How Protein Can Help in Weight Loss – You Should Know One Thing!

how protein can help in weight loss

How protein can help in weight loss naturally. Protein is one of the most important elements that affects weight loss and a more beautiful body.

High protein intake stimulates metabolism, reduces appetite and changes the effect of several hormones to regulate body weight.

Proteins are great for weight loss and removal of stomach fat, and they do it through several mechanisms.

This is a detailed overview of the effects of protein on weight loss.

Proteins work on several types of weight-regulating hormones

Your weight is actively regulated in the brain, especially in areas called hypothalamus. In order for your brain to determine when and how much to eat, it processes several types of information.

Some of the most significant signals to the brain are hormones that change in response to food intake.

By replacing carbohydrates and fat with proteins, you reduce your hunger hormone and increase several satiety hormones.

This leads to a great reduction in hunger and this is the main reason why proteins help you lose weight. Automatically burn fewer calories, which is key for weight loss.

Conclusion: Proteins reduce levels of hormone hunger, while strengthening the effect of hormones for appetite GLP-1, peptide YY and cholecystokinin. This leads to an automatic reduction in calorie intake.

Digestion and Metabolism

Proteins burn calories

After eating, some calories are used for the purpose of digestion and degradation of food.

This is often referred to as the thermal effect of food (TEF).

Although all sources do not agree on numbers, it is clear that proteins have a much greater thermal effect (20-30%) than carbohydrates (5-10%) and fats (0-3%).

If we define a thermal effect of 30% with proteins, this means that out of 100 calories of protein only 70 ends up being usable.

Conclusion: About 20-30% of calories from the protein are burnt down until the body changes and divides the proteins that are inserted.

Proteins Help to Burn More Calories

Due to the high thermal effect and several other factors, high-protein diets can accelerate metabolism.

This allows you to burn more calories constantly, even during sleep.

High protein intake has proven to speed up metabolism and increase the amount of burning calories for about 80 to 100 per day.proteins help in fat loss

This effect is particularly pronounced during overeating, or while eating with an existing excess calorie.

In one study, over-nutrition with high-protein foods increased burned calories by 260 daily.

By burning more calories, the high-protein diet has a “metabolic advantage” over diets that have protein deficiency.

Conclusion: High protein intake can make you burn 80-100 calories more per day, while one study shows an increase of 260 calories during overeating.


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Proteins reduce appetite and make you consume less calories

Proteins can reduce hunger and appetite through several mechanisms.

This can lead to an automatic reduction in calorie intake.

In other words, it turns out that you eat less calories without the need to count calories or consciously control the portion sizes.

Numerous studies have shown that when people increase protein intake, they start eating fewer calorie.

This effect is expressed from meal to meal, as well as with the continuous reduction in calorie intake from day to day while protein intake is maintained high.

In one study, proteins at 30% of calories caused people to automatically reduce their caloric intake of 441 calories per day, which is a huge amount.

Thus, high-protein weight loss diets not only have a metabolic advantage – they have an “appetizing advantage”, which makes the reduction of caloric intake much easier compared to diets with less protein.

Conclusion: High-protein diets are very saturated, leading to a reduction in hunger and appetite compared to other diets. This facilitates the restriction of calorie intake within high-protein foods.

Proteins reduce your desire for food and the need to eat at night

Food cravings are the biggest enemy of a person on a diet.

This is one of the biggest reasons why people tend to give up their diet.

The second big problem is to have a late evening snack. Many people who tend to gain weight at night receive a desire for food, and in the evening they snack something. These calories are added to all the calories that they ate during the day.

Interesting is the fact that proteins can have a powerful effect on the desire for certain foods and the desire for lunch during the night.

Breakfast can be the most important meal during which you can bring in many proteins. In a study on teenage nutrition, protein-rich breakfast significantly reduced food cravings and helped slimming.

Conclusion: Consuming more proteins can lead to great reductions in food cravings and a desire to ease late into the evening. These changes should make it much easier for us to keep healthy eating.

Proteins help weight loss, even without knowing calorie restriction

Proteins are present on both sides of the “calorie intake / ejection” equation. This reduces calorie intake and encourages their rejection.high quality protein foods

For this reason, it is not surprising to see that high-protein diet lead to weight loss, even without deliberately limiting calories, portions, fats or carbohydrates.

In a study of over 19 individuals with overweight, increasing protein intake of up to 30% of calories caused a massive decline in caloric intake.

In this study, the participants lost an average of 11 kilograms over a period of 12 weeks. Keep in mind that they only add protein in the diet, they did not intentionally limit anything.

Although the results are not always so dramatic, most studies show that high-protein diet provide significant weight loss.

Higher protein intake is also associated with a reduction in fat on the stomach, a harmful fat accumulating around the body and causing disease.

After all of this, weight loss is not the most important factor. Keeping that loss in the long run, that’s really important.

Many people can go with diet and lose weight, but most eventually return weight.

Interestingly, higher protein intake can help prevent the return of lost weight. In one study, a modest increase in protein intake (15 to 18% of calories) reduced the likelihood of recovering lost weight by 50%.

So, not only proteins can help you lose weight, but also keep it in the long run.

Conclusion: Consuming foods rich in proteins can cause weight loss, even without counting calories, controlling portion sizes or limiting carbohydrates. A modest increase in protein intake can help prevent weight from returning.

Weight loss is not always the same as losing fat

When you lose weight, muscle mass tends to decrease as well.

However, what you really want to lose is body fat, both subcutaneous tissue (under the skin) and visceral fat (around the body).

Loss of muscle is a side effect of weight loss that most people do not want.

Another side effect of weight loss is that the metabolism weakens.

In other words, it eventually turns out to burn fewer calories than before you lose weight.

This is often referred to as the “starvation regime”, and can result in the loss of several hundred burning calories each day.

Injecting many proteins can reduce your muscle mass loss, which should help keep your tempo of your metabolism at a higher level while you lose fat.

Power training is another important factor that can reduce muscle loss and slow down metabolism in weight loss.

For this reason, a high protein intake and thorough strengthening exercise are two incredibly important components of an effective fat loss plan.

Not only do they help to keep the metabolism at a high level, they also ensure that what is under the fat actually looks good. Without protein and strength training, you can eventually look “skinny-fat” instead of fit and tight.

Conclusion: Injecting large amounts of protein can help prevent muscle loss when you lose weight. It can also help keep your metabolism at a high level, especially in combination with extensive exercise.

What Quantity of Protein is Optimal for Weight Loss?

DRI (Dietary Reference Entry) is only 46 and 56 grams in length for an average woman and man.

This amount may be sufficient to prevent a defect, but it is far from optimal if you are trying to lose weight (or get muscle).

Most protein studies and weight loss express protein intake through a percentage of calorie.

According to these studies, the tendency to reduce protein to 30% of calories is very effective in weight loss.

You can reach the number of grams by multiplying your calorie intake with 0.075. For example, in 2000 calories you would have 2000 * 0.075 = 150 grams of protein.quality meat full of protein

You can also target a certain amount based on your weight. For example, a target of 0.7-1 grams of protein per kilogram of muscle mass is a common recommendation (1.5-2.2 grams per kilogram).

It is best to schedule your protein intake throughout the day by protein intake with each meal.

Keep in mind that these numbers do not have to be precise, all in the range of 25-35% of calories should be effective.

Conclusion: For weight loss, the intake of 25-35% of calories in the form of protein can be optimal. 30% of the calories are reduced to 150 grams of protein within a 2,000 calorie diet.

How to Introduce More Protein in Nutrition?

Increased protein intake is simple. Just eat more protein-rich foods.

It includes:

  • Meat: Chicken, turkey, pure beef, pork, etc.
  • Fish: Salmon, sardines, cod, trout, etc.
  • Eggs: All kinds.
  • Dairy products: Milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.
  • Beans, peas, lentils, etc.

If you eat a little carbohydrate, then you can choose those fat pieces of meat. If you are not on a diet with little carbs, then try to keep the fatty meat as much as possible. This facilitates a high level of protein without too much calorie.

Taking protein supplements can be a good idea to fight to reach your target protein levels. Powdered proteins have shown numerous benefits, including increased weight loss.

While consuming more proteins works simply when you think about it, actually integrating this plan into life and nutrition can be difficult.


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I recommend that you use a calorie / nutrient meter at the beginning. Measure everything you eat to make sure you are moving toward your protein goals.

You do not have to do it always, but it’s very important at the beginning until you get a good picture of what high-protein food looks like.

Conclusion: There are many types of protein-rich foods that you can eat to increase protein intake. It is recommended that you use a nutrient tracker at the beginning to make sure you are injecting enough.

Final Word

When it comes to fat loss and a more beautiful body, proteins are the best nutrients of all the nutrients.

You do not have to limit anything to benefit from higher protein intake. The key is to add nutrition.

This is especially attractive because most high-protein foods are really tasty. The more you eat, it is easier and more satisfied.

A high-protein diet can be an effective strategy of obesity prevention, and not something you’re only applying to temporarily removing fat.

If you permanently increase protein intake, directing “calories inside / calories outdoors” balance in your favor.

After months, years or decades, the difference in your profession could be huge.

However, keep in mind that calories are still counting. Proteins can reduce hunger and speed up metabolism, but you will not lose weight if you do not eat less calories than you burn.

Certainly it is possible to overeat and deny the deficit of calories caused by higher protein intake, especially if you eat a lot of fast foods.

For this reason, you should base your diet on foods from whole, individual ingredients.


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  • Chris

    A good (female) friend of mine has a simple eating lifestyle that centres around getting a lot of protein into the diet, as she too believes that it is excellent at cutting out the hunger pangs for ‘unreasonable’ foods.

    She is a big fan of fish dishes, and she has many different ways of creating them and benefiting from the protein within. What type of fish would you recommend for high levels of protein?

    • Daniel

      Well, fish is one of the best sources of protein so it is very good to introduce it in daily menu and as for you question, I think that all types of fish are great protein bomb, I will mention tuna as one of the best.

  • Dale

    What a great article.  I love proteins, especially meats.  Couldnt imagine not eating meat.  I do have to be careful though because I am diabetic so that changes things a bit.  This was a great article and it gave me some insight into protein.  At the end of the day portions for me are also very important.

    • Daniel

      Thanks Dale! I can agree with you. Diabetics should firstly consult with their doctor before trying some type of diet but protein and non-fat meat can’t harm you.

  • Danny

    I knew proteins were important to weight loss but I didn’t really understand the science of why until I read this. Thanks for providing such a great resource! You say that a diet high in protein can speed up metabolism and so increase weight loss. This makes sense, but I did have one question. What about someone who has a naturally fast metabolism? Will the effect still be as strong, or not? Thanks!

    • Daniel

      Yes, we are all different and everyone has a different metabolism speed. I can tell that person who has naturally fast metabolism will see faster results than person with slow metabolism, it’s only matter of time.

  • Johel

    Great article Dani! I knew protein was good for building muscle but I never knew it was good with weight loss as well. I purchased a protein powder recently because I started working out. Do you think making a shake with a protein powder can help with burning fat or should I stick with the natural protein like you mention here? What are your thoughts?

    • Daniel

      Thanks Johel! You do not need to worry about that, you can use both or mix it, it is up to you. Folks who are using protein supplements will see better and faster results because our body will absorb it faster than natural proteins from food.

  • Taetske

    Good afternoon Daniel,

    After reading your post full of good information I would like to ad a couple of things if that is ok.

    Our modern society has become obese. We sit too much, drink too many sugar filled beverages like Coca Cola and similar drinks and eat too much man-made foods. More fruits and vegetables, good meats from animals which live a good lfe and are not injected with growth hormones, eggs from happy chickens and fish caught in unpolluted waters. 

    I know this is difficult for many people and it is too easy to fall back to fast food. Our health will suffer on the long run that is for sure. I am happy I do not crave late night snacks. I will follow your advice and introduce some more protein in to my diet as sitting at the computer has not made me slimmer.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Daniel

      Hi Taetske, thanks a lot for your thorough feedback! I completely agree with you and I am sad because so many people don’t pay attention on their health. Overweight is very dangerous “disease” and if we not control it, consequences are terrible.

  • Steve

    Great advice,

    I struggle with weight loss despite huge amounts of exercise (Ironman training!) They only thing that works for me is a low carb diet, where getting quality protein is essential. With a Diet like this I can shift the pounds, but a regular diet just leaves me hungry and weak from training, or just not losing fat at all.

    The Protein is essential for recovery from big sessions too! after ripping up my muscles I need lots of good protein to help build back up,


  • Barakat Olatunji

    Wow!! Can’t believe this,that protein can help to reduce weight. I have been on some many findings on how i can reduce my weight this is incredible to be. I love this write up i have to inform my friend about this. I do think meats, fish, egg,beans and dairy produce are the one that increase my weight not knowing that its also keep in reducing my weight. I have been into different types of tea for reducing my weight and which its doesn’t work out. Thanks for sharing this great write up to

  • julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us such a wonderful post on how protein can help in weight loss.Most of the time people think that skipping food is the most appropriate way to lose weight but i found that it is not the case. With this post i found that eating food rich in proteins is the best way to lose weight.

    Thank you for information because i am in process of losing weight too.

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Julienne! Most people don’t understand how proteins are very important for weight loss and overall health.

  • Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    Great info. Before reading this post, I had the opinion that fats and proteins have a great contribution to weight gain, little did I know protein help in burning calories. I don’t have any problem with too much weight myself, instead, I am working on improving my weight a bit.

    Thank you so much, for a great article. 


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