How To Use Soda Bicarbonate For Weight Loss – Truth or a BIG Myth?

how to use soda bicarbonate for weight loss

Soda bicarbonate for slimming is a new hit among the many diets and quick weight loss options that are found on the Internet. Sodium bicarbonate has been used for cleaning and polishing home surfaces, teeth whitening or neutralizing gastric acid.

There is a theory about the use of lemon and baking soda for weight removal, and in the article below, read how to use soda bicarbonate for weight loss and how it can help you to remove boring kilos.

Soda Bicarbonate For Digestion

Sodium bicarbonate is sodium hydrogen carbonate, or white crystalline powder, which is often used in household and industrial applications. Some uses of bicarbonate soda are:

  • cleaning various surfaces, jewelry and brushes,
  • whitening teeth,
  • production of home deodorants,
  • use in firefighting appliances,
  • powder for dough,
  • in the production of carbonated drinks,
  • to reduce the amount of gastric acid,
  • for acne,
  • in the paper and textile industry,
  • against fungi on nails.

Sodium bicarbonate and water give an alkaline solution, which means that its pH is greater than 7.

Therefore, the consumption of bicarbonate and water may help with excessive secretion of gastric acid, especially after plentiful dishes. However, when the carbonic acid reacts with gastric acid, it gives water, salt, and carbon dioxide.

When you drink a baking soda drink, you will burp, and you may also have painful cramps in the stomach caused by the winds. In most cases, this will not happen, so baking soda will provide the instant feeling of relief from heartburn.

Soda bicarbonate should certainly not be exaggerated because it is basically salt, and excessive salt intake increases your blood pressure.

How to drink baking soda? You can drink sodium bicarbonate in combination with other ingredients known as digestive properties:

  • baking soda and apple cider vinegar,
  • baking soda and lemon,
  • soda and mint tea

Before consuming bicarbonate for gastric acid, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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How Can You Lose Weight With Soda Bicarbonate?

Soda bicarbonate removes kilograms – this is a new hit among the many quick weight loss recipes we can read everywhere. The assumption behind everything is a story about the pH of our organism.

Namely, the pH of a human organism, i.e. blood, it is slightly alkaline. The skin is, for example, slightly acidic, and the inside of the stomach is very acidic. The overall pH balance of different liquids is very well organized and regulated.
baking soda for weight loss

Although it is not known exactly who came to the idea that baking soda is rapidly melting fat deposits, circle information that this is true.

This is allegedly due to the fact that baking soda and water give an alkaline solution that prevents the pH of the organism from becoming “too acidic” which would somehow prevent fatty acids from degrading. It’s certainly not true.

Medical Soda For Weight Loss

Sodium bicarbonate is presented as medicine for weight loss, and especially medical soda is recommended. It is a purified form of bicarbonate soda that does not contain any impurities such as commercial. Whatever the case, bicarbonate is basically sodium carbonate, a salt that gives the alkaline solution with water.

When we talk about the pH balance of the organism, we must keep in mind that the entire organism is an extremely well-regulated system.

The pH of the organism will not become very acidic or, on the other hand, very mild. These changes are instant, and for a few moments, body filters like blood, liver or kidney stand out unnecessary excess electrolytes. By taking a baking soda you will eventually achieve:

  • more acidic urine than usual,
  • high blood pressure because the bicarbonate is a salt that acts on the pressure on the walls of the blood vessels.

Why is soda bicarbonate linked to the dissolution of fatty acids and whatsoever it has to do with the acidity of the organism, it has never been proven. The only way to dissolve fatty acids is to eat fewer calories than you need for the functioning of the body, and this is achieved:

In this case, fatty acids serve as energy reserves because their degradation produces much more energy than the usual degradation of glucose in aerobic processes.

There are some preparations that can affect the rapid melting of fatty acids, but they should be taken with caution and at the recommendation of a doctor or nutritionist.

Lemon Diet With Soda Bicarbonate – Safe For Organism?

One version of the so-called diet in which to drink a lot of baking soda is baking soda and lemon. Many of these experiences testify to a loss of up to five kilograms in two weeks, but there is nowhere to be mentioned why and how soda bicarbonate in combination with a lemon melt accumulated kilograms.lemon juice and soda for weight loss

If you drink a glass of water with lemon in the morning before eating, this is good because the lemon is healthy and contains:

  • vitamins, especially vitamin C,
  • minerals,
  • electrolytes.

If you add a teaspoon of baking soda, this is not bad if you want to increase your blood pressure in the morning and wake up a little.

In addition, there is no clear reason why these two ingredients in combination would rapidly remove kilograms or fatty deposits. If we look at the chemical basis of the reaction between bicarbonate and lemon juice, we come to the conclusion:

  • Sodium bicarbonate is a salt of sodium hydrogen carbonate, and citrus or citric acid is dominant in lemon,
  • In the reaction between sodium hydrogen carbonate and citric acid, a new salt, sodium citrate is made,
  • Apart from sodium citrate, a lot of carbon dioxide and water are obtained.

So I can say that these two ingredients mixed in water do not give anything innovative. Something sodium and citrate will be found in free, IE. electrolytic form in water, and from the rest, a new type of salt will be obtained. Therefore, drinking baking soda every day in large quantities is certainly not a good idea, with or without lemon.

Soda Bicarbonate and Training

We all know about an unpleasant feeling when we exercise, and our muscles get tired and get sick. This is a sign that the muscles are overly tired and that we have to stop with training because we can no longer.

Why is this happening? In the muscles, large amounts of lactic acid are formed in processes without oxygen.

When we practice intensely, muscles consume more oxygen than we can deliver. The energy in our organism is usually obtained in processes with oxygen brought by breathing.

When muscles do not get enough oxygen during exercising, the muscle cells must work without it, and in such processes, lactic acid is obtained, and the pH of the cells drops to acidic values.

In a couple of scientific papers on small groups of cyclists and paddlers, it has been shown that taking bicarbonate soda immediately before training can contribute to the prolongation of endurance.

This would mean that athletes were tired a bit later than usual because baking soda neutralized part of the resulting lactic acid in the muscles. However, it should be noted:

  • prolonged muscle endurance was short,
  • research has been conducted on small groups of people and can not be considered relevant to anyone,
  • further research has not been conducted.

Remember that the toxic substances of the organism are accumulated in the fat tissue where they are immobilized in this way. That’s why you can imagine suddenly dropping too high amounts of toxins by sudden weight loss and degradation of fatty acids that will not well affect the health of the body.


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