How To Lose Weight With Coconut Oil – Is That Possible?

lose fat with coconut oil

Coconut oil is already known to the sparrows on the branch, but many do not know that it is one of the best sources of healthy fats for our body.

Coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids (healthy fats) that actually help us to get rid of bad fats from the body, and in particular the extra weight of the stomach, as it stimulates the metabolism to work and the burning of fat deposits.

Also, this precious oil helps prevent sudden jumps and drops of blood sugar, which automatically causes less overeating when we are “starved.”

In this topic you will find how to lose weight with coconut oil and is that really can help us in weight loss or not.

We can use it for hair and skin care, teeth whitening, and in various masks, cakes and homemade preparations.

However, coconut oil is one of the best fats when we want to lose weight, so it would be desirable to include it in the daily preparation of food and completely replace all other fats when cooking.

Due to the popularity of coconut oil, many claims can also be supported by scientific research, which proves that coconut oil fumes are not just a “story in the empty.”

Additionally, if you care about the coconut oil of fat, keep in mind that even cooking on pork fat is healthier than cooking on vegetable oil like sunflower oil or olive oil.

You have read well, olive oil is not good for cooking, despite such claims over the past 10 years. Namely, vegetable oils are thermally unstable, which means they can not withstand the roasting / cooking temperature and do not maintain their well-being for our health.

On the other hand, coconut oil is stable and at high temperatures, making it excellent for preparing all kinds of dishes, and you can be sure to eat healthy fats that will boost metabolism.

Save vegetable oils such as olive or hemp oil for salads or some other cold dishes because they are definitely healthy and provide many benefits to our body.

Coconut Oil Accelerates Metabolism

As I’ve already said, if you replace the fat you use every day with coconut oil, you will actually burn more fat deposits.

This is because coconut oil does not digest just like other fats, but the body consumes more calories when it digests it compared to calories from other sources of healthy fats.

Additionally, coconut oil will provide you with more energy after eating, because the body immediately consumes it for energy, so it will not be stored and converted into “fat”.

It has been proven that peoples who regularly consume coconut oil as a source of fat have much less heart disease and generally problems with the cardiovascular system or obesity. Also, this oil helps to lower the level of bad cholesterol in coconut oil for weight lossthe blood called LDL cholesterol.

Just because of the quick burning of fatty deposits, coconut oil helps you burn the most stubborn fat – on the stomach.

On this issue, research was conducted on 40 men (in two groups) who received daily dietary supplement in the form of coconut oil and soya oil.

Both groups followed the diet plan and walked 50 minutes daily.

At the end of the study, it turned out that men who used coconut oil had lost weight in the abdominal area, while the other group was even getting a few centimeters in the abdomen and waist area.

Coconut Oil Regulates Hormones And Blood Sugar Levels

Abrupt leaps and drops in blood sugar levels can cause many problems for people who are struggling with diabetes, but also with unbalanced hormones.

A rise in the level of sugar (blood glucose) in the blood is manifested by a sudden increase in energy, which is why the energy boards are packed with sugar, but it also causes a rapid drop in energy and we feel so tired afternoon.

It is these jumps and falls that cause fatigue and overeating, and hence unbalanced hormones.

When there is a sudden drop in blood glucose, we want to eat the nearest sweet / starch thing nearby (pasta, bread and pastries, sweets, etc.), and most of them are eaten much more than we need.

Coconut oil helps to close this vicious circle in which we make it difficult for ourselves.

On the one hand, because it is first consumed as energy, and on the other, because it will keep us satiated for a longer time, we will slowly become hungry and know when we need to eat something.

Coconut Oil Reduces Appetite

Fatty acids in coconut oil prolong the sense of satiety that will automatically reduce the amount of food we enter into the body.

Studies have shown that people who consume more saturated fatty acids for breakfast have the need to eat much less during lunch and better maintain fluctuations in blood sugar during the day.

To reduce appetite and maintain a healthy metabolism, in a warm morning coffee you can put 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil or melt it in tea / warm water.

You can also put a spoon of oil directly into your mouth and the oil will dissolve in a few seconds. For me, It is most delightful to put it in my coffee because it gives a fuller taste to my white coffee and makes me satiated for breakfast.coconut oil for breakfast

Of course, never skip breakfast but eat 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil before breakfast.

Also, coconut oil can be consumed 20 minutes before meals to reduce appetite and stimulate the stomach to feel satiated faster.

This trick is great before dinner as we will eat less food, which is also recommended for the end of the day.

You can consume coconut oil before each meal, and it is recommended that no more than 3-4 spoons a day for best use. Personally, I take 1-2 teaspoons because I no longer need it, but I like to maintain the existing weight.

I would recommend to you to replace all oils in cooking just with coconut, but for months I use it for cooking all kinds of dishes and I am very satisfied. Its smell is not felt when preparing meat or vegetables, and it is perfectly suited to cakes or sweets such as pancakes / muffins.

When buying coconut oil, be careful to buy extra virgin cold oil, I know it’s an extremely long name, but the difference in quality is very noticeable.

Also, you do not have to pay your oil very costly, just pay attention to the oil of organic origin and unrefined, to take advantage of all the benefits of this beautifully versatile oil.

Coconut Oil Helps In Weight Loss And Removal Of “dangerous” Abdominal Fat

As already mentioned, coconut oil can accelerate metabolism and reduce appetite and in the long run can help to lose fat and lose weight. There are many studies that show that middle-fat fats accelerate weight loss and reduce the volume of the waist by reducing fat on the stomach.

Abdominal fat, which is called visceral fat, and tends to get deposited around the organs and causes diabetes, inflammation and heart disease. Any reduction in abdominal fat has a positive effect on metabolic health, longevity and especially reduces the risk of chronic illness.

So, we can say coconut oil improves fat burning which means increasing calorie loss, reducing appetite or in other words reducing calorie intake and especially reducing harmful stomach fats in the abdominal cavity associated with the disease and it is great for weight loss.

In addition, it is also argued that the coconut oil can provide a stable blood sugar level to avoid any extreme climbs and failures for a safe weight loss strategy or promote the production of healthy hormones to improve digestion and achieve an effective absorption of nutrients, reduce anxiety and stress, increased energy, and helps to stubborn hard fats.

All these benefits make coconut oil an ideal choice for weight loss.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Weight Loss?

Coconut oil is easily thickened to 25°C. For this reason, it should be melted in warm water or plant tea, dip the jar into warm liquid before consuming it.

In order to reduce appetite and a faster sense of satiety and satisfaction due to less food, it is necessary to consume this oil about twenty minutes before meals.

In addition, you can easily consume this oil by eating it, but allow it to melt in the mouth within a few seconds before swallowing. Recommendation is 3 tablespoons a day for an adult.

In case you do not enjoy coconut oil for weight loss in the beginning, you can try to use a vegetable wick as a cheap cure to help make the gallbladder and liver adapt. Either follow the following several ways to use coconut oil for weight coconut oil

The use of coconut oil with bone fruits is good for health and weight loss.

Sprinkle two cups of almonds or Indian walnuts and mix with two tablespoons of coconut oil until the mixture becomes tasty and smooth.

You can add a little honey, cinnamon, ground coffee, or maple syrup to enhance flavor.

In the end, use this butter on a toast or pastry for a healthy and tasty breakfast without worrying about pounds.

Fried Food

Instead of adding cooking grease, try replacing it with coconut oil. Coconut oil can be used at high temperatures and replace other oils (and butter) in almost all culinary recipes.

For frying foods, baking vegetables or cooking, you can usually replace oil or grease with this oil in a ratio of 1: 1. Avoid butter to accelerate your weight loss regime.


You can also add coconut oil to your shake or other drinks, such as morning coffee or ice shake for summer days.

Keep in mind that high doses of coconut oil indirectly contribute to the problem you are trying to resolve. Therefore, only certain doses of coconut oil give the best results.


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