Herbalife Shake Review (Updated 2019) – The Biggest Scam?

Herbalife weight loss programs are based on a Formula 1 shake, a healthy and dietary meal replacement made by the world’s leading nutritionists.

The meals contain all the vitamins and nutrients you need throughout the day to make you feel full and energized for just 220 calories! Herbalife weight loss programs complement your life perfectly, they are very easy to make, and most importantly, they are delicious. No more suffering with diets!

Product: Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake MixHerbalife Shake Review

Price: $81 (2 Packs) – Best Choice

Where to Buy: Check Here

Type of Diet: Natural Meal Replacement

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10

So many people heard about Herbalife and there are so many folks across the globe who are using it. But is this shake really that good as it claims and can it really help us in weight loss?




Many years ago I had a problem with my body weight ( I had 110kg!) and many of my friends recommended to me that I should try Herbalife Shake.

In that time I heard about this brand but honestly, I was very suspicious like the most people who are looking for a safe solution when it comes to weight loss, I even heard that Herbalife shake ingredients are not safe and that it is some sort of fraud.

I was disappointed that many weight-loss diets did not give any results and I decided to give this shake a chance because I have nothing to lose if I just try it.

It may sound incredible but in the first month, I lost 4kg! After 5 months of using Herbalife Shake my problem with pounds has disappeared but what is more interesting is that I did not lose my muscles which is very important!!

I was the happiest person in the world! Anyone who has a problem with losing weight knows how it is hard to lose pounds but this shake made it possible for me.

While I was consuming it I decided to do a little research on the Internet about Herbalife and its Shake and I have found so many positives but also negative responses from different people who were saying that this product is some sort of fraud.

I made this Herbalife review because I wanted to tell all folks who have a problem with their weight that losing pounds is not impossible and that with this shake everyone CAN lose kilograms but you need to respect some rules.

I have done some deep research and investigation about this brand so let’s begin!

About Herbalife Company

For more than 30 years, Herbalife is at the forefront of nutrition and weight control science. The company is constantly focused on development and growth. Herbalife global mission is to change the lives of people by offering the best products in the world.

  • the world’s leading healthcare provider and weight control
  • founded in 1980
  • headquarters Los Angeles, California, USA
  • It operates in 70 countries of the world
  • member of the DSA
  • The goal of the company is to bring health to every corner of the globeAbout Herbalife

Herbalife now operates in 70 countries on 6 continents through a successful business network of 1.9 million independent distributors.

In 2007, the company generated $3.5 billion of turnover. Compared to 2005, it is a growth of turnover of as much as 40%, and in comparison with 2002, a turnover growth of 50%.

Herbalife has been established by the Medical Advisory Board to ensure the safety and efficacy of Herbalife products, and to be created according to the latest scientific methods.

It includes a group of esteemed medical experts, scientists, nutritionists and health workers who oversee the research and development of Herbalife products, so you can be sure that with every Herbalife meal, your body gets all necessary nutrients and vitamins for safe and efficient weight loss.

Herbalife Formula 1 (Shake) – Meal Replacement

Herbalife Nutritional Shake is the most famous and most popular product of the company, which is the basis of all weight loss programs and healthy nutrition plans.

It is made to be a natural, balanced meal that contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins that we need to work perfectly during the day, while at the same time it contains only 220 calories.

An excellent replacement for fast food, which is very often unhealthy and full of unnecessary fat and calories, and which is often the main cause of excess weight.

  • A meal with a controlled calorie count, only 220 Cal per meal
  • All necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • High protein content, 18g protein per meal
  • Easy preparation, for 30 seconds
  • 4 fantastic flavors

How can you consume it?

Mix 2 teaspoons of shake with 250 ml of water, non-fat milk or yogurt. If you have a blender, you can add some fruit as desired, such as half a banana or raspberry stalk. Feel free to experiment with the fruits you love!

Herbalife Shake For Breakfast – Highly Recommended

herbalife shake mix for natural weight loss

Shake is recommended as a replacement for breakfast for a good reason. Breakfast is itself the most important daily meal, which greatly influences how we will feel and how we will function for the rest of the day.

If we skip breakfast, or if we base our breakfast on a basis of carbohydrates, the level of sugar in our blood is oscillating and it tells us that we eat more foods that are rich in sugar or carbohydrates.

This leads to excessive intake of calories, to the formation of fat deposits, and therefore to weight gain. A lot of us start a day in a bakery with foods that have a lot of calories and fat and a very low nutritional value. Herbalife Review

When we base breakfast on foods that contain a lot of protein and fewer carbohydrates, the blood sugar level remains stable and less we are looking for sweets and snacks.

Such meals also contain fewer calories and fats in themselves, so they are a great way to lose weight and quickly reach the desired line.

Formula 1 Shake contains little carbohydrates, lots of protein, and very little calories – just 220, and along with all the other vitamins and minerals it provides, the perfect start for every day.

It’s light, tasty, fast-cooking, and you’ll feel its effect very quickly.

Can Herbalife Shake Really Help Us In Weight Loss?

Sure it can!

If you want to lose weight, use Herbalife Formula 1 Shake instead of 2 meals a day. It is best recommended instead of breakfast and dinner because they are often the meals that we make the most mistakes and with which we consume the most calories.

One pack is sufficient for 30-40 meals, depending on the dosage. If you change one meal a day (weight maintenance), you will have enough meals for about a month or more. If you are on a weight loss program and change 2 meals a day, one pack will be enough for 15-20 days.
Herbalife Shake Meal Replacement

The Herbalife Formula 1 Shake is accepted worldwide as a form of a fully healthy and nutritional way of eliminating unwanted kilograms and currently, millions of people around the world are solved in this way by the problem of excessive pounds.

In this way, Herbalife offers you 3 meals a day as a consumer with a total caloric value of about 1,100 Cal.

  • Breakfast: Herbalife Replacement Meal (Shake)
  • Lunch: By your choice (eg. soups, 150 grams of meat, side dishes, salad, 2 slices of gingerbread)
  • Dinner: Herbalife replacement meal (shake)

If you insert snacks (which is almost necessary!) between meals in the form of fruits and salad, we get a maximum calorie value of 1,200 Cal.

Given that ½ pounds of fat tissue is between 3,000-4,000 Cal, it is expected that with such a reduced calorie intake, and with a proper diet with 5 meals during the day that contributes to improving metabolism, you lose 3 to 7 kg of fat in one month!!

There have been cases where people have lost more unwanted pounds, but it’s all individually and depends solely on you.

check exact price here

Herbalife Shake’s Ingredients – Safe for Consuming?

Herbalife Shake is made of the finest ingredients and with the supervision of the world’s best nutritionists.

One meal contains all the vitamins and minerals that are required for our body to function optimally throughout the day.

It is rich in proteins (one meal contains about 18g proteins) which are essential for the preservation of a healthy muscle mass and that keep us silky.

Let’s take a closer look at some most important ingredients in this product:

Soy Protein

Soy protein is produced by the modern process of processing selected high-quality soybeans. By the technological process of extraction of soy protein grains, proteins are obtained in a concentrated form (min. 90%).

Proteins are muscle-building material necessary for increasing their weight and repairing the entire body composition. In order to preserve and increase muscle mass in addition to regular training, it is also necessary to have adequate nutrition, in which case it is important to take into account the intake of quality proteins.

Soy contains essential amino acids, including glutamine that attracts water inside the muscle cells, giving muscles a fuller and sturdier look.

With Herbalife Shake, you will intake the 18g of pure protein per meal.


Of vital importance for all living beings, important in many cellular processes. One of the main materials from which bones and teeth are made.

Sufficient calcium intake is very important for building healthy and thick bones in youth, and for preserving bones in later life. 99% of the calcium in the body is in teeth and bones.

Vitamin C

Essential nutrient for humans. Protects and strengthens our immunity, protects us from cardiovascular diseases, prenatal diseases, eye diseases, even wrinkles. Herbalife and Vitamin C

Vitamin C protects the cells and keeps them healthy, and also affects the production of collagen that is important for the skin, bones and blood vessels.

Our bodies are not able to store Vitamin C, so we need to import it every day.

Vitamin E

Vitamin is best known for its antioxidant properties. It dissolves fat and can be found in many foods such as meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and the like.

It is used to treat diabetes and to protect against cancer – especially lung cancer and throat cancer in smokers. It is also popular with athletes as a supplement that increases strength and durability. It is also popular in creams that protect the skin from aging.

Vitamin A

Helps to preserve healthy skin, teeth, bones, and tissues. Vitamin A improves vision (especially in low light situations). Vitamin A is also known as Retinol and gives the pigment our eye.


An extremely important electrolyte used in enzymatic functions and muscle contractions. It serves to regulate blood. One of the key ingredients of nutrition that regulates cell activity and the functioning of the nervous system.



Magnesium is crucial for the functioning of our body. Magnesium maintains normal blood pressure, strong bones, and even heart rate. Many of us do not bring enough magnesium in daily diets, and this is another benefit that Herbalife provides.


Also known as Vitamin B3, Niacin is essential for overall health. Sufficient intake of Niacin controls cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

These are just some essential ingredients of Formula 1 Shake. It’s a great way not only for losing weight but also for improving our overall health.

Do You Want To Lose Excess Pounds or Just Control Your Body Weight?

Clinical studies show that by replacing two meals a day in the diet with reduced calorie intake, or rations such as Formula 1 shake, it contributes to weight loss.

It is recommended to moderate exercise during the implementation of the program in order to make the final result faster and better.

What’s important to understand is: One box of shakes has 550 grams and changes 21 meals. This is the official position of Herbalife, and the instructions for use and the number of meals are unambiguously highlighted on each shake box.

If used according to the attached instructions, one Herbalife meal has about 220 calories and a complete nutritional balance, including fibers, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements necessary for a healthy meal.

What Others Say About This Shake

Take a look at some stories that users have while using this shake:

Benedict K.

“The years and years of unhealthy life and fast food really took a tidbit. I knew what I was supposed to do to lose weight, but it was so much trouble that I could not discipline it for longer than a few days.

Herbalife was a great solution for me – meals are very easy to store, tasty and really have a sit (especially when I add protein powder to shake).

I lost a lot of weight and volume for the first 6 weeks, and I feel much better and healthier. Glossy products, warm recommendation.”

Tomas P.

“I really have been away for many years and I needed a simple and effective way to lose weight. An incorrect schedule of hours worked and shift work led to skipping meals, and then overeating (fast foods) which caused me to get more than 40kg for several years.

In the end, I decided to do something about it, and at the insistence of my wife decided to try these products. The difference was noticed after only a few weeks – and only after a few months, I looked like a new man.”

Johannes F.

“My weight began to cause me many problems – joint pain, rapid fatigue, the general feeling Herbalife testimonialsof laziness and low-energy activity during the day.

I tried to do sports, but because of my weight and bad eating habits, I could not really get any results.

I came to Herbalife on the Internet, read about it, and decided to try it out. I lost weight for the first month, and in the next 4 months I felt that I had halved.”

Peter P.

“I began to use Herbalife as an addition to my fitness program, and soon I was happy with the results. I’ve lost a lot of weight in a month and a half, although the biggest difference is in my waist.”

Is Herbalife Shake Good For You?

All Herbalife products are of the highest quality and made taking into account health standards, and as such is a fantastic way to help you reduce weight in a fast and healthy way.

Formula 1 Shake, the most famous Herbalife product since 1980, is packed with lots of vitamins, minerals, proteins and is ideal to be a perfect, balanced, low-calorie meal, providing you with all the essential nutrients you need throughout the day.

A lot of people say they have more energy, feel better, and are in a better mood when using one of the Herbalife weight loss programs.

It’s not magic – our bodies are incredible material, and when you start to import all the nutrients they need, everything that is in us and on us just works better.

Herbalife works by making us healthier, providing us with all the key nutrients our body needs only to share with the number of calories that most of the finished dishes have.

Is There Any Side Effects of Consuming Herbalife Shakes?

Over the course of 35 years, as Herbalife is present, many have noticed a strong relationship between Herbalife products and rapid weight loss, as well as the effects of increased wear on the new wardrobe, as the old one has become large.

Just kidding, this shake is a fantastic choice for everyone looking for a healthy, low-calorie alternative to fat and calorie-rich foods that unfortunately have become part of our everyday diet.

This product is safe, natural and healthy, and you can be sure that with each Herbalife meal you get all the nutrients your body needs to function at its best, while you only take a portion of the calories.

There are no side effects of Herbalife products, simply because this Shake is food – not medicine.

Application Of Formula 1 Shake

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Formula 1 blend for nutritious shake beverage. It is a product that can be used in many ways for different purposes:

Weight control: simply replace two meals a day with two portions of a shake of a beverage made with half-breasted milk.

Healthy nutrition: once you achieve your ideal weight, replace one meal a day with a shake with a drink. Include a shake beverage from Formula 1 into your daily diet plan and be sure to give your body the best!

Sports nutrition: athletes around the world rely on the wealth of nutrients in Formula 1 blend to shake the beverage as the driving force of their activities.

Formula 1 For Weight Control And Body Design

1. Do you consider counting calories as repulsive and demoralizing? Formula 1 is simple and there is no boring accumulation of calories.

Simply take two shake portions each day and eat one meal of your choice. This daily routine guarantees perfectly balanced calories and nutrients and takes care of the good nutrition of your body.

2Do you feel constantly hungry and empty, even when you just ate? A special combination of Formula 1 ingredients will help you get enough (calories) of energy for the whole day.

3Are you concerned that you may not receive essential nutrients because you reduce food intake? Usually, this could be the case! For the success of any weight control program, it is important to provide a reliable source of all nutrients – such as those in Formula 1.

4. Do you feel miserable, tired, even irritable while trying to lose weight? Poor because you feel depressed, tired because your intake of “fuel” may be too small, and irritating because the variation in blood sugar levels may have a yo-yo effect. Formula 1 will help raise your vitality, and therefore your mood should be better.

5. Are you worried that you might start getting weight again? ONE MEAL daily replaces with the delicious shake, with a drink and continue to choose healthy food for your two main meals. You should not gain weight if you have introduced the necessary changes in lifestyle and continue to use ‘maintenance’ products.

Formula 1 Shake For Quality Nutrition and Balanced Meals

How often do you eat ready-to-eat dishes? A large portion of those foods has a low nutritional value, it is too processed, it is full of chemicals, it has high fat and sugar content and is expensive.

If you need a “fast meal” and want your body well, opt for the fantastic nutritional value of Formula 1 rich in nutrients.

How much time do you spend each day preparing nutritious, balanced meals? If you can not make nutritious meals regularly because of your lifestyle, do not worry; in order to prepare Formula 1 shake, it takes only a few minutes; There is no clutter or crowd, and it is very tasty!

Do you have breakfast on a regular basis? Nutritionists view breakfast as the most important meal of the day, as it supplies you with the necessary energy and nutrients.

Try to satisfy your fuel needs – Formula 1 is a satisfying breakfast that is easy to make and perfect for a good start to the day.

How often do you lunch fast or skip lunch? Instead, prepare the Formula 1 potion. Just take a small bowl with a powder for one serving, and add water and milk to powder or fresh semi-skimmed milk.

Close in a bowl, shake well and lunch is over! If you have a blender available, add some fruits for a more interesting taste!

Do you live under a lot of stress and are you worried that it could have an effect on your psyche? It’s better to be sure, but to regret it!

You need a constant supply of vitamins and minerals to help your body fight against damage from free radicals due to stress, pollution, chemicals, etc.

Formula 1 offers balanced nutrients that the body absorbs immediately, thus keeping you in good physical condition. As a simple preventive measure, turn Formula 1 into your daily regimen.

Are you prone to binging cakes, biscuits and constantly drinking coffee and tea during the day? Get a new and healthier habit, replace one of your snacks with a nutritious and delicious beverage, or drink twice a half portion a day.

Important Facts About Herbalife Formula 1 Shake

1. It creates a feeling of satiety and satisfaction, giving the body energy.

2. It is a good source of food vegetable fiber.

3. Rich in vitamins and minerals, including antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E that help protect your body’s cells from harmful effects from polluted air, water, and food.

4. It contains an incredible discovery in Aminogen enzyme technology, which improves protein absorption.

5. If used together with low fat, low-calorie foods can lower blood cholesterol levels.

6. Replacement is for a complete meal, and its high-value ingredients meet all the needs of the body.

Main Benefits:

♦ A protein-rich formulation derived from soy protein isolates.

♦ Each portion (made with milk) provides approximately 18 grams of protein and helps to maintain the balance of the body’s needs for proteins, which reduces the loss of muscle during the weight control period to a minimum.

♦ Low calorie, because it contains only 217 kcal per portion (including 250 ml of semi-colored milk).

♦ The small content of saturated and unsaturated fats.

♦ Formula 1 has been developed with advanced food production technology and provides a scientifically balanced source of quality food that is easily absorbed.

♦ It contains a combination of slow-release carbohydrates and those who are released quickly, helping to regulate blood sugar levels, while maintaining energy.

♦ It provides a variety of meals thanks to the choice of four excellent flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and cappuccino.

♦ Easy to do – mix manually or in a closed container, or use a mini mixer or a mixer bowl. The final product is well foam and has a smooth, creamy consistency.

♦ Practical for carrying – you can go to work, on a trip, to a fitness studio.

♦It can help you get rid of centimeters and pounds.




My Final Word!

So, guys, I presented you my number 1 recommendation for natural and safe weight loss that can really help you in fighting boring excess pounds.

Please keep in mind that Herbalife Shake is not any sort of supplement or medicine like pills etc, it is one perfect, balanced and natural meal that you should consume every day, especially for breakfast.

If you follow all the tips written above, you will be very satisfied, even in the first week, but don’t expect some miracles. In the first month, you will lose on average 2kg-4kg of body fat, which is great.

If you have any doubts or questions about using Herbalife Shake, please feel free to leave a comment below, and I will be very happy to answer you!

 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

#1 What is exactly Herbalife Shake and what is it used for?

Simply said Herbalife Shake is a natural meal replacement that will help you to lose excess pounds or to maintain your existing weight. It is mostly used as a breakfast because breakfast is the most important meal during the day and it is crucial if we want to lose weight.

By using Herbalife Shake for breakfast you will intake only 220 Cal and most important it will satiate you and will stop you from consuming unnecessary calories.

Keep in mind that this shake is designed to help you to lose pounds but also it is a meal replacement. When you achieve your results you don’t need to stop consuming this shake because it is not some sort of medicine but one healthy and nutritious meal.

#2 Can I lose weight by simply drinking this Shake?

Well, lets clear one thing. Herbalife Shake is not some magic shake and if you think that you will melt your fat deposits by just sitting and drinking it, you are wrong.

You can’t just sit and drink a shake and except that you will lose weight tomorrow. You herbalife FAQmust accept that it takes time, will and dedication.

If you want to lose weight you will need to replace TWO main meals with Herbalife Shake, breakfast and dinner.

Lunch is by your choice but you should avoid greasy and high-calory food. One more thing that you should not forget is exercising.

You don’t need to pay a gym or run a marathon, by just walking 30 min daily (and I know that you can much more) you will achieve awesome results.

#3 Is Herbalife Shake safe for use? I heard that it is some sort of fraud (scam) Is it true?

First things first, why thousands and thousands of people across the globe are using Herbalife Shake if is it some sort of scam? I personally use this shake and I know so many people that are using it without any problems.

There are so many disinformations about this product on the Internet and I know that so many people call this product a “scam” but keep in mind that some of those people even did not give it a try. Everyone has the right to their own opinion but you should not judge until you try.

Herbalife is in business for over 30 years and we all know that something that is fraud or doesn’t work, after a year or two it goes bankrupt.

#4 Who can drink Herbalife Shake?

Herbalife Shake is for everyone! There are no any restrictions, it is for males, females, teenagers, young, olds. Shake is full of necessary nutrients and vitamins that are needed for our body.

I just have to emphasize that if you have some serious disease ie cancer, you should consult with your doctor, in all other cases Herbalife Shake is completely safe for you.

#5 How and when should I consume it?

If you want to lose weight you will need to replace two main meals with Shake (Breakfast and Dinner). Mix 2 teaspoons of shake with 250ml of water, non-fat milk or yogurt. Also, if you like you can (not mandatory) mix some fruits with it (apple, pears, raspberry etc) and some walnuts fruits, it all depends on your taste.

#6 Can I really lose weight with Herbalife Shake and how much?

In short, yes! You can lose weight but you need to consider some factors like your age, genetics, exercise level, etc. Some people will lose pounds faster and some slower it all depends on the factors that I mentioned but mostly it depends on you! How much are you willing to invest in your health?

First results are seen after 30 days, just like I said some folks will see faster results and some slower but on average in your first month, you should lose 2kg-4kg considering that you respect #2.

#7 How much Herbalife Shake cost?

1 pack of Herbalife shake is about $50. If you are truly decided to lose weight I highly recommend buying 2 packs ($81) instead of 1 because you will need to replace 2 main meals with Shake and one pack will last you for about 15 days.

So, if you buy 2 packs it will last you in about 30 days and maybe longer and what is most important, after 30 days you will start seeing results.

#8 Is this type of weight loss safe?

And why not? With every glass of Herbalife Shake, you intake all nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for normal body functioning. Instead of keeping some unhealthy and boring diets that starve you, you can consume this shake and lose weight slowly, but surely.

#9 Are You a Distributor of Herbalife Shakes?

No, I am not. I have nothing with Herbalife company. I am just using their shake.

#10 Where can I buy Herbalife Shake?

The safest and most trusted place where you can buy Herbalife Shake is definitely Amazon. That is my favorite place where I shop regularly and where I buy my shakes. You will not have any problems with them and you can easily contact them for anything.




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Herbalife Formula 1 Shake










My Recommendation



  • Meal Replacement
  • Different Flavors
  • Nice Taste


  • High Price
  • One Box Lasts 15-20 Days
  • Diet Reduction Needed


  • Sabrina Reyes

    -great information. I used herbal life for a little but up until I became extremely busy and I had no time.
    -I agree it helps you lose weight without putting your body through stress.
    -Exercising is good and helps with the process, but it isn’t a necessity.
    Great Info and best of luck with your website!

    • Daniel

      Thanks Sabrina! And yes it can be time consuming, but I think that its worth! As for the exercising, it is not nessessary but it is recommended, because results will come faster!

  • Sophia

    This seems kind of comparable to Slim Fast, except healther obviously and less artificial colors and flavors. Can I ask if the ingredients are organic? Where are they sourced from? I like that it has 18 grams of protein because protein helps increase your metabolism. Niacin is also helpful for detoxification and blood flow. I am wondering also, what is the youngest age one can use this? Can teenagers who are mildly overweight use this?

    • Daniel

      Well, yes it is definitely healthier than Slim Fast, because in Herbalife chemistry dont exist. Ingredients are natural and scientifically approved, so you dont have to worry about that. Anyone can use this shake, there are no age restrictions, old,young,teenager, all can consume it without consequences. You even dont need to be fat or midly overweight to use shake, if you are slim you can consume it. It is a healthy meal, not some pill or medicine.

  • Jeremy

    Im all about healthy living and I love your site. I really enjoy reading your article on Herbalife which I use myself already. I love the fact that Herbalife is a natural product and helps with the fat burning process and there are no chemicals, very healthy great choice. Have you ever tried Vega products?

    • Daniel

      Thank you Jeremy. So many people are using Herbalife, and many are very satisfied consuming it. I especially like its flavor which is pretty tasty and of course it is very practical. As for the Vega products honestly, I did not have a chance to try it, but I know some friends who are using those ones and they are satisfied with results.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the review on Herbalife. I have heard of this brand but have not tried it as I wasn’t sure of its effectiveness as it claims. I also have the concern on these kind of weight loss products, whether or not they are safe for consumption. After reading your review, I was keen to try it as does look like a great product to help on weight loss. Thanks for your in-depth explanation on the ingredients, it definitely gave me some piece of mind in trying the product.

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome. Im glad that it can help you. You are right about concerns, I have it too before trying Herbalife, but there is nothing to worry about. There are so many disinformations about this product on the Internet, but all that is from people who even did not wanted to give a chance to this shake.

  • andreabobby

    Thanks for this informative article, Daniel. I’ve heard some positive feedback about Herbalife. Most importantly, people have reported solid results by using this product properly. I’m glad that you’ve clarified that it’s not a medicine and hence would have no side effects. That’s a very important feature for a lot of people.

    I know that you have suggested mixing fruits in with the shake, but does the product itself come in different flavours?

    • Daniel

      You are welcome Andrea! Yes, Herbalife has pretty good reputation when it comes to the weight loss. It will not help you only with fat loss, it is good for overall health because it is full of vitamins and nutrients.

      As for your question, answer is yes, it comes with different flavours such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I personally use chocolate, because I am a big fan of choco, but its a matter of taste.

  • Karen Noone

    Thanks for the facts about this product. Sometimes it’s hard to find out actual ingredients and benefits of products. I have only heard great things about Herbalife and there products but have yet to try them for myself. Maybe it’s time to give this a try as I need to lose the excess weight I promised I wouldn’t put on over Christmas. How long should it take to lose 14lbs if I use this twice a day as a replacement?

    • Daniel

      Well, yes, sometimes is pretty hard to find secure products for weight loss, but with Herbalife it is not a problem. You should try it for yourself and you will see how it affect on your body. If you consume it twice a day, you will lose 14Ibs in 2 months, and maybe before 2 month mark.

      Keep in mind that you should have some activity such as walking, or cycling…If you consume it without exercises, results will be slower, but in any case you will be satisfied, because it is good not only for weight loss but also for overall body.

  • Soby

    I’ve heard about Herbalife brand before as a good supplier of healthy snacks, but I had no idea that it helps with weight loss so good! Very interesting. I have been struggling to lose 5-10 pounds for years now, No permanent results. I guess I should exercise more and add some healthy meal replacement like this Formula 1. Thanks for recommendations!

    • Daniel

      Well, yes, it is very good meal replacement and it will not help you only with weight loss, it will also help your body, giving it all nessesary nutrients for normal functioning, which is crucial for safe and effective weight loss..

      I honestly think that if you consume Herbalife on proper way with proper exercise, you can lose 3-4 pounds in one month.

  • Timssnakes

    Hey there, great and very informative page.
    You really seem like you know what you are talking about and I like your advice on this shake. I personally really like it and it tastes awesome in my opinion.
    Sometimes it is important that I do not waste time on cooking and then shakes like this are a perfect substitution

    • Daniel

      Thank you, as for the flavours, all are of great taste but i prefer using chocolate, its my favorite. Personally, I dont cook so much but yes, this shake is great opportunity to avoid cooking..

  • jack

    I am much older now and have alway’s known of Herbalife product’s, as they have alway’s intrigued me, however, I just never stepped up and tried this supplement. Definitely, the all natural value of herbal-life, is going to be my driving key to move forward. As you probably already know, Daniel, the bulk of our nation’s health issue’s are derived from consuming unnatural food product’s, thank you for the great informative article. and I will check back with you soon, Jack

    • Daniel

      Hi Jack! I must agree with you. Today, people live very unhealthy life and on the first place is definitely food. Burger, pizza etc. Folks are not aware how much they damage their body and soul. I am using Herbalife Shake for years and I am very grateful that that product exist. Everyone who try it, will not be disappointed because except it helps in weight loss, it will give you energy and will positively increase your mood and focus..

  • Mrs G

    I vaguely remember hearing about HerbaLife back in the day. This was a very informative article and I liked that you gave the background of the company. I also really like that their nutritional shake is balanced and made to actually replace a meal! I can see how it would be easy to lose weight with only 220 calories! Since I have problems with my blood sugar spiking I like that it also has 18 grams of protein!

    • Daniel

      I’m glad that you like it! It is really nice product with promising results.

  • Daniella

    Hi Daniel,

    Great article!

    One of my friends has drunk Herbalife for a while, and she really lost a lot of weight. I also need to lose a few pounds, but I was a bit skeptic about this. I wanted to start drinking healthy smoothies but I really don’t have the time to prepare them. So I decided to give the Herbalife a try and see how it goes. Just a question, please, Would it be dangerous to replace every meal with Herbalife or should I do it gradually?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Daniel

      Hi Daniella! 

      Dont worry, you will be satisfied for sure! I will be here to hear your results! 

      As for your question, why you want to replace every meal? That is not necessary at all. If you want to lose excess pounds you should replace only two main meals with shake and one meal is by your choice, in most cases lunch. 

      That will be more then enough to lose weight, but also dont forget to consume some healthy snacks between meals, that will keep you saturated… 

  • Odette

    This is a very informative review. I have heard of herbalife brand before, but have no idea what they do. Is this similar to Slim Fast? I had tried Slim Fast before, however, i did not lose any weight. I want to lose 5kg, and i don’t like exercise. Do you think Herbalife will work for me?

    • Daniel

      Hi, Herbalife Shake is unique product for healthy weight loss, I highly recommend you to give it a try and you will be satisfied. 

      Keep in mind that this shake is not medicine, it is completely balanced meal that will give your body all nessessary nutrients and vitamins. I think that if you want to lose 5kg, with this shake you can acomplish it within 2-2.5 months.

  • Chrissie Spurgeon

    Hi Danijel
    I have heard of Herbalife before, but I have never tried it.
    I must admit that it does sound a great way to lose unwanted pounds, and it does sound as if it is very good for you too, full of vitamins, minerals and protein.
    Do you know if it also contains Omega3?
    I think that you have tempted me to give it a try, as a few ends less would not go amiss with me!
    Very many thanks for a great review.
    Chrissie 🙂

    • Daniel

      Hello Chrissie! Yes, I know that so many people have heard about Herbalife but they are struggle to use it. People often run buying some junk pills for weight loss, they think that with one pill they will lose pounds in minutes.

      As for the Omega3 fatty acids, they are in smaller amount in the shake but that is not a worry because shake is full of many nessessary nutrients that are important for safe and natural weight loss.

      All the best! 🙂


  • sharon

    Reading your post has given me a bit of hope with my weight, i have never heard of herbalife until now.
    A really easy breakfast i love that idea as i do skip breakfast alot, i must say the more i read this the more encouraged i feel.
    It is also great that it has all those vitamins in wow.
    I am not to good at vitamins and do not really know what you should have and this post is great as it has given me the answer.
    Do you know how long it would take to see any difference?also as i walk “hrs a night would that be enough exercise?

    • Daniel

      Hello Sharon! I am glad that it could be helpful to you. Herbalife is one of the rare products that can really help you in losing excess pounds and not only that, but also giving you all nessessary vitamins and nutrients that our body want.

      As for the results, you can see nice results even in the first month of consuming it. If you replace your ordinary breakfast with Herbalife shake you can easily lose between 2-3 kilograms a month and for the maximum results you can replace 2 meals with this Shake, breakfast and dinner.

      Walking is one of the best methods to burn additional calories but I dont recommend you to exercise at night. If it is possible try to walk at day but of course if you dont have conditions to practice during the day, its okay, you will see results in the first month.

  • Daybe

    I have friends that used Herbalife for years and there has been a big shift in how their health has changed. They’ve lost weight and have more energy. I think a big part of the weight loss comes from being mindful of what you put in your body and having more energy to be active. Thank you for sharing!

    • Daniel

      Well, you are definitely right! Most people dont understand that what they eat can affect their mood and daily life. When you intake vitamins, proteins and all nessessary nutrients that our body need, you will feel awesome and you will have energy for all day tasks. Herbalife is that product that can greatly help not only in weight loss but also in overall body health.

  • David

    I have only heard bad things about herbalife. However, this is from people who have probably not tried the products themselves. Your post has opened my eyes a bit now. I am always looking for top quality meal replacements for my clients to help supplement their nutrition plans and this actually seems like a top quality product. I’m going to re-read your post again to make sure I have taken everything in. Thank you for opening my eyes a bit

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome David! I know that there are so many people out there who are talking bad things about Herbalife but just like you said some of those peoples even did not give it a try. One more reason why some people think it is bad is that they expect to lose weight by just sitting and drinking shake which is not possible.

  • Phil

    Great information, thank you very much. Back in the days I used Almased, it is sold here in Germany, and although it is nutritious, its taste was just plain awful and really made you wanna quit immediately.
    Sounds like Herbalife is a much better choice if you want to drop some pounds.

    • I am glad that I can help Phil! I agree that something that is nutritious should have a nice taste because it is of no use to drink something that is of bad taste. Herbalife shake has a very nice creamy taste which I think is very important.

  • Cliff

    Yes it is nice that you made an article on herbal life shakes, and you went over what specific goals each person may have. Some want to lose and some want to maintain. Lots of vitamins and minerals as well which is always a good thing. Glad to hear you had so much success the first 6 weeks you used the shakes.

    • Daniel

      I think that today is very important that we change our nutrition and lifestyle because there are so many people who need help with losing weight. If we are obese our life is in danger and I know that all of us want to be slim and healthy. Herbalife Shake is great meal replacement that will help us to stop consuming unnessessary calories which will result in losing pounds.

  • Juliet

    Hi Daniel,
    This is the first time I am hearing of Herbalife shake. It sounds great. Most shakes come as a supplement and must be taken with a meal but herbalife is a complete meal replacement. I am very picky about what I feed my body so I go mostly with fresh food. But I am thinking of giving herbalife a try. I need to lose some belly fat.

    • Daniel

      Hey Juliet! Yes, you read it well, it is a complete meal replacement. You don’t need to worry because you can be sure that it will satiate you. You are doing great consuming fresh food, you can even mix some fresh fruits with Shake. I know that so many people have problem with belly fat but with good choice of food and Herbalife Shake you will melt your belly fat for sure.

  • Oscar

    Hi Daniel,

    thanks for sharing your experience and point of view of Herbalife products.

    As I read through your review, I had one question. Most of the shakes and meal substitutes that I have found, usually have sugar, which is the exact opposite of what I want. Although you can lose good weight with products like this one, I searched for the sugar component in this review, but I didn’t find it.

    Is it true that there is no added sugar in these meals? Then this would definitely be worth the try. I have been “scammed” so often by products like this one for the high contents of sugar.

    I have been dieting strictly for the last 12 months, and I have lost over 40 pounds by ditching sugar and flour, and of course, weighing the food that I eat. And a meal substitute sounds quite interesting.


    • Daniel

      Sorry for not mentioning that in the article. You are totally right Oscar. Sugar is number 1 culprit for obesity and you are doing great by ejecting it. Everyone who says that this kind of meal replacement is without sugar is lying. Herbalife has 20g of sugar per one meal (250ml). Its about 2 teaspoons of sugar.

       I think that it is not too much considering that daily recommendation for sugar is 30g. Herbalife is also full of fibers, minerals and proteins which are work very well their job when it comes to weight loss but of course, if you totally ejected sugar from your nutrition then you should avoid this kind of meal substitute.

      All the best,


  • Nikos

    Herbalife products are very popular and everyone knows about them. But with such popular products i always wonder if there is more marketing and less value. But i have to say your article is very detailed and full of information. It has to be one of the most detailed posts i’ve read about Herbalife Shakes.

    I really like the way you explain things and the FAQ section at the end of your post is awesome. I think Herbalife Shakes are a great healthy meal choice.

    • Thanks, Nikos for your positive feedback. You are right, Herbalife products are very popular in the last few years and it just keeps growing. I am using Herbalife Shake and I really want to show people that losing weight is not impossible and that Herbalife can help. In any case, you don’t have anything to lose if you just try it and see for yourself.

  • Chris

    Thank you, this is a really useful article. I stumbled across your site when researching nutrition shakes and am so glad that I did. I will definitely check out the Herbalife and the deal for 2 packs looks like the way to go. Not only is it cheaper but will give me motivation to keep going for longer. Thanks again!

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Chris! Herbalife is really one of the best ways to improve our nutrition and replace our unhealthy meals with shake full of nutrients and vitamins.

  • DonnieK

    Talk about covering a topic, you covered Herbalife 110%!  Never have a seen a product review go from the start to end, not omit hitting any part of the review.You introduced the Herbalife product as a shake for weight loss at the start but you expanded the review in much further details.  Adding the daily meal break down lets you know about what you should be eating ahead of time.

    The effect of the product is another key item to any weight loss product that I think a lot of them over look waiting ot address the concern when or if asked about it later. Closing out with the Q&A puts to rest any possible over looked questions for the reader.

    • Daniel

      Thanks Donnie! I think that it is important that people know everything about Herbalife because it is really one of the best meal replacements that can help in weight reduction.

  • CravenATAT

    Meal replacements have always worried me, due to the added sugar that a lot of them add in to counter the chalky flavor and blandness. Your review of Herbilife Meal Replacement Shakes have changed that! Protein, Calcium, various Vitamins you mention- all essential to the body without the harm of processed sugars and harmful substances. You mention “one Herbalife meal has about 220 calories and a complete nutritional balance, including fibers, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements necessary for a healthy meal” – at 21 meals per container, the price is far less than that of what we would pay for 21 cooked meals! This is a great review and great insight as to what we can purchase for a meal replacement. Thank you!

    • Daniel

      Thank you for such thorough comment. Herbalife is really one of the best meal replacements as it is full of protein and fibers which is crucial for normal body weight. As for the sugar I can’t say that Herbalife don’t contain sugar. It has but it is definitely negligible because if your goal is to lose pounds, you will correct nutrition with this meal replacement and eject sugar from various foods.

  • Andrea

    I’ve heard of Herbalife from many family members that actually use and promote these products. I’ve never had tried the products per se but I hear they are awesome. This shake sounds so yummy and very appealing. It does reminds me of slim fast, which was my favorite years ago. You make lots of good points here about the shake and I think I might try it someday. I usually stay away from things with carbs and sugars but this sounds like something I would like. Thanks for your review, it was very detailed and complete! 

    • Daniel

      Thanks Andrea! I am glad that I could help. It is more than possible to lose weight with Herbalife shakes and most important it is safe to use.

  • kaeyoes

    Awesome!  This shake sounds really good.  I think I might try it.  I’ve been trying a few things recently to lose a little weight and for weight management, but I’m not sure if I found the right thing for my body yet.  So, I think I’ll give this a go.  If it helps with energy as well, that’s awesome!! 

    Thank you for your review!

    • Daniel

      Sure it helps! With every meal you will see that your energy level increases and it can also help if you are having regular training.

  • Richard

    A very thorough review, thank you. I have been looking into a high protein meal replacement to have after exercising in the mornings. This Herbalife shake looks like a good fit. 

    I have a question, though. Are these products suitable for vegetarians/vegans? I suspect that they are, but I just wanted to confirm.

    Thanks for any info!

    • Daniel

      Thanks for commenting Richard! Answer to your question is yes, it is suitable for everyone because shake is made of high-quality ingredients and it is full of proteins that we need for our muscle mass.

  • Clay Westfall

    Hi, Daniel… I have been using Herbalife products for years!  My favorite products are the orange cream and cookies and cream shake mixes, which I used to take twice a day when I was on my weight loss plan.   Now I am pretty much where I want to be, so I start my day with a French Vanilla shake, which I like to blend with strawberries and bananas!

    Herbalife changed my life and allowed me to not only get into shape, but to stay there.  Thank you for sharing this terrific product…     Clay

    • Daniel

      Thank you Clay. Just like you said Herbalife comes with various flavors, its only up you what will you choose. I know so many people that claims that this shake has changed their life and that’s true.

  • Parmi

    Okay I’ve never heard of Herbalife shakes before, so this is all new to me. I really appreciate you jotting down questions and answering them at the end of the article – makes it a lot easier to understand the entire article. 

    Thankfully I don’t need to lose weight, but my dad is gaining weight quite fast so this might pertain to him. You mention here that there is no age limit to consuming this so I’ll share this article with him. But one thing though even with the shake, it’s always better to have an active lifestyle to lose weight. 

    My dad unfortunately has become quite lazy so this is partly to do with his weight gain – but anything helps and this shake seems like a perfect way to get him going again. 

    • Daniel

      I agree with you. Meal replacements can not do some miracles for our body if don’t change our lifestyle. Regular exercise is very important and can drastically speed up the weight loss process.

  • Ann

    Thanks for this very full and comprehensive review of Herbalife shakes. It seems to have a good ratio of protein in the contents which is important to help retain muscle and help keep you full. My friend is considering using weight loss shakes to lose a few remaining stubborn pounds. Do you think it would work well for this?

    • Daniel

      Of course it will Ann. Most important ingredient is protein and it will help to burn excess pounds and preserve the muscles at the same time.

  • Chris

    A really well written and interesting article on the Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix. I have heard of Herbalife Formulas before but only from an MLM angle – I know they are quite a popular work at home product, so I’m assuming they are pretty effective and pretty high quality?

    Do you frequently take Herbalife products and how have you felt their benefits (if any)?

    • Daniel

      Well, I have also read about Herbalife and MLM and I saw so many negative words about it. I really don’t know is it true or not but I am using their Shake and I am satisfied for now. 

      I only replace breakfast with this shake and its benefits are good. I feel more energy and I am satiated for a long time. I don’t need to lose weight but I am using it because of overall health.

  • Matt's Mom

    Ok, I have been really considering Herbalife shakes for weight loss.  Can I reasonably have one for each meal and not be hungry?  Will this help me with weight loss where I can lose fairly quickly?  I know that weight loss does not happen over night, but I would sure like to lose a good amount in a month.  I am not super over weight, I just have a few to lose.

    • Daniel

      That’s right. You can have Herbalife shake for breakfast and it will help you to lose weight. For people who are obese and have a lot pounds to lose, it is recommended changing 2 main meals (breakfast and dinner)  with this shake.

      Just like you said, weight loss process is not short-term goal and you should not expect miracles. With Herbalife shake, proper nutrition and regular exercise you should lose up to 5kg in a first month and I think that it is totally reasonably.

  • Christina

    I just finished reading your article about a 1200 calorie a day diet, and then I saw this one. I was wondering about these Herbalife shakes. I’ve heard both good and bad things about them, so I’m glad you put that to rest for me! 

    I was thinking that in order to consume 1200 calories a day and not be too annoyed by it, perhaps a meal replacement would be a good idea. You said you used this product? Do you feel satiated after drinking it?

    • Daniel

      I think that it is totally fine to use meal replacements. One glass of Herbalife shake contain about 220 calories and it will keep you satiated for a long time.

      Although I solved my problem with kilograms, I still use this product because it please my body and keeps me satiated long enough, I don’t need to worry will I run for some empty calories or not.

  • Linda

    Hi Daniel,

    I’ve found myself putting on a few unwanted pounds of late and your article has inspired me to go back to using Herbalife Shakes. I’ve found them to be a good solution in the past. In fact, I think I was first introduced to the product back in the 1980s. The very fact that it’s been around for decades and the company is still thriving gives me a great deal of comfort. Thanks for the good info!

    • Daniel

      Hello Linda, yes, that is true. Company is in business more than 30 years which is really incredible but that also mean that people trust them and that more and more people are using it as their meal replacement.

  • Barry

    Hello Daniel thanks for sharing your review of Herbalife Shakes. I usually find it hard to make decision like this on Products to go for. Reviews help me a lot to make great decisions and this review just solved a problem.

    Herbalife company has proven herself to be reliable.

    I love the Herbalife Shake For Breakfast. What an excellent replacement for fast food.

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Barry. I agree with you. Fast food is a slow killer and we all should eject it from our life as soon as possible.

  • David Kellas

    Yeah I have tried the herbalife shake, they are jam packed with all the protein and nutrients you need to replace one of your meals and I personally lost 20kgs on the program, herbalife works. Thanks for the informative article Daniel.

    Basically you open the pack and create the shake, drink it and ten minutes later you feel an energy boost and all is well.

    • Daniel

      Thanks David, I agree with you. Herbalife shake is a great energy booster and because of that, it is also a great supplement after the training.

  • Kate

    Dear Daniel, as you said your self we have all heard about Herbalife and most of us have tried at least one product from them. To be honest I’ve been skeptical whether to try out their shakes, because I wasn’t sure about the ingredients.

    However your detailed review makes me wanna try them, since they also look so delicious. One question though. Could I just use them for breakfast replacement and not so much for weight loss, since I rarely have time to eat breakfast?

    • Daniel

      Hi Kate! Of course that you can use it only for breakfast, this shake is not only for weight loss but also for overall health. Consuming this shake for breakfast you will avoid consuming meals full of unhealthy fats and calories.

  • mzakapon

    Hi Daniel, this is a great review with resourceful information about Herbalife for weight loss. I have some fat on my belly but my weight is only 72 kg.I think this product will help me to reduce my fat from my belly. It seems that I will be hungry when I replace dinner with Herbalife.

    This product has so many good review that I believe it will be helpful for lot of person who are worried about their burning fat and losing weight issue.Thanks for sharing this information with us.


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