How To Lose Weight With Stationary Bike At Home?

How to lose weight with stationary bike

Everyone is on a constant search for the easiest way to lose weight. Whether it’s about diet, altered lifestyle or physical activity, it’s all about finding an ideal way that will not significantly change the lifestyle, which will bring results.

It is important to know your body as well as the ways in which it works. Not everyone will achieve the same results and not everyone achieves it at the same speed.

A homemade (stationary) bicycle for weight loss is a good idea for all those who are the supporter of physical activity, but also those who want to introduce another healthy habit into their lives.

Biking brings many benefits in terms of maintaining fitness and preserving health. In all ways, the bicycle can be your ally in weight loss and how to lose weight with a stationary bike, find out below.

Why You Should Use Stationary Bike?

Not depending on the diet you have chosen, all doctors agree that it is necessary to have at least 30 minutes of light physical activity at the daily level.

These light physical activities can also refer to a light walk or something more intense training that can be done outside, at a sports center or in your own home.

One of the best-selling devices when it comes to home use of a training device is definitely room bike. The reason lies in the fact that the price of this product is acceptable, it has relatively small dimensions, its use is quite easy and it yields results.

It should be kept in mind that this kind of exercise is excellent for both mental health and not just physical. The sweating that stimulates exercise on this device is good for the ejection of toxic substances from the body, which is another great advantage.

The Advantages Of Exercising On Stationary Bike

For those who do not like or do not allow them to practice in the gym or outdoors, buying a bicycle is a great way to practice from home. It’s not a lot of preparation, it’s just enough you want to get out of bed and start pedaling.

It is also good for older people who want to lose weight because it is stable, so the injuries are reduced to a minimum.

What is certainly one of the greatest advantages is its own dictation of tempo. It is only necessary that every time you grab spare time, sit on a bicycle and with your favorite music or series, start the training.

Different Types Of Training That You Can Practice On A Stationary Bicycle

The good news is that cardio exercises on a bicycle are completely equivalent to riding a bicycle in the open, which is achieved by adjusting the resistance when turning the pedal. Driving is recommended 3 to 5 times a week depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Anyone who has previously met with fitness training on any kind of reconstruction knows that training can be divided into two types: aerobic and interval. It is a special note that before each exercise on a room bicycle for weight loss you warm up to prevent any possible injury.

Aerobic Training On A Bicycle

After you have warmed up well and thus reduced the chance of injury, you need to start training. If you are the beginner, the optimal training time should last 20-30 minutes with 65 percent of the maximum heart rate.Aerobic training

A bicycle in these situations is an exceptional device because with this pace of training you will be able to burn as much as 300 calories.

At the same time, this consumed calorie count is enough to keep you from overweight.

It is important to know that if you have not reached the level of training that requires 65 percent of the heart rate, you can continue training with a somewhat weaker rhythm, but the length of time it takes for the whole process should be prolonged.

For example, if you’re training with 50 percent of the heart rate, the time must be extended by up to 15 minutes.

How Is The Maximum Heart Rate Calculated?

The maximum pulse is obtained when the number 220 is taken off from age, then 60-75% of this number is calculated. I will take as an example a healthy person of thirty years whose pulse during warming should vary between 114 and 142 beats per minute.

The maximum number of beats per minute would be 190, while these two values make up 60, or 75 percent of this number. At the end of each training, the intensity of exercise should be reduced in the last 5 minutes in order to return the pulse to normal.

Because of the health of the heart and general physical condition, it is essential that this step is respected, and it is not advisable to abruptly stop to train at high speed of the pedal.

Interval Training On A Room Bike

A large number of professional trainers and professionals in the field of physical health advise training at time intervals. Namely, many studies have shown that this kind of training can burn up to three times as much fat for twice as much time as aerobic training.Interval training for weight loss

The way you can conduct to train at intervals can be up to 8 seconds of high pedal rotation intensity (your maximum) and 20 seconds minimum intensity. When you do this 6 times, you have done 2 of the scheduled 20 minutes of training.

Not everyone will be able to initially spend a lot of training time, but it is important to aim for those figures, which will only increase later.

It is also important not to force, especially if you have not practiced some physical activity for a long time. Listen to the needs of your body and follow the pulse that will tell you if you overestimate it.

Before each such training, you must warm up for a minimum of 5 minutes. Considering that this is a high effort, it is also necessary to stretch well after exercise to prevent, accurately alleviate, inflammation that will occur in the first period.

Advanced Interval Training On A Room Bike

Once you achieve the starting phase or if you feel that you can skip because of good fitness, you can switch to advanced interval to train at a room bike. This kind of training is intense and consumes a lot of calories.

Advanced interval training takes place in three series between which you rest for 2 minutes. In each series, it is necessary 14 times to shift a strong intensity of 8 seconds and a low intensity of 45 seconds. There are several other ways in which you can best burn fat by training on a bicycle.

The first combination of exercises:

  • 4 minutes warming up
  • 1 minute of maximum load
  • 4-minute recovery – moderately fast riding without load
  • Maximum load once more, and so total 5 times.

Another combination of exercises:

  • 2 minutes warm-up without load
  • 1 minute faster ride on load number 2
  • 1 minute faster ride at load number 3
  • 1 minute ride at maximum load
  • Repeat this total five times.

The third combination of exercises:

  • 2 minutes warm-up without load
  • 2 minutes ride on load number 2
  • 2 minutes on load number 3
  • 2 minutes at 4
  • 2 minutes at 5
  • 2 minutes at 4
  • 2 minutes to 3
  • 2 minutes to 2
  • 4 minutes recovery at 1

Except this way has proven to be a very good weight loss agent, this is a great way to increase fitness and maximize the use of oxygen.

These are great ways to accelerate metabolism and to effectively burn fatty deposits for the ultimate goal. Each of these combinations has a positive effect on the prevention of type 2 diabetes by practicing exercise to increase glucose tolerance.

Training On A Stationary Bike For Fat Melting

This type of training lasts only 4 minutes and serves to speed up metabolism 31 hours after training. Although the training lasts 4 minutes, the warm-up must be at least 5 minutes, as there are great chances of injury or stretching of the muscles at this pace.

It’s important to keep in mind that such physical activity is foreseen for those who are in better shape, given that it is not easy to follow the training, even if the 4 minutes sounds too little. All it takes is to rotate the pedals at the highest speed for 20 seconds, then 10 seconds at low speed and so until you reach up to 4 full minutes.

How Does A Stationary Bike Help In Stomach Removal?

As I have already mentioned, room bike encourages weight loss, but in the first place, it positively affects the condition and the beginning of the loss of fat deposits. Although it is a great advantage to put a bicycle in any part of your home and watch the series as you pedal, this exercise has a much greater effect than you can imagine.Cycling burn stomach fat

This exercise is extremely effective for those who want to burn fat in the most critical regions. One of these regions is the stomach.

If you are determined to start your training on a bicycle, the size of the stomach will no longer pose a problem for you.

The fat on the stomach is not only an aesthetic problem but also a health problem. Fat on the stomach belongs to the so-called visceral fats, and they are in direct relation with a long list of diseases, of which the most prominent diabetes and heart disease.

So, room bike is not only for weight loss, but for a general health condition. It is important that if you want to lose fat on the stomach, pay attention to the intake of high-calorie foods that can have a great impact on the formation of fat deposits. After a while, when training becomes a routine, you will see body transformation and a better physical feeling.

Weight Loss With Home Bike – Experiences

Taking into account the fact that many doctors, nutritionists, and trainers advise a bicycle as one of the best exercises for losing weight, this means that it has even more positive effects than just losing calories. Namely, riding a bike, both inside and outside, has a remarkable impact on the entire cardiovascular system.

In addition, many who have begun the process of training on a room bike consider that this physical activity greatly affects their mood, that is, helping them to relieve stress.

How To Choose A Room Bike?

Certainly, you do not need to buy the first room bike you see only because you are aesthetically pleasing. Harmonize your goals with the price of a bicycle and ask yourself a question about your regular desire to use a bicycle.

What should be a priority is a comfortable seat and speed change options. In some bicycles, seats can be changed in case you become uncomfortable, which makes many users an important item.

Everyone who wants the greatest comfort and high performance should opt for the Marcy Room Bike. Marcy’s bicycle has been classified as the best on the market because of the additional options it offers.

Namely, newer models have built-in computers that show time, speed and lost calories.

Finally, pay attention to weight and weariness. If you are overweight, make sure the model is strong enough to withstand your weight.

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Notes For A Good Training On A Room Bike

It is important to note that there is an incorrect training on this device. If you want the maximum effect, it is advisable to follow the basic principles. Adjust the height of the seat so that when the pedals are in the lower position, your leg is vertical in relation to it and slightly bent at the knee.

Since you are training from home, it will not pose a problem for you to dress lightly. This is important because in this type of activity sweating is increased. Do not forget to reload all the fluid you have thrown out during the training. It can be water, lemonade or Magnesium effervescent tablet.

Certainly, such training is not entirely sufficient to reduce the kilogram or melting fat deposits, but it is an excellent ally in it. Do not expect results overnight, or continue with your usual eating habits and hope that kilograms will just disappear.

It is necessary to be both spiritually and physically devoted to the fact that you want to start a new, better life routine that needs to be influenced by the overall psycho-physical feeling.

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