Capsiplex Pills Review (UPDATED 2019) – Pills For Healthy Weight Loss?

Capsiplex is one of the most popular fat burners in the market at all, both on the Internet and in pharmacies.

On my top list of the best weight loss supplements, it deserves a high first place due to its efficiency and popularity among users. Especially among those who want to lose a few pounds at a speed, and are prone to exercise.

Here I tried to do a Capsiplex pills review, how it works and are these weight loss tablets produced by Bauer Nutrition really so effective or are very popular because they are advertised by British celebrity stars such as Kelly Osbourne, Nicola McLean, Roxanne Pallett, and Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears.


Product: Capsiplex Pillscapsiplex

What is it for: Fat Burner, Weight Loss

Price: $39.95

Money-back guarantee: Yes (60 Days)

My rating: 9.3 out of 10




What is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is primarily a healthy weight loss tablet and one of the best and most effective of all natural pills for weight loss.

Through numerous tests, it has been proven to work, and the great advantage of Capsiplex compared to many other dietary pills is that it is made of 100% natural ingredients and there is no danger of adverse side effects.

The main active ingredient of Capsiplex is an extract called capsicum and is an ingredient of red hot peppers.

Capsiplex slimming pills work like a fat burner and accelerator of metabolism. Capsiplex burns (melts) the fat with its most important ingredient – capsicum.

Capsicum is an ingredient coming from chili (red hot peppers) and has long been known as a successful medium that significantly burns fat.

However, its use in practice for a long time was not possible because of its expressive anger, and for successful weight loss, you should eat tons of chili peppers.

This problem has been solved by people from Bauer Nutrition by a special patented solution of the capsule itself so that the active substance is activated only after it leaves the stomach to an area where the capsicum has no irritant effect.

Apart from capsicum, Capsiplex still contains ancillary substances that are also well-known high-quality ingredients.

These are:

  • niacin (helps regulate cholesterol),
  • caffeine (increases the level of energy, alertness and concentration) and
  • piperin (helps the body absorb as many nutrients as possible).

Dosage: Capsiplex is very easy to take. Just one pill a day. For the best results, you should take it 30-60 minutes before exercise, one capsule with a glass of water. If you do not exercise or have a day off, you take one capsule before breakfast.


How Capsiplex Works? – Scientifically Proven

On the Internet portals, there is a lot written about Capsiplex. It is often a topic in forums where it discusses its effectiveness and user experiences.

Unfortunately, there is frequent misinformation … some “experts” conclude in advance that no weight loss tablet is effective, that it is a placebo effect, etc., and you will also find the real experiences of those who have tried Capsiplex and disappointed that it does NOT work.

In this text, I will explain how the Capsiplex pill really works, how to effectively lose weight with Capsiplex, but also explain why and in which cases Capsiplex sometimes does not work in line with expectations.

Firstly the fact that behind the Capsiplex is the team of doctors, and that its action has been proven through numerous clinical studies that have significantly measured and demonstrated efficacy and, among other things, Capsiplex TESTED AND ON PLACEBO.

In an independent scientific study on the effectiveness of the Capsiplex weight loss tablet at the University of Oklahoma, 25 male and female participants worked 60 minutes of moderate routine exercise on a treadmill machine (running tape).

Half of the group took a placebo and the other half Capsiplex.

A few days later, the experiment was repeated, the same groups worked the same exercises for an equal duration. This time, the group that had previously received placebo was given Capsiplex, and the other half received a placebo.

They measured energy consumption, oxygen consumption, respiratory quotient (RQ – the ratio between secreted carbon dioxide and received oxygen), perceived level of effort, blood pressure and heart rate.

The results showed that participants who took Capsiplex, compared to the time they took the placebo, consumed:

  • 3 x more calories BEFORE they started practicing
  • 3% more calories for EXERCISE TIME
  • 12 times more calories in 60 minutes after EXERCISE

With Capsiplex, 7.5% of oxygen increased during exercise compared to those who received placebo.

Despite the fact that when they took Capsiplex, they spent more energy during the exercise, the Capsiplex group did not feel they were straining more than usual.

Capsiplex has improved metabolism, helped to use more calories, and more quickly relieved excess fat in the body.

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How to Effectively Lose Weight with Capsiplex?

Capsaicin is a natural substance that has the ability to accelerate metabolism and burn more energy. Capsiplex is not miraculous, but it is truly an excellent pill that will surely not endanger your health and certainly helps in weight loss.

The best results will be achieved if you have the option to “sweat” on a bicycle, stepper or orbitrack. It will also help 30-60 minutes daily riding a real bike or hiking lesson. However, even 15-20 minutes of light exercise daily will be enough to double the results.

Capsiplex will be needed help to quickly begin to notice how the kilos are melted much faster.

The fact that Capsiplex is effective is unquestionable, however, despite this, you will also encounter the user experience that Capsiplex did not help to lose weight significantly.

Why and in Which Cases Capsiplex Does Not Work

Perhaps you have heard or read advertising claims about weight loss tablets as miraculous pills with which the kilos melt themselves? Nevertheless, any serious producer will write in the instructions that the pills serve as a help for weight loss, and Capsiplex is exactly what it is – an ancillary product and a “wind in the back” that will, when you choose help you lose weight fully and easily.

It is important to know two facts:

1. Capsiplex reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism and helps to consume more calories in everyday activities than you would spend without a pill. It is intended as a supplement and helps for faster and easier weight loss, and it is recommended to combine it with exercise and with good quality food.

2. According to a recent study, users who took Capsiplex, without any additional effort, lost about 0.6 kg per week. Capsiplex has been shown to work even if you do not exercise and do not care about the diet, but of course, it works slower.

Practicing or not, Capsiplex improves metabolism and burns more energy each time.

Capsiplex Ingredients – For Those Who Want To Know More

A review of the ingredients of Capsiplex tablets will give you a better insight into how this product works and how it can help you lose excess weight without artificial chemicals or additives and no side effects.

Capsiplex is a 100% natural product, all of its ingredients are natural substances found in some plants, and used for hundreds and thousands of years. All of these ingredients are certainly in some form already consumed: capsaicin (hot pepper extract), caffeine, niacin (vitamin B3) and piperine (black pepper extract).

Let’s see how these ingredients work in our body.

1. Capsaicin

A key ingredient of Capsiplex. It is basically an extract of hot peppers, a substance that gives peppers a wave of anger.

Capsaicin as a medicinal substance was already known by ancient Chinese medicine that used it to relieve pain and to treat various diseases including digestive disorders, sore throats and, of course, weight loss.



Capsaicin improves metabolism, helps to burn fat faster, and partially suppresses appetite. As a result of fat burning, more energy is released in the body, and this “surplus of energy” will also be felt.

Capsicum (capsaicin) also has an antioxidant effect, reduces blood pressure and improves circulation.

It is important to note that due to the way the Capsiplex tablet is made, capsaicin, i.e. anger does not come into contact with the wall of the stomach and can not harm it.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine in Capsiplex acts to increase energy consumption during rest, stimulating the process of lipolysis – melting fat deposits.

Capsiplex contains a small dose of caffeine so you do not need to be afraid of side effects like insomnia. The main ingredient is capsaicin, and caffeine is an auxiliary.

3. Niacin

Niacin or vitamin B3 regulates metabolism and plays an important role in controlling overall energy consumption in the body, and is known as a powerful antioxidant. Also, it has been proven that Niacin increases the level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), which is extremely important, not only for the loss of excess pounds but also for improving overall health.

4. Piperin

Black pepper extract. Its role is to improve the absorption of Capsiplex in the body, and all the above ingredients. Similar to capsaicin, piperine also increases the level of metabolism and facilitates the degradation of fat.

As you can see, Capsiplex is made of four ingredients that are completely natural and that do not have any serious side effects. Clinical tests have proven that Capsiplex is effective and helps relieve weight loss in a safe way.

Although Capsiplex works in everyday regular activities, to achieve faster and more successful results, it is recommended that you practice every day and have regular exercises.

Where To Buy Capsiplex?

Capsiplex can be purchased at most pharmacies and grocery stores, but also from anywhere in the world via online ordering.

There are many places on the Internet that sell Capsiplex such as Amazon, eBay etc. However, the most convenient way is to order directly from the manufacturer, because this is the only way you can make a discount on multiple packages and use promotional codes for an additional discount.

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My Final Word

Capsiplex has long been one of the world’s leading fat burners, comes with plenty of documentation on successful clinical trials, user feedback is largely positive, and side effects are not so pronounced, so I can recommend it, especially if you want to lose weight quickly, you are prone to exercise and you’re not very, very obese.


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My Recommendation



  • Made of Natural Ingredients
  • Suppress Appetite
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Lose 0.6kg per Week
  • For Both Men and Women


  • Slow Results if you don't Exercise


  • Lars

    Thank you for a thorough article on this fat burning supplement.

    I appreciate that you take the time to explain the benefit of the active ingredients and I also appreciate that the product is natural. That said, I personally don’t have either the desire or need to use a fat loss supplement. Not that I don’t have any fat to lose but I believe I can reach my goals by sticking to my (plant-based) diet and exercise routine. 

    • Daniel

      That’s right Lars. You don’t need any supplement to lose weight, you just need to take care of your nutrition and have regular exercise and you will be fine. This kind of supplements are not necessary but can definitely help in the weight loss process by reducing appetite, improving metabolism and the like.

  • Ola

    Thanks for reviewing Capsiplex Pills. This is highly insightful and relevant to what I have been looking for online. This post is an eye-opener for me because I have been looking for a series of ways to go on diet but none is working for me. I am hopeful capsiplex will help me out to lose weight as fast as possible.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Daniel

      Keep in mind that it is recommended to improve your nutrition even a little because you will see faster results. Capsiplex is a great weight loss supplement but not expect results overnight, if you consume it regularly with proper diet and exercise, you should lose about 1kg in a week which is normal.

  • Brad

    Thanks for this piece Daniel, I’ve read and written much about the health and healing benefits of Capsaicin. I learned what piperine is by reading this and interesting to know it derives from black pepper. I’ve read much about the health benefits of that as well. I haven’t read or written much about the fat burning properties of either. 

    It’s good to learn about another health benefactor for the two. I can personally attest that cayenne powder can upset the stomach (especially on an empty stomach), whereas this product is formulated in a way that will not upset the stomach wall. That is a very attractive aspect. Thanks again for this product review. I’m going to bookmark this. Cheers, Brad

    • Daniel

      Capsiplex is made of the finest ingredients which are tested and anyone can consume it without any side effects. Capsaicin is the main active ingredient and just like we know, it derives from pepper and it has great benefits on a human organism.

  • Angella

    There are so many pills out here for weight loss. I’m even skeptical about this one. I like that it’s all natural, that’s a really great feature.

    I find it very interesting that the active ingredient is from hot peppers. That’s a bit questionable.

    I’m not sure if I’m convinced, but who knows. I just might give it a try.

    I’m not fat but I got some weight that I want to get rid of.

    • Daniel

      I completely understand you Angella. There is a lot of weight loss pills today and every single day some new brand appears with a new formula, you simply don’t know whom to believe. I am skeptical too but I learned that I should not judge until I try. Capsiplex is so many years in business and you can find so many positive experiences about it on the Internet.

  • Natalie Heath

    Hey Daniel,

    Thank you so much for this comprehensive review of Capsiplex. I had no idea this product existed! It sounds like a helpful addition to a healthy diet and exercise regime. 

    I think the danger with weight loss pills is that people rely solely on them and don’t take responsibility for their diet or moving their body regularly. But as an addition to these two important aspects of health, this could be beneficial. I like that it’s natural and doesn’t have any weird ingredients. It looks to be suitable for vegans too, is this the case do you think?

    Warmest wishes,


    • Daniel

      I must agree with you, Natalie. People want instant results and they think that weight loss supplements will help them lose pounds without a need to do anything. When you consume this kind of supplements you need to change your habits even a little. 

      A most common question that I get is “How much can I lose in a month with Capsiplex?” My answer is always, it depends. How much work are you willing to put in your health? Most important thing is to change nutrition, you even don’t need to exercise but changing nutrition is crucial.

      When it comes to vegans and vegetarians, they also can use Capsiplex.

  • Jeff Klinger

    Thanks for the in-depth review. I am always wary of taking weight loss supplements.  I am currently trying to get back into shape. I have hypertension which is one step below having high blood pressure. Would the caffeine in this product cause an increase in my blood pressure?  Look forward to your response, great review!

    • Daniel

      Well, honestly, I think that it is best to consult your doctor about it. If you don’t consume caffeine through the day (coffee, tea) I think it would not harm you but just like I said you should talk with your doctor before consuming Capsiplex.

      All the best.

  • Olalekan

    Your review on Capsiplex pill is appreciated. Burning down fats in the body is essential for having good health because a lot of fats shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the body. I think Capsiplex pills can work for people who can’t really go on diet in burning fats. I am not fat but slim but I can share this article with friends who need it. 

    • Daniel

      Casiplex can be of great help to anyone who wants to lose pounds but it is also important to reduce calorie intake and start training. If you take care of your nutrition, the results will be much faster and much better.

  • Nate

    This is a great article with lots of helpful information. As someone withstands would love to quickly lose that extra 20 lbs I am carrying around, this seems like it would be helpful for me. My only concern is that I have bad reactions to caffeine, and I was wondering if there is a caffeine free product that you can recommend. Thanks in advance. 

    • Daniel

      Thanks for the feedback, Nate. If you have bad reactions to caffeine it is best to avoid this supplement. In that case, I would recommend you to try Proactol XS. It is a fat binder that will absorb up to 28% of the fat you intake through food. It is made of natural ingredients and it is caffeine-free. You can read the full review about Proactol supplement here.

  • Darko

    I am desperately looking for something to lose weight because I have 10-15 kg too much and what makes me feel very bad. I do not have what to wear, I have no condition. On the other hand, I can not force myself into exercising and fewer meals. I need something that will reduce my appetite and help me lose weight. And that’s what CapsiPlex looks like. 

    However, I experience this as pure internet propaganda where all 100% is naturally and scientifically proven and in 90% of cases it is a fraud. So I’d much more believe that you described your experience with these tablets.

    • Daniel

      I must agree with you Darko. There are a ton of weight loss supplements out there and it is hard to believe what work and what not. It is true that there are places who are looking to scam people by offering them poor-quality products but I recommend supplements only from trusted brands and one of those brands is Bauer Nutrition. 

      That company is in business even from 2006 and I regularly buy from them. I did not write about my experience with Capsiplex because I did not have a need to use it but I personally know some of the people who use it and it helped them.

      You should also understand that weight loss supplements are not magic pills that will just burn calories like that and make you a perfect line. You need to work on you, you need to work on improving your nutrition and exercise level and only then weight loss supplements can help you.

      I have also seen a lot of people who use quality brands but they just keep eat high-calorie food and have a sedentary life and later they say it doesn’t work. And it will never work if you continue to eat pizza, chips, burgers, cakes, sweets, sugars, alcohol etc. I am talking in general.

      You should not force yourself to exercise, there are people who can’t exercise but one thing that you definitely can do is improve your nutrition. Proper nutrition + quality weight loss supplement = perfect line.

      Base your eating on fibers, vegetables, seeds, protein and you will see great improvement not only in weight loss but overall health.

  • coolbudgetfamilyholidays

    Thank you for interesting review on Capsiplex pills, Dan,

    I am always wary about taking additional supplements when trying to lose weight as I am a fan of good old exercise and I am also unsure of what adverse effect they may be having on things like my heart and vital organs. However, I note that Capsiplex is made from natural ingredients and does appear to warrant further investigation. Is there a certain period of time which is recommended to take Capsiplex or can you carry on taking it indefinitely?

    • Daniel

      Thanks for your feedback. I can agree with you, most people are afraid of consuming weight loss pills but if they are made of quality ingredients, you don’t have what to worry about. When it comes to consumption of Capsiplex, you can use it until you achieve desired results.

  • Wealthfather

    I have been looking for ways to lose my weight drastically and all the available options are not bringing out positive result until I came in contact with Capsiplex pills. One of its functions is that you will have a good sleep and you will be able to go on diet easily. This is an eye-opener for everyone that wishes to lose their weight heavily.

    • Daniel

      Thanks for your feedback. Capsiplex is a great weight loss supplement but do not forget to focus primarily on changing your eating habits. While you consume this supplement, it is important to eat high-quality food like vegetables, protein, seeds, legumes etc.

  • Kenechi

    So many people don’t believe anymore that body weights can be reduced very well with the use of supplements or pills. Not just that, some supplements might end up endangering one’s life a and I myself is equally skeptical when it comes to supplements and pills. Well, be it as it may, I think one should give this Capsiplex a try. 

    • Daniel

      I can agree with you. Most people do not believe supplements but the real truth is that there are products that work but people are doing nothing else than just consuming it. If you take a quality supplement with the right nutrition regime and exercise results are guaranteed.

      A lot of people have a sedentary life and they think that by just consuming weight loss supplements will burn excess pounds just like that. Unfortunately, it is not possible. There is no product where you will sit and take it and lose kilos. You must work on yourself to see results.

  • Gokhan

    Hello Daniel, I really excited to hear capsiplex power. It is totally proven and good product I belive. We are looking for a product like capsiplex. Actually for my wife 🙂 I just land in your page with advise of my wife and read all content carefully. I saw many useful things about capsiplex. I am sure no need to search more right now. 

    Please let me know the product has any kind of negative effect or obstacle to use it before ?

    Many thanks


    • Daniel

      Hi Gokhan, you can freely use Capsiplex but if you or your wife suffer from some serious disease, then I would recommend consulting your doctor before using it.

  • Dale

    There are a lot of good diet pills out there but Capsiplex seems to be one of the better ones especially since there is a lot of different pepper inside. The one thing I have learned through the years is with diet pills there are 2 very important things that go with them. 

    1. The first is to make sure you drink a lot of water

    2. The second is to make sure you get a lot of exercises. If you add these two things to your diet regiment you should do great on your new diet.

    Thank you for taking the time to do such a great job of gathering the information for what seems to be a great new product.


    • Daniel

      That’s right Dale, it is very important to drink a lot of water and have regular exercise as it will drastically speed up the weight loss process.

  • Gracen

    Hi Daniel, I have been on the look out for a very effective healthy weight loss pill for my elder sister. It is saddening to see that some well advertised pills ends up doing nothing. However, for Capsiplex pills to be on top of your best weight loss supplements and also your well researched article on the product, it shows that it will be effective. I love the fact that it is just one pill a day, making the usage less complicated. Thanks for teaching me the effective way of losing weight with Capsiplex. I am truly hoping this helps my sister.

  • tawhid

    Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for reviewing Capsiplex Pills. This is a highly insightful and relevant article. There are so many pills out here for weight loss. I like that it’s all natural, that’s a really great feature. This post is an eye-opener for me because I have been looking for a series of ways to go on diet but none is working for me. I am hopeful Capsiplex will help me out to lose weight as fast as possible. thank you so much for your post.

    • Daniel

      It is not an easy task to find a proper diet for yourself and especially to find a trusted and effective supplement. Capsilex is used by thousands of people across the globe and it is proven to work. I would not go for “as fast as possible” because, in that way, you will be disappointed. Weight loss is a long-term process even if you take quality supplements. You should primarily pay attention to regulate nutrition.

  • Olalekan Taliat

    A lot of weight loss tablets are synthetic thereby exposing the body to other possible side effect of the chemicals used. With capsicum as the major active ingredient I think the red hot pepper extract is q better option to synthetic weight loss tablets. I for one am a lover of natural extracts. The only concern I have is the inability of the company to specifically say the amount in pound to be lost in a given period of time. I also think regulating ones diet and having regular exercise can also assist in weight loss. Thanks for the carefully analysed article.

    • Daniel

      Regulating a diet and exercise level is crucial for healthy weight loss although results may vary. It depends on so many things how much could you lose but if you stick with your diet plan you will achieve great results.

  • Tunde

    Nice to see another great review and it’s nice to meet you, Daniel.. I will definitely re-visit your site because I can see you give such great and accurate information. Going by your review on Capsiplex, I would really love to go for the product as it could save me from the stress of daily routine exercises.Thanks for your indepth analysis

  • Barbara

    I am.usuallly quite sceptical when it comes to weight loss pills even though I could use some really urgently. But I have read your review and it is quite interesting  and I wonder if I can order some or if I should wait. The product seems to be really good. Can I ask you if you know would they ship it to Spain since I live here or is it a product just for the states?

    • Daniel

      Hi Barbara, it is up to you but if you really need to lose weight I would recommend you to give it a try as capsicum (the main ingredient in Capsiplex) is a very popular ingredient used in many weight loss products because it has great effect on the body by producing thermogenesis which results in burning excess calories.

  • Merlynmac


    Thank you for this informative review.  I must admit, I’m skeptical of weight loss supplements in general.  There are so many out there that make wild claims yet don’t deliver.

    The statistics you’ve provided are interesting.  I think I’ll pick up a bottle and see how it works for me.  I have a sedimentary job. I sit all day long on a computer so any increase in energy is welcome.

    Thanks again.  I’m off to check it out, 


    • Daniel

      Hi Scott, you’re welcome. I must say that I completely understand you as today the Internet is full of those “magic” pills or potions that promise results overnight. We all should know that the only way to lose weight is to control our nutrition and be physically active. 

      Weight loss products or supplements are there to help us and nothing more. They cannot simply melt fat deposits but they can speed up the metabolism, boost energy, improve immunity, give the sense of satiety, provoke thermogenesis and much more, it depends on the particular product.

      Capsiplex contains one special and the main ingredient called capsicum and its mission is to provoke thermogenesis which means that our body consumes more calories which result in weight loss. It is important to say that physical activity is important and no one should expect to just sit, take Capsiplex and lose pounds. I always recommend at least 30-45 minutes of daily walking if you can’t more.

  • Marvin

    Great article.  I have been doing research looking for a supplement to help me lose more weight.  I have lost over 10 kg on diet alone with the keto diet, but now the weight is not coming off as well.  What you said about Capsiplex being like “wind in your back”  is exactly what I am looking for.  

    I learned long ago that there is no “magic” pill that will work for long unless I am committed to a goal and have reasonable expectations.  I have really been committed to eventually losing 40 kg.  I think Capsiplex is just what I need to complete my goal.  Being able to order factory direct is also a nice plus.

    • Daniel

      Thanks, Marvin, I am glad you found it helpful. It is true that there are not magic pills that will burn excess calories just like that but there are supplements which can greatly help in the weight loss process just like Capsiplex, you only need to take care on your nutrition and exercise.

  • Antonio

    Hi Daniel

    That was one interesting review on Capsiplex and it would be good to know if it works in a double-blind study. The major problem is that people who wish to lose weight, often change their eating and exercise habits, so it is difficult to know what effect is caused by the diet change or by taking the tablet. I do not believe you can lose weight solely by taking pills, but it is important to look at your relationship with food and try to fix that.

    It is not about diet but changing the way of thinking. This tablet may help but we have to wait and see. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in its eating.

    Thank you


    • Daniel

      I absolutely agree with you Antonio, it is not possible that pill alone can burn excess kilograms but it can definitely help if we change ourselves. Often time people use weight loss products just as motivation as they think they cannot lose weight if they don’t consume some supplements related to weight loss. 

      Just like you said, we need to wait, losing weight requires time and dedication and there is no pill that can burn kilos overnight but if we combine quality weight loss supplements like Capsiplex with proper nutrition and exercise, results will come faster and kilograms will never return.


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