How To Use Cumin For Weight Loss – Best Combination Revealed!

how to use cumin for weight loss

Have you been looking for an adequate diet for months, but without success? Have you been bored with getting on the scale on a daily basis, but without results?

If your answer to these questions is affirmative, then I have one suggestion for you, a combination of cumin and yogurt for weight loss. Here, you will learn how to use cumin for weight loss and what benefits it has for your body.

Although maybe it sounds strange, many celebrities swear in this diet, and more and more obese people claim that it’s just a combination of these foods that helped them loses weight. Scientists believe that it is cumin who deserves it, and that people who consume it regularly loses weight three times faster.

Why Cumin?

I believe that you are well versed in the probiotic effects of yogurt, which is an inevitable food of many diets. How much do you know about cumin? Does it belong to the weight loss products?

The answer is YES. Cumin is a one-year or two-year-old plant known under the names wild cumin, black cumin and cimin. In the backward age is used in eating, and scientists have recently discovered the positive effects that it has in the process of weight loss.

This plant contains an average of 2 to 7% essential oil that is responsible for preventing cramps in the digestive organs and enhancing stomach function. It is a mistake to think that it is like other spices and that it will not have any significant effects on the body.

It is rich in antioxidants and fat-staining phytosterols and accelerates the absorption of bad cholesterol. It also contains essential oils, resins, calcium, protein, tannin and plant mucus, which in combination promote the ability to purify and accelerate metabolism.

Therefore, it is a recommendation that even if you do not want to keep the diet, occasionally consuming tea from this plant that has many positive effects, and I will only list some of them:

  • it refreshes the breath,
    cumin and yogurt for weight loss
  • helps with cough,
  • calms the digestive tract,
  • prevents cardiovascular disease,
  • prevents the development of bacteria,
  • helps with arthritis and rheumatism,
  • prevents the occurrence of dandruff,
  • alleviates menstrual problems,
  • promotes the work of brain cells,
  • it is good for increasing breast milk
  • and relieving stress symptoms.

Why to Consume Yogurt and Cumin?

There are different diets with yogurt and cumin, and my advice is to choose the one that will most like your lifestyle. It is recommended to combine yogurt with minced cumin once a day with little correction of diet and increase physical activity, and the results will be visible after seven days.

Although you can consume it at any time during the day, a beverage of these foods gives the best results if you drink in the morning on an empty stomach. So, when you get up, make a cup of low-fat yogurt (180 ml) and powdered minced cumin. This drink will be your breakfast the next days until you want to keep the diet.

Do not cheat and think that his consumption will do wonders for you, if you do not do it yourself. It is necessary to introduce healthy living habits, avoid sweets, oily, too much spice and caloric food to make the results visible.

Drink as much water and gentle teas, and at least two times a week you can take tea from the cumin, which is very simple. Namely, when you spill 150 ml of water, sprinkle a spoon of cumin and cook for five minutes. Then process tea, add a spoon of honey (if you love sweet) and tea is ready for use.

Many people do not understand how to use cumin and what are allowed daily measures, so they circumvent this diet. Now that you know how to use and what are all the positive features that bring you, you can start consuming cumin and yogurt.

What Are The Experiences?

Scientists have found that people who consume the spoon of the cumin daily are skinny three times faster than those who are in the same diet, but do not consume cumin. This does not mean that it is enough to enter as much of this spice as possible in order to loses weight.

cumin powder for weight lossCumin is really fantastic spice, which combined with yogurt can do wonders for your line. But it is not enough to just consume these foods and expect that the kilograms will disappear.

As with other diets, here you have to take care of the nutrition so that the results are as good as possible.

Experience has shown that most of those who have tried this diet are delighted. The advantage is that there are no menus that you must follow strictly, nor count calories, but enough to choose healthy foods, to combine them well and you will notice the results in a few days.

It is ungrateful to talk about kilograms that are lost during a diet with cumin and yogurt, because everyone decides for different meals during the day. I can only say that consuming this spice will not only contribute to your line, but will improve the overall health and appearance of the skin and hair.


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It is my recommendation to start using cumin as soon as possible and see for yourself its numerous beneficial effects on the body.

As for those who struggle with excess pounds, if they are afraid of trying out a child without a predefined menu, they can consult a nutritionist.

On the basis of their weight, height, years and lifestyle, he would make a detailed diet plan that, in combination with cumin and yogurt, would give the best possible results.

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  • sheilandc

    Love the easy drink recipes on your video. I have heard about this spice but have never really tried it on any of my diet. It might be something worth trying for. Maybe I should start looking for meal recipes that uses cumin spice as well. Will definitely try the drink recipes. Looks easy enough to do. Thanks for the tip.

    • Daniel

      I must say that I also did not know that cumin is such healthy spice although I am using it in some meals. I would definitely recommend it to all people, not just those that want to lose excess pounds.

  • Sahar

    Wow! I know that cumin has amazing benefits, I try to use it as much as I can in my cooking but never thought of using it with yogurt. I love cumin and how it gives a smoky flavor to the food. Do you think it will have good benefits if used in hot cooking? or is it always better to have it unheated? and do you think it is better to grind it and use it fresh? or is the store bought powdered form just as good? Thank you for this post, will go to my pantry right now!

    • Daniel

      Personally, I think that it s better to not use it in much heated meals because there is possibility that cumin will lose its nutrients. As for the type, you can use what you like, I am using powdered form from the store.

  • Sylvia

    I have heard once about cumin but can’t remember in which configuration, but it wasn’t about weight loss that I know.

    It is interesting though how effective the combination of yogurt and cumin can be. Thanks also for the video it really helps to understand the topic.

    I love plain yogurt and I will try it out and see how it behaves when I am using it. It certainly seems easy to follow and this is a big plus in my book.

    Thanks for the review really helpful.

    • Daniel

      You’re welcome Sylvia! I think that combination with yogurt is the best option, I like it the most.

  • David

    Hi Dani. Thanks for the tips on cumin. It is a spice I keep around the house for making chili and other types of Tex-Mex food but I would have never considered blending it with yogurt and would have had no idea of its medicinal effects had I not read this.

    As I said, I use cumin to spice my food so I am familiar with the taste and I’m having a hard time mentally picturing what it would taste like mixed with yogurt or as a tea. I’m certainly willing to give it a try. 

    • Daniel

      You definitely should try it David, cumin is very powerful spice just like turmeric and cinnamon. Mixing it with yogurt is very beneficial and taste is not bad at all, at least for me.

  • cjciganotto

    Hello Daniel,

    Excellent and very informative post related to cumin and the extraordinary properties that this plant contains.I will add it to my yogurt every morning during breakfast. 

    Also as you explain, I can consume it as tea during the day. Now that I have just discovered a new “super healthy food” I will add it to my daily menu.

    Thank you!


  • Ben

    Hey Dani,

    Thanks for your insight. Cumin seems to an amazing spice, I especially love to put cumin seeds into my salad, it adds up some flavor, and it’s super healthy. I didn’t know about the combination of yogurt and cumin, and never tried cumin tea yet. I will put those two recommendations on my list of things to try. Anyway, I’m amazed to find that cumin actually helps losing weight! I had absolutely no idea. 

    • Daniel

      That’s right Ben, cumin is one of the best spices when it comes to weight loss. In combination with yogurt it does miracles for our body.

  • Chris

    That’s a really informative article – I have heard of cumin before, and I know it is used in a lot of curried-based meals or ‘hot’ meals…but I really never thought about using it with yogurt before! 

    I suppose that cooking a meal with cumin will reduce the nutrients and natural benefits in it – would I be correct in thinking so? It’s best to eat the powdered version without ant heat treatment?

    • Daniel

      I can agree Chris, it is best to use cumin without putting it in a heated meal because it will lose its nutrients and his effect will be low.

  • Ali Batuhan Oguz

    I’ve got 1.70 meters in height and 73 kilos, I think it’s a little overweight., and also I am a very stressful person. Actually, I didn’t know that cumin was such an effective plant and I’m learning from you for the first time that cumin is so effective. What else can I eat with cumin? I also know someone who is a little overweight and she mixed oats with cumin. Maybe I should recommend her. I hope it works. Thank you for sharing.  

    • Daniel

      It is very important that you reduce stress as soon as possible because it can be a main reason for weight gain. You can use cumin with anything that you want but most recommended is with yogurt. You can mix cumin with oats, it would be very powerful healthy bomb.

  • Israel

    Thanks for the helpful and informative post! Kudos for recommending Cumin as a laudable remedy for weight loss! Much appreciated! Wow, I got so impressed at the formula here – Cumin + Yogurt. This is amazing.

    It’s quite interesting to know that consuming Cumin regularly will help to reduce weight three times faster. I’ve tried so many supplements over the years to reduce weight and have spent so much money on herbs but to no avail.  Bookmarked this page to always refer to it whenever I need to.

  • Michel

    I never realized that this little used spice could be so beneficial for ones health and on top of it all help you lose weight. 

    Thank you for explaining how to use the cumin in conjunction with your diet. I just wonder how does cumin and yogurt taste mixed together. If I don’t like the taste of something, it is difficult to repeat the process each day.

    If you use cumin in your food each day as a spice, I wonder if it will have the same effect as far as weight loss goes?

    In any case, after reading how good cumin is for you and that it is also an antioxidant, I will definitely be adding more of this spice to my daily life.

    • Daniel

      You don’t need to worry about taste Michel, I am sure that you will like it. In case that you don’t like it with yogurt, it is enough to make a tea from cumin and drink it every morning before breakfast. You can also add this spice to so many meals and taste will be excellent and of course, results..

  • Christina

    I love the idea of using cumin for weight loss. I haven’t heard of that until now. I mean, I think cumin is great, but usually in chilis and tacos, not in yogurt or tea! lol

    I really want to try it now. I feel like there really wouldn’t be a downside here. Obviously, as with anything, too much of a good thing is still too much. So, I wouldn’t want to overdo it. But it seems like a little cumin tea would be such a great pick-me-up and if it helps me lose weight too, then even better! 

    • Daniel

      Hi Chris, I think that you can’t overdo with this. One glass of yogurt with cumin in the morning can really make a miracle for our body and taste is not that bad at all, you might need 2-3 days to get used to.

  • zuchii

    Thanks for taking out time to share this vital information not known to many about weight loss using cumin and yogurt. I have heard about cumin in the past but never treated it as any special products capable of performing wonders in weight loss and health industry. This is an eye opener.


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