How To Beat Bad Habits And Lose Weight?

A healthy lifestyle does not imply exclusively improving your health, but with the help of healthy habits, you will be able to bring a slim line up and finally be satisfied with your appearance. Appropriate diet, sleep, life without stress and regular physical activity are the basic elements of a healthy life.

Each of us has its own bad habits, so the question arises how to beat bad habits and lose weight?. Of course, it is possible – and here’s how.

A Few Facts About Diets

#1 Keeping The Diet As An Obsession

If you want to get a lean line, first and foremost you need to understand is the fact that the diet should not become your Obsession With Dietobsession.

If you sit with fear every time you sit for a kitchen table and constantly think about what a piece of cake or pieces of meat will make to your waist or your thighs – it’s better to give up immediately. The slimline does not get so easy.

You need to know that every process in our branch is related to chemical reactions, and so does this one.

If you constantly burden yourself with the thought that you need to get rid of excess pounds and how you can only eat low-calorie foods, your organism will be more and more resistant and very often ask for what is forbidden to him.

It is important here that every diet should contribute to your health, not just your beautiful appearance.

#2 Why Are The Pounds Returning After A Diet?

A large percentage of people who have been able to get rid of excess pounds from low-calorie and fast diets and pounds have returned again in the first few months after stopping a diet. What is the reason for this? Namely, losing weight is a skill that must be learned. You can begin to master the weight loss skills by finding the mistake of your previous attempts.

Usually, the basic mistake is that we starve the body, which results in “hungry and thicker cells.” Namely, the fat cells (adipocytes) in our organism have a tendency of growth, both in size and in the total number of cells present. An adult has about 30 billion fat cells, but their number can be increased several times under specific circumstances.

In many diets, the rapidly multiplying of the fat cells is achieved. The task of fat cells is to provide the reserves that will be used if the organism is left without a sufficient amount of food.

In such circumstances, the fat cells create excess reserves, which when you return to the old diet returns the kilos that you have been able to lose during the diet. It’s even common to get more pounds than you had before the diet.

#3 What After The Diet – That’s The Most Important Question!

To get rid of excess pounds and contribute to improving your overall health, it is necessary to change your diet to long-term – or in other words – from now on for the rest of your life. For several weeks the diet only gives temporary results, and then we start a new round. And so indefinitely.

The bottom line is that most people, after losing several pounds, return to their old diet again and in a very short time, they also return their kilograms. But there are ways to avoid this.

7 Advises For Slim Line And Good Health

Can we do anything at all to keep the slenderness we have gained? And at the same time to improve and protect our health? We can, of course.

# 1 Prepare for a permanent change in the diet

In short-term diets, as I have already described, often there is jo-jo effect and kilograms return. Therefore, the correction of your diet must be permanent, at least for a period of 6 months, after which you probably will no longer have the desire to return to an old, unhealthy diet.

# 2 Drink as many fluids as possible

If you bring 2-3 liters of water a day into your body, you will have a great line. Water reduces the sense of hunger, cleanses the body from accumulated toxins and purifies the kidneys.

# 3 Eat from small bowlsEat From Smaller Plates

It’s a pure visual flaw. The smaller plate filled with food is an as big one, but half-empty.

Still, psychology does its thing – when we eat food from a full and big plate, it seems to us that we are really satiated, no matter how large the plate is. Otherwise, if it’s half-empty, we’ll probably think that we could “eat more.”

# 4 Think twice before you start eating

Practice a certain ritual when placing food on the table. Research shows that with most women preparing a table for eating, the desire for food decreases by as much as 30%. Fast satisfying hunger is something that is worst for every diet. In case, you only delay the moment of food intake, the appetite is decreasing and this is a purely psychological reaction of the organism.

# 5 Be physically active – choose the exercise mode that is interesting to you

If you want to make your organism begin to consume reserves, you have to practice continually. To make it easier for you to get used to everyday physical activity, choose one that’s fun for you and you can do 30 minutes a day.

For example, if you have a reluctance to run, it will be hard for your every day half an hour of running to get used to, and in spite of your efforts. Instead of running, you can choose countless other activities – swimming, dancing school, fast walking, tennis, cycling, gym, yoga…

# 6 Gradually strengthen your training

Then, when you feel your body is capable of carrying out a certain physical activity without difficulty, it’s a good time to boost training. For example, if you’ve been running 1,000 meters up to now, then increase to 1,500 at first and then to 2,000 meters.

# 7 Look for a nutritionist’s advice

Any better nutritionist will direct you to how much food you need to provide your body to meet its vital needs. It should be a diet that will not burden your organism with additional calories that he is not able to burn.

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