If I Run Everyday Will I Lose Weight – Running and Weight Loss?

can you lose weight running

Have you decided to remove excess pounds? How many times have you heard that you need to lower calories and start running for weight loss?

I am getting a lot of questions about running and the most common question is “if I run everyday will I lose weight?”.

Running training has its advantages and disadvantages, but in one it many agree – this is one of the most effective ways to lose excess pounds.

At first glance, everything works so simply. You just have to wear something that makes you feel comfortable, pick up shoes and choose a destination. But it happens that the scale shows the same number of pounds despite your efforts. What if you still have fat on your stomach?

If you did not know that running for weight loss would yield results, you must comply with some rules.

Some people think that running is boring and that it is not an activity for them. Of course, if you are going into this adventure combined with someone who has already gained condition, you probably will not like this kind of activity.

But, before making the wrong decisions and conclusions, think again. Read this article, prepare well and avoid mistakes that discourage.

Remember: Running is the cheapest and most effective physical activity you can handle!

How are Running and Weight Loss Connected?

Can this activity really help you to show that the beam scale shows fewer pounds? Let’s see how this relationship works.

As you run, you consume calories. Do you know that running burns calories after training? Do you think that it is too good to be true? Here’s what this is about.

High-intensity exercises such as running are more tiring than usual walking. I’m sure you’ll notice that long after a strenuous exercise, your heart is stronger, and maybe you’re still red in the face. It’s a sign that even while resting, you’re burning calories. You started the machine.

How fast can you lose weight in this way?

Do not expect immediate results in this field. It’s neither good nor healthy to start losing many kilograms at a time.running for weight loss

With proper nutrition and proper running, you can expect to lose half a kilogram to a kilogram a week.

In doing so, of course, you need to reduce the calories you enter. Try to eject 500 calories a day.

Although you spend so much on running, you can make up for it with a single meal.

Therefore, if you want to know how to remove fat from the stomach by running, then you need to reduce the intake of food. It’s not that hard.

It’s enough to be active and regular in running, and instead of sweets, greasy and spicy foods, you will switch to proper nutrition and healthier foods – cereals, meat, fresh fruit and eggs, milk and dairy products.

How many calories are burned by running?

The average runner spends 100 calories per kilometer and a half.

How To Lose Weight by Running?

So, in this way, fat can be lost! And what if you started to run a few months ago, and you still have not lost excess pounds. Let’s take a look at the rules of weight loss training (Running).

1. Start gradually. If you have not run so far and your condition is not at a high level, the last thing you want is to remain discouraged at the first attempt. Do not expect too much of yourself.

Running can also be a stress for your muscles and your joints. For the first time, just go for a walk by the route you chose to run. Next time, try with a faster pace of walking.

Then combine smooth running and walking and slowly increase the tempo. If you go abruptly, you’ll run for two hundred feet, stay breathless, and say, “This is not for me!”

2. Do not force yourself every day. Muscles and bones need to be stress-free. For starters, it’s enough two or three times a week, every other day.

3. Run enough often. To see that running really can affect weight loss, it must become a routine. So, look at your daily schedules and see when you have time to run for at least 45 minutes every day. On the weekends? If so, do not even start.

If you want In this way to get a flat stomach, you need to practice 3-5 times a week. Now, look at your schedule again. What are you doing in your free time? Do you have time to watch TV? Maybe it’s time to get a little more active way of implementing it.

4. Change the tempo. You got a condition and running is no longer an effort? I have bad news for you – this is not a desirable option. Once you have reached this stage, set yourself new challenges.

  • Run faster
  • Run a long path
  • Work intermittent training – run slower for a few minutes, then run for half a minute as fast as you can
  • Start taking over the hillside

5. Follow the 10% rule. Do not suddenly start to run twice longer or twice as fast. For example, increase the length of the course by 10% per week. Let’s be literally – if you’ve run one kilometer, you run 1100 meters next week.

6. Add strength exercises. Want to see the effects of running on the body? Then put in your weekly routine and strength exercises. Running melt fatty deposits while strength exercising forms. Take two or three days a week for this type of physical activity.

Morning Running or Evening Jogging?

You must have noticed that you do not have the same amount of energy in the morning as soon as you get up and when the day moves a little away. Is running in the morning better for stomach removal? Is there a period of days in which you train links to the effects of exercises?

Scientists claim that the temperature of our body is the lowest in the morning and that it grows during the day. They also claim that athletes achieve the best results when their temperature is higher.

Judging by this, it’s better to skip running in the morning. But do not hold on to it as an irrefutable truth.

It’s better to run anytime during the day, but be inactive.

Morning Running

This may not be the best time for physical activity because the body temperature is low and your muscles and lungs are not morning running for weight lossworking full strength.

The energy you brought with food last night is already running out and running in the morning can be a real effort. Nevertheless, this period of time can have its advantages.

After training, you will feel great and full of energy and you will surely be well awake, calories will be consumed faster on an empty stomach (yet, before you go, it is desirable to drink at least some fruit shake).

Morning is a quiet part of the day, so it’s the right time to talk a little with yourself.

Afternoon Running

This is the time when your organism wakes up and lungs and the blood flows to full steam. The body temperature is higher, and you are not asleep. By now, you already eat, so you have the available energy to consume.

However, if you work or have any other obligations, this time is rare when it can fit into your daily rhythm, and in the summer can be too hot to run at this time of day. It’s true that you will be more motivated to run in the afternoon than in the morning if you would like to stay in bed a little longer.

Evening Running

Evening or late afternoon is the time when physical activity is best performed because the body temperature reaches its peak, the muscles are well bled and you have enough energy for strenuous training. Even the function of the lungs is much better at this time of day.

So, this is the time when training will be the least stressful. Ideally, you have completed all your business obligations and you can dedicate to yourself.

A great way to get rid of daily stress and skip some unhealthy habits (such as snacking the chips and the front of your TV screen). And should I tell you how much you will enjoy your vacation after that? Probably not!

Avoid Most Common Mistakes

There are reasons why your running does not produce results and, although you may not like this – they are in you. Here’s what people’s mistakes are most often and what to avoid to get rid of fat from the stomach.

1. Do not reward yourself with abundant rations. This is a fairly common mistake people make after training, no matter what it is. You’ve been tortured and now, after the training, you want to reward yourself for your efforts.

That’s why you take on food that is full of fat and carbohydrates – that sends a signal of satisfaction and reward to our brain. In this way, in just a few minutes you can make up a lot more calories than you spend on running. The end result – torment yourself with running, and the result is not.

Before the next time, you reach for a pizza biscuit and a cake in order to reward, think, is it really a reward?

Would not it be better to see that your training gives the expected results! Believe, in that case, running from a boring and tedious activity turns into leisure!

2. Be aware of how many calories you spend with this activity. It depends on your speed and speed of running, how long you run, and how hard you are. A person of about 65 pounds in an hour will consume close to 500 calories if it runs at a speed of one mile and an hour.

If you do not have that condition, stop talking to neighbors walking the dog and meeting you or going at a slower pace will not consume so many calories. And then you can easily recalculate when calories are involved.

Remember: Weight loss requires that you throw out 500 calories from your daily regimen, from your meals and from running.

3. Say goodbye to a routine. Although running should become your routine, this does not mean that every day you should work at the same pace in the same place, at the same time. Why is not this good?

If you do exactly the same exercises every day for an hour, your muscles are quick to get used to the exercise and it is no longer an effort. This is also a barrier to weight loss. Not to say that running very quickly will get epithets from the beginning of the story – it will become exhausting and boring!

Running can be fun. Make a plan for a week. Explore interesting locations in the city and (where the conditions allow it) examine them – by running!

4. Do not rely solely on the scale. Muscles have their weight, and you will get them with training. They are even harder and glass of water after runningdenser than the hall. Therefore, measure the results with a mirror image, the extent of the waist, and the amount of fat you can rub on your stomach. Assess what you got, and what you lost!

5. You drink energy drinks during running. But which ones? How many carbohydrates and calories do they have? Does that fit into what you need to spend? Water is the best if you’re going to run for melting stomach!

6. Run too much. Believe it or not, it can be a reason why your running for weight loss does not give results.

Namely, too much running (or exaggerating with any kind of exercise) is stress for the body. Excessive stress creates excess hormone cortisol, which is closely related to the hall on your stomach.

If this is a regular occurrence, it will happen that you begin to lose muscle over time, that fat starts to grow and that the overall immunity is not in the brightest condition. As in many other situations, moderation is the key to success.

7. Eat too little. Keep in mind that restrictive diets like carbohydrate-free diet are not a good diet when you run. If you do not get carbohydrates in general, you will not have the energy to train, you will feel tired, and you will hardly recover after training. You will not be consistent for this regime for a long time and you will return very quickly to old habits.

Learn To Enjoy Running

Only in this way you can get to the desired results.

To make it all beautiful, take your favorite music to your phone, the best one to give you a good incentive and pace. Choose a nice route, this can be a great occasion to spend time in nature.

Today, telephones offer numerous applications that can enhance this experience and take advantage of their benefits.

True, those days when outdoors are gloomy, cold, rainy, training may not be pleasant to you as when the days are beautiful and cheerful. Do not give up. You can do home exercises these days. An excellent way to get warm.

If you like running, bad weather does not have to stop you – get a jacket and sneakers, cap, gloves and you’re ready.

You think it’s torture? And do you know that you can become a real addict when it comes to running?

Studies have repeatedly shown that intense exercise such as running leads to the secretion of endokanabionide, a hormone that makes us feel happy and euphoric.

Now you know – running is cheap, available to everyone, healthy, good for mood and weight loss. It’s boring and hard for those who have not yet tried it in the right way. What else do you need as an incentive to start?




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