How To Use Garlic and Honey For Weight Loss – Simple Recipe!

how to use garlic and honey for weight loss

Garlic and honey for weight loss on an empty stomach? This is the right shot for overall health. There is no other treatment that gives you so much benefit at once without any undesirable effects.

Garlic is usually used only as a spice that repairs the taste of our dishes. In this way, unfortunately, its numerous useful properties are lost.

Garlic is undoubtedly very popular vegetable today. On the supermarket shelves, you will find numerous different products with the taste of garlic such as bread, chips, meat, noodles and various dressing salads.

This is nothing unusual since the garlic was known and highly appreciated in old civilizations who knew the incredible value of this plant well.

The ancient Egyptians used it to improve strength and productivity as well as against bite of insects. In Talmud, the second-century Hebrew scripture is mentioned as a medicine against parasites and other disorders.

Beneficial Effect of Garlic on Health

Garlic maintains a normal blood pressure of the organism, improves cardiac function, and helps to cure fungal infections. It also strengthens your immune system and prevents cold and flu. Why then avoid eating it?

Garlic is the most powerful in fresh condition. Allicin is an ingredient that makes it so beneficial to health. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol and prevents blood clotting and has proven to have anti-cancer and antimicrobial properties.

Unfortunately, this ingredient also gives it a strong odor that retains itself after consuming fresh garlic. If the garlic is fresher the smell is stronger.

Garlic is low-calorie but very rich in nutrients. It contains magnesium, vitamins B6 and C, thirty-three sulfur compounds and all important amino acids, selenium and fibers.

I’m sure that neither you nor I will chew the garlic in the morning in spite of all the knowledge of his healing properties. We cannot, however, let people avoid us because of our “medicinal” smell. Fortunately, the garlic can be paired with another very healthy and much more delicious food, and that is natural bee honey.

Benefits of Honey

The natural honey is full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals that act as antioxidants in the fight against free radicals. Although individuals add a bad reputation to him because he is sweet you should know that an incredible amount of varied healthy and useful nutrients is packed in just one teaspoon of honey.

Thanks to the balance of these nutrients, the honey does not raise the blood sugar level so that it can freely be consumed by diabetics. It’s irreplaceable when you need to strengthen your immunity.

The best way to combine the medicinal properties of honey and garlic is to make honey fortified with white onion.

Take garlic and honey on an empty stomach. In the morning, the stomach is completely empty and draws more and more intensively all the nutrients from this fantastic mixture.honey for weight loss

Choice of honey

If you are in doubt what honey to use to mix it with garlic, choose good natural honey. When I say natural honey I mean cold-hardened honey. Healing during industrial processing loses many of its properties. Shop exclusively among beekeepers from a trust.

There are various types of honey depending on the plant from which the bees collect.

Pine honey is, for example, recommended for breathing problems, sunflower honey contains most pollen grains, sage has the strongest antiseptic effect, etc. If you can choose the best is the meadow honey because it is the most universal and it works on the whole organism.

Preparation of Honey and Garlic


  • 12 garlic cloves
  • 350 g of natural honey
  • Small jar with lid


Chop the cleaned white onions as small as possible;

Pour honey into the jar;

Add chopped garlic and mix;

Close the jar and allow it to stand in a dark place for a week;

Take one spoon of garlic and honey each morning on an empty stomach. Don’t chew it, just swallow little by little.

With a mixture of garlic and honey, you will feed your body like never before. Keep in mind that the effects of this treatment are truly incredible. There is no such pill in this world.

Garlic and Honey For Weight Loss

This may seem like a big lie to you, but it’s not. Despite the sweetness of honey, it is a very acceptable food for everyone, and for those who want to lose weight. The explanation is simple.

When you take garlic and honey on an empty stomach, you feed your body with all the necessary nutrients while at the same time this mixture reduces the sense of hunger.

It further reduces stress and the production of stress hormones whose levels increase when you suffer from stress induced by hunger. In fact, honey and garlic are relaxing our body.garlic and honey for weight loss

This will surely please you

A recent revolutionary discovery is called Hibernation Diet. It was designed by British experts of pharmacists and nutritionists. It consists of moderate exercise and a healthy balanced diet without consuming refined processed foods such as white bread, pizzas, hamburgers, chocolate, beer and sugar.

This diet implies taking one to two full tablespoons of honey at night before sleeping in a warm drink, smoothie or straight from the jar.

This fascinating hibernation diet with honey (which by the way, I like) promises better sleep and weight loss at the same time by using the biology of our body working with it and not against it “regenerative biology”.

This is a new approach to the metabolism of fat that does not involve aerobics and running on a strip and no other type of hard work in the gym.

It sounds too easy, magical and easy to be true?

It is believed that natural honey, when consumed before bedtime, cleans the liver, accelerates fat burning, reduces stress and provides us with a better sleep during the night.

The ratio of fructose and glucose in honey is ideal 1:1 and therefore it is the most ideal food that purifies the body tonight by maintaining a balanced blood sugar level while at the same time your regenerative hormones burn fat stores.

You will not make a mistake if you use a mixture of honey and garlic with this diet.

Garlic and Honey as a Medicine

Keeps the health of the blood and protects you from viruses and bacteria

When the garlic gets into your stomach, it accelerates the digestion of digestive juices. This is very important for the correct absorption of iron. Being rich in vitamins and minerals enriches blood with important nutrients. Allicin from the onions reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, which prevents blood clotting and provides normal circulation.

All listed protects our body from cardiovascular diseases. Honey and garlic have antimicrobial properties, which means they kill viruses, bacteria and fungi.

These combinations keep away from you colds, ticks and flu. If you get sick anyway, this is an excellent remedy that will ease the problems and shorten the time of healing.

Garlic and Honey For Immunity

Did you know that in your kitchen you have a very powerful means of raising the immunity of the organism?

Thanks to the white port, your immunity is stronger and easier to fight with callers of disease. A healthy and strong immune system is also essential to prevent serious risks such as cancer. It is therefore important that you do everything in your power to protect yourself.garlic for weight loss

The combination of honey and garlic is a simple, easy and cheap way to do something for your immunity.

In a few days, you will start to feel more energy, your body will function at the optimum level of health.

It is not unknown that the number of healthy lifestyle advocates who advocate return to nature and understand the harmfulness of chemicals, whether it is drugs, supplements, cosmetics, etc. are constantly growing.

Likewise, however much we would like to take advantage of the benefits of fresh garlic, we can not and do not want this intense scent that this plant has.

The experiences of many who have tried the mix of garlic and honey are positive and everyone recommends it warmly, because it returns energy, helps with faster healing, and strengthens the immune system. This mixture keeps our heart and blood circulation and takes care of our lean line.

I encourage you to try this recipe and you will see for yourself. Be free to ask any questions you have or results that you achieve with this method.



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