How To Lose Weight In 30 Days At Home Without Exercise

how to lose weight in 30 days at home without exercise

In just 30 days, start metabolism. Jump in jeans of 2 number less. Change your habits. Feel great.

This is not another diet.

This is not another nutrition plan. It’s not an American film.

This is your new lifestyle.

This is a common path, lasting only 30 days. After that, you will no longer want to go back to the old. Discover how to lose weight in 30 days at home without exercise which will bring you a new and happy life.

You have nothing to lose on this path, except for the pounds and bad habits. I believed in him, succeeded, there is no reason for you to fail.

These first 30 days are what I do on my skin when I am in the whole, so-called clean eating phase. Total dedication. Cleaning and detoxification. Otherwise, I live very similarly, with smaller variations. For advanced 😉

Disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a professional trainer. Everything that stands here is based on the tons of materials that I read about nutrition and decided to eat everything based on common sense.

So, it is tested, after receiving these results you can see:

  • fewer kilograms,
  • more muscle and less fat deposits,
  • nothing of cellulite,
  • improved blood,
  • reduced cholesterol and
  • reduced high pressure.
  • More energy.
  • Better mood.
  • Better concentration.

Show me a finger who does not want this. I could. My friends could with whom I shared these experiences. Everyone can!

You Ask How?

It is only necessary to make small changes in habits.

Healthy reason tells you not to eat processed foods, therefore, products from the box and bag. Ready food, biscuits, candy, ice cream…

Healthy reason tells you not to prepare food with deep frying.

Based on common sense, you know that sugars and dough are not a good choice.

This is a proposal for the first month. Only 30 days. After this time, when your body is completely adapted to this nutrition, make changes that remain in the domain of a healthy one. Eat moderately and versatile.

What For The First 30 Days And Forever?

Eat the right food.

Meat. Cooked. Roasted. Better white (chicken, turkey) than red (beef, veal). But also red, more moderate, at most once a week. Meat – one meal per day.

A fish. Eat all kinds of fish. The best fatty fish (tuna, salmon), but not in one species you will not make mistakes. Fish – can also serve two meals a day, if you like it so much.

Shellfish and seafood. Frozen or salted. One meal a day, once a more protein-based foods

Vegetables. All kinds of vegetables. Fresh. Steam cooked. Cooked. Vegetables – with each meal, in unlimited quantities.

Salads. All kinds of salads you made and spiced with olive oil, natural spices and lemon. Salads – with each meal in unlimited quantities.

Fruits. All kinds of fruits, just before noon. One serving, every day. For example, between breakfast and lunch.

Oils. Olive (extra virgin, on which you can fry) and from the beet (on which you do not fry). Up to two tablespoons a day.

Butter. Like a finger thick piece.

Nut fruit. Fresh or dry. Hazelnut, Brazilian walnut, pistachio, Indian walnut… At least one handful a day.

Eggs. If you eat yolks, limit it to two whole eggs per day. If you eat only whites, unlimited. Cooked or fried in olive oil.

Dairy products. Moderately. One cup of yogurt. Or 150 gr of soft cheese. Or 100 ml of milk. Daily.

Oatmeal. Just once a day. Before noon. Maximum 50 gr. With skim milk or yogurt.

Dry fruit. Natural dried fruits, not candied. At least one closed fist daily. Before noon.

Stevia. Natural sweetener.

Green tea.

Water. At least 2 liters a day.

Coffee. As such, with caffeine or without.

What NOT For The First 30 Days?

Bread. No one. Not even integral. These also include all baked goods. (after these 30 days you can introduce one piece of bread in the morning, from the whole grain)

Spaghetti, pizzas. No way. Not even of integral flour. (after these 30 days you can introduce pastries of whole flour, one meal, once a week)

Sugar. White. Yellow. Sweets.


All other cereals.

Legumes. Bean. Peas. Soy. (after these 30 days, this is for you a vegetable, you can eat it normally, except that I would have avoided soy forever.)

Rice. Not even integral. (after 30 days, normal, sometimes)

Flavor enhancers. No sweeteners or too much salt.

Alcohol. Point. (after 30 days, a glass of wine, it’s okay, in principle, avoid beer or strong drinks)

Margarine. Point.

Sunflower oil. Point.

Juices. No diet. Not even sugar-free. Simply, no juices, except fresh juice from your juicer, but it’s then that portion of fruit from above.

That’s it. Well, it’s not a big deal? You can do it all. After all, based on your own common sense, you already knew all this.

The Number Of Meals

Eat 3 to 5 times a day, but so that the main meals are meals after which you are satiated, and for snacks, choose fresh or dry fruit (in the afternoon) and salads or dairy products or nuts (afternoon). Eat it as you would feed your own child.

  • Today Is a Zero Day

If all of this is possible to you, let the moment you read this be your zero day. Eat today the way you are used to. Eat and more, it does not matter, from tomorrow you will change everything. But, when tomorrow arrives, adhere to the above list.

  • Measurement

Stand on the beam scale on the first day. Then take it off until it passes all 30 days. The scale is your archenemy, do not bother with it.put away beam scale

Measure the basic dimensions on the body: the volume of the waist, hips, thighs, forearms.

Write down.

Repeat the measurement after 30 days.

  • Activity

Introduce every day at least 30 minutes of some physical activity, depending on your current physical state. Fast walking, running, aerobics, bicycle, bodybuilding… Anything. Do not worry if you are deprived, I was too. Every start is difficult, but it is necessary to activate yourself at least half an hour a day. Strive to be an hour.

If you can only endure 30 days with this diet, without exception and cheating, I can guarantee* that you will lose 3 to 5 kilograms in 30 days, depending on how much of the surplus you currently have (those who need to lose less, will lose less, and those who need to lose more, will lose more).

* I lost about 6 kilograms in a month. I had almost 85kg, I dropped to 79kg.

These are, therefore, the basics. There is nothing here that could endanger your health. Just vice versa.


If you think to ask me how to endure because you are used to eating this or that, or you do not like it or this from the top list. Do not. Simply, then do not follow these changes, find some that suit you more.

If you think you should tell me that some of your diet, which has its name and your entire movement better or more successful than this, you have read or tried this or that. Do not. The “market” has various systems and rules and we know it, this is just one ordinary, mine.

You do not even have to notice that this is a replica or variation on something you know. This is already a replica and variation on a bunch of known things.

Otherwise, ask everything else in relation to these 30 days.

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