How To Burn Fat Fast And Lose Weight – It’s Pretty Simple

Easy weight loss

In the time that we are today, it is quite difficult for a man, almost impossible to take care of his health. We always hurry somewhere and because of that we don’t have time to give our body quality food and deserved vacation, which lead to unhealthy weight (overweight).

So guys, now in this topic I want to explain you how to burn fat fast and lose weight on simple and easy way, because if you don’t do something about your kilos, you are in big problems and both you and I know why.

Look At Yourself. In The Mirror

I’m sure you have one mirror in the house. Look at yourself. What you see?

When somebody (my girl) told me 2 years ago to do that I was schoked with my appearance. I knew that I was chubby, but what I saw was a big fat guy standing in front of a beautiful girl.

Then I thought: “Daniel, what have you done to yourself?” I was really embarrassed, because I was always a nice and attractive guy, but now I only was a big bag full of fat.

I don’t want to be rude to you, I only want to be honest with each other, because you must do something with your life, you MUST CHANGE your lifestyle if you want to live healthy and be attractive to your partner.

There isn’t any magic pills that will transform you into a prince, all is up to you and only you!

But don’t worry, it’s not all that dark. Like I said, I was a big bag full of fat, but I changed my lifestyle, and with that, my life has changed completely!

And now I want to tell you what you need to do to lose your fat on really simple and easy way, although results will not come overnight!

Change Your Vision

You want to lose your fat (weight)? You want to do that in minutes? STOP! Why you want that when you know that it is not gonna to happen? I know and you know that you can’t look like a prince in matter of minutes, even days, maybe months…

You are probably asking yourself: “Why is then this topic about fast weight losing?” I was waiting you there. You can lose your weight fast, yes, but question is what a Change your visionword “fast” means to you? Minutes, hours, seconds…?

You want me to give you something that will melt your fat ass in 5 seconds? Well, no, it will not happen and you know why? Because I don’t have that thing that you want and because something like that simply don’t exist!

First, you have to reconcile with yourself that success doesn’t happen overnight, you must work primarily on yourself and then and only then you will see your results.

So change your vision and accept that you can and you will lose fat but in time!

Activate Yourself. Slowly

Here we are. Here will begin your nightmare! Heey, I’m just kidding!

You know, something that was accumulated for months or years can not be ejected for 5 minutes. I think on your fat. You ate everything that you wanted and now you must pay a little price. Your sweat! (I really mean that!)

Here are some most important tips that you need to follow if you want to burn your fat to the ground!

  • Eat as much as possible protein food – you maybe heard how protein food is only for bodybuilders, but that is wrong. You need to eat a lot of proteins that you can find.They are your fat burners, they will melt your fat to the ground in no time! The best sources of protein are tuna, chicken breasts, turkey meat, milk, eggs, flax seed, cheese… Remember that all this sort of food will help you on your intention to lose your kilos in most efficient way.


  • Reduce input of carbohydrates – we know that we can’t live without carbohydrates because we need them, but we don’t need them TOO much! So, when I say to eject carbohydrates I primarily mean on white dough, various snacks (say NO to chips!), french fries etc. These types of food will not only make you fat, it will also slowly destroy your body from inside.


  • Reduce sugar intake – hmm, here I should focus on Coca-Cola!… You must know that big amount of sugar is death to your body. Of course, you can take some amount of sugar on weekly basis but if you enter big amounts of sugar in your body every day that could be really dangerous. Reduce sugarLike I said first, discard Coca-Cola, and you will see how it will be better. I don’t say that is easy to do, and you can’t do that in one day, but you must start doing that slowly. I think that is enough that I say you that Coca-Cola contains aspartame (sweetener that is 2000 times stronger than sugar!!) Also, I don’t think only on Cola, there are many chocolates and candies that are full of fake sweeteners, so try to eat some healthy sugars like honey.


  • Drink a lot of water as you can – if you really want to lose your fat, you can do it really simple – by drinking water! Water will accelerate your metabolism and with that your fat is past! I really mean it! When you wake up drink one glass of water, before your breakfast drink one glass of water, before you lunch drink one glass of water etc. Some studies say that you should drink minimum 8 glass of water on daily basis, but that is not like that. There are many factors out there that decide how much water you should drink, like your weight, your exercise level, your genetic etc. My recommendation to all of you is that you drink at least 2L daily. I know why I’m saying this to you. It much helped me and it will help you too. Water can’t harm your body, but can help him a lot! You will notice that while you increase your water intake, you will go to bathroom every 5 minutes. Don’t worry, that means that your body is cleaning himself out of toxins and when toxins are out, a part of calories are also out!


  • Exercise is crucial – maybe you love to do exercises (training) and maybe you don’t. I don’t blame you, I never liked to run out there where people looking at my fat ass and laugh at me. But if you don’t do any type of exercises, you are in big problem. I don’t mean that you have to run marathon or to go every day on swimming. All is better than just sitting home on your computer or phone and chatting with friends. Even a little Work hardwalk in about 30 minutes daily can help you to burn fat really fast, of course you must respect other tips that I wrote above, and then your success is inevitable! Here I will not mention gym because I’m not a fan of it, but if you like you can go to gym and there you can also burn your fat pretty fast doing simple exercises. Just go out, walk, never mind if its cold, simply wear warm clothes and that’s it! Don’t try to look for excuses! Walking, quick walking, bike riding, all that can help you with your calories, only if you want it! Have you knew that a 1 hour of walking can burn 100-150 calories?! Imagine walking every day for 1 hour! 7 days × 100 Kcal = 700 calories in a week!! You burned 700 calories in a week, and imagine two weeks, two months?! Again, you only could do this if you follow tips written above. You can train as much as you like, but if you don’t pay attention on your nutrition, it’s all in vain.

Don’t Give Up. Ever

I know and I understand that it will be no easy to you. It was not easy to me either. You must draw your goals and you must follow them no matter how hard they look.

You must understand that every beginning is difficult, but if you go through obstacles, you will not only get stronger, but also you will be immensely happy, because you have succeeded in what you wanted.

If you are not motivated lets me tell you something. Don’t except that someone or something will be pushing you to make a step to your goals. When I started in my mission to burn my fat body, I was alone.

Nobody was there to tell me Daniel do that and that. I found motivation in myself, because I didn’t want to run my life in fat. Believe me, it’s not that hard to find your motivation, just think about why you want to lose you fat? To look nice? To find a beautiful girl?…

When you found your motivation just write it on some piece of paper and lets that be always within your eyes. When you wake up in morning look at that paper and you will be ready to go!

When you want to eat something that you shouldn’t just remember on that paper where is your reason why you want to lose weight and trust me, you will feel better a day after day.

Your Success. Is My Success

Never give up

Yes it is! I want you to succeed in your goals and I want you to be happy, just like I am! I know that you can achieve your goals and much more than that. You only need to be disciplined and everything all will come in time.

I have achieved my dream, I have my goal accomplished, why you can’t do that? Am I different than you? No I’m not! I just followed some easy steps from above, where I share with you some easy and simple ways that anyone can follow.

Now turn off your phone and computer and get out, take action and burn your calories in minutes!!





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  • I really liked your post because you explained everything naturally and in a very simple manner, I was working on losing weight and now will follow your instructions as well. Well done!

    • Daniel

      Thank you Sarah! I really appreciate your comment. Feel free to ask anything you want. 🙂

  • Furkan

    I will start exercising and I am 27. I want to lose weight in next two months as much as I can since I will go camping with my friends. How many times should I go to a gym for maximizing the results?

    • Daniel

      Hi Furkan, thanks for comment!
      It all depends on how much you have to lose, if you have a much to lose it will go faster and if you have a little (2-5 kilos), it will go slower. If you only want to lose weight focus on nutrition, and for the gym, you can go 3x a week (on cardio or cardio/power training). I think that if you follow correct nutrition and some training, for two months you can burn 2-4 kilos… Wish you all the best and you can do it!

  • Thanks for these advices. They are very practical.
    I recommend this tips to everyone who wants to keep his or her body healthy !


    • Daniel

      Thanks for comment Driss! I really hope that this will help everyone who want to lose weight and live healthy life!


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