Is It Possible To Lose 10 Pounds In a Month – Complete 10% Diet!

losing 10 pounds in a month

If you are wondering is it possible to lose 10 pounds in a month you’re on the right place because with a 10% diet it is possible! The diet lasts for 3 weeks and the goal is to lose 10% of body weight. Here’s how.

It may not seem tempting to lose just 10% of your weight. But think well? Is that a little?

If you are obese and you have 100 pounds, you should lose 10 kilos in 3 weeks after this regimen. For that period, it’s not a bit at all. Losing more than that in a month would be a shock to the body.

A 10 percent diet is based on that idea of healthy weight loss. Rigorous diets in which there are starving and abruptly losing many pounds are not good.

They are easily abandoned because during their holding, you will feel the weakness and fall of energy, and thus the need to compensate for it. Sometimes too much. And if you endure, you can enjoy your slimline,

On the other hand, it is considered that the body has the ability to maintain weight at some level on which it is. It suffers from a 10 percent variation without major difficulties.

It’s very easy to get those 10% more, especially if we love to enjoy a good bite. And in those 10, we add 10 more times, and another 10 more, and we get obese. And it’s a little harder for us to lose that 10 % because it requires a waiver.

The idea behind this diet is just that – just take off 10 percent. And it’s not impossible at all.

10% Diet Experiences and Results

What most readers are interested in is whether it is worth trying at all and what experiences with a diet are.

Based on what I found on forums and on the basis of sharing experiences with those who tried, I can confirm that they are positive and that in this way it is possible to lose weight.

Whether it will be 10% depends on how much you cheated and disciplined. In any case, the results are visible, so the experience is positive, even when the numbers do not match the plans.

Already by switching to such a diet, within a week you will lose a lot of fluid from the body and this can already bring 2 kilograms less.

The experiences of those who led the dietary journal say that they only then saw how many calories they actually consumed during the day, with a glass of carbonated juice, and the like, without giving it any significance.

The result of a 10% diet is not a dramatic loss of weight in a short time. The goal is to see for 3 weeks how much you have eaten, how much you should eat, and what kind of foods you should choose, and what to avoid. And trust me, it will be very, weigh scale for weight lossvery clear to you. You will see it in your own appearance at the end.

To start this diet, you need:

  • Weighing scale
  • Calculator for calculating calories
  • A notebook where you will keep a diet diary
  • Healthy food stores
  • Good will

Ready to try to lose weight with a 10% diet?

Let’s start!

10% Diet – Rules

Before the beginning of the diet, you should step on the scale and measure your body weight.

Weight loss will be easier when you know the goal you are aiming for!

This is the basic step because, on the basis of it, you estimate how much you should lose, or how much is 10% of your body weight, but also how many calories you need to enter.

The basic rule of ten percent diet is that you consume a limited amount of calories per day. How much, it will depend on your weight.

One kilogram of body weight is allowed to enter 25 calories per day.

In other words, on the above-mentioned 100 kilograms, the goal is to lose 10 kilograms of weight by adding 2500 calories per day (100 × 25).

An adult person needs about 2,000 calories a day, so this is more than necessary. And if you already have excess pounds that means you already enter more than that.

If you have a mild pound of excess weight and you have 85 pounds, you need to intake 2125 calories.

And of course, this is not a diet for everyone. If you have 60 pounds and you are 170 cm high, surely you are not interested in a calculation. The last thing you need is to strive for anorexia.

Here you will use a notebook in which you will keep a diary. Write down how many calories you need to eat daily and make a menu.

The 10% diet lasts for 3 weeks, so I recommend starting from Monday to help you keep track of the situation.

During this diet, there are no sweets, no pasta and you eat only healthy weight loss foods. No frying, oil and margarine. Olive oil is allowed. You are free to add spices to taste and so, but do not exaggerate with it.

10 Percent Diet Menu

This diet is divided into three weeks. The first and third are identical. Every day, another type of food is eaten, just like you have a protein day, fruit day, and the like in the UN diet.

You do not have a specific time when eating. It’s up to you to arrange meals during the day. It’s only important that you do not exceed your daily calorie intake.

No matter what you eat of healthy food, keep in mind that it also has calories and you can overdo it.

During a 10% diet, you can drink unlimited coffee, water, and a great choice is a green tea for weight loss.drink a lot fluids

During this period, nutrition is reduced to vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and dairy products, rice and eggs.

In the first week, they do not combine, in the other is allowed a combination of certain foods.

And in order not to overcharge your calories, it’s important that you know how many calories you have.

I recommend that you install an application on your phone that monitors your calorie intake or the ones you love the most write in your diary and have it handy when calculating.

10% Diet – Nutrition Plan – 1. And 3. Week

Monday: Vegetables. Prepare it in any way. Olive oil is allowed, as well as spices. It’s best to be boiled or steamed, and ideally, if it’s fresh.

Tuesday: Meat. It is recommended to be cooked, but it can be grilled. Prepare without grease and oil. Although it is permissible, I advise you to stay away from hams and industrial dishes.

Wednesday: rice or cornmeal. All day.

Thursday: Milk products. Choose everything except fruit yogurts because they have extra sugar, but also combine fruit, which is not allowed. Choose smooth variants.

Friday: Eggs. You can eat them in any way, without bread and other supplements. This day is similar to your diet when you are on a diet with eggs.

Saturday: Fruit. Eat the fruits of your choice all day, but follow the calories you enter. You do not eat dry or preserved. Just fresh!

No purchasing fruit juices as a replacement. You can squeeze fruit juice, but do not add sugar. My proposal is to eat, but do not drink fruit. Chewing sends the brain a signal that you have eaten. Drinking not.

Sunday: Meat and fish. Choose what you like, prepare it without fat and eat all day, within the allowed caloric intake.

Second Week – Diet Plan

This week, combinations of two types of food are allowed

Monday: Vegetables cooked in any way and boiled meat.

Tuesday; Same as the previous day, a combination of vegetables and meat

Wednesday: Cooked rice and vegetables in any way.

Thursday: Milk products, with the addition of salads for example.

Friday: Eggs, can be added in the form of salads, cheese, yogurt

Saturday: Fruit. It does not combine with other foods but can have several types of fruits. Make a fruit salad.

Sunday: Meat or fish, prepared on request, without combining with other types of foods.

After this week you repeat the first week. After that, you stop with a diet! Now you need to maintain your weight.

10 Percent Diet – Day Replacement

This question is troubling many who have embarked on this diet, and at some point, they do not have the desire and plans covered when it comes to nutrition.

Can they change the days and start with meat instead of a fruity day or make another combination?

Basically, you will not make a terrible offense if you do it. It’s better to adhere to the order, but it will not be the end of the world even if you replace the days. It’s important that you do not repeat two of the same days during the week (or more).

This will ensure that you eat a variety of foods and all necessary nutrients, vitamins, proteins and fibers, and maintain self-discipline.

Basic Advises For Successful Weight Loss

Usually, along with 10 percent diet, these tips are also recommended, which you should generally have in mind, no matter on which diet you are.

1. Eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. Do not gush in the meantime, do not eat because you are bored, but only then and only when you are hungry.

2. Use a diet diary. Write down what you eat, how many calories it is and make sure you do not overdo it. It’s even better if write your progressyou make a specific menu and meals for every day.

There are fewer chances to miss and to “accidentally” eat something that is not on the list.

3. Make a proper gap between meals. You’ll be less hungry.

4. Drink enough fluids

5. Eat and chew slowly. Serve food in small plates. Preferably blue because this color reduces appetite.

6. Practice. Because of you and your health, it’s good to be physically active. Do not get tired.

You will not lose weight if you get tired and then run for energy with a huge calorie intake. Keep in mind that training, without diet reduction, will not produce results.

Observe the diet and the menu when you are at work and on the road. There is no excuse.

How To Maintain Weight After 10% Diet?

After all, in order for this diet to make sense, it’s important that you continue to eat healthy afterward.

Experiences say that if you return to your old habits – the jo-jo effect is guaranteed to you.

Does that mean that you should remain in this regime forever?

Not really!

After 3 weeks, a pause is recommended. To maintain weight, it is recommended to increase your calorie intake per kilogram.

Now you are taking 30 calories per kilogram of weight, not 25

But do not forget that you have lost weight and you need to be measured again to get the exact amount of calories you can enter.

Do not shock the organism with pizza and cakes. Keep counting calories. Mix the days freely, and mix the food. Just choose healthy foods and the results will come and be long-term.

Of course, you do not need to punish yourself and never eat a tasty cake or chocolate again. Occasionally allow yourself these “outbursts”, otherwise, the diet will become a torture, and you certainly do not want it. And in order to stay under control, write down all of this nicely in your diary.

If you do not seem to get enough of what you lost and want to lose more, do not prolong this diet. Take a break for at least 3 weeks and maintain weight.

Then measure yourself, review your diary, highlight the mistakes, round up your successes and start new victories. Calculate the new 10% and set a new goal. And then let me know how you’ve been through!




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