Healthy Body Mass Index For Men – Do You Like To Count?

healthy body mass index for men

The body mass index is determined using the BMI calculator. He also serves to calculate the degree of obesity. Best tells us if we have too many weight problems or not. It’s not all that perfect, though.

Elevated BMI is often associated with diabetes and heart disease. However, more and more studies show that this parameter does not reveal the real cause of the problem.

Despite all this, the BMI proved to be a good indicator in the measurements most commonly used by doctors. Learn more about a healthy body mass index for men in the following text.

What Is Exactly BMI?

The care for achieving ideal weight became a real obsession of humanity. Most people, especially women, tend to do this for aesthetic reasons, however, there are those who have priority health.

Obesity is generally viewed negatively, and excess pounds are associated with the onset of various disorders and diseases. I’ll just mention a few:

  • Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease.

However, the key word in this context is to “connect”. Believe it or not, there is still no accurate evidence that overweight causes certain health problems. Accordingly, we can say that the body mass index is not as reliable as it seems to some people.


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Body Mass Index (BMI) represents the body mass ratio in kilograms and square body weight in meters. Even though BMI calculator is often used, it also has its own defects and deficiencies. calculating body mass index

First of all, it is possible to be obese and have good BMI, as well as not having too many pounds on the other side and having a poor BMI result.

Here are some explanations: the ratio of non greasy and greasy weight is much more important than the number of pounds we have.

With each of us, the composition of the body is different. I will give you an example of weight lifting.

There is a lot of muscle tissue in a bodybuilder body, so the increased body mass index is not troubling.

People who are physically inactive or completely inactive, who do not deal with any physical activity, have a good BMI result, and on the other hand a high percentage of fatty tissue.

These are, however, fewer cases, since in practice the majority of obese people have a high percentage of fatty tissue.

How to Calculate Your Body Mass Index?

Assessment of nutritional status by the World Health Organization by BMI value in adults. In this assessment, pregnant women are not counted:

  • less than 18.5 BMI = malnutrition.
  • from 18.5 to 24.9 = persons with a desirable-normal weight, i.e. ideal mass.
  • from 25.0 to 29.9 = persons with increased weight.
  • from 30.0 to 34.9 = persons with a 1st degree of obesity – mild obesity.
  • from 35,0 to 39,9 = persons with II. degree of obesity-severe obesity.
  • over 40 BMI are persons with III. degree of obesity – extreme obesity.

According to the scale of the body mass index above 25, the beginning of obesity is indicated. However, about twenty years ago, this index was higher.

Lowering values from 30 to 25 was justified by the need to comply with global standards. However, a certain section of the expert public condemned this procedure, believing it to be wrong.

Although never confirmed, this decision was caused by numerous speculations. It was then stressed that behind everything, in fact, the politics and interest of large pharmaceutical companies were hiding.

Namely, if people of normal weight “overnight” realized that they are fat, the consumption of medicines and slimming preparations would increase dramatically. At the same time, the profit of the producer would increase considerably.

Body Mass Index – Most Common Myths

Obese people are more prone to illness

In order to determine the extent to which the BMI values have to do with someone’s health, a unique study was conducted in the United States. As many as 40,000 people participated in it. In each individual case, BMI was determined, as well as the average values of pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and the like.avoid unhealthy calories

The results of the study showed that many people who, according to BMI values, belong to the category of “obese” – have quite normal blood picture results.

It also turned out that in the case of people with normal BMI, high blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol were often found.

Therefore, the finding that the elevated Body Mass Index is the cause of the disorder is obviously not accurate and simplified. All this leads to the fact that the true cause of the disease is often overlooked.

A high body mass index increases the risk of heart attack

The link between BMI and heart attack risk was also the subject of study. For this reason, a study was conducted in which 4.046 pairs of single-twins participated. The testing was extensive and lasted for 12 years.

In that period, 203 heart attacks and 550 deaths were found in twins whose body mass index had high values. 209 heart attacks and 633 deaths among twins were recorded in the category of skinny ones.

All this proves that high BMI has nothing to do with the onset of infarction.

Healthy Eating and Exercises Melt Body Weight?

Fat in the body is easier than muscle mass, so exercises and healthy eating do not necessarily cause melting of kilograms. In some cases, due to toning and muscle upgrading, they even accumulate.

“People can be healthy regardless of body mass,” says Dr. Rebecca Pul. She is deputy director of the Center for nutrition policy and obesity from Connecticut.

She noticed in her patients the following: even if everything goes to adherence, the results may not be available. There was no improvement in the number of people who adjusted the diet, because the real cause of the problem was somewhere else.

Therefore BMI tables do not tell us everything, but they are nevertheless an important indicator of our state of health.




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