Does The Hibernation Diet Work? – Burn Calories During Sleep!

does the hibernation diet work

Does the hibernation diet work? A hibernation diet guarantees that a slimline can be reached overnight. No, it’s not a joke and it’s not one night. Already, you know it, night after night, and pounds are melted.

So, during the night, or more accurately during sleep, you can burn a lot of calories, exclusively from body fat. This is the promise of this diet. Now, how much weight can you lose depends on the initial weight?

Statistics say that if you have excess weight compared to an ideal 10% – you can lose 4-5 kg a month, following the simple recommendations of this diet. In some studies, you can find larger weight loss figures for obese people, ranging from 10 to 20 kg in two months!

The Hibernation Diet Basics

The approach to losing weight in this way was created by studying the animals that sleep in the winter. Probably your first association: the bear and his winter sleep (hibernation) – although there are still a large number of animals sleeping in winter – bear remains the most famous representative of this species.

What bear does before going to the winter nap? He eats fruits, various berries and – honey! There is no heavy food, no protein – but a “light food” that, in some way, helps the long-term winter months without problems – and bear come out of the winter sleep slim and lean – with lost pounds without loss of muscle mass!

Research, testing, and the idea of a similar story could be applied to people. Of course, it’s processed and adapted – because, however, we do not enter hibernation in the winter.

That’s how a hibernation diet was made. Official creators are Mike Mclnnes and Stuart Mclnnes – both in health “waters” – pharmacy and nutrition. The authors were primarily watching athletes and tracking liver processes – especially what happens to the fast “fuel” accumulated there.

They have come to know that liver status determines the condition of the body and that by selecting food and the time it consumes (hmm .. what does this remind you .. that it is not a chrono diet?) can significantly affect a large number of processes in the body.

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A different Look at Weight Loss

Their works are questioned by two things that are no less common in standard diets: consumption of food before sleep and training – especially with weights. Of course, you have to take into account what is eaten and what types of exercises are being practiced.weight loss during sleep

When eating foods rich in fructose, or fruit sugar, it is transformed into glycogen and stored in the liver.

This further stabilizes the level of sugar in the body and allows the body to activate recovery hormones that build muscle and skin cells. These hormones are supplied directly from the fat for their work.

Our body, instead of dealing with the regulation of sugar level, deals with recovery, with the consumption of fat, which brings us a double benefit.

Thus, a single spoon of honey before sleep can trigger beneficial processes in the body and starts to release our weight.

Why before sleep? Well, according to the authors, sleeping is a mini-hibernation and properly implemented make us stronger and recovers the body and affects the fat simply “melting” under the influence of various hormones that occur in such an environment.

What Kind of Honey You Should Use

Of course, the honey should be 100% natural – no mixture is considered. Only natural honey can reach the liver without affecting the level of insulin, thereby turning the process in an unwanted direction, i.e. to overweight.

It is the best honey in the raw form because it is a true nutrient for our body: it contains 22 amino acids and over 5,000 enzymes important for our health. And there are minerals (mostly iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium) and vitamins, primarily B6, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.

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Hibernation Diet Menu

AVOID: white flour, white bread, pizzas, hamburgers, beer, savory snacks, sweetened tea or coffee, chips … mostly all processed foods are extremely harmful because they contain higher amounts of trans fatty acids that increase bad cholesterol and in no way contributes to our line and health in general.

In combination with inactivity, it causes diseases such as gastritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart disease .. the list is used.

WHAT YOU CAN EAT: bread and whole grain cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meat like fish, chicken (not baked), poultry raised without additives in food, etc. Healthy food combined with everyday physical activity will give your vitality, improve the condition and make you slim.

Important Part of the Hibernation Diet is Exercise

That this diet will work – you need exercise. Yes, intense exercise – it’s especially suited for lifting weights. Some of you regular daily exercisealready have a wave of anger at the thought that you will have to have training in the evening.

But when you find that only 3 training is enough a week, and that’s 15 minutes per training – you’ll probably be more than willing to do it.

Training with weights (and other intensive exercises) stimulates the movement of certain body hormones that burn fat when entering the recovery phase – during sleep, after a spoon of honey.

So, if we care about the condition of the liver, if we train with weights and have a good sleep, success is guaranteed.

Hibernation Diet Experiences

If you are suffering from diabetes, a hibernation diet is certainly not for you, so it is advised to be very careful. As with many other weight loss programs that appeared on the market in the form of books, publications and videos, there is no scientific study of efficiency.

My experience tells me that honey is extremely useful in nutrition and it should be consumed on a daily basis. I also support food based on fruit, vegetables, whole grains, natural juices, which is recommended by the hibernation diet. Resistance exercises, everyday walking in nature, light jogging is also my recommendation.

It is up to you whether you will try taking a spoon of honey immediately before going to bed, be sure to consult your chosen doctor about the whole concept that a hibernation diet suggests.

Final Word

Hibernation diet has been known for a decent number of years, but it’s still a controversy today. Some do not even want to try it because they are afraid of carbohydrates, some eating at bedtime, and some because of weights and exercises.

Either way, there is a decent number of practitioners of this diet who have implemented and implemented it and have good results. Improvements also apply to other aspects of health, which give this diet another dimension.

If you are curious and have a decent health status (you do not have a major metabolic disorder) – this is a chance to try one of the simplest diets that exist. And, of course, let me know your results.

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