How To Lose Fat And Not Muscle – Is It Possible?

In this post guys I want to talk with you about how to lose fat and not muscle, and can a man really achieve it?

Well, some studies say that you need to eat double dose of proteins on daily basis (of course with combination of many exercises) to burn your fat without losing your muscles.

It took me a year to understand how can I simply eat calories (balanced) to lose my fat without effects on my muscle. Here I want to tell you MY ways of losing weight and how can you save your muscles.

So lets begin!

1. Fat vs Muscle. Who Is Stronger?

First what I want here is to clear with you what is fat and what is muscle. I crossed upon many people who thought that they are muscular and that they have natural muscles, but it turned out that they just was full of fat without any muscles on them.

What is fat? – I will explain this to you by giving one simple example. When you eat every day, and eat high calorie food like french fries or pizza, that food finishes in your liver and its accumulate in her from day to day.

As we know that liver is cleaning our blood, degrades grease, carbohydrates and proteins, keep up the vitamins we intake in our body and so many other things, so Fat lossif we put in her a lot of grease, our blood can’t circulate on the right way, and because of that fat is attaching to our blood vessels.

I think that is clear to you what is fat. Fat is all the food that we eat, and if we can’t spend that food through any type of training, she will transform into a fat in our body.

What is muscle? – Well, I don’t want to replace your teacher from biology, but if you was sleeping in class on lesson about muscles, then this is for you!

The human muscular system is made up of a complex network of soft tissues which are called muscles. You probably knew that without muscles our body can’t move anywhere. Each of us have between 600-700 muscles throughout the body.

So, we know that we all have muscles but why some people can’t see them? Simply because you must build them first! (Ask bodybuilders how!)

So after some lessons, we learned what is muscle and what is fat, but know we want to know which of them is stronger, IE. which of them is more heavy? Believe it or not they are the same!

Kilogram of fat is the same like the kilogram of muscle, but kilogram of muscle will take less place in your body while the same quantity of fat will spread your body and make you look bulky!

And that is why is better to have more muscles than fat.

2. Take Your Nutrition On Higher Level

What I want to say here is that if you want to lose your weight without losing Eat best protein foodmuscles you must eat! (yeah, you read it right!) And you must eat quality food.

You don’t want to eat greasy food with big carbohydrates inside, because if you do that your fat will beat your muscles!

Also, I want to mention that if you are a guy with too much fat, you don’t want to build your muscles YET! If you ask yourself why, let me explain you.

Let’s say that you are an average guy who never trained before and your weight is about 90-100 kilos. So, after a long time you decided to build your muscles because you think that with that you won’t look fat. That is your first and big error.

Maybe you will gain some muscles but let me tell you that you will look like a tank (thick Berta)! And don’t think “but what’s the matter, muscles are important, they will look nice”. NO! Your muscles will not be seen because of your fat!

They will be covered with grease and believe me its not looking very nice. I know that from my personal experience.

So, if you are a fat newbie who want to gain muscles don’t do that! You first must focus on losing your weight (fat) and after then start building your muscle.

But what if you are not that fat, you have a little grease to burn and don’t want to lose muscle you have built?

Like I said in the beginning you must eat quality food with a lot of proteins! Protein is a basic component to gain muscles, but also they are fat burners!

When you eat food with big amount of protein, they will speed up your metabolism and with that, you will gain nice muscles and lose fat in the same time! Of course, one more important thing is training but about that I will talk later.

How many proteins you need to eat daily to gain nice muscle and lose weight?

Well, it depends on many factors, like if you professional Bodybuilder, just an average person who want some muscles, your genetic etc. But my recommendation is that if you want to gain muscle you can eat 2g protein on one kilo your weight.


healthy meal for muscle mass


That is something optimal. So lets say that you have 90 kilos, you must eat 180g of proteins daily.

Don’t forget that these proteins also melt your fat no matter how thick you are. You can’t gain fat eating protein food. You can only gain muscle!

Now I want to meet you with some top food that is really rich with protein and I think that all of you have this in your fridge!

  1. Meat – turkey, chicken, red meat. You knew that chicken meat in 100g have a 30g of protein!
  2. Milk and yogurt – with minimal % of fatNice protein food
  3. Cheese – with minimal % of fat… One cup of fresh cheese have 16g of protein
  4. Fish – tuna, salmon..These fish in only 90g have 25g of protein!
  5. Eggs – one average egg have an about 6g of protein!

3. Train Smart. Not Hard

Now lets get to the training!

If you wish to lose your fat without consequences on your muscle, you must be careful about that! If you run 1 hour in gym (Sprint) you will burn a big amount of fat, which is good, but also doing that you will burn a little of your muscles.

Also, if you have muscles but they are covered with fat, and you go to gym with empty stomach and train cardio one hour thinking that you will burn fat fast, you are doing wrong! All that will only make that your muscles disapair. And that is something that we don’t want!

The Best option if you want to lose fat and save your muscles, is that you combine correct protein food, cardio training and power training!Don't give up

I already wrote about nutrition above, and its recommended that you follow that instructions. Eat more protein food and throw out greasy food and carbohydrates.

As regards of a cardio training, he will help you to burn your fat on most efficient way! Personally, I like to do 2x a week cardio and 3x a week power training. But you could use your plan if you want.

Power training will help you to maintain and build your muscles on really easy way, because while you burn your fat with cardio training, power training will build and strengthen you muscles! Really simple!

Also, don’t train every single day! Train one month, then take a break one week and you will see great results. Of course, when you train don’t overload yourself, begin easy and after some time increase your speed (cardio) or weight (power).

Now I want to give you some basic plan that you could follow, but in time you can increase its levels:

Monday: Chests/Biceps

  • Flat bench – 4x 6-10 repeat
  • Tilt bench – 4x 6-10 repeat
  • Expansion cable – 4×12 repeat
  • Folding pinch – 4x 8-10 repeat
  • Hammer folding – 4×8-10 repeat
  • 20 min cardio

Tuesday: Back/Triceps

  • Lat machine above the head – 4x 6-10
  • Partially dead lifting – 4x 8-10
  • Rowing on some machine – 4×12
  • Triceps extension on cable – 4×10
  • Extension in front of forehead – 4x 8-10
  • 20 min cardio

Wednesday: Cardio training 45 min

Thursday: Legs

  • Leg extension – 4×12
  • Leg thrust – 4×12
  • Squat – 4×10
  • Sitting folding – 4x 6-10

Friday: Take a break!!

All this training is for those who want to burn fat on efficient way, but while losing fat you will gain pretty nice muscles. Of course, this level is when you are starting out, but while you go ahead, you can increase your intensity. Just to mention again that if you are too fat, concentrate on losing fat first, and then start training for muscles!

If you follow up this training and respect your nutrition you will melt your fat really fast and your muscles will be thankful to you!

4. Give Yourself a Time

Losing fat or gaining muscles is not some fast process that you can accomplish in minutes. First, you must draw yourself a plan how much you want to lose or gain in month?Can you lose fat

Believe me its not hard, just take some action and you will see results. When I started to train I was a tank! I wanted to lose kilos and build muscle in one day which is impossible! And because of my wish to succeed in no time, I was doing all wrong!

So don’t worry, you will success, just give yourself some time to adapt on new nutrition and training and success is guaranteed!

If you need any help or you have some question be free to leave a comment below and I would be happy to answer you!






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  • Brandon

    Is it true that weight loss is 70-80% nutrition and 20% exercise?

    I’ve heard this statement many times before but find it hard to be true.

    I can’t believe muscle and fat weigh the same! Because of this I’m going to focus on shredding fat and building lean muscle mass. Thank you.

    • Daniel

      Yes Brandon! It is true! I know that is hard to believe it, and many people dont believe, but its useless doing exercises if you eat everything, and I primarily think on fat food.
      You can lose weight without exercise, thats for sure. Exercise only speeds up you weight loss process, but nutrition is main factor.

  • Thanks for your article.

    It is very important to lose fat first. I tried it once. I went to do exercise 3-4 times a week, but I was around 70 pounds overweight. And muscles started to build up, but it looked ugly and my wife asked me to stop doing it. I switched to cardio, which was not as good as I thought because I did not lose fat. I think I was eating to much. My lifestyle hadn’t changed.

    I am currently rly losing weight and will wait until I lose all that excess fat and then come back to exercising.

    Great information,

    • Daniel

      Yes Oscar,I know that. That happened to me in the past too. You should primarily work on your nutrition. If you have a lot to lose, its not recomended to do power training, because you will get even more “bulky”.
      Other thing, you can do cardio as much as you want, but there will be no effect if you dont change your nutrition. Try to change your lifestyle, its not that hard, you must be persistant and results will come pretty fast!!
      Best wishes!

  • Ziga

    I can confirm that changing what you eat is the first thing you have to sort out if you want to lose fat (weight). I went for a plant-based “diet” and it made wonders for me.
    I would maybe also mention intermittent fasting. It can also help losing weight while keeping the muscles in shape 🙂

    Thanks for the training tips!

    • Daniel

      Of course Ziga, you are right! Nutrition is way more important then training. As for the plant diet, I has pretty awesome results in the past. Worth the effort!
      I did not have any experiance with intermittent fasting. I should try that some day! Great idea! 😀


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