Chrono Diet Rules – Do You Know Them All?

chrono nutrition for weight loss

Do you know what a chrono diet is? It is a type of diet where you can eat as much as you like, and then you lose weight. These are basic chrono diet rules!

In this diet, there is not a precise amount of foods to be eaten by your nutrition. The only thing that is characteristic is that the meals are stored according to the exact timetable and with a certain combination of foods.

Chrono diet, basically, is based on monitoring your daily rhythm. This means eating a particular type of food at a certain time of the day.

Why? At certain times of the day, certain hormones and enzymes are secreted to burn the foods that you have eaten.

Let’s clarify this on the example. If insulin lightens in the morning, you should avoid taking sugar in any form, because you will burden the pancreas. So, you need to enter a particular type of food when secreted hormones and enzymes and they will burn it.

In chrono nutrition meals are divided for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you have a snack. This way you will prevent the fat from accumulating in the body and creating excess pounds.

The goal of the diet is to change unhealthy habits, to learn how to combine food, to lose weight, and ultimately to bring the metabolism to normal.

In the beginning, following the principle of chrono nutrition, you may lose a lot of pounds. It’s likely that your body has dropped a lot of water and maybe with it and kilograms. Such a loss will no longer occur, as the organism will slow down and you will lose pounds more slowly.

On average, you will lose about 200-300 grams per day, and only on condition that you adhere to the principle of chrono nutrition. If that does not happen, do not be discouraged, everyone’s organism is different and will respond differently to this diet.

A chrono diet was created by French physician Alain Delabos in 1986. Nutrition is, in fact, subordinate to the work of the pancreas and the secretion of insulin and cortisol, and the enzymes that are needed for food to be warned, and which does not secrete the same at all times of the day.

Before you begin to feed yourself this way, it is advisable to contact qualified persons to determine the status of your organism. People who have more pounds to take off should not be taking this diet without skilled people who would run the entire weight loss process.

During this diet, physical activity is also recommended. Walking would be the best choice.

Why Is Chrono Nutrition Healthy?

First and foremost, you do not give up any food in this diet. The point is to properly combine food and learn how to eat healthily.

You have a break between the meals for about 4 hours (eating in restriction at 5 o’clock) in order to pre-eat foods weld.

You do not need to be unnecessarily stuffed with food. With each meal, it is preferable to eat as many fresh vegetables, as only that is full of a lot of vitamins that are necessary for the body. It is very important to eat seasonal vegetables.

Sugars are thrown out completely, at least for the first time to dissolve the pancreas. Cow milk, honey, white flour is thrown out of use. There are no snacks between meals.

After a long period of such a diet, your face will return to shine, it will be cleansed of the pimples and you will look pretty younger.

People who lose more kilos with this diet, provided they strictly adhere to the principles of chrono nutrition, and did not have any problems with excess skin that remained after other diets and nutrition.

What Is Restriction In Chrono Diet?

Restrictions in chrono eating should be reserved for people who have more pounds to take off. Dr. Ana Gifing is responsible for introducing restriction into this diet.

The restrictive period lasts a minimum of 28 days, and if you can remove the desired excess pounds by the deadline, you can interrupt it. However, if you have more kilograms to lose, a period of restriction may take more than a year.

For this period it is characteristic that the meals are taken at 5 o’clock, since it is necessary for the pancreatic activity to calm weight loss with chrono dietdown. The snack is thrown out of the daily menu and you only have 3 main meals during the day.

In the restriction, there is a ban on certain foods that can be taken in a nonrestrictive period, IE in a normal chrono feeding.

It is forbidden to:

  • to bring in sugars, they are completely ejected,
  • starchy fruit, because it’s a lot of sugar,
  • all kinds of snacks,
  • artificial sweeteners.
  • Although baked goods are allowed, they must not be made of wheat or corn flour. You can make bread and pastry from buckwheat, oat, barley, rye, or any other integral flour. It is desirable to make yourself unleavened bread by mixing flour as desired.

The Rules Of Chrono Nutrition?

In fact, the rules are very simple. Depending on the meal, you prepare certain types of foods. Great importance is attached to the fresh vegetables that should be eaten with each meal. The amount of foods per meal is not limited, so you can eat as much as you like.

In the period beyond the restriction, besides three main meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you also have snacks. Here you can reward with some fruit or cake.

Breakfast should be the richest. In the morning hours, it is forbidden to bring sugar.

It is desirable to avoid carbonated drinks during the chrono nutrition, and from alcohol, wine is allowed. Also, cooking starchy vegetables should be avoided because there is a lot of sugar. Cow milk, vegetable fats, yogurt (kefir), herbal cheese, margarine, yeast are forbidden.

Meals are prepared on grease, olive oil from pomegranate, sunflower unrefined oil, grape seed oil.

After 15 PM you should not eat pasta, bread, starch, rice.

During this diet, at least 2 liters of water per day should be taken into the body. Apart from water, herbal teas are also allowed without the addition of sugar, honey and other sweetening. In teas, you can add ginger instead of sweetener.

In the water you drink, you can add a squeezed lemon to refresh you. Otherwise, lemon may be used in chrono nutrition, it is even desirable because of a large amount of vitamin C.

This diet is recommended not only as a form of weight loss but as a long-term diet.

During the week, you can afford to disobey the principle of chrono nutrition. Watch that it does not take more than 2 times during the week, otherwise you will override everything that you have done so far.

What Is Eating In Chrono Diet?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the main meals in the chrono of eating. All food is allowed to eat, only you have to pay attention to the combination.

Half an hour before meals and half an hour after meals, you should not drink water because stomach acid dilute that plays a very important role in digestion.


Before breakfast, you should drink herbal tea or lemonade. Both of them should be without sweetener. It is recommended that you walk for half an hour after drinking tea to start the organism.

Breakfast is the main meal and it should be the richest. The body needs fuel and a lot of energy to start the day. Do not worry about how many calories you enter because you will spend everything.

Here you can eat bread of integral flour, eggs, chrono nutrition for fat lossbutter, chicken breast, some dried meat, sour milk, pizza, pies.

This meal should be the strongest meal as it will give you energy for the rest of the day. Vegetable salad is mandatory for breakfast as well as with every other main meal.

Integrated bread is eaten only at breakfast. Make it from integral flour but without yeast. Instead, you can use baking soda.

You should eat this meal no later than 9 AM. Coffee is allowed after breakfast and later after lunch. You should not eat anything until lunch.

Example of Breakfast:

2 pieces of bread made of integral flour coated with butter, 2 slices of roast on each slice of bread and one cucumber.


Lunch should be between 13 and 15 hours.

In this meal, you should mix proteins with vegetables. This means that an excellent lunch solution would be a piece of grilled meat in combination with a salad. From meat, you can eat pork, beef, chicken, turkey.

It is not recommended eating cooked starch vegetables if you are in a restriction. Lunch is without bread and should not be overly abundant. If you decide on a pastry for a lunch, it should be with vegetables and no meat.

Eat soups without a dough.

Example of lunch:

Grilled meat and tomato salad, onion and cucumber salad.


A chrono dinner should be eaten at least 2 hours before going to bed. It’s just enough time for your body to burn food.

Dinner should be light and full of protein. So you can eat fish, white meat and green and white vegetables. It is not desirable to mix 2 green vegetables in one meal.

Never skip dinner, and even when you are not hungry because skipping dinner slows down the basal metabolism.

In this meal, you must not eat any carbohydrates. Avoid sugar for dinner because the goal is to avoid the secretion of insulin. If you eat sugar and fat for dinner, they will remain trapped in your body.

However, if you eat them in the morning, you will supply your body with a significant energy source for that day.

Example of dinner:

Omelet and green salad enriched with olive oil and lemon juice.

A Snack

Depending on whether you are in the period of restriction or not, you take a snack. For those who are not in the period of restriction they can eat fruit, dried fruit, black chocolate, cake.

The snack is taken differently in the winter and summer periods. During the summer you take it between 17-19 hours afternoon and during the winter from 16:00 to 18:00 afternoon.

Experiences About Chrono Diet

Many people, with the principles of chrono nutrition, have reached the desired body weight. In addition to removing kilograms, the general state of the body has also been corrected.

It has been reported that individuals have succeeded in removing sugar to a reasonable margin, lowered cholesterol, and have done so much for their health.

Many positive experiences can be found on pages dedicated to people who follow the principles of chrono nutrition.

Visit healthy chrono foodsome of the forums where people comment on their positive experiences.

However, there are people who are not on this diet and simply it doesn’t suit them.

Some foods are too rigorous and they are constantly hungry and 4 hours between meals is too much for them, and others are somehow poor with no bread, potatoes or other things they are accustomed to.

Those who manage to fight with themselves and adhere to this diet in a very short time reach the desired body weight, and mostly decide to feed this way further.

The principles of chrono nutrition change life for the better and fill you with positive energy.

Since all foods are allowed, you have the opportunity to create your own recipes yourself and give your imagination at will. And indeed, with chrono nutrition options are unlimited.





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