Ideal Shake Meal Replacement Review (UPDATED 2019) – Natural and Safe!

Consciously managing our weight might seem like one of the most difficult of tasks. The reason being that we have to satisfy our food cravings, control hunger and gain energy for daily activities while trying not to overeat.

The primary reason for being overweight is due to calories that are not burnt and are stored in the body. If you continue eating without burning these calories, you will definitely become overweight.

“I want to lose weight but I can not stop eating. I love to eat when I am hungry”.

Does this sound familiar?

Here, I want to introduce to you, Ideal Shake Meal Replacement Review.

Replacing your meal with IdealShakes will be a great step to losing weight quickly and in a healthy manner.


Product: IdealShake Meal Replacement

What Is It For: Meal Replacement, Weight Loss

Price: Click HERE to check the price

Money Back Guarantee: Yes

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10



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What Is Ideal Shake Meal Replacement?

IdealShake Meal Replacement is a nutritional meal that will help control hunger while providing you with the needed energy for your daily activities.

IdealShake meal replacement contains ingredients that help to suppress hunger, low fat, low carbohydrate and low protein with a lot of vitamins and minerals. This even sounds like a balanced diet.

IdealShakes are produced by IdealShape and good health of their customers is their priority.

There are three ingredients contained in IdealShakes that helps to control hunger. This special formula of slendesta, fiber and protein combined can keep you away from food for up to three hours.

1. Slendesta

This is a protein-based food supplement naturally obtained from potatoes which is widely known to boost satiety which will make you feel full without any side effects.

It helps the body to release cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone which would trigger the feeling of being satisfied.

Slendesta in IdealShakes will help eliminate hunger for hours.

2. Fiber

Fiber is a type of carbohydrates that the body cannot digest so they move slowly through the body undigested making you feel full for a longer period. They also help in maintaining your blood sugar.

3. Protein

Protein helps in bodybuilding so, it is required in most food supplements in varying proportions. However, IdealShake contains quality protein (11g of Whey protein per one serving) which will help preserve lean muscle while controlling hunger.

While hunger has been tamed, the body still needs to be provided with some other basic nutrients and this meal replacement shake provides them too.

  • Carbohydrates and Fats
    healthy meal replacements for weight loss

Your body needs energy, else it will break down. However, you need to cut your carbohydrate consumption if you want to lose weight.

IdealShakes have a very low carbohydrate and fat content, required by the body to generate enough energy, aid in vitamins absorption and hormone regulation.

  • Vitamins & Minerals

IdealShakes contains several vitamins and minerals required by the human body.

These nutrients help to boost the immune system thus, keeping you healthy. These nutrients include Vitamins C, D, E, B6, B12, calcium, biotin, iron and a lot more.

How To Use IdealShake?

If you are wondering about the best time or how to use this wonderful meal replacement, here you go!

Primarily, it is suggested that you prepare IdealShakes with cold water or cold skim milk; this is milk of 0.1% fat content. Some people even mix it with smoothies and the result does not deviate.

IdealShakes can replace any of your meals; breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is recommended to be for breakfast and dinner because that is the time when we eat the most.

While you can take up to two mugs daily, it is advisable to start with one mug, allowing your body to get used to nutrients contained in the shake.

Pros of Using IdealShake Meal

Based on several testimonies from beneficiaries of IdealShakes, the following are the advantages of taking this product;

  • When you are too busy to prepare a meal, IdealShakes saves you time and it can also be taken on the go.
  • IdealShakes takes a more natural approach to weight loss; “weight loss by reducing food intake”.
  • Availability of varieties makes this product even more versatile as you can try different flavors depending on your taste. These flavors are chocolate, salted caramel, peanut butter, orange cream, chocolate cream pie, vanilla, cookies and cream, strawberry and mocha.
  • You can lose a great deal of weight within a month.
  • It is sugar-free.
  • There is a 100% guarantee for a cash refund if the product does not work.


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Cons of Using This Meal Replacement

The only disadvantage of this product is that you lose your cravings for food because you feel full when you take the shake.

However, a thirty-day refund for your money is guaranteed if this product does not work for you.

Is This Product For You?

Yes, it is.

There are other ways of losing weight such as burning calories while exercising but we are too busy either with school or work. Most times we have only Sunday but you have to rest or carry out other activities. Meanwhile, we have to eat in order to carry out our daily activities as hunger would lead to tiredness or restlessness.

Luckily, Ideal Shape provides us with IdealShakes Meal Replacement which will suppress hunger, leading us to eat less, thus losing a huge amount of weight. This awesome shake can replace your breakfast, lunch or dinner any day.


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  • Darren

    The ideal shake meal replacement by ideal shakes sounds like it has all the nutrients in it to consume instead of a meal.

    What is the ideal number of shakes to have a day in relation to proper meals?  It does say up to 2 meals but is that a lot? 

    I would take it for breakfast as it’s ideal for me as I can’t stomach too much of a morning.  It sounds like a good product and the photos look good enough to drink! 

    • Daniel

      Well, it is recommended that breakfast and dinner are replaced by this shake but I would go only for breakfast. In that case, lunch and dinner are by your choice but keep in mind that although you have a free choice you should choice healthy food based on proteins and vegetables. It is also advisable that you have 1-2 snacks like fruit or seeds.

  • Ibrahim

    Hello Daniel.  The IdealShake Meal Replacement sounds interesting.  What sets it apart from other meal replacements?  Also, do you recommend any particular exercises that might help with the fat burn along with the nutritional program? I am an older man, and I have a big problem with belly fat and making sure I get a proper balance of nutrients, especially if I consume any kind of smoothie or other health-like drink.  

    Thanks for the information.  Success to you in your endeavors. 

    • Daniel

      Hi Ibrahim. This meal replacement does not have sugar so I think that it is the most powerful benefit of this product. Most of the meal replacements contain large amount of sugar and sweeteners which is not good at all because sugar is number 1 culprit for obesity. 

      If you use this shake properly you will be very happy with your results and belly fat will disappear. Keep in mind that it takes time. As for the exercise, I would recommend simple walking 30-45 minutes daily, it is a great exercise that will help you to achieve desired goals. In one month, you should lose 2kg-4kg of body fat.

  • Hollie Rose

    My problem precisely is losing weight and staying full. I recently have been making myself smoothies every day for breakfast and this sounds like the perfect thing to put in my smoothie. And wow the flavours sound amazing, I’m spoilt for choice. 

    I will definitely order one for me and my wife.

    • Daniel

      I must say that I like the chocolate when it comes to taste, it is so delicious but other tastes are great too. You can freely add it to your daily smoothie, you will only increase its nutritional value.

  • Denis

    I wonder if this shake could do a better job to keeping me full than the smoothies I make myself in the morning and at lunch.  That is one of my main problem.  I tend to get very hungry by lunch time, even with a light snack, probably because of the lack of nutrients of just missing out on “real food”.  I am planning on losing weight for the new year and this meal replacement would probably taste a lot better than the spinach and kale that I put in my smoothies.

    Should I just use the meal replacement by itself, or add more “stuff” to it and make it like a real meal?  What do you think?

    • Daniel

      Hi Denis. Its up to you. Personally, I am using it with adding more nutritive ingredients like chia seeds or some fruits but you can also use it just like that. This meal replacement is great to use now in upcoming days when we eat so many foods full of calories.

  • JJ

    Hi Daniel. Although having shakes which can replace meals sounds like a good habit, I have not had much luck with them. I have not had much success with staying on the program  long enough to see the results. This was because I never felt satiated. 

    Based on this discussion where you showed that people have preferences, maybe I could use this complete liquid meal in the evening instead of trying to replace breakfast. I find that I don’t feel to have a big meal in the evening. I wonder if it would be as effective if my evening meal were replaced ?

    • Daniel

      It is very important to choose quality meal replacement as many have high amount of sugar and low nutritional value. IdealShake has high amount of quality protein and it will surely keep you satiated for a long time. 

      I recommend that you replace breakfast instead of dinner because breakfast is the most important meal and that is when we insert most of the calories. Some people replace breakfast and dinner with this shake and there is nothing bad with it.

  • cjciganotto

    Hello Daniel,

    Your articles are really very informative and this one in particular because it can replace meals with smoothies.Consuming the product could calm the urge to eat and this way it would help me lose weight.

    For me it would be ideal to make the shake at night, replacing the dinner, before the restful sleep.I love the product because it has vitamins, fibers and proteins that will keep my body healthy and energized.

    Thank you very much for your excellent review.


    • Daniel

      You can be sure that with this shake you will be satiated for a long time and you will have more energy for daily activities. Its up to you what meals you want to replace but I recommend to be breakfast.

  • David

    Hi Daniel. Ideal Shake sounds pretty good as far as helping you to lose weight. But what about the taste? Some similar drinks I’ve used don’t really taste very good so after a while I stopped using them. I guess good for you doesn’t always mean good taste. 

    Also, what is your energy level like when using Ideal Shake? If you work out will it leave you feeling exhausted before you’re through working out?

    • Daniel

      Hi David. When it come to taste it really depends. Some people like it and some not but for me, this shake taste very nice, my flavor is chocolate. You can choose so many flavors and I think that they are all pretty tasteful.

      As for the energy, with this shake you will improve your energy to the next level. IdealShake is full of necessary vitamins and minerals which will greatly boost your energy. It also contain high amount of quality protein so you don’t need to worry about being exhausted. It is even recommended that you have regular training and exercise.

  • Ty

    Losing weight is especially hard for a lot of people, if this can actually help reduce cravings and it tastes great then why not give it a shot. A lot of shakes I have tried in the past leaves you with a chalky taste and makes you want to gag, but this one blends well and gets rid of the chalk taste so you can enjoy your meal without having one.

    • Daniel

      Many meal replacement shakes contain a lot of sugar and that is the reason why so many people don’t feel satiated but IdealShake is full of quality protein without sugar that will keep you full for a long time. As for the taste, it’s not bad at all.

  • Dale

    This is an incredible article and it seems exactly what I am looking for.  As a fairly newly diagnosed diabetic I can relate so much to this article.  I am always feeling hungry and I end up eating the wrong things.  I have been looking for a good meal replacement that might work for diabetics.  Your article says that it is low in carbohydrates and sugar free.  Sounds exactly like what I need.  Of course I would have to talk to my Doctor first but this almost sounds too good to be true.


    • Daniel

      That’s right Dale. It is recommended that you firstly consult with your doctor and if he approve it, you can use this shake.

  • Diane

    Hi Daniel – thanks for sharing this great product review. I have not tried meal replacement shakes before as I always assumed that they would be full of sugar, so I am pleased to see that this is sugar-free. I would certainly try the mocha flavour for breakfast as its a quick and easy option and sounds delicious. All the best, Diane

    • Daniel

      Hi Diane, most of the shakes are full of sugar which is not good at all but this shake is sugar-free and it contains quality whey protein so you can consume it without worries.

  • Kevin

    Hi Dani, thank you for a good review of the ideal meal replacement shake. I am looking for a meal replacement shake to help a client of mine lose weight. I am not actually a fan of shakes normally and I advocate a plant based diet which is of course nutrient dense, but low energy (calorie level) This client however is very difficult having always had a very heavy meat based diet so I am looking for a shake to get him started and I think the ideal shake could be a good option.  

    What would you recommend as a length of time for him to utilize the shake? I was thinking of starting with 2 per day as a meal replacement for up to 60 days but trying to reduce this. My primarily goal is to encourage a complete dietary change so that it is sustainable for the long term. Thanks again for your review

    • Daniel

      I would recommend that he consume this shake until achieving desired results. Just like you said, it is best to use it with proper nutrition plan and when he adopt healthy eating habits, he can freely stop using IdealShake.

  • Solomon

    I have been trying to lose weight, so every morning I go for a run for about 30 minutes before sunrise and have a nutritional smoothie with no sugar before I continue my day. Is it still ideal for me to use the Shake meal replacement for lunch and dinner, or do I have to have a normal meal for either lunch or dinner?

    • Daniel

      It is great that you have regular exercise even if it is 30 minutes daily. I would recommend you that you use meal replacement only for breakfast, if you have much to lose than it is good to use it for both breakfast and dinner. You should have one regular meal of your choice and it is best to be lunch.

  • Chrissie Spurgeon

    Hi Daniel

    I must say that the Ideal shake sounds like the best one I have ever come across.

    It appears to have all the nutrients needed to keep you healthy, and it looks and sounds delicious too! I have tried a number of meal replacement shakes, but as far as I can see it is far more nutritious than other alternatives.

    We all need to lose weight at some time, and I would think that this would be a great way to start off the New Year, after we have all probably eaten so much over the Christmas holiday!

    Thank you so much for telling us about it – we can now all be much healthier!!

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Daniel

      Hi Chrissie. I must agree with you that this holiday season “destroys” out body weight. I know do many people who cannot control during New Year and Christmas and they are like eating machines that eat everything on their path. For anyone who is looking to melt pounds after the holidays IdealShake is a great choice.


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