How To Lose Weight Fast By Walking (Simple Steps)

how to lose weight fast by walking

This time you decided to throw yourself into practice, running, fast walking. You’re asking yourself, make a plan. Prices in the gym discourage you.

Along with that, you think about training exercises and all the effort you need to put into it. All of this is done to get a flat stomach, a hard butt, and muscles. You’re getting cold sweat. Keep reading and discover how to lose weight fast by walking and is it even possible.

Your friend suggests a fast walk for weight loss. You’re not sure about it. You wonder, is not it a much more efficient to run? She assures you that it is better for you to walk. It shows you the results of researchers from the London School of Economics.

A fast walk involves the entire body, 30 minutes a day is effective as well as exercising in the gym. These results are the result of the monitoring of sports performances in 50 000 people, which were in the period from 1999 to 2012.

They dealt with different sports. It has been shown that people who regularly exercise a fast walk have a body mass index (BMI) much lower than the average.

Now you’re seriously interested. Well, that’s wonderful news. You realize that there is no need to exhaust yourself or pay too much to have the perfect line.

Fast walking in nature is ideal for you. But beware, all of it provided you walk faster than when you go out for a Sunday walk and you follow certain rules. Let’s see how walking leads to health and leanness.

What Is Actually Fast Walking?

It is a physical activity that should not be mixed with fast walking, athletic discipline performed in competitions. There are 2 categories, 20 km for women and men and 50 km for men only. The goal of this discipline is that the competitor moves as fast as possible, but so that one leg is always on the ground and, of course, the first one gets to the finish line.

Recreational fast walking is a separate discipline, which is practiced on trails, parks, pavements, and other urban terrains. The average speed is from 5.5 to 7.5 km/h. So in 15 minutes, it passes from 1,5 to 2 km.

The range of walking speeds is great because it depends on the material and rhythms of each person, the goal that wants to achieve and the types of terrain.

A woman of 160 cm in height and a 185 cm man definitely will not walk at the same speed. As with any sport, it needs to be moderate, because if we overdo it, we risk hurting ourselves.

For whom is fast walking?

For everybody. It’s enough to get comfortable shoes, choose a path and go, alone or in the company. Since fast walking is less demanding and traumatic for the body than running, it is ideal for recreational people. It is especially recommended for those who want to start sporting or lose weight.

What Kind Of Equipment Is Needed For You?

Fast walking does not require a big budget. The equipment you need to get started is a good pair of shoes. Choose those with a quality sole to ease movement and to protect the knee and spine. Avoid hiking shoes, identify those with a soft pad. You should feel like walking on the clouds. Choose breathing clothes. Cotton is not suitable because it promotes sweating.

When can I practice a quick walk?

Whenever it suits you. In the morning, during a break for lunch, in the evening after work, on weekends. Just keep your shoes on and you’re ready. It is particularly recommended walking fast after long periods of physical inactivity. It’s the right way to get in shape.proper shoes for walking

How often should I walk?

The rhythm and the speed of walking should be consistent with the condition and state of the organism. It would be ideal to practice a fast walk 3 times a week for 45 minutes.

The reason lies in the fact that the organism becomes effective and begins to eliminate fat only after 40 minutes of physical activity. If you cannot spend as much time as this, then spend half an hour walking.

Believe it or not even 20 minutes of fast walking is much better than not doing anything.

Fast Walking Technique – Basic Rules

The movements you make in fast walking are simple. They differ from the Nordic or competitive fast walk. Get them in a moment’s eye.

Step 1 Hold the heel of one leg on the ground and lift your fingers high.

Step 2 Lower the foot until it gets on the floor.

Step 3 Continue the movement by now separating the heel from the ground.

Step 4 Continue the movement until the thumb touches the ground. Hold the thumb raised while you perform this movement, so you can feel the movements of the foot better.

Hold your hands at an angle of 90 degrees. As you move, lift them, alternately, to the height of the chest, moving in sync with the rhythm of walking. Always lift the opposite hand from the foot that moves when you walk fast. The stomach is pulled. Hold your head straight and look at the distance.

What Makes A Fast Walk Different From A Simple Walk

Let the rhythm of your walk be neither too slow nor too intense. Keep in mind that you did not go out for a walk with your friends, nor did you take the dog out of the house.maintain a good line by walking

In order to maintain a form and a good line, you need to engage in physical activity at a level that is above the level when you feel comfortable.

If you are not breathless after half an hour of fast walks, your rhythm is slow.

Here is the key concept of breathlessness. While walking fast you need to feel a little breathlessness, and in doing so you can conduct a conversation without any problems.

If there is no such sensation, your effort is not enough. It can be futile because the muscles on the thighs and the solid buttocks do not get just that way. If you lose breath and you cannot maintain a normal conversation, it’s an indication that you are overstretching and then you still need to slow the walking a little.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Fast Walking?

To fully enjoy and avoid embarrassment while walking fast you also follow these tips:

  • Warm up

Before starting a fast walk, it is very important to warm your joints well. This is especially true for the hock joint because it is most affected when you lower your foot to the ground. You make circular foot movements. Work exercises for stretching your legs, arms, neck, and shoulders. 5 minutes of warming is enough.

  • Do not walk slowly

Keep a uniform rhythm, much quicker when walking around the city. Although this activity is less demanding than some others, the muscles must be engaged and loaded so that the exercise is effective

  • Keep your back right

For fast walking, proper posture is very important. Let your back remain completely upright as if something keeps you attached to height and not to rush you.

  • Drink water

Hydrate the body when exposed to physical strain. Always have a bottle of water while you walk fast. This is especially important in winter. It’s a mistake that we need less water in winter. The body consumes a lot of calories during this period and needs fluid.

  • Eat normally

Do not take food at least 2 hours before you go into recreational fast walking. During the effort, the body needs sugar, so be sure to provide it from healthy sources. If you keep the diet your nutrition should be diverse and balanced.

Do not overdo it in starving, because it will not give lasting results. And be physically active. The combination of proper nutrition and exercise will lead you to the desired goal.

Fast Walking And Health

The list of benefits that fast walking has for health is longitudinal, let’s start in order ..

  • If you are dealing with this sport, you will first be grateful for your cardiovascular system. Rapid rhythm leads to faster and deeper breathing, which accelerates circulation and stimulates heart and lung function. Your muscles will be rich in oxygen, and toxins easier and faster walk and heart health
  • Fast walking improves blood flow to the legs, making it possible to better circulate and reduce cellulite.
  • If you want to lose kilograms quickly, you will get visible results. With healthy weight loss, digestion is accelerated, which will significantly burn calories.
  • By walking fast, the muscles on the thighs, buttocks, leaves, stomach tighten. The body is lightly shaped and gets muscles. This is an effective exercise for everyone with sensitive joints.

How To Lose Weight With Fast Walking

You do not need tons of equipment or exercise devices to lose weight. Take a bottle of water, properly wrap and dress and walk in a fast walk. 45 minutes to an hour will be enough. Move at a speed of 5 to 8 km/h. Use pedometers, apps, or other utilities to check the speed.

You would better walk every day. If you skip one or two times, do not have a guilty conscience. Instead, go to the stairs, walk to work, shopping center, kindergarten, school.

What if fast walking does not bring the desired result with kilograms?

Do not lose your motivation. If it’s easier for you, instead of the time of 45 minutes, set the goal to reach a store that is 4 km away from your home. You’ll have to go back, are not you? See how your goal becomes more easily accessible and achievable.

A few more important tips

In order for fast walking for weight loss to be effective, you need to reach a certain “training zone/endurance zone”. In this case, it is in the range of 60 to 70 percent of your heart rate.

In this zone burns most calories and fats to feed the muscles for which energy is needed. Most people practice in this zone, which is also called aerobic target zone or 3rd zone. To reach it, it is necessary to walk at a speed of 5 to 8 km/h.

Signs of “endurance zone”

  • Your breathing becomes harder.
  • Sweat a little.
  • You feel how your body works.
  • You can talk.

If you are too breathless, it means you’re moving too fast. Slow down and find the rhythm that suits you.

How Many Calories Are Spent By Fast Walking?

To burn fat, you need to walk for 30 to 50 minutes each day. It is only after you have done warming exercises. A person of 70 kg will burn an average of 300 calories an hour after a fast walk, moving at a speed of 6km/h.

Remember this: To lose weight you need to lose fat, not muscle!losing fats instead of muscles

Muscles have their weight, you develop them by exercising, so it can happen that fat loss is not immediately visible on the scale.

It is therefore important to stay motivated and you need to be focused on the changes that you notice on the body before losing weight.

It would be desirable to record these changes in the exercise log and be patient.

Believe, weight loss will come naturally as a result of all the above. In this way, this way of training the kilograms disappear permanently.

Fast Walking In Nature VS Weight Loss Tape

I am always for nature. But if for any reason you cannot walk outdoors, here are some tips that you should adhere to if you are planning a quick walk on the weight loss tape.

First and foremost, it is important to choose a device in accordance with your needs and bodybuilding. Not all the speed tapes are the same, there are those with a maximum speed of 5 km/h to those that can reach 12 km/h.

Pay attention to the maximum load that the tape can handle. Set goals, first, short term, then mid-term and long-term. They concern the speed of walking, the number of calories, the distance traveled, the time.

Goals help you maintain motivation. Set the first reachable and realistic goal. Then, the one more demanding you need to reach in 6 months and finally the goal you want to arrive in a year.

By regular exercise, you are slowly approaching your goals, plus losing weight faster than you believe. Follow the advice on preparing for training, clothes, shoes, and food.

Fast Walking Or Running

Running burns more calories

If you practice it regularly and diligently, running burns more calories. For example, a woman of 60 kg, who in 1 hour run 10 km burns about 600 calories. Morning running burns 5 times more fat.

But this is not risk-free because a significant amount of essential fatty acids and proteins is ejected. Therefore, fatigue and exhaustion can occur at the end of the day, which is not characteristic of fast walking. If you run in the morning, be sure to drink a large glass of water.running burns more calories than walking

  • Running reduces appetite – After running, the desire for food decreases.
  • Running requires less time – so it’s easier to fit into your everyday tasks.
  • Running is more demanding than walking and injuries are more common. Joints and ligaments are particularly exposed. It is not recommended to everyone
  • Gradually increase the time and distance you want to cross. Start with 15 to 20 minutes to get the body used to the effort.

So, my dear readers, running or fast walking, it’s best to decide for yourself. No excuses. The shoes on the legs, the bottle of water in hands and see you at the training.

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