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green diet for weight loss

A green diet is intended primarily for vegetarians and people who do not fit meat nutrition. In the age of modern technologies, the Internet, Facebook and groups where there is enough talk about healthy nutrition it is possible to find a lot of interesting texts and recipes related to this topic.

The Green Diet is based on fresh fruit and vegetables is kept for 2 weeks and in this period it is possible to lose a few kilograms…

Green Diet For Weight Loss and Vegetarian Nutrition

A green diet can be called a healthy diet for weight loss because the basis is made of whole grains, fruits and nuts and unavoidable vegetables.

This menu is very healthy because it contains vegetable fibers that help to improve food digestion, eliminate poisons from the body and make us healthier and leaner. In the fruit and vegetables, there is a large presence of water (over 70%), which is extremely useful for our organism.

The green vegetarian diet is recommended by dietitians and nutritionists as the prevention of many of the modern diseases that I have written about in the past in the field of health.

Note: do not start with a diet without prior consultation with your doctor.

Green Diet Menu For 1 Day

Breakfast: start each morning with a glass of fruit juice. Squeeze fruit yourself, buying juices are not allowed – whatever it says on them. To lunch: eat only fruit (eat bananas moderately). At noon: vegetable soup, fresh vegetables, salads and an integral bread toast.greeny food for weight loss

The main meal in the day: it’s best to start with fresh vegetable juice, followed by boiled whole rice (white rice is not recommended as it contains a lot of calories); instead of rice, you can eat a portion of chopped potatoes or salad potatoes or in the form of soup. Afternoon snack: low-fat yogurt – without bread and other food.

Dinner: carrot juice and mixed salad

Green Diet Recipes

Fruit Salad

Cut fresh fruits fine into the cubes that you find at your hand and add nutmeg, mint and a little cinnamon. You can also add half a tiny spoon of honey, sugar is not recommended. If you really need, add very little unrefined brown sugar.

Green Diet Experiences

The combination of foods is very important because it provides better digestion. Consume potatoes with other vegetables, whether fresh salad or together in varieties. Detoxification of the organism is most effective with fresh fruit, which we need to eat in as large quantities as possible.

Green diet does not recommend mixing fruit with other foods as well as dairy products (yogurt, sour milk) that are also eaten completely independently. Eat the foods on an empty stomach and afterward do not eat the next half an hour. Also, 3 hours after potatoes and Integrated rice do not eat it…

Of vegetables, you must eat spinach, kale, cucumber, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes because it is extremely rich in amino acids that our body needs. Eat Swedish cheese combined with fresh vegetables, avoid melted and hard cheeses…

Green Diet Disadvantages

This vegetarian diet and the proposed green diet are scarce with iron, therefore they do not supply an organism with enough energy. The nutritionists do not recommend keeping it for more than 14 days, which is again enough for the body to recover and to get rid of excess pounds.

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Green Diet Advantages

The green diet with weight loss is similar to vegetarian, the only difference is that this food plan also includes meat products. It is primarily intended for people who love fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and they intend to lose only a few pounds. In addition to helping to dissolve fatty deposits, this diet will purify the body from accumulated poisons.

Foods from a group of vegetables have the lowest energy value, but with them, you can satiate yourself. Greenery can be eaten as much as you like, you do not need to measure the portion. Nutritionists even say that it is better to eat a double meal of vegetables than to sip different pastries, pasta and other caloric foods on the plate.

As you conduct a green diet to always have a ready meal, you need to provide all the necessary foods on time. In the first place is green leafy vegetables, which is also the most nutritious.

Even after a few days when you start eating it, the digestion will improve, the complexion will glitter, the liver and gallbladder function will be corrected, and you will feel like you have replenished the batteries.

Prepare meals for a green diet from green salad, spinach, rye, broccoli, cloves, cabbage, cucumbers, green beans, peas, leeks, green peppers, green apples and fresh herbs.

Prepare meals according to the suggested menu (below) and the green diet allows you to make your own combination. For example, enrich the salad of fresh vegetables with freshly cut apple juice or carrot juice or a spoon of honey. Fresh herbs such as nuts, basil, and flaxseed, sunflower, pumpkin or chopped almonds or nuts can also be added.

Green Diet Menu For 3 Days

First Day

  • Breakfast: a piece of whole grain bread, hard-boiled egg, fresh cucumber
  • Snack: a glass of yogurt
  • Lunch: roasted potatoes, boiled spinach
  • Snack: mixed green salad with olive oil, lemon juice and chopped cheese
  • Dinner: Chicken or turkey file cooked on the onion and a little oil.

Second Day

  • Breakfast: bananas blended with non-fat milk and oat bran
  • Snack: apple and carrots
  • Lunch: roast trout or salmon, cooked kale and cooked potatoes sprinkled with olive oil
  • Snack: a piece of whole grain cereal, herbal spread, green pepper
  • Dinner: cooked beef steak, green beans and potatoes cooked in a bark

Third Day

  • Breakfast: green cocktailgreen cocktail for weight loss
  • Snack: a glass of whey, graham flakes
  • Lunch: non-egg pasta salad, fresh green salads, cherry tomatoes and tofu cheese
  • Snack: a piece of whole grain bread, non-fat cheese, asparagus or avocados
  • Dinner: roast chicken drumstick, iced salad with green pepper, dill and white yogurt.

Green Cocktail For Green Diet

Chop the stems and celery leaves in a blender, a handful of fresh spinach leaves and half a cucumber that has been cleansed from the seed. Add a few drops of lemon juice, and a glass of water. Drink at least half an hour before a meal. This cocktail can be drunk even afternoon, say instead of a snack.

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