Does 8 Hour Diet Work – Discover The Real Truth!!

8 hour diet for weight loss

A diet of 8 hours is a popular weight loss plan designed by David Zinczenko, the best-selling author of Eat This Not That.

Using this diet, David promises a loss of 10 to 30 kilograms while consuming any food.

The key to success in Diet 8 Hours is, as the name itself says, consuming calories only for a time period of 8 hours each day.

Keep reading and find out does 8-hour diet work or not!

A diet of 8 hours is one of those that you will worship. It does not deprive you of food, but it also allows you to lose weight. Sounds like something you’d like to try?

But how is it possible?

Come on, ask yourself – how many times have you ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal and you should not skip it? Many times!

Do you know the saying: “Breakfast alone, lunch share with friend, and dinner give to the enemy!”?

There are those whom blood sugar fall in the morning if they do not have dinner. Not only then they feel hunger, but they feel the irresistible need to fall into unconsciousness somewhere. Those who have this problem know what that colabriating feeling seems to be!

On the other hand, there are a lot of people who can not get breakfast in the morning and have no appetite as soon as they get out of bed. Breakfast insistence is another impossible mission and a weight loss diets that forces breakfast intake for those kinds of person is failure.

Are you among such people? How many times did you find that just no diet is for you!

Then try what the diet 8 hours offers!

Ideal for those who prefer to skip breakfast rather than share the dinner with the enemy!

8 Hour Diet – Rules

The rules of an 8-hour diet are relatively simple and can be summarized as follows:

You eat 8 hours, you do not eat for 16 hours.

And although it may seem abnormal for you not to eat anything for 16 hours, keep in mind that an average person should spend 8 hours in a dream. It’s 8 hours left to stay awake and not eat anything.

How can I do it because 8 hours is not a bit?

  • Put down the breakfast for a little while later
  • Dinner a bit earlier
  • Lie in time

But well, let’s explain in detail what this is about.

The point in an 8-hour diet is to eat only 8 hours during the day. This period can begin anytime (and early in the morning if necessary), but in order to sustain a diet, it’s better to start later.

Then when you start with breakfast, you have 8 hours to eat. If you have breakfast at 8 in the morning, your last meal should be at 16 o’clock.lose weight with 8 hour diet

It’s pretty awkward, is not it?

That’s why it’s a much better option to start day with tea or coffee, and move the breakfast a little later. Say it in 10 hours.

Then the last meal or dinner should be around 18 hours and you have to admit that variant sounds much more acceptable.

A diet of 8 hours does not limit you to what you will eat.

During this period of eating, you can eat whatever you like. You can also eat as much as you like. But after the expiration of 8 hours, there is no food or snack. You can only drink a glass of water.

Sleep should be at least 3 hours after the last meal.

Diet 8 hours, as its creator David Zinchenko claims, should not be kept every day!

Just imagine that!

It’s enough that you keep the rules for this eight hours diet 3 days a week and you will reduce the significant number of calories that you have entered.

What Is The Secret Of 8 Hour Diet?

Theoretically, it’s about our body not being “programmed” to non-stop digest foods. On the contrary, it should take time to do this job (8 hours when you eat) and the time it rests and uses what you have entered (the other 16 hours when you do not eat).

In addition, the diet 8 hours is thought to stimulate mitochondrial activity. They are responsible for energy in all cells. In this way, the cells are being regenerated and this diet also affects health, reduces the risk of disease and slows down aging.

What Happens If We Eat Constantly?

Constant intake of food throughout the day, not only complicates your body with calories, it also activates an insulin the purpose of which is to keep the blood sugar level stable. By frequent nibbling and eating all day, without order and timing, insulin works non-stop.

This eventually leads to the accumulation of fat deposits in the body, and it is also a good way to go to diabetes.

This idea has been studied in animals. A study in which rats were given unlimited food for an unlimited time had a greater problem with cholesterol, blood sugar and fatty liver than those who were able to consume unlimited foods only within a time-limited period.

Another thing that makes the 8-hour diet work is reducing the number of calories you enter. You will certainly not enter the same if you eat all day and if you limit yourself to this 8 hour period.

8 Hour Diet – Menu

A diet 8 hours is similar to a chronic diet, because it is based on the time during which food is ingested. However, it provides much more freedom because there is no specific menu that you need to follow.

You can eat anything and combine what you like. However, be aware that if you want to lose weight, you do not have to overdo it with calories.

What the diet 8 hours strictly forbids is the intake of sweetened drinks, juices and carbonated drinks – empty calories. They do not make you satiated, but they have a lot of calories and it’s easy to overdo them.

However, that’s not all. Depending on how gourmand you are, you can easily inflate more than 2,000 calories per day during these eight hours. That’s why my advice is to modify things a bit, and choose some healthy weight loss products.

For those who are easier to follow a specific menu, here is one example.

  • Early morning (after getting up) – coffee or green tea
  • Breakfast (around 10am) – omelet with cheese
  • Snack (two hours after breakfast – around 12pm) – integral cookiecan you lose weight with diet 8 hours
  • Lunch (two hours after snack – around 14pm) – soups, fried chicken and salad (generally, anything you would otherwise eat)
  • Snack (two hours after lunch, around 16pm) – handful of walnut or some fruit
  • Dinner: (two hours after snack, 18pm) – Grilled fish and salad

And there is the end.

After dinner, if you are hungry, it is my advice to reach for a glass of water. It will satiate you. Water is the only thing you can consume during the remaining 16 hours when it is not eaten.

And it’s not right now that you can just eat ice cream, cakes, chocolate, fries and chips with mayonnaise. The menu should be diverse.

In other words it means that it should include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Milk products
  • Fats and oils – unrefined best option
  • Proteins – from meat, fish, soybeans
  • and desserts and various drinks are allowed

I know, it looks like you can eat everything. However, for your own good, avoid these foods:

  • Refined fat – margarine, oil, mayonnaise …
  • Alcohol, artificial juices
  • Industrial processed products!

Physical Activity Is Important. You Need 8 Minutes Of Exercise

A diet 8 hours is all in the sign of this number. It is therefore recommended to practice exercises during the diet, at least 8 minutes a day.

I know, you will say that it is not enough even to warm your body, and especially for training. But if you decide to extend this minute, I support you in this.

My suggestion is that if you do not have 8 minutes of exercise time (which is just an excuse), you organize your day differently.

Let’s say you get to work on foot, preferably with a quick walk. Can also by bike, why not! And if you’re at home, simply stretch for three minutes, then run into the remaining 5.

What Are The Results With This Diet?

The results are different and depend on the person to the person and the actual calorie intake during that period of 8 hours. You may have read somewhere that this is a magical diet.

I will be honest – if you overdo it, it may not be.

But if your meals are normal in terms of quantity and if you are reasonable, this diet can be very effective.

It’s best to lose weight by not laying yourself in bed immediately after the last bite, but you should be more or less active for the next 3 hours and partly spending what you have entered by meals.

And how much can you lose?

Claims on the Internet are that you can lose about 4 kilograms a week. Experiences say you can only lose 1 kilogram a week.

Well, is it a little?

8 Hour Diet Have Its Drawbacks:

  • It is possible to overdo the calorie intake for 8 hours
  • It may happen that you are hungry in the evening
  • you will hardly lose weight if you stick to this only three times a week! This means you’re breaking the rules 4 times a week and you’re no longer on the diet than you are. These are already fairy tales!

Often the question arises is whether it is necessary every day to eat at the same time? Let’s say, if you chose to have your 8 hours from 10am to 18pm, do you have to do it every day? You do not have to! The great thing about this diet is that you can completely customize it yourself every day.

Also, the question arises is whether it is really allowed to eat unlimited quantity? My friendly advice is to eat slowly. This is the best way to find yourself to be satiated, not to get tired and then feel heavily and slow!

For many diets it is claimed that they do not burn fat, but reduce muscle mass. Still, it’s not something you want to lose, is it ?!

Creators of the 8-hour diet are said to accelerate metabolism in this way. Also, when you do not feed it, during the 16 hours, it starts to burn calories from fat, because sugars become inaccessible. In this way, slowly but surely, your fat is decreasing.

A diet of 8 hours is not a rigorous diet with rigorous results and hard-to-understand rules. Like a 10 percent diet, it’s very simple and even simpler so you do not have to count calories at all. You only need to measure the time!

What Are The Experiences?

Experiences with a diet of 8 hours can be divided into two groups:

In the first, those who are not lovers of early breakfast and whom this diet is extremely pleasant. Moreover, many claims that this is the only diet in which they have managed to weaken a pound and it is not difficult to keep it.

Many even find it okay for them to be a way of feeding them in the future, not just for a while.

Given that there are no restrictions in the form of foods, it is not bad, because if you diversify, you will be supplied with all the necessary nutrients. Moreover, many claims that after that they felt great and had more energy.

The other group is those whom 8-hour diet is difficult to keep because they are accustomed to eating early, get up early, have different lifestyle habits, or maybe work in shifts when it’s a bit harder to pack into a routine.

There are also those who have unstable blood sugar, which, if they do not eat late at night, fall into hypoglycemia in the morning. They feel exhausted and bad.

However, a couple of tricks can help you out! Experiences say that the hunger in the evening can be avoided if you eat the foods that are melting excess poundsappropriate foods that hold satiety, lots of protein and fiber.

Also, drink water when you experience hunger and find some interest and turn away your thoughts from food!

You’ve probably heard many times by yourself that some people just stopped eating after 6 and that it helped them to lose weight.

Well, this is similar to that idea! And, of course, a much healthier variant is to start breakfast a little later, than try to spend the whole morning on a cup of coffee and apples as many diets suggest.

And the sparrows at the branch know that breakfast is the most important meal. I do not deny that – it still stands. It just does not mean you have to eat it as soon as you get out of bed.

Ready to lose pounds?

Well, now, carefully consider your habits and determine your perfect 8 hours. And start the diet with a smile and enthusiasm! You will see, you will succeed!


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  • I had been through so many different diet plans throughout the years that never really worked. I have finally found something that helped lose the weight very fast. I am super excited!

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      I am glad that you found it helpful! This diet can definitely help in melting excess pounds! Good luck to you!


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