Is Polenta Good For Weight Loss – There is One Thing You Should Know!

is polenta good for weight loss

Polenta can be made from yellow or white corn flour. It is often cheap, nutritious and easy to prepare and for centuries it is one of the most popular dishes in many countries.

In this article you will find is polenta good for weight loss, how many calories does it have, how to prepare it, why it’s good for health…

What is Actually Polenta?

Polenta is a cooked meal of corn flour. This is thought to be Serbian traditional dish, but also the residents of Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey have the same opinion. The name under which this meal is most commonly found in Serbia is of Turkish origin.

It is true that the polenta is officially considered as an Italian traditional meal, more precisely to connect with Italy because it is used in different types of meals in that country.

Of course, polenta is commonly eaten in many parts of the world, including all over Europe and the United States.

Polenta is a healthy food with numerous nutritional benefits. It’s usually made of yellow corn. Corn is roughly milled into corn flour to make polenta. Finely grinding gives a soft polenta until roughly milled corn gives a solid polenta.

After grinding, corn flour is cooked in water, milk or in both liquids. The usual size is 4 cups of water per 1 cup of corn flour. When cooked, it has a consistency of thick pulp.

The traditional way of making the polenta involves mixing in the pot about 40 to 50 minutes, which can be a long-lasting process. For those who want something easier, the polenta is sold in the form of an instant mixture.

The polenta for fast cooking is already cooked and then dried again before a sale, so you only need 5 to 10 minutes to prepare it.

Polenta and Calories – Low-Calorie Dish

Though often accused of being a culprit for accumulating pounds, the polenta itself is not actually that ‘calorie’ dangerous, and for excess pounds, it is necessary to blame abundant and heavy sauces and supplements that accompany it. Of course, a secret is always in moderation.

Corn flour has many advantages for the human organism, and so is polenta.corn flour for weight loss

The nutritive value of the polenta will primarily depend on the combination of the foods served or the way it is prepared.

You will agree that surely the same calorie value cannot have fried polenta croquettes and plainly boiled porridge.

Cooked polenta (100 gr) – 85 calories

1 cup of cooked polenta – 205 calories

Fried polenta (100 gr) – 150 calories

1 piece of fried polenta – 77 calories

As we can see, polenta is not so much a calorie meal as it is often thought for meals prepared from corn, when served separately. Moreover, the polenta is considered to be good for the line, if consumed moderately and without heavy sauces and supplements.

Lately, one of the hit diets is a diet with polenta and yogurt; both ingredients are good for digestion and are very nutritious, so they will keep you satiated for a long time while providing the body with useful substances. The proposal is to consume the polenta, with yogurt, as a morning and evening meal.

Interestingly, this popular diet for a slimline is actually a map of the diet of the rural population of old Italian villages, as evidenced by historical demographic records.

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Polenta – Proteins, Vitamins, and Minerals

Polenta is one of the best sources of protein and fiber. When it is prepared with water, the hoses are fast filled and the one who eats it feels satiated in a very short time, and the duration is kept for a very long time.

The fibers found in the polenta improve the functioning of the bowel and generally the functioning of the digestive tract. With the help of polenta, we feed healthy bacteria in the stomach and we are saving ourselves from prison.

The polenta consists of complex carbohydrates whose decomposition runs slowly, so it takes more time to digest, unlike cakes and other pastry of white flour.

In the white flour, there are simple carbohydrates that quickly break up after consumption, and in this way lead to a sudden rise in blood sugar which leads to cravings and weight gain or obesity. Slow release of complex carbohydrates from the polenta keeps the blood sugar level in fine balance.

Although the polenta can not boast of a large number of minerals and vitamins, it is known to contain quite sufficient levels of vitamin A that is necessary for many functions in the body, and above all for the proper functioning of the heart, lungs and kidneys.

There is not much fat in the polenta if it is prepared with water and without the addition of cheese or cream. When a person wants to adhere to a non-fat diet, he can eat a simple polenta in large quantities, whilst preparing it on the water.

It is known that corn is full of carotenoids. Since polenta is made from milled corn, it is assumed that it is rich in carotenoids. Carotenoids help prevent cancer and some eye diseases.

Can you GAIN Weight With Polenta?

In American Indians, corn was a basic food. A number of dishes were prepared from him, and the translation of his name literally means “what keeps life”. That’s why this cereal is considered one of the best foods that provide the body with enough energy. But it will surely tell many to wonder if the polenta provokes weight gain.polenta and weight gain

Such a thought is quite justified, especially for those who take care of appearance and weight. In order not to burden too much, I will tell you how polenta contains calories in small quantities, precisely thanks to corn. We can freely conclude that this is one of the best foods when keeping a diet.

For those who care about how many calories polenta have, you need to know how about 100 grams of polenta contains about 380 cal.

In addition, 12.7 percent is water, 10 percent protein, 73 percent UH, 4.3 fat and 2.3 percent cellulose. The percentage of carbohydrates and lipids you should not worry about, as they are natural substances. They are easy to digest and do not affect weight gain.

This food will be tastier and better if you mix it with your favorite vegetables! Sprinkle with yogurt that has little milk fat and enjoys a healthy meal. Forget stories about whether the polenta can make you obese and the like.

Polenta For Weight Loss – Easy Recipe That Melt Pounds

Polenta is very similar to all those dishes made from whole grains. 100 g of polenta give 70 calories. Nutritionally rich, with a low-calorie value, the polenta is ideal as a diet and can be served during the weight loss process.

I recall that this is only a case with a clean polenta that is prepared with water. If you decide to add full-fat cheese, butter, eggs or cream, caloric value increases as fat content increases.

Recipe: In the pan, pour 3 cups of water and pour one ounce of oil and add a little salt, let it boil, reduce to the minimum, add only 1 cup of corn flour (polenta) and cook, with constant mixing for 10 to 15 minutes. In the end, if desired, a spoon of flaxseeds can be added, which gives the satiety and a little low-calorie yogurt, for a finer taste. For the mixing is the best wooden spoon, because the metal can oxidize.

Diet with polenta is carried out very easily: for breakfast and dinner, eat a portion of the polenta prepared according to the recipe above. It is important not to add more than one teaspoon of oil. If you feel hungry quickly after a meal, it is a sign that you need to add a spoon of flaxseed. Dinner should be 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.avoid products from white flour

For lunch during the polenta diet, you can eat the foods of your choice, the quantities are not limited, but make sure you do not overeat. You should avoid fat, everything that contains sugar as well as white flour products.

It would be best if you eat black bread during a diet, and if this turns you into a habit, you will, in the long run, maintain a slimline and after a polenta diet.

Today, black and integral bread are composed mainly of white flour to which a little integral and then a little food color is added to make it look more like real black bread, so read out what kind of bread is and what is the percentage of white flour in it.

The best choice is protein-free fat-free foods such as white chicken, fish, soybean. A good choice is also vegetables.

If you make sure that your lunch is really dietary for 7 days, you can lose up to 5 kilograms. If after 7 days you are not satisfied with the weight, eat only one meal, and after seven days you can return to the original diet with polenta for breakfast and dinner.


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