How To Lose Weight With Fat Burner – Is It Really Possible?

can you lose weight with fat burner

Most people think that fat burners can be used as an addition to nutrition and that only its consuming will be enough for the kilograms to disappear.

To clarify – a magical pill or a product that you will use to lose weight without compromising diet, training, and lifestyle, unfortunately, is not yet invented.

If you do not want to change anything in your lifestyle and want to lose weight, the fat burners are not for you.

In this topic, I want to discuss how to lose weight with fat burner and are these preparations safe for our body and overall health or not.

The thing to note is that fat burners are not any, “magic pills”, they are supplements like creatine, proteins, amino acids, etc. If used properly, they can lead to the desired results, of course, without any unwanted consequences.

Also, if you think you will lose weight faster if you take more than a recommended dose or more combustion at the same time – know that there is not any of this work.

In this case, you will only burden the body without any need and make room for possible health problems.

What Is The Role Of The Fat Burner?

Fat burners aim to stimulate fat metabolism and thermogenesis, accelerate metabolism in general, reduce appetite, give more energy to training, encourage those hormones that play a special role in fat metabolism and fat burning rate, maintain blood sugar levels, clear organism from toxins, etc.

From this, it can be clearly seen that fat burners are not a supplement that has only one purpose, but a supplement that can have a multiple roles.

The primary role is certainly a reduction of fatty tissue (not body weight), but other roles are not negligible, on the contrary, they are very important if you are in a serious training process or want to influence your health.

After the use of the burner fat, thermogenesis stimulates, and the pulse accelerates.

This means that if you aim to reduce the level of fat tissue and understand the process that is required for this purpose, you will be able to easily reach the heart rate zone that is best for the process of fat burning and stay in it for as long as possible.

Also, the composition is such that you will have increased alertness and motivation for training (or everyday activities in general) at a certain time, but also an additional amount of energy.

The epilogue is more efficiently used training, accelerating metabolism, and faster achievement of the target

Misconceptions About Fat Burners

The mistake that accompanies fat burners is that, if taken, there is no need to consider nutrition.

People often think: “Okay, now I’m taking fat burners and I can eat more than usual, without thinking, or I can eat sweets, snacks, fast foods and more often because fat burners will neutralize it”.

Unfortunately, this is a trip. It would be the same as taking a bunch of supplements in the desire to look like bodybuilders or some celebrities, and you do not want to train, but sit home and stare at the TV.

Neither power, nor mass, nor definition, nor loss of kilograms, nor fitness, will come without the reduction of diet and lifestyle in combination with properly conceived training.

Next, the very interesting question that people ask is: “Well, if the fat burners do not work the way I think, and if a diet and strength training is needed, then why should I consume fat burners when I can also reach my goal by training and regulated diet, without entering any supplements in the body.”

This question and this conclusion are generally in place. What needs to be emphasized in this situation is that fat burners are not the only means that can lead to loss of weight and reduction of fat percentage, but an auxiliary means, which can shorten the time needed to reach your goal, and make the whole process of training more efficient.

And let’s explain. Fat burners are with reason called fat burners, not the weight loss products. Burning of fat can and does not necessarily lead to loss of weight.

This is very important to mention. Loss of kilograms can also occur without burning fat. For example, ejection of excess water from the body.

Likewise, body weight can be increased with a decrease in body fat, as a result of a particular type of exercise.

Does Fat Burners Have Any Side Effect On Our Body?

If you follow the recommended doses – the answer is no. However, several things should be considered.

  • During the use of a fat burner, it is necessary to increase the daily intake of the liquid
  • During the use of a fat burner, reduce or completely reduce the intake of coffee, tea, energy drinks etc., because of the similar composition, combined taking can lead to tachycardia, dizziness or a headache
  • If you experience any of these symptoms, stop using the fat burner and contact your doctor

Also, if you have any health problems, consults an expert before use. There are several types of these fat burners, some of which are weaker, some are more powerful, and they also differ from the source they come from, so there’s always room to choose an appropriate product for you.

Before choosing a fat burner, consider the year and a gender, as well as the level of physical activity.

How To Consume Fat Burners?

Fat burners can be found in liquid form, tablets or capsules. The recommendation for their taking is to take in the morning on an empty stomach and immediately before training.

It is not recommended taking them at bedtime because there may be insomnia (just as it is for coffee, tea or energy drinks).

As far as combinations with other supplements are concerned, fat burners can be combined efficiently with almost all preparations.

However, it is not desirable to combine them with NO reactors (products used immediately before training in order to increase vigilance, strength, energy and muscle “pumps”).

My Warm Recommendation

As I have already said, not all fat burners are the same, because they differ in composition and strength.

If you are taking these products for the first time or do not have a strictly controlled training regimen, it is my recommendation that you do not take the strongest products immediately, but those with a weaker composition.

The most famous burner is L-carnitine, and besides it, there are also combustors called thermogenetics (something stronger than the composition of L-carnitine, but it should be noted that L-carnitine is mainly part of these products) and complex combustors (mainly the strongest composition).





So, to summarize. Fat burners are not a shortcut to a slimline or weight loss, but a supplement that can help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently with regulated nutrition and properly designed physical activity.

Keep in mind that their effect and effect cannot be seen overnight and that the results are time-consuming. So, start as soon as possible.

Proper training, regulated diet, properly selected supplements for three to four months can give serious and visible results. Therefore, do not use excuses, delays. Start as soon as possible.


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