones.


  • Hormones: in this case, proteins act as “messengers” – with them, the cells and organs in your body communicate with each other.
  • Enzymes: enzymes are carbonated proteins, and thousands of chemical reactions in the body are taking place thanks to them.


  • Transport and storage: some proteins help us transport important molecules where needed. For example, a hemoglobin that spreads oxygen to all the cells in the body is a protein.

Proteins consist smaller “units” called amino acids. Of the 22 amino acids, nine are considered essential, which means that we must consume them through food because they are not produced by the human organism alone.

It is very important to remember that some foods contain not only more protein but also better protein – it depends on the amino acid ratio in them.

In global terms, foods of animal origin are considered “complete” proteins because they contain all the essential amino acids sufficiently, as much as our body needs. This includes eggs, milk, meat, fish and poultry.Healthy protein

Vegetable proteins do not contain enough amount of each individual essential amino acid, but in combination with other foods of plant origin, a complete protein can be “folded”.

Beans, legumes, soybeans, cereals, seeds and nuts are examples of plant foods rich in proteins.

Although the quality of proteins is very important, the amount of protein you eat is even more important.

Many experts believe that current recommendations for protein intake are in fact inadequate and that we need more proteins to stay healthy in the long run.

Summary: Proteins have several important functions in the human organism. They consist of several amino acids, including some that a human organism can not synthesize alone.

Proteins For Weight loss – True Or Not?

Studies have shown that increased protein intake has a great effect on appetite, metabolism, weight, and figurine.

Appetite and syringe

If you eat more protein, it will suppress your appetite and for a few hours after eating, you will not feel hungry at all.

Proteins increase the secretion of hormone PYY (peptide YY3-36) and GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide 1), and both of them affect the sense of satiety. In addition, proteins significantly reduce the level of heat, which is best known as the “hormone hunger”.

Since this is how it works on appetite and satiety, protein-rich diets are annoying to eating less food, which results in weight loss.Protein for mass build

Proteins for another interesting reason so much saturate – they significantly accelerate metabolism during the digestion process.

The speed of metabolism

Injecting many proteins means burning more calories. Protein speeds up metabolism to an incredible 20-35%, compared to an increase of 5-15% during digestion of carbohydrates and fats.

Weight loss and build

Since proteins so reduce appetite, create a sense of satiety and speed up metabolism, it’s no wonder they’re great for weight loss.

When we reduce calorie intake, the metabolism slows down. The reason for this is partly loss of muscle mass. However, many proteins protect the body from muscle loss and accelerates metabolism.

Above all, it has been proven that the protein diet for losing kilograms is effective for everyone.

However, one study was carried out to examine the effect of proteins on the organism, depending on the genotype. This study has shown that proteins are an effective way to lose weight and maintain weight only for two-thirds of people.

Protein-rich foods greatly reduce the sense of hunger and create a sense of satiety that lasts for a long time, accelerate metabolism and protect muscles, making proteins extremely effective for weight loss and body shaping.

For What Else Are Proteins Useful?

Apart from being great for weight loss, proteins can help you in several other ways.

  • Increase muscle mass: diet rich in proteins leads to an increase in muscle mass and you will have more strength for endurance training.
  • Prevent the loss of muscle mass in the aging process: most people lose muscle mass over the years. Some studies have shown that people who are eating protein or drinking protein supplements over the years lose much less muscle mass compared to people whose diet is poor in protein.protein for muscle building
  • Reinforce bones: Proteins are great for healthy bones. People who eat many proteins have a much lower risk of bone fractures.
  • They improve wound healing: people who eat a lot of proteins wounded by injuries or surgeries much more quickly heal.

Summary: Research shows that many proteins help build muscle mass, protect bones and prevent bone loss.

How Many Proteins Do You Need To Eat Each Day?

How many proteins should be eaten every day is still the subject of many debates.

It is currently recommended that you should eat about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This means that a person who has 68 pounds should eat 54 grams of protein every day.

Though this quantity in theory should be sufficient to prevent protein deficiency, more and more experts believe that this is too little for a healthy body and for maintaining muscle mass.

More and more studies have shown that this recommended amount of elderly people is insufficient to prevent loss of muscle mass and that an optimal amount of 1.3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is optimal for this.

It has been proven that a twice higher dose than the recommended (1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight) stimulates weight loss and fat loss, improves the shape of the body and protects the muscles from damage while loosening.

The weight loss diet (but also the maintenance of a healthy organism) should contain 1.2-1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight and contain 20-30 percent of the total number of calories you enter during the day. So, if you have 68 pounds, you need 82-110 grams of protein per day, depending on the total calorie intake.

It is very important to “grow” the protein intake all day, not to eat everything for one meal. In this way, your body will make better use of these proteins.

Summary: daily intake of 1.2-, 16 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight greatly stimulates the melting of excess fat and protects us from losing muscle mass due to the aging process.


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High-Protein Diet – Is It For You?

A high-protein diet is very easy to hold and can be easily adapted to your taste and goals.

For example, you can keep a diet containing little carbohydrates and many proteins if you want to stabilize your blood sugar.

If for some reason you avoid dairy products, you can keep a high-protein diet without milk and milk products. Even if you are a vegetarian, you can keep a protein diet – just insert more eggs or milk and legumes into your diet.

Here are some basic tips for keeping a high-protein diet:

  • Start running the diary. You can use apps or websites from the Internet, where you will find nutritional values for thousands and thousands of foods, so you can create a menu according to your desires and needs.
  • Calculate your protein needs. To calculate your protein needs, multiply your pounds by 1.2-1.6.
    Eat at least 25-30 grams of protein per meal. Studies have shown that if you eat at least 25 grams of protein for each meal, this will speed up the weight loss process and keep your muscles healthy and strong.Milk for weight loss
  • Insert in the diet of protein plant and animal origin. If you eat both proteins, your diet will be considerably more nutritious.
  • Eat proteins from high quality sources. Eat as much fresh meat, eggs, milk and other protein sources as possible, avoiding processed foods, e.g. dried meat products.
  • Let your diet be balanced. When eating lots of protein, put in there vegetables, fruits and other foods of plant origin. Make sure to combine your food for each meal.

Summary: You will achieve the best results with a high-protein diet if you calculate your protein needs, keep your diet diary, and plan meals in advance.

Possible Side Effects – Nothing To Worry About

Diets which are based on the intake of many proteins are generally safe for most people. In contrast to the opinion, the input of many proteins does not cause any problems with the kidneys in healthy people.

Even in people with some chronic diseases, renal function is not dangerous with high-protein diet.

However, people who already have some kidney problems should definitely reduce protein intake to preserve the kidney function.Little warning

People who are in the risk group for kidney stones, many proteins in the diet can increase this risk. This is much more true for proteins of animal origin.

And people who have some liver disease or some chronic illness should ask their doctor for advice before they start with a diet rich in proteins.

Protein-rich foods are quite safe and healthy for most people, although people with a chronic illness should ask a doctor for advice on such a diet.

How Your Menu Should Look With This Diet?

Below I will give you a diet plan (menu) of a high-protein diet in a week. With this menu you will eat about 100 grams of protein each day. Of course, you can tailor your portions to your needs.




Breakfast: three eggs, one piece of toast from whole grain, one spoon of almond butter and one pear.

Lunch: salad of fresh avocado and Swabian cheese and one orange.

Dinner: steak of about 170 grams, sweet potatoes and grilled zucchini.




Breakfast: dish with a portion of protein powder, a cup of coconut milk and strawberry.

Lunch: salmon cans (115 grams), green vegetables spiced with olive oil and vinegar and one apple.
Dinner: 120 grams of grilled chicken with cinema and crib.



Breakfast: oatmeal and one cup of Greek yogurt and ¼ of chopped bakery or some other bone fruits.

Lunch: 115 grams of chicken with avocado and red pepper and one pear.

Dinner: soup of vegetables, meat and brown rice.




Breakfast: three egg yolks and 30 grams of cheese; black olives and one orange.

Lunch: soup of vegetables and meat and rice.

Dinner: 115 grams of chipboard (or some other fish), lens and broccoli.





Breakfast: one cup of Swiss cheese, ¼ cup of skewed walnuts, apples and cinnamon.

Lunch: 115 grams of canned salmon with some healthy mayonnaise, bread of pork and carrot.

Dinner: spaghetti with chicken coop in sauce and raspberry.




Breakfast: three egg yolks, 30 grams of cheese and half a cup of chopped potatoes.

Lunch: spaghetti with chicken coop in sauce and one apple.

Dinner: 85 grams of shrimps with grilled garlic and pepper; guacamole sauce and black bean bowl in corn tortilla.




Breakfast: pumpkin pancakes with ¼ cup of chopped pecans.

Lunch: a Greek yogurt cup with a quarter of a cup of mixed nuts and pineapple.

Dinner: 170 grams of grilled salmon, potatoes and barley spinach.


Thus, an ideal protein diet allows a lower intake of carbohydrates. That does not mean pastries, white bread and sweets. Want a good line? Then switch to an integral variant!

Generally, you should be careful about the selection of foods. Instead of white bread, choose an integral, instead of fatty meat, choose a shorter variant, instead of processed products and instant meals, choose meals made from real and healthy foods.

In addition to getting the habit of feeding healthy, it’s very likely that, by choosing protein-rich foods, you will develop your culinary skills. Meat, eggs, fish … all this requires thermal treatment before meals.

Go on and smash your fat easy with the help of proteins. If you have any questions or you want to share your experience with this kind of diet, feel free to comment below!


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  • Daniella

    Hi Daniel,

    Great article!

    Since I gave birth, I am not able to lose the last 5 kilos, which is quite annoying because I would like to wear my clothes that I was wearing before my pregnancies.
    I didn’t know that we can lose weight on a high protein diet. I am a vegan, so it would be great to know if a vegan diet based on vegetal protein will work as well as a diet based on animal protein?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Daniel

      Thanks Daniella! Yes, high protein diet can really help us in weight loss and most important this diet is very healthy, because proteins are very important for our body.

      If you are a vegan i would like to recommend you to read this vegetarian diet that is based on vegetarian nutrition..

      All the Best,


  • JJ

    This article has lots of information I need because I am currently working on losing some weight. My biggest takeaway is the suggestion that I might not be taking in enough protein on a daily basis. I eat meat, eggs, poultry etc but only in one meal. I think I am going to get some protein powder to supplement. Thank you for the menu suggestions. I am just wondering what is the best way to maintain the weight after it is lost ?

    • Daniel

      Im glad that it is helpful to you! And yes, you are right, you should eat proteins through all day, of course with recommended dosage. 

      If you plan on using protein powders I would like to recommend you to read this post about best and quality powders that definitely works.

      When you achieve desired weight, most important is to eat balanced, without fatty snacks or sweets…Read this article to learn how can you maintain your weight..

  • Padedayo

    This article has lots of information I need and I just copied your meal plan and sent to my wife so we can implement. I am currently working on losing belly fat and firming up my stomach muscles as I have maintained my weight for 7 years. My biggest takeaway is the suggestion that I might not be taking in enough protein on a daily basis. I eat meat, eggs, poultry etc but only in one meal. I am going into Holland and Barrett to get some protein powder to supplement. Thank you again for the menu suggestions. 

    • Daniel

      I am glad that it can help you. Protein is essential for our muscles but also if we want to reduce weight.

  • Chris

    I’ve never tried a protein diet before but I have a lot of mates that stick to similar diets, due to their fascination with the gym!

    I’ve never understood it myself – I’m tall and slim and I like it that way! But a lot of my friends opt to bulk out with weights etc. It’s great to read an article that explains why protein works so well with increasing the muscle mass. 

    I can see from your bio that you are a fitness instructor –  does that mean that you are a fan of the ‘bulking out’ lifestyle?

    • Daniel

      Well, Chris, it depends from person to person. I too know so many people that enjoy to become “bulk. Personally I don’t like that. I like to have muscles but not to exaggerate.

  • ericliboiron

    Hi there,

    i just read your article that how you can Lose Weight With High Protein Diet. First this topic seems interesting that how we can loose weight with high proteins but when i read it i found many interesting things in your article. You focused on carbohydrates a great idea you have given. Many important things are listed. Very interesting and helpful article it is…

  • cpascal

    The best thing about high-protein diets is that they keep you full. The most popular way of losing weight for many years was to eat as few calories as possible. However, being constantly hungry guarantees that you will cheat on the diet, besides the fact that being hungry all the time isn’t healthy. The high-fat ketogenic diet has the same advantage as a high-protein diet in that it keeps you full.

    • Daniel

      I agree with you. Protein is great when it comes to saturating and because of it, it is very important for us to add it to the daily menu.


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