How Celebrities Lose Weight Fast – Check Hollywood Diet!

how celebrities lose weight fast

You wonder what the Hollywood diet is? Because of the great interest of the famous people, Atkins Diet got this name, and here’s how celebrities lose weight fast.

Guess, the name was created in Hollywood because the excess pounds is not just a problem for us ordinary people but also a nightmare for famous people!

The smallest change in their body is noticed and not tolerated, as the famous ones know that the cameras are lurking from every angle.

That’s why many them tried Atkins Diet, and the results were noticeable even after the first two weeks (how many Phase I Atkins diet usually take). Indeed, the Atkins diet is credited to look of Katherine Zitta Jones and Kim Kardashian, but also the representatives of the stronger sex Brad Pit and Robbie Williams. That’s why this diet is also called Hollywood diet.

Want to get to the desired weight in the way famous did? Read their experiences!

Atkins Helped Robbie Williams to Recover Old Weight

Although famous men often do not advertise over excessive pounds, Robbie Williams had to stop his agony in the fight with kilograms at one point because he drastically increased his weight.

This would not be so terrible that a big tour was not in the preparation, which required enormous energy and mobility from it. As the smallest change notice on famous people, it was very clear to the whole world that Robbie should lose weight.

At that time, he was called Blobby Williams because he got more pounds than he needed. After several unsuccessful attempts to regain old weight, he took Atkins diet. They say that after a month of this diet and exercise he has been reborn – excessive kilograms have disappeared, and he was once again old Robbie.

He even hired the chef, for he had eaten only sushi few days in a row. Simply, he did not know which foods were rich in proteins, but poor in carbohydrates, which he had to consume during the Atkins diet.




Catherine Zeta-Jones Lose Weight With Atkins

Like any other celebrities, Catherine Zita Jones does not hide that she occasionally has a problem with excess pounds.

She does not believe in a diet only, but in a long-term healthy nutrition plan, which together with exercise gives the best results. It, therefore, adheres to the Atkins diet plan, which implies the introduction of high-protein meals, with a small percentage of carbohydrates.

This kind of diet helped her to punch with kilograms, especially after a pregnancy, when she even hired a nutritionist to return her slimline again. In this way, she managed to lose weight, choosing the right foods and a healthy diet.atkins diet and high protein meals

With the Atkins diet, Catherine Zita Jones maintains her slim line all these years, which helps her lose 3-4 pounds a week.

What makes this diet particularly useful is meat and cheese, always taking into account the size of the portion.

Like many others, Katherine is a great advocate of recreation. She practices every day, and apart from dancing and cardio programs, she enjoys yoga and pilates.

Brad Pitt Gave Up Beer For an Impeccable Body

Brad Pitt is another representative of the male population that has been raised by women around the world. The work of the 53-year-old actor Brad Pitt also has some kind of challenges. Since he was in a position to choose roles, he had to prepare for the role in the film Fury.

Only acting exercises were not enough – as a soldier, he had to have psychic as well as physical predispositions for this role. That’s why he had to undergo a diet. His choice fell to the Atkins diet, which he adhered to for three months, with regular exercise.

For Brad Pitt diets are known from before. In order to lose superfluous kilograms and show a flawless body, he resorted to a similar endeavor before filming Troy. Atkins’ diet, which is based on protein intake, helped him fight fatty deposits.

However, as the Atkins diet is known for fat intake, Brad tried to avoid them, so he focused on protein intake, and in his menu found different types of meat (beef, chicken, turkey) and green vegetables (spinach and broccoli).

Of course, with the inevitable exercise, and in this period, he often mentioned that swordplay was of great help.

The Atkins diet helped Brad Pitt get rid of some bad habits. During that period he stopped smoking, drinking beer and enjoying the chips.

Kim Kardashian Ambassador of Atkins Diet

Kim Kardashian is an old supporter of Atkins’ diet, which she has been using several times for losing her pounds. Recently, the Atkins diet again took an important place in her life, because after the last birth she gained about 25 pounds.

Although she was breastfeeding, she says she chose Atkins’ diet because she is safe and allows her to gradually lose her extra pounds. As this diet in her case had previously yielded results, her rules are not new to her.

The nutrition it uses is high in protein and contains plenty of meat, fish and eggs, but also inevitable vegetables, some fruits, cheese and yogurt, bone fruits and olive oil.

To all breastfed mothers, Kim Kardashian recommends the Atkins diet, which she adheres to. This diet is suitable for a wet nurse, which needs stronger foods and a certain amount of calories and allows a gradual loss of pounds without consequences. Because fast weight loss certainly leads to consequences in this period and can also affect mother’s milk.

While breastfeeding, the mother should not lose more than one kilogram a week. That’s why Kim recommends to all mothers to be patient because the results will come.

This is Kim Kardashian’s suggestion for the Atkins diet, which she adheres to.

Breakfast: ½ cup oat flakes, ¼ cup strawberries, ¼ cup walnut

Snack: ½ cup of chopped red peppers, 5 cherry tomatoes, 2 teaspoons of Italian salad dressing

Lunch: 2 glasses of chopped lettuce, 2 teaspoons of dressing for Caesar salad,

Snack: ½ peaches, ½ cup cottage cheese

Dinner: 150-200g grilled chicken, 1 medium tomato, 50g mozzarella, a little basil, a spoon of olive oil, a spoon of balsamic sauce.

How Atkins Diet Helped Celebrities to Lose Weight?

And celebrities are people, and this is a couple of things to know when we ordinary people stick to the diet and we want to look like them.

Famous People Often Chose High-Protein Diets With Low Percentage of Carbohydratesfamous people exercise

Proteins have the best effect when it comes to losing weight. They achieve the best relationship between what the body enters, and that it can burn it quickly.

Famous People are Physically Active

To reach and maintain weight, let’s say like Brad Pitt, you should practice! Only the diet will not produce the desired results. Start with cardio exercises, and the rest is your choice.

Famous People do Not Exaggerate

This is especially true for diets and exercise. Famous people are busy and do not have time to constantly be in the gym while, say, filming a movie. And, contrary to the usual thinking, they still do not have superpowers.

They are also tempted to eat something they should not, or skip exercises for one day, with one difference: they are very much paid to succumb to them.

However, once a week they can relax, and yes, for example, they drink beer or eat ice cream. As long as they comply with the prescribed diet plan for the week.




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