Chrono Breakfast in Restriction and Out of It – Lose Pounds Easy!

chrono breakfast and weight loss

Are you wondering how to prepare a chrono breakfast in restriction and out of it? What to eat, and still respect the rules?

Breakfast in chrono nutrition is the first temptation you will encounter. There are few who will decide to go on a diet afternoon or start a diet with dinner. A diet is a decision that usually awaits a new day, and a new day awaits you and the need to eat a healthy breakfast.

In people with a higher body weight, a chrono diet starts with a restrictive period in which some foods are forbidden.

If you do not have a huge extra pound, but you are aware that you have excess bad habits that keep you from looking the best you can, then you do not have to go through the period of restriction. Changing to chrono nutrition will make the necessary changes for the better.

Whether you’re starting with or without restriction, breakfast is a meal that you should not skip. This is what is a great advantage of this diet over other diets that advice you to spend half a day on a cup of coffee or tea or a little fruit.

Breakfast in chrono nutrition is a specific meal from which you will be satiated.

There remains only one dilemma:

What To Prepare For Chrono Breakfast?

In chrono nutrition, it is very important at what time you eat, and not just what you eat and this meal should be before 9 am.

This is the only meal during the day in which you are allowed to eat pasta and the only meal in which you eat bread.

If you are a lover of dough and pastries, then you will enjoy your love for these meals just in the morning. In addition to the chrono bread, you can eat chrono muffins, pancake pies and other pasta.

Pasta should not be made of white wheat flour but from other cereals such as oats, buckwheat, corn, spelta, and the like. Spelta is a type of wheat, but it has been shown that many people who are intolerant to gluten are well tolerated by the spelta and for this reason, it is also in this group of permitted foods.

A chrono breakfast should provide you with energy for the whole day, or at least until the next meal, and therefore there are carbohydrates from which our body draws energy. In addition, a diet that does not have carbohydrates is not healthy at all and is very exhausting.

Of course, you do not need to eat just pasta. In addition, breakfast in a chrono diet may include:

  • milk products (cheese, yogurt, sour milk, butter)
  • eggs
  • dried meat products, but only certain – ham, chicken breast in a wrap, dry meat, roast, homemade sausages … those in which naked eye is seen to be made of meat.
  • Vegetables – fresh salad is welcome with any meal and you can eat it in unlimited quantities
  • Fats – olive oil, butter, pork fat, unrefined sunflower oil. Refined oils and margarine are not allowed.

The chrono breakfast in restriction differs because there are no old cheeses.chrono bread for weight loss

It can be a simple meal made in 5 minutes that does not require much effort, so there is no excuse that this diet is not for you. In a nutshell like this:

  • Make a sandwich. Take a chunk of chrono bread, slice it with sour cream, cheese or butter, and add a few slices of ham, sausage or any dried-up product.
  • Prepare the eggs. It is best to cook them or prepare them on a bit of fat. With eggs, you do not combine dairy products, but some fresh salad can perfectly come.

You can change coats (sour cream, cheese) and dried meat products and find a few really tasty combinations that appeal to you most.

Then when sandwiches and eggs are bored (and in time it certainly will), I recommend trying chrono pancakes, muffins and other specialties.

If you want to explore this type of diet, it is advisable to know that you are preparing something yourself, because you can not rely on groceries from the supermarket shelves.

It’s possible to get a chrono bread here and there, but it does not hurt to interfere with it alone and to be sure that you know what you are eating.

This requires a lot of time.

Before you give up, keep in mind that chrono bread is not classic white bread that is soft and airy and loses its luster and freshness until evening. This bread is denser, has more moisture and will remain the same for 2 days and 3 days, and you eat it only for breakfast.

Can you afford yourself to prepare it twice a week?

If you can, be sure to try.

Recipes For Chrono Breakfast

Most of us are accustomed to eating bread and giving up on it is one of the major obstacles in this diet, and chrono breakfast recipes include at least a piece of bread.

The chrono bread is without yeast and it is made of a mixture of various flour, but not of wheat flour.

You may need to do several experiments until you find the taste that suits you because not all flour is of the same flavor.

Recipe For Chrono Bread


  • 700 g of flour (200 gr of buckwheat flour, 200 g of barley flour, 200 g of rye flour 100 g of oat flour)
  • a bit of baking soda
  • chopped seeds (ground flax, sesame, pumpkin seeds)
  • 400 ml of water
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil

Mix the bread of these ingredients and let it stand for at least an hour. Then bake it in a heated oven at 200 degrees for about an hour. Try it with a toothpick to see if it’s baked.

If there is a dough on a toothpick, return it a little more. To prevent the upper crust from burning rapidly, cover it with aluminum foil.

You can experiment with seeds and flour types. Keep in mind that not all flours are mixed as well as they do not have gluten that produces wheat flour.

Spelty flour is best mixed with the other, and the water is absorbed differently. This mass is sometimes a bit heavier for healthy bread for fat lossclassic mixing, so if you do not go, mix it with a mixer and transfer to the dish covered with paper.

Some flour may not have a pleasant taste. Oat and buckwheat are specific, so mix and make the combination that suits you, with or without them.

Once you find the combination of flour that suits you, you can mix them in appropriate quantities and keep them in a closed and dry place, and use them as a ready-made mixture for chrono bread.

Chrono Maffini Instead of Bread

Sometimes it’s complicated to bake a chrono bread because it needs to stand quite long and bake a long time so that it does not remain raw inside. Then the bark get fat and bread itself becomes better for avoiding than for eating. And if you look at it, baking bread will take 2 hours.

It’s much easier and faster to make a chrono muffins that you can use as small bread. In the muffins, besides various seeds, you can add other ingredients, such as cheese, eggs, bacon, spinach, mushrooms or anything else. So you get a complete chrono breakfast in a small bite very practical to take.

Pancakes as a Fast Chrono Breakfast

Who says that chrono nutrition is not tasty and that you are deprived of some pleasure, such as pancakes. However, they will not be with cream, jam, plasma or some other sweet variant, but also salty pancakes are a good thing. They’re even faster than the muffins!

Chrono pancakes can be made as thin as those thick American pancakes. Here are some recipes.

Thin Chrono Pancakes

You need:

  • 4 tablespoons ryed and 4 tablespoons of oat flour
  • 2 eggs
  • glass and a half acid water

chrono pancakesMix the ingredients, sprinkle on the frying pan, fry on a few drops of olive oil. Fill them with pieces of ham and sour cream.

If you want to eat sweet pancakes, let yourself do this sometimes, but melt some black chocolate.

American Chrono Pancakes

Necessary Ingredients:

  • a glass of buckwheat and a glass of oat flour
  • a glass of water
  • 1 egg
  • (seeds as desired)
  • a little olive oil for frying

These pancakes are denser and should stay a little thicker. You can also store them as waffles in the press for grandmother’s cake. Serve them instead of bread and make a unique chrono breakfast.

Chrono Pie With Cheese

You need:

  • Pack of buckwheat bark
  • 500 g of fine cheese
  • 2 eggs

Lubricate the baking tray and lay two bark at the bottom of the baking tray. Crumple the other barks and dip it in a mixture of eggs and cheese, and slice it over the first two barks. Use the last two barks to cover the pie.

Bake for 20 minutes in a heated oven. This is not suitable as a chrono breakfast in restriction, due to certain doses of wheat and for the mixing of cheese and eggs. You can also add spinach to this mixture.


Not only is this a way to start a good day for your fat on your stomach, but also for your health.

To start, replace the white bread with one of the above variants. You’ll be satiated longer and eating a much nutritious meal. Bread and pasta enriched with seeds have fibers, vitamins and minerals. The white bread we get used to is just a useless starch.

Breakfast in chrono nutrition is not a particular science, but it requires solvency and self-discipline, especially when you do not have breakfast at home.

Choose what you eat. Nature has provided us with many sources of healthy foods. Get the best of it and do not forget to do it at the right time – 9 am.




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