How To Lose Weight With Fruit Diet – Get Ready!

losing weight with fruit diet

Fruity diet is the ideal solution for fast weight loss. It’s the right time to take those few pounds of surplus and put our body back in balance.

After a fruity diet you will feel reborn. Except that you will fill the body with vitamins and minerals, your energy will be more pronounced than ever.

The great thing is that the fruit is in itself very delicious and when you learn how to lose weight with fruit diet you will be very satiated during the day. Without the feeling of hunger, without excessive fatigue, you will enjoy while you lose weight.

Is that possible?

Oh, yes, it is. Fresh fruit is a friend of our health and it works well for the whole organism and our organs.

After a few days you will see the changes you missed or you completely forgot about them. You will sleep more calmly, you will be more energetic and what is most important-skinny!

The Best Fruit For Weight Loss

When we do not like the reflection in the mirror, we decide to change things. When our lifestyle is good, when we are healthy and satisfied with ourselves, we will not have those famous few kilos of excess.

Fruit is our faithful companion in making these major decisions. Are you ready to heal your life right from this moment?

It is important to note that not every fruit is good for weight loss, because it contains natural sugar-fructose. Some species are abundant, some have low levels of sugar.

The grapes are delicious and very sweet, contain 16.7 grams of sugar in the amount of one hundred grams.

A secret that will delight many folks is that the grapes slow down aging, positively affect vision, and protect you from various infections, viruses and bacteria. However, it is not the best ally to lose weight.

In addition to grapes, the sweetest fruit is cherry, mango and figs. These sugar bombs are not recommended while you’re on a diet.

If you use them, it can actually happen that you get hungry, because you would have more sugar than usual. lose weight with fruit dietThis is by no means a goal.

The best fruit for weight loss is that in which there is a low percentage of sugar.

This is a list that you will simply love. Eat everything from a list in a fruit diet and you lose weight easily.

1. Avocado, a fruit rich in vitamin E and potassium, contains vitamin C, vitamin B6 and lutein It has a nutritional value, and very few sugars, only one gram, taking into account the whole fruit.

In the opinion of nutritionists, avocado is one of the highest quality foods, and it can be combined with many dishes.

This fruit is great in cleansing the body because it contains various antioxidants. It is beneficial for anxiety, anemia, allergies, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, migraine, impotence, cough, stone and kidney disease, heart disease and asthma.

Avocado protects our body from UV radiation, takes care of the skin and slows down the aging process and relieves stress. Wonderful fruit!

2. Cranberries are a natural antibiotic. They are acidic in taste because they contain a lot of vitamin C. The minimum amount of sugar will delight all those red berry lovers and tell them to eat as much cranberry as possible during a fruitful diet.

Cranberry is rich in fibers, beta carotene, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and calcium. A hundred grams of fresh cranberries contain only 15 calories.

If you have ever had problems with a boring bacterium, you know that cranberries are a powerful weapon against it.

It is beneficial for urinary channels and for problems in the bladder. It cures weakened immunity and quickly restores it to state of health. It is used preventive against, kidney, stomach and colon cancer.

3. Raspberry, how can you not worship them? You can breathe, because they contain very little sugar and are rich in healthy fibers. Such fine fruit, and such an important thing for our body.

It has a lot of C and B vitamins. Protects the body from all kinds of carcinogens, clean the body and strengthen immunity, help lower blood sugar, and is a great source of dietary fiber that helps in the proper functioning of the bowel. Raspberry is recommended in a fruit diet.

4. After the raspberries, blackberries, a great friend in the fight against redundant pounds come. In addition, they can help fight hemorrhoids, regulate blood in the veins and lack iron ointments.

5. Do you observe the rule from childhood that an apple is mandatory every day? Apples in many cultures are considered an elixir of life. Apples solve problems of cramps, jaws, bones and headaches. The apple contains 20% of the daily recommended amount of fiber.

It prevents heart disease and heart problems, reduces cholesterol. Apple returns strength, refreshes, and makes it feel better at a moment. It also helps with sleep, in fact, if you eat an apple before bedtime, you will have a pleasant sleep and a quiet, tranquil night.

A fruit diet would be impossible without this food. One fruit contains only 80 calories and is so nutritious as it is full of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Recognize that you will now go to the kitchen and take one. I know, and I will!

I have selected two variants of a diet that you can try. One lasts 5 days and the other one 3. Choose a menu that suits you more and lose weight easily.

Fruit Diet – 5 Days

We have learned which fruits contain little calories, yet it contains enough minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to keep our body clean and refreshed. 1200 calories will be taken daily for the next 5 days.

Are you ready?


How should the breakfast look?

We remove bread, change it for a double, which is equally tasty, it is much healthier and it does not grow like white bread. With a double, you can drink coffee or tea from the eglantine. Do not use sugar and extra sweeteners. In addition, eat fruit as desired.

A delicious variant is a mix of fruit that you will make yourself and drink before you go to work. This mix will give you enough energy to not think about food at all, because you will be satiated, your mind will be clearer and you will not feel tired.

Lunch is based on one cooked egg, one piece of dough and a bowl of fruit. You can put in this delicious almonds, choose healthy fruitwalnuts or nuts at will, which give a lot of energy and admit it, they are priceless.

A fruit bowl should be of the few fruits that are most appealing to you, and of course, you choose some who has few calories.

It is important to combine, since all three meals are based on similar foods daily.

The more different fruits, the better. Let me not forget, drink as much fluid as possible.

Water is the main ingredient of every diet, because in combination with fruit you will throw more fluids than usual. The recommended dose is eight glasses a day.

Dinner is supported by two boiled eggs, two doubles, two tomatoes and one cucumber. You can eat apples before bedtime to facilitate digestion and to have a quiet and comfortable sleep.


The great thing about this diet is that you do not feel hungry. On the second day we repeat the same breakfast. You can make your fruity mix in whatever way you want.

For lunch, we serve eggs, sour milk, a double, a bowl of fruit and two glasses of water or fruit tea, without the addition of sugar or sweeteners.

Dinner is tastier today, because we can eat 125 grams of meat, it is desirable to be veal, besides that we have tomatoes, and of course, as a dessert fruit.


Our breakfast is the same as in the previous days. Fruits, doubles, coffee or tea of your choice. You will feel already today that you feel much easier and more beautiful, you will have the impression that the fruit magically acts on your body and you will be right, completely.

Lunch consists of two cucumbers, sour milk, doubles and fruits.

Dinner contains veal, cucumbers, tomatoes, double and as a dessert, a bowl of fruit.

It is advisable to finish your dinner every day until 19h or 20h.


Our breakfast is the same as in the previous days, we adhere to the recipe that is checked, we do not add anything, we do not take away anything.

The organism has already become accustomed to 1200 calories per day and a certain amount of fruit. Today and tomorrow you will really enjoy these meals.

Lunch today is somewhat different, we import 125 grams of cheese, and there are still cucumbers, tomatoes and doubles.

Dinner includes 125 grams of veal, double, cucumber and tomato and, of course, the fruit, the main ingredient of this diet, which gives us obvious results. Be patient, measure yourself tomorrow. You will be delighted!


If you got here, bravo! Today is the last and most important day of a fruit-powerful diet.

Our breakfast is the same as in the previous days.

Lunch is different. Today we eat 200 grams of boiled veal, which is 75 grams more than the previous days, remains the same doubles, tomato or cucumber. For snacks, we have a bowl of fruit.

Dinner is richer, contains 200 grams of cooked vegetables, one egg and tomato.

If you do not like to eat veal, you can replace it with chicken or fish.

The diet is over!

Fruit Diet – 3 Days

In just three days you will lose a few pounds. This fruit diet is very short, but effective. It’s important how many calories you enter each day.


It is not advisable to be on this diet for more than three days, because you will consume very little calories during this diet.

Day 1

The morning starts with protein shake.

When buying a powdered protein, choose one that does not contain carbohydrates or additional sweeteners.

From 8am to 6pm, you drink a protein-rich shake. Thanks to him you will be satiated and you will have energy.

At 18:00h, make yourself a meal of salads and vegetables, as desired, except that it contains starch. Eat raw vegetables healthy fruit shaketo give your body vitamins and minerals.

Pour half a lemon juice over the salad, and add olive oil. In addition to this salad you can eat veal, fish or chicken.

Protein is consumed all day, in order to satisfy the body with the necessary energy. Get plenty of fluids.

Day 2 and 3

The second and third day have the same characteristics as the first day. The difference is that instead of protein drinks, fruit is eaten.

Fruits are eaten every two hours, five times a day.
Dinner is also different. Proteins from eggs, fish or veal are changed by protein beverage. At least eight glasses of water is recommended during the day.

This three-day diet is excellent for cleansing the body. For this reason it is not desirable to hold it for more than 3 days. You will be delighted in how fast it works and how it takes off the weight without killing.

It contains only 800 calories, which is 1200 calories less than we usually do on a daily basis.

If you do not feel well during this three-day diet, if you notice that you do not tolerate the best, and if you see that your body does not respond well to 800 calories per day, try a diet that suits you more.




Fruit Salads For Weight Loss

Delicious desserts that you will use as a substitute for your favorite sweets are fruit salads.

Fruit salads can be combined when you are on a fruit diet whatever you like and love. It’s only important to take care of using low-calorie fruit.

Fruit salad for slimming can be in the fridge for up to 3 days and will be perfectly fresh when it is removed. However, it is advised to make fewer portions that you will eat during the day, to enjoy freshness and taste.

Fruit salads can be eaten for snack, between meals, and you can make juice, which is ideal in the morning and it is recommended instead of coffee.

Fruit Diet – Experiences

What do you think? Will you try it in the morning or you think it’s too hard for you? Let’s see what the experiences with a fruit diet are.

Nutritionists advise you to keep this diet between 5 and 10 days, but no more than that. Our body also needs proteins, so it’s not advisable to drastically keep only fruit during the day.

The diet I wrote about is mild and very effective, you will see its results as soon as it is finished and you are on the fruit diet for fat lossscale.

Expected results after this diet are 5 to 7 kilograms less.

That’s great, is not it? In addition, you will purify your body, enjoy the benefits of seasonal fruits and improve your metabolism.

When keeping a diet, it is important how effective it is and how much you lose, but it is equally important how you will maintain this weight.

In that case, after an initial loss of weight with a fruity diet, continue to take into account what you eat! Find out which is the best food for weight loss.

Should I Give It A Try?

A fruit diet will help you to realize that without many foods you claim you can not, in fact, you can. Fruits will help you to purify your body and reset your habits.

Fruit diet is light, it is not impossible to carry out, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. Not only will you lose weight, you will also understand the essence of losing weight, which is much more significant and more valuable than anything.

You will understand what you did wrong and you will be able to get rid of it, but not only for ten days, but for a lifetime, and that is not a small thing, is it?

Try, you already know now whether you will succeed or not. You can, it’s only important whether you want, why and what you will after your goal. Look like a million dollars, act accordingly and feel it!

Your body is today in the state in which your mind was yesterday, so beware of yourself, you love your body, and try fruitful diet today.

Good luck and leave below your experiences!



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