How Dangerous Are Weight Loss Supplements – Should You Consume Them?

how dangerous are weight loss supplements

Dietetic supplements for weight loss can easily be found today in a free sale. Manufacturers of this supplemental diet are often presented as a kind of health elixir in quite aggressive advertising campaigns. Therefore, an increasing number of people are following them.

However, few consumers have developed an awareness of these supplements. For as long as they are useful in some cases, dietary supplements can have a counter-effect and seriously impair health.

If you want to find out which products are hiding behind the term vitamin supplements, stay with me.

Find out how dangerous are weight loss supplements, and what consequences can have their unsafe use.

What Are Supplements and How Healthy They Are?

Dietary supplements include those dietary supplements that represent concentrated sources of vitamins and minerals. In them, we find a great source of other substances with nutritional or physiological effects. They are used individually or in certain combinations.

They are packaged so that they can be taken in prescribed, measured quantities. Dietary supplements do not belong to the category of drugs, but they are not sold in the form of food.

Their advertising is permitted, they can be purchased freely, and quality control is left to the manufacturer.

You may not need nutritional supplements

Producers often present nutritional supplements as a need for a modern man without any health or vitality. However, doctors point out that vitamin supplements are not necessary, but respecting the principles of proper and diverse nutrition is sufficient.

If you are considering how to properly use dietary supplements, consider all their scientifically proven effects. In addition, pay attention to possible adverse effects and possible adverse health effects.chose healthy weight loss supplements

Today there are special supplements for women in menopause, athletes for the mass and definition, as well as those for increasing testosterone.

Do not take them by your own means before consulting your doctor.

Some supplements may interact with drugs used in the treatment of various chronic diseases.

Think about your pace of life

Today’s pace of life and nutritional habits make it difficult to conceive a diverse and rich menu. Accordingly, a nutritionist and a doctor may recommend certain supplements. However, they are just a dietary supplement, not a substitute for it.

Be considerate, weight loss supplements are not good for everyone. To be completely sure of them, the doctor first needs to analyze your diet, only then you will achieve the desired results.

If the existence of a surplus or shortage of certain macronutrients and micronutrients is found, then they are only accessed. Their proper dosing is crucial. The nutritional supplement can correct your incorrect nutritional habits only at exactly defined doses.

Who Needs To Use Supplements?

In areas where the population is not sufficiently educated for supplements, it is seen as some chemicals. However, they are much closer to us than we think. They are widespread and each of us used to use or use at least one in our life.

Sometimes it is vitamin C, magnesium, multivitamin preparation, probiotic, sports drink, fat burner and the like. Depending on the reason for using dietary supplements, the range of those they should take is fairly wide.

Sports supplements for recovery are certainly number 1. They are intended for professionals, but also for those who practice sports activities. However, dietary supplements are not intended only for them, doctors recommend them to patients as a complement to conventional therapy.


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Supplements can be used by members of both sexes, regardless of age.

Be moderate in dosing

C vitamin supplement is one of the most commonly used. It is considered the ideal health care provider, especially in the cold and flu season. However, many do not know how an overdose of this vitamin can cause nausea, cramps, and diarrhea.weight loss and exercise

In rare cases, blood glucose levels will be raised. On the other hand, higher amounts of vitamin C are not recommended for people who have kidney stones or problems with kidney function.

Not even patients with hemochromatosis or thalassemia are allowed.

It should be emphasized that the recommended daily doses of vitamin C depend on sex and age.

Adults should not enter more than 90 mg daily. Vitamin supplements for women are dosed in an amount of 75 mg daily.

Dietetic Supplements For Weight Loss are Dangerous to Health

Doctors advise you to take special care in the use of weight loss supplements for weight regulation. In addition to various dietary diet regimens, there are numerous supplements for weight reduction in the market.

Their appearance is accompanied by aggressive promotion in the media, often with audacious promises of efficiency.

Given the different composition and mechanisms of the active components of these products, their use may be hazardous to the health of consumers, especially if some drugs are used at the same time. In addition, many such products contain cardiotoxic substances.

“Consequently, hypertension, arrhythmia, tachycardia, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, and sudden cardiac death may occur.”

Not all the ingredients are written on the labels?

Dietary supplements on the Serbian market are very diverse. Our laws do not yet require manufacturers to register all the components in them. It is thus possible that nutritional supplements also contain a substance that is not indicated on the label.

The production of supplements is not precisely controlled, as is the case in the pharmacological industry. This is why omissions occur, as certain preparations may be contaminated with prohibited substances.

The Ordinance prescribes the maximum permitted amounts of minerals and vitamins at the daily level.


When it comes to supplements for pregnant women and diabetics, do not take anything on your own. Whatever it says on product labels, do not do anything without consulting your doctor.

Nutrition Supplements for Athletes – Why They are Important

Vitamin supplements in sports today are inevitable. However, athletes generally have a problem with regular, regular and varied feeding.
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The causes for this are numerous: Insufficient nutritional education, underdeveloped culinary skills, unfavorable living conditions.

Also, frequent journeys and unfavorable economic situation are just some causes. All this brings the athlete at risk of deficiency of macronutrients and micronutrients.

Supplements for athletes are classified by ABCD classification, which has been implemented since 2000 by the Australian Institute of Sport.

This system ranks sports foods and supplements in four basic groups.

In line with scientific evidence and recommendations that determine whether the dietary supplement is safe, legal and effective in improving sports ability.

How Dietary Supplements are Used Properly

The advice is in accordance with the recommendations of the experts from the Center for Sports Nutrition and Supplementation. They all relate to people who do not even recreate sports at all.

Top 10 Tips:

1. Choose supplements that satisfy the recommended daily intake of the desired minerals and vitamins.

2. Avoid those who have excessive doses, because different substances can interact, which leads to the lack of the desired effect. For example, high zinc concentrations can prevent copper absorption.

3. Dietary supplements have their expiration date. Pay attention to this and be sure to check before purchasing.

4. Ignore marketing statements and inscriptions claiming that weight loss supplements remove kg in the short term. Also, they do not cure and can not be considered as medications.

5. Use dietary supplements that are registered in national pharmacopeias. Also, select those that are produced in factories with good manufacturing and laboratory practice.

6. Choose exclusively famous brands.

7. Never change food with supplements. Instead of vitamin C supplements, you prefer to eat enough citrus fruit, kiwi, pepper, tomato or broccoli. Try to get all micronutrients in the right, balanced diet.

8. Get supplements only from those companies that do not produce preparations with banned doping substances (prohormons, hormones, stimulants, etc.). Even the best supplements for muscle mass, the definition, the increase in testosterone, often contain the substances mentioned.

9. Choose manufacturers that control their preparations in laboratories certified by the World Anti-Doping Agency

10. Buy monopredparates (contain one active substance), because in this case the risk of contamination is reduced. In addition, you have an accurate insight into the dose of the substance taken.


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