Citrus Fruits And Weight Loss – Losing Weight With Citrus Diet!

citrus diet for weight loss

For all those who like citrus fruits, and wanting to get rid of excessive pounds, the right choice is citrus diets. They say this diet is one of the most effective fruit diets.

Since ancient times, citrus fruits and weight loss have the epithet of a health champion from nature, so the citrus diet is full of healthy ingredients, juicy drinks and delicious dishes.

In addition to having plenty of vitamin C, mature citrus fruits also contain beneficial organic acids, making citrus a diet suitable for all ages.

It is known that citrus fruit is effective in combating fever, colds, headaches, are used to strengthen the gums, against the attacks of the asthma, bronchitis, atherosclerosis … So, even those to whom weight loss is not the goal, can adhere to this diet in order to purify the body, strengthened immunity and improved overall health.

Nature has given us the choice to consume and enjoy the taste and smell of these incredible fruit trees, so citruses are not only represented in the diet, but are increasingly used in cosmetics, as the main ingredients of perfumes, various hair care and body care creams.

Main Ingredients Of Citrus Diet

The basic citrus or argume include:

– Lemon

– orange

– grapefruit

1. Lemon

Of all citrus, lemon is at least caloric, and thanks to citrus acid, it has an extremely refreshing effect. The lemon contains all the necessary elements for breaking fat in the body and therefore is the favorite ingredient for all those who want to lose weight.

Citric acid contributes to more intense gastric acid production and thus improves digestion, which is another important parameter for every diet.

In the lemon peel there is a pectin that helps regulate the level of blood sugar. Lemon can clean your body, blood, lymph, lose weight and prevent various diseases.

2. Orange

Orange are rich in minerals, vitamin C and water that refreshes us, making it perfect in fighting excess kilograms.citrus fruit melt fat

In addition to vitamin C, oranges are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and can fast satiate organism.

From oranges, we get even 90ml of juice that is necessary in losing weight.

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit also contains a lot of water as orange, and fruit with a high percentage of water stimulates the drinking of liquids which gives more energy and speeds up metabolism.

The chemical properties of this argum reduce insulin levels in the blood and stimulate weight loss.

To start a healthy day, it is enough in the morning to drink a cup of lukewarm water mixed with grape, orange and lemon. Also, the menu should be completed at least with some of this fruit.

For Whom Is Citrus Diet?

Everyone knows that the healthiest way to lose excessive kilograms is healthy eating and a healthy diet. The rule that we have to adhere daily is that the menu should contain citrus fruits.

It has been scientifically proven that citrus fruit accelerates metabolism, helps in the light burning of fat deposits, cleanses the body from harmful toxins (it performs detoxification of the organism), and people have declared a citrus diet one of the favorites.

All those who decide to try the citrus diet will soon be convinced of its results. In addition to losing weight and fat deposits, this diet allows the body to gain and preserve flexibility and elasticity.

There are several types of citrus diet, and I will present two.

1. Citrus Diet For Fast Weight Loss

This diet is intended for people who want to quickly get rid of excess pounds. It differs from other types of citrus diets in the choice of foods, ie in limiting their quantity.

The advantage of this diet is in a large loss of kilograms (those who have tried it says that the results are excellent and that it is possible to lose up to 12 kilograms a month).

Of course, this result is not always the same, but the average is about 8 kilograms, which is a great stimulus for those who want to lose weight quickly.

What is not advised about this citrus diet is that it is not consumed constantly, because it is quite demanding, so it should not be used for more than 5 to 7 days. After that you can take a break of 3 days and then, if you wish, you can repeat the cycle.

Menu For Citrus Nutrition For Fast Weight Loss

The breakfast

Juice of fresh orange or grapefruit juice


One grapefruit and two kiwi


Two boiled eggs and sugar-free lemonade

This Type Of Weight Loss Is Recommended:

For those who want to lose weight quickly. Especially because you do not need to exercise by consuming this citrus child, orange juice for weight lossexcess weight will start to disappear after the first cycle (after 3 days).

There is no cooking during the diet, so this is the right solution for all folks who do not like the kitchen.

This Type Of Weight Loss Is NOT Recommended:

People who have a problem with stomach or hyperglycemia.

It should also be noted that rapid loss of weight can create the effect of hanging skin in people with a large number of pounds.

Citrus fruits are low calorie fruits, so you can feel fatigue or headache, but in spite of the fact that the diet lasts only three days and beauty has no price, this is negligible.

This is a very challenging diet to be tried, but only for a few days. It’s best to start the eve of the summer, when we want to get rid of excess pounds quickly or before some important dates for us.

If it is held in multiple cycles, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor or other healthcare professional who deals with healthy nutrition.

2. Citrus Diet 15 Days

This type of citrus diet is not rigorous than Type 1, but it is a healthy and balanced menu. Meals should be eaten every day at the same time or approximate.

Citrus diet supplies our body with a large amount of vitamin C, performs detoxification and promotes digestion, which greatly helps in achieving good results in using this diet.

Menu Proposal

The breakfast

Breakfast is the same for all 15 days of a diet. It consists of one fresh orange, one piece of integral bread and a cup of tea or coffee as desired, but without sugar.

Day 1


1 orange, 1 sour milk, 1 boiled egg


Cooked chicken breast with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and one citrus as desired

Day 2


1 boiled egg, cucumber salad in yogurt or sour milk sauce and one citrus as desired


120gr milled veal or beef, 1 orange, 1 whole baking bread, 1 cup of tea without sugar or lemonade

Day 3


1 orange, 1 sour cream, 1 egg, 1 salad of green salad or 2 cucumbers, beverage without sugar (lemonade)


120gr milled veal or beef, 1 orange, 1 whole baking bread, 1 cup of tea without sugar or lemonade

Day 4


125gr of low-fat cheese, 1 whole-piece bread, 2 tangerines


One burger of minced beef, one fresh orange, one piece of integral bread and a cup of tea or coffee, if desired, but without sugar

Day 5


200g of cooked meat or fish, 1 piece of integral bread, 2 cucumbers


Half a kilogram of a mixture of cooked vegetables (carrots, potatoes and peas), one boiled egg and one citrus as desired

When the 5-day cycle ends, return to the first day and repeat the cycle twice (the diet lasts for 15 days). If you adhere to everything you can lose from 6 to 7 kg and your body will have all the necessary vitamins that you need.

Citrus Diet Experiences And Results

Citrus diet falls into simple and fast ways of losing weight and allows you to lose up to 12 kilograms in a relatively short period of time.

The success of this diet is precisely in its main ingredients: orange, lemon and grapefruit, which influence the improved lemon juice for fat lossdigestion and melting of fat deposits.

Like any type of weight loss, and here is the key to changing the nutrition and life.

In a diet with citrus, these changes are not as huge as they can with other diets, but they are present and notable.

With the proper selection of foods and intentions and mandatory citrus consumption, physical activity plays an important role.

The more movement, staying in the fresh air, and moderate physical activity will lead to even better results.

The experiences of those who kept this diet are positive. With less nutrition corrections and compliance with the prescribed menu, it is possible to take up to 10 kilograms in two weeks.

Of course, depending on the two recommended diets, the results are also dependent. A quick weight loss diet will considerably accelerate weight loss, but it is therefore much more rigorous, so everyone will not be able to adhere to it.

The results of each and every diet are individual. Experiences vary, so there are those who may have taken less pounds than the number. This means that the citrus diet is effective and the results are not absent.

Although fast, citrus diets are not a long-term solution. It should be used if you have to lose weight fast. If you want to keep the results achieved, you need to make greater changes in the diet, but also in the lifestyle you lead.

Of course, it is a good idea to repeat the citrus diet from time to time, as it will naturally have an effect on your body’s entire state. One orange per day, or a juice of a grapefruit, can not possibly hurt.




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