How To Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally – Can You Resist?

how to stop sugar cravings naturally

The vast majority of people are aware that sugar is very harmful to human health. But many of them would not be able to state the main reasons for this. Here, we will see why this is so.

Keep reading this article and discover how to stop sugar cravings naturally and why is white sugar so unhealthy for us.

Sugar in various forms is the main culprit for the onset of diabetes, obesity and many other cardiovascular diseases. Not to mention caries and dependence on sugar exposed to children but also adults.

Whether and how much sugar is bad for our health, you probably have read many times.

This substance does not have any vitamins or minerals, only the innocent taste of the sweet that bites our receptors in the brain, creating a false sense of satiety.

In short, it’s about empty calories.

We certainly distinguish between bad sugars, from those we need to have enough energy to withstand a tiring day or training.

Bad sugars are bad because our body does not recognize them as energy and store them in fat around the waist.

You may be fortunate that your metabolism works expeditiously and uses more energy, but the fact remains that the body has more space to store all that energy than consuming it from its injected sugar.

This is just one bad characteristic of sugar from which many others, again, are not favorable to our organism.

Composition of Sugar

Ordinary sugar is a disaccharide in its composition. This means that it is a complex carbohydrate consisting of two simple sugars: glucose and fructose.

Fructose is the component that gives sugar to a sweetness. Fructose is also one of the most problematic free sugars.

It makes you obese, increases triglyceride levels in the blood, leads to metabolic disorders in the body, and also contributes to accelerated aging and impedes your productivity and power of will.

Glucose, for its part, is less sweet, and you may have had the opportunity to try it because it can be obtained under the name dextrose.

Since plain sugar contains only half a fructose, at first glance it could be said to be less harmful than pure fructose or from corn malt that has undergone technological processing to become sweeter by converting part of the glucose into fructose.


White Sugar – Our #1 Enemy in The Weight Loss?

Sugar is composed of glucose and fructose. Glucose is needed to develop our cells while fructose is stored in the liver and taken as needed.avoid white sugar

This principle applies to the average amounts of healthy sugars that are injected, and any increased intake that we take from sweets and juices encourages the liver to convert excess sugar into fat.

The excess sugar also detects the pancreas that releases insulin to convert that sugar into the glycogen we need. If the body detects too much sugar, it will drop more insulin.

More insulin means less blood sugar, which makes our body feel the need for sugar again and the process continues. This is also one of the causes of overeating and obesity. 

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It is important to take into account that this refers primarily to processed foods or refined sugars. Therefore, a glycemic index has been introduced, a scale determining which foods to release as much sugar into the blood and increasing its amount.

When sugar in the liver is converted into fat, then cholesterol exacerbation occurs. Increased sugar intake can cause insulin accumulation, which leads to blood glucose uptake and thus to many diseases such as diabetes.

The way sugar disturbs the brain’s hormones lead to overweight and there are numerous studies that have found that there is an inseparable relationship between sugar and obesity.

Sugar as a Drug – Are You Addictive?

Ordinary sugar has another big flaw. Unlike fructose, it acts on the same centers of dependence in the brain as some sort of drug, for example, cocaine. Unlike cocaine, sugar is legal and is available everywhere.

There is also evidence that sugar reduces the number of dopamine receptors in the brain, which in turn leads to the harder you can feel energy and satisfaction as a result of your normal body production of dopamine. This is called dopamine resistance and the same thing happens to people with addictive addiction. are you addictive to sugar?

If you want to know are you addictive to sugar do the test here.

Plain sugar also can not cure hunger, which leads to the feeling of hunger immediately after eating a large amount of sugar.

Sugar leads to increased fatigue in the body, disturbing the hormonal balance, influenced by the functioning of the brain and leading to obesity.

When you eat a certain amount of sugar, not only your concentration and total energy are reduced, but also the decrease in blood sugar levels.

Here’s how it happens.

Sugar and Insulin Hormone

The very thought of sweetness leads to the secretion of insulin hormones. Insulin intensification increases when the blood sugar level begins to rise. Before it gets into the blood, sugar is broken down into its constituents of glucose and fructose.

Insulin actually only lights up as a response to the occurrence of blood glucose, but as I have said fructose is not at all a naive component of the sugar because it has to be metabolized in the liver and leads to a number of harmful side effects, including obesity.

Insulin is secreted by pancreas but the problem is that pancreas is not particularly accurate in determining how much insulin you need.

Usually, pancreas eliminates too much insulin, which eventually leads to a dramatic drop in blood sugar. It is a familiar feeling that all sweet addicts are aware of: blur in the head, inertness and instant cravings for new foods.

When this sugar collapse occurs, one part of our brain interprets it as if the body is starved and reduces the flow of energy right into the brain, just as the time to resist the food stimulus. What is the result of all this? You will come for new cakes and you just swore that you will not be anymore.

Finally, when insulin levels increase from constant sugar and carbohydrate intake, your body receives a signal to store fat rather than burn it.

Namely, insulin is a hormone that immediately prevents the burning of fat and activates their storage. This is because insulin regulates blood sugar levels by storing excess glucose in the form of fatty tissue.

How To Get Rid of Sugar 7-day Plan

The removal from sugar is a mental and physical challenge, and it is not easy to carry out.

However, when you succeed in doing so, you will be rewarded with a better concentration, higher energy levels, weight reduction, better tone, better sleep, and your mood will be more stable and better. Hormones will be in perfect balance, and you will have a healthier attitude towards food. When you take all this into account, it’s worth endeavoring, do not you?

Day 1: Identify the “triggers” that you have for sugar cravings

Do you eat sweets from habits or because you need emotional consolation when you are stressed? Do you need chocolate because you are so tired that you can not overdo the day? In order to get rid of the habits, you must first recognize in which situations you have a need for sugar.

Do you start week full of big plans, but then you quit and buy that donut? Are the chocolates that one of your colleagues keep in the office your weak point? Or are you prone to euro cream in the middle of the night, while everyone is asleep?

When you recognize the moments in which you can not resist the desire for sweets, it will be easier for you to create a “strategy” to help you deal with your weakness.

Day 2: Clean the kitchen

It is less likely that you will eat sweet if sweets are not at your fingertips. What are the chances that in the middle of the night you go to the only store in the area that works 24 hours because you have chocolate? Be realistic.

As much as you eat, it’s unlikely you’ll really get dressed and go buy it at two in the morning. So, on the second day of this seven-day “removing” from sugar, purify the kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Pack all sweets in the bag and leave them near the container. In the case of sweets it is worth “away from the eyes, far from the heart,” or, from the mouth and stomach, in this particular case, you will see.

Day 3: Reduce the consumption of processed foods

The simplest way to reduce sugar intake is to eject all processed and semi-processed food from the diet and instead start cooking. For a change. You know, real meat, vegetables and so on, instead of bakery, pizza, and fast food.

In this way, you will know exactly how much you eat. If you do not like cooking, make salads and soups (soups are practically cooking themselves, put everything you need, cover the pot and do as much fun as you can while your healthy meal is slowly cooked for a few days).

Day 4: Switch to whole grain cereals

Less obvious culprits for our addiction to sugar are foods that quickly raise the level of blood sugar, such as white bread, white flour pasta, white rice … Just go to the varieties of these whole grain cereal products and you will suddenly have more energy, and your blood sugar level will be at a healthy range.

Day 5: Drop on the fibers

If you reorient your diet based on vegetables and products from integral cereals, you will notice that you suddenly no longer have hunger attacks and that your appetite is somehow reduced.

The thing is, these foods are a good source of fiber that keeps you satiated for a long, long time. And when you sit down, there is less chance of eating something “unplanned”, including sweets. In addition, you may notice that your digestion has improved.

Day 6: Reduce alcohol consumptionreduce drinking alcohol

Unfortunately, alcohol is not an ally in this fight against sugar, especially if it is combined with carbonated drinks full of sugar.

If you can not avoid alcohol altogether, if you have a celebration or something like that, try to keep yourself “transparent” drinks, acid water and lemon.

Day 7: Make reasonable choices and do not forget that everything is in balance

When trying to reduce the consumption of sugar, many people make a “beginner” error and white sugar simply replace with unrefined alternatives such as honey, maple syrup, and the like.

Although these are healthier alternatives to white, processed sugar, and contain certain vitamins and minerals, when it comes to blood sugar levels, the effect is exactly the same. So, until you get rid of the addiction completely, get out of the diet and this healthier variant of the sweetener.

My Final Word

Whether it’s a matter of wanting to get healthier sugars or regulate your body weight, choose a replacement for your goal. Take care of what are the side effects of each substitute sugar and how much you can actually use them.

Most substitute sugars are completely natural, but their caloric value is quite similar to white sugar.

Once you manage to suppress this uncontrolled need for sugar, do not use this regime without exception. There will be nothing to you of one cake every ten days. The problem was a dozen cakes for one day, remember?



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