How To Lose Weight Fast Without Starving Yourself – LCHF Diet!

low carb high fat diet for weight loss

LCHF diet is the answer you are looking for if you are asking how to lose weight without starving yourself. Here’s what it means!

How many diets have you tried so far and you quit because they were too demanding? Do you think that no diets are sufficiently considerate? It’s as if people who make them are not quite aware that they write a diet for human beings.

However, something might finally come up that might be a good way to lose weight.

I present you LCHF diet!

Although it’s called a diet, it’s about a diet plan that aims to get rid of your carbohydrate diet and turn on the fat. Fewer carbohydrates mean faster melting of pounds, and how to achieve this exactly, I will explain in the text that follows.

What Is LCHF Nutrition?

Do not let confuse these powerful letters.

The LCHF abbreviation is derived from the English term low carb, high fat, which in literary translation should mark a low-carbohydrate diet and a high level of healthy fats.

It’s also called Banting’s Diet as per William Banting, which made it popular.

In particular, this diet eliminates the use of foods rich in sugars, pasta and bread, and includes plenty of healthy fats. You do not need to count calories and cut your portions, just eating within the permitted foods.

What LCHF diet focuses on are proteins, healthy unsaturated fats and plenty of vegetables.

It’s possible that it will confuse you that a diet rich in fats is good for your line when it is the first rule that has taught us when keeping a diet concerned about giving up fat foods.

It turns out that they taught us wrong!

More precisely, they did not teach us to distinguish good from bad fats.low card nutrition for fat loss

Good fats actually contribute to healthy and fast metabolism. When you eject sugars from the diet, the body can burn more fatty deposits more efficiently.

This is due to the fact that a lower intake of sugar means a lower level of insulin in the blood, a hormone that is responsible for fat accumulation.

The food you enter should preferably be raw. I should not tell you that you should avoid industrially processed foods if you want the LCHF diet to get on, do not you?

As far as the plan itself is concerned, the idea is eating when you experience hunger until you are satiated. Of course, here you should have enough control over yourself and feel when you are really hungry and when you just continue eating just like that.

It would not be bad to try to reduce your appetite, or at least what looks like an appetite, but it is not really a real need for food.

Now, I said that LCHF diet is a healthy way to lose weight. And in order for any diet to be healthy, it should not completely (and especially not suddenly) exclude the whole group of foods. That’s why LCHF menu allows you to enter 20-100 gr of carbohydrates daily.

Sometimes, higher intakes of these foods are allowed, if in your individual case there is a need for it. However, leave this decision to the nutritionists to avoid unwanted complications.

Rules of LCHF Diet

Well, when it’s already so good, it’s time to find out how to get to LCHF diet.

However, first, we set the basic rules.

Do not even think about starting this diet (especially without prior consultation with a doctor or nutritionist) if you take regular medication therapy (specifically for diabetes or high blood pressure, this includes insulin) or breastfeeding your baby.

For all others, the LCHF diet is completely safe, if implemented according to the rules.

And the rules are that you need to limit carbohydrates to an optimal amount of 20 gr.

In other words, avoid foods that contain sugar and starch. This includes artificial and natural sweeteners that you might use for tea or coffee instead of sugar.

No dough and pasta are taken into consideration, but neither rice, cereals, potatoes, butter, beans, peas, honey, energy drinks and refined oils (soybean, corn, saffron, etc.), but also margarine and oat flakes.choose low carb food

As for fruits, you can eat it but should limit its use because it contains sugar.

If you really like eating fruit on a daily basis, look for something that has little fructose, such as blueberries and other berries.

Alcohol is also not recommended when the LCHF diet is concerned, especially beer, cocktails and wines, although a glass of red wine is quite affordable.

Vegetables are generally allowed, but some vegetables should be used moderately.

For example, the onion should not eat more than half of the head per meal. On a portion, you should limit yourself to 1 or 2 tomatoes, 1 carrot, 1 pepper, etc.

LCHF Nutrition – Allowed Food

Now that I’ve covered the rules on forbidden foods, let’s deal with what we can eat.

What are these foods that contain a lot of good fats, and little or no carbohydrates?

There are enough of them to not feel that you are on a diet and cover each group of foods.

You may eat almost all animal products because they are rich in protein.

This means that meat comes in (red, chicken, beef, etc.), and eggs and whole milk products (all from cream, cheese and yogurt to butter).

As for fish, the LCHF diet allows all the fish in the diet but especially advises eating as much fatty fish as salmon, tuna, sardines and trout.

Fish are also excellent due to fish oil that contains plenty of unsaturated fats. You can also use oils, and in particular, you are recommended olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil.

Vegetables are also highly allowed unless it contains too many carbohydrates. This means that you can eat practically all vegetables, broccoli, curry, cabbage, peppers, cucumber, spinach, carfiol, mushrooms, and other vegetables.

From the fruit, I already said LCHF allowed foods are blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and other berries, but also today’s widely popular avocado. You also have the bone fruits (because it contains many healthy fats), so you decide specifically for almonds, nuts, peanuts, and pumpkin seeds.

Finally, all dry and fresh spices are allowed, so you can use them to keep your meals constantly diversified. Not to mention how some of them can affect weight loss.

LCHF Menu – I Bet You Will Like It

As usual, when talking about diets, I am here to make your first diet ease.

That’s why I prepared for you a LCHF menu for days, which can then serve as an inspiration for a further diet. You can also arrange the changes you make with a nutritionist, from whom you can get a far more extensive diet plan, for example, a month.


Start kicking and save yourself a dose of energy for the first LCHF breakfast. Prepare two eggs in the way you like and eat them with spinach and broccoli. Additional points for you if you prepare all this on coconut oil.coconut oil and fat loss

For lunch, take a tuna salad with avocado and a little of vegetables by your choice (of course without carbohydrates).

Dinner on the first day can be salmon prepared on a butter with a grilled curry as an attachment.


Start the day with breakfast, which will be easier. Eat whole fat yogurt with strawberries, coconut and pumpkin seeds. To clarify, do not look to buy this product, but you mix all the aforementioned fresh foods yourself.

If the breakfast was lightweight, the LCHF lunch will be more abundant, so be honored with a turkey burger where you can eat cheese and vegetables without carbohydrates of your choice.

For dinner, treat yourself with a beefsteak and spiced red peppers.


Breakfast should be a healthy shake of unsweetened coconut milk, berry, peanut butter and powdered protein (use to add some supplements to your diet).

For LCHF lunch you can eat grilled shrimps with a few pieces of mozzarella and 1-2 tomatoes.

Complete the day with a noodle zucchini dinner, which you will prepare with pesto sauce and chicken meatball.


For breakfast, you can eat an avocado with two fried eggs on coconut oil.

For lunch, you can eat chicken curry with sour cream and vegetables without carbs.

For dinner, you can eat a pizza with carfiol on which you can put cheese and vegetables from the list of allowed foods.


Let the breakfast be 2 fried eggs with spinach, black onion, and cheddar cheese.

For lunch, you can cook yourself a chicken soup with vegetables.

For dinner, you can eat lasagna.


Another day when your LCHF breakfast will be a shake, this time from blueberry, Indian walnut and coconut powder.

Lunch focuses on meat, so you can eat turkey with avocado and cheese.

Today, dinner comes with fish, trout with grilled carfiol.


We end up spending a week with a rich breakfast when you can cook an omelet with mushrooms and feta cheese.

For lunch, prepare a stuffed chicken white, and you can use goat cheese and caramelized onions.

And finally, LCHF dinner in the form of a large salad of greenery, with avocados, shrimps and pumpkin seeds.

LCHF Nutrition and Its Advantages

The first and foremost advantage is at the same time everything you want from a single diet: an easy weight loss.

What is especially good is that your LCHF diet helps you to get rid of the stomach fat, above all. Too much fat on the stomach can also cause many diseases, so your weight loss is not purely aesthetic.

The advantage of the LCHF diet lies in the fact that there is less chance for fatty deposits to return, especially if it is adopted as a permanent diet.

Studies show that people who have consumed less than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day have made a significant loss of their pounds in the long run, and that they were able to maintain weight later on.protein foods for muscles

The amount of good fats you enter in your body will help you build muscle, so LCHF diet is especially recommended if you are an athlete.

In addition to weight loss, LCHF diet also affects your health well. This diet can help you fight diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and also as a diet against the pimples.

As for diabetes and heart disease, the thing is clear – the key lies in controlling the blood sugar level, which is exactly what the LCHF diet is like.

The tests say that LCHF results after 24 weeks of this diet are stunning.

Against heart disease, the fact that healthy fats control the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, and increase the level of good cholesterol.

They also prevent the occurrence of inflammation in the body that can complicate existing diseases, especially blood vessels.

LCHF Diet Experiences

When it comes to experiences with this diet, users are most likely to compare with Atkinson’s diet or with a keto diet. Basically, they are all based on a diet with as few carbs as possible.

Technically, these two diets may somehow be considered part of the LCHF diet, because they belong to diets without carbohydrates, so you can borrow some recipes from them.

Although LCHF’s diet may sound tough, experience suggests that the organism easily accompanies it.

You can not include all the permitted foods daily in the diet. You can also not include all food groups.

It’s just enough to cut off the use of carbohydrates and you’re on the right track.

Now, sometimes people can not withstand only 20 grams of carbohydrates per day (especially at the beginning), so adjust the regime to yourself. People were losing weight while they ate 50-100 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Possible Side Effects of LCHF Diet

It is imminent that any diet can have negative effects. The same goes for the LCHF diet, despite being considered good for general health.

First, I have already mentioned that this diet is not for chronic patients suffering from diabetes and heart disease, but also for breastfeeding or pregnant women. It should not be said that it is not designed for children.

Although I said it was good for athletes, it was happening because of this diet the impact of professional athletes diminished. Even with non-athletes, when you start to hold this diet, it’s possible that in the first 7-10 days you will run out of energy.

All this is a logical consequence of the sudden release of sugar and starch. Also, if you are sensitive to cholesterol, your body can respond to this diet.

The known side effects that can happen while you are on the LCHF diet are:

  • diarrhea
  • nausea
  • a headache
  • cramps in the muscles
  • insomnia, etc.

It should be said that the side effects are largely related to the period of adaptation to the new diet. In addition to the above, you may experience bad breath, dehydration, forgetfulness and a sense of difficulty in the body.

The good thing is that these side effects persist for a maximum of a week.




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  • Thanks for sharing, Dani!

    I’m glad you addressed the issue with good and bad fat sources, which is extremely important.

    Same goes for carbs: complex carb sources such as whole grains and legumes can definitely contribute to one’s health and even aid in weight loss. The absence or severe reduction of these foods is one of the potential disadvantages of an LCHF diet.

    But people will definitely benefit from cutting out processed sugar and refined carbs!

    Best wishes!

    • You’re welcome, Alex! Processed sugar and unhealthy carbohydrates are a nightmare for our weight and our body. It will be the best if people could completely eject that kind of “food” from their menu. LCHF diet can give pretty good results when it comes to weight loss but also it can help in the overall health of an organism which is very important.


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