How To Lose Weight With Egg Diet – Possible Or Not?

egg diet and weight loss

Want a simple and cheap diet? Do not look any further! A diet with eggs is the right thing for you and allows you to lose weight very quickly.

Admit it, how many times have you decided to keep the diet, and then realize that the recommended diet is too expensive for your options?

The solution was easily accessible all the time, and it is found in eggs. Here you will find how to lose weight with egg diet and can you really melt your excess fat with this type of diet.

I’m Presenting You Egg Diet

A fast diet with eggs allows you to get rid of excess pounds in a very short time, feeding predominantly with eggs. Sounds great, is not it?

It does not take much time or much money, nor do you need some expensive and miraculous plants and spices that are hard to come by. Everything is almost at your fingertips.

As with every other diet, here is the essence of reduced calorie intake and reduced carbohydrate intake.

In our nutrition, carbohydrates are quite present. Most of us can not even imagine a meal without bread, and very often the amount of bread we eat for a meal is much more than one piece.

Many people think that bread and pasta is what makes us satiated, and that everything else is just a complement. In lose weight with egg dietaddition, bread and pasta are cheap and easily available foodstuffs.

Not only do they get you excess pounds, they are also responsible for the appearance of cellulite.

A diet with eggs is actually a diet without carbohydrates. The essence is to look for a source of satiety in proteins.

Many diets are based on this principle, and one of them is a liposuction diet.

The good news is that there are abundant eggs in them. Best of all, they are also easily accessible and cheap food. We can consider this to be one of the fundamental arguments in favor of this diet.

Why You Should Reduce Carbohydrate Intake?

Carbohydrates are the source of energy for our body. After consumption, they are converted into glucose used by our muscles and our body as a kind of energy.

However, it should be borne in mind that too many carbohydrates and more energy are not always an advantage.

If you do not consume them, they remain simply a surplus that turns our body into fatty deposits and fat on the stomach that can not be removed afterwards. Eating eggs for a meal will hunger you, and you will not get an extra carbohydrate intake.

Then, when you do not bring in excess carbohydrates, you give your body an opportunity to start consuming the energy that is accumulated in your fat deposits in the form of reserves.
The results of this consumption of fatty deposits quickly become evident and a diet without carbohydrates gives quick results.

Egg Diet And Calories

When we are talking about this type of weight loss, it’s important to mention how much calorie eggs have. A reduced calorie intake is the basis of every diet.

In order to perform his activities during the day, a person needs an average of 1200-1400 calories per day, or a little more for those who are more physically active.

Have you ever tried to count how many calories your daily meals contain? If you have excess pounds, you have exceeded this average.
So, how many calories does the egg have?

One hard-boiled egg has about 78 calories. Eat two meals and you have 156 calories. Three such meals are barely one third of the calories you need to bring in during the day.

Why Are Eggs An Excellent Choice?

You must already know that healthy breakfast is the most important meal during the day, one that needs to give us energy for the rest of the day and doing our daily activities.

When we say “breakfast”, it very often refers to eggs. It’s not by chance.
Here’s why eggs are an excellent choice for your breakfast, but also for other meals during the day:

  • Eating eggs for breakfast you’ve got enough protein that will keep you tight and give you enough energy to lunch. In fact, for this effect, it’s enough to eat two eggs for breakfast. So why not apply this tactic to other meals during the eggs for fat lossday!
  • Eggs are simply and quickly cooked, and perfectly combined with other foods
  • Eggs are a healthier variant of pâtés, salads and other meat products that we usually eat for breakfast, unconscious of how bad ingredients are in their composition.
  • Eggs are full of nutrients. They are rich in vitamins B (B5, B12 and B2), vitamin A, phosphorus, selenium. In addition, there are also smaller amounts of vitamins D, E, K, as well as little calcium and zinc calcium. They are rich in colline, which belongs to the group B of vitamins, which is actually the nutrients our body uses in building cells.
  • Eggs increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the possibility of heart and blood vessel disease.

We can therefore say that a diet with eggs is an effective way to lose weight, taking care of your health, your time and budget.

This does not mean that your diet plan should only mean eggs. Replace the rest of the calories with foods containing fibers, vitamins and proteins, such as fruits, vegetables, and lean meat.

Lose 10 Kilograms For 7 Days – Can It Be?

Is that possible? As I have already said, this is a fast diet that allows you to lose a lot of pounds in a very short period – up to 10 kg in 7 days.

It all depends on how much you adhere to the diet, whether you eat only eggs or other foods, whether you skip meals because you do not like eggs or you sometimes change the rules to your advantage.

What makes this diet fast is its results, but also its duration. You should not be fed this way for longer than 7 days!

Eggs are nutritious, but they still lack a lot of nutrients that your body needs. True, the excess carbohydrate is not desirable, but it can not live without them completely. Additionally, you also need fiber, vitamin C and much more in your diet.

A long-term lack of nutrients can lead to a number of health problems. It’s nice to see quick results, but it’s important to know when it’s enough. In this case, it’s 7 days.

A Good Menu For Egg Diet

You must be wondering now what your diet plan should be if you decide to embark on a weight loss adventure this way.

Yes, eggs are nutritious and healthy, but your diet plan should include certain rules that include the use of other foods in the diet.

Menu should look like this:

  • Eggs should be the main food, the main source of protein and fat, but not the only food
  • The breakfast should be at least half an hour after getting up
  • Meals should be relatively frequent, about 3 hours. Between meals should not last more than 5 hours. This arrangement should be respected even if you do not feel hungry.
  • You should stop with meals 3 hours before bedtime

A fast diet often involves strict rules

This weight loss method has its own restrictive variant that goes to the extreme. It’s just a diet with boiled eggs.

The dietmake healthy menu plan is very simple here – only eggs are served for meals, and mineral water is served with them.

Fortunately, there is also a variant that is easier to adapt in the short term.

Eggs do not have to eat just cooked, and you can eat other foods in limited quantities.

To better adhere to the rules of a diet, make a simple diet plan.

It is always easier to achieve a goal that is clearly defined.
Eggs for every meal – it does not sound very inspiring, right?

However, with the addition of other foods that will supplement the meal, you can make a healthy diet plan. For example, you can serve eggs with some cooked vegetables, or add some specific spice to them.


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, pieces of toast, tomatoes

Snack: apple

Lunch: eggs fried with onions, white chicken meat and salad

Snack; orange or boiled egg

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, tuna, salad

Can Egg Diet Harm You?

It is quite logical to ask what kind of experience is there in keeping a diet with eggs. To lose a large number of pounds in a short period of time is certainly not healthy.

Therefore, this diet should last only 7 days. It is even less healthy to continue to feed evenly over a longer period of time. Yes, exaggeration and non-compliance can hurt you.
It’s known that eggs are rich in cholesterol.

One of the basic questions that arises is: How does such eggs and nutrition affect the level of cholesterol in the blood? Can too much cholesterol have health effects?

It was long considered that too many eggs in the diet were not good for health, and then the research came to completely opposite conclusions.

Let’s clarify this story about cholesterol. When it comes to cholesterol, it’s important to note that it is a substance produced by our liver.

Cholesterol is actually some sort of lipid, or fat in our body. There is cholesterol, which we call bad, and one that is known to be good.

And which cholesterol have eggs?

Research has shown that they are abundant with good cholesterol and that increased cholesterol intake will not eggs for safe weight lossinterfere with the normal functioning of the body, nor will the level of bad cholesterol rise in the blood.

When we get good cholesterol, our liver simply begins to produce less cholesterol. So, in a way, she has less work.

Bad cholesterol, unlike good, is accumulated in blood vessels. Over time, excess cholesterol becomes an obstacle to normal blood flow.

Consequently, the accumulation of bad cholesterol becomes the cause of numerous diseases of the blood vessels, heart and increases the risk of heart attack or stroke.
Good cholesterol is not the cause of bad cholesterol.

On the contrary! Studies have shown that eggs reduce the level of bad cholesterol and turn it into a good one.

Saturated fats and carbohydrates play a much greater role in the production of bad cholesterol. That’s why a diet with eggs is a good choice. It has a beneficial effect on the body – melts fat deposits and lowers the level of bad cholesterol.

Egg Diet – Experiences

The experiences of those who have tried this diet also indicate that in the first days there may be a certain crisis due to reduced carbohydrate intake, especially when using a variant of a diet without carbohydrates.

It arises because we are accustomed to a diet rich in carbohydrates so we are, in a way, dependent on them.

Such crises last for a day or two and usually occur as a need to eat something sweet, but also weakness, nausea and headaches can occur. It does not have to be a reason to give up this way of losing weight.

Sometimes one candy is enough to overcome the crisis, and the introduction of smaller amounts of carbohydrates will make the diet more tolerable.

The Results That You Should Expect

If you want to bring your line in a short time, then the diet with the eggs is something to be tried mandatory. It’s not an expensive and demanding diet that you can not respect.

You need a bit of time, a bit more good will and solid character in order for this way of losing excess pounds to show results. If you return to old habits after that, your pounds will return, almost at the same speed as they disappeared.

If you want lasting results, you have to work on your life habits. Do not make more calories than you need and start to engage in some kind of physical activity.

A diet with eggs is a great way to quickly reach the desired weight – the one you will later maintain with proper nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.





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