Legion Whey Protein Review of 2019 – Great for Both Weight Loss and Muscle Build?

Legion whey protein supplement is one of the purest protein sources available, making Whey protein powder one of the most popular and widely used nutritional supplements.

I have done a legion whey protein review and I am sure that you will like it because it will not only help you to build muscle mass but also lose pounds.

This product is mainly for athletes, those lifting weights and eating “curd and milk” to get bigger and stronger.

Well, if you add a special enzyme [called renin] to milk, it will cause it to clot. This Whey+ is a fantastic source of protein. It contains about 90% pure protein and includes all amino acids. Below is the major importance of whey+ supplement…

  • It’s absorbed by the body rapidly
  • It’s the best single source of branched-chain amino acids in leucine – and leucine is needed for lean muscle building as well as for muscle repair after training

It helps control blood sugar and insulin when ingested with carbohydrates – this is especially important to prevent glucose from being stored primarily as fat.


Product: Legion Whey+ Protein

What is it For: Muscle Build, Weight Loss

Price: Click HERE to check the price

Money Back Guarantee: Yes

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10







Whey+ Composition

This Legion whey protein isolate is made from top-quality milk from a dairy farms in Ireland.

In each serving, there are 22 grams of the highest quality protein, which is a huge amount of protein, essential after an intense workout!

This whey+ contains a lot of sugar to give a good taste, but the sugar levels were so low and there was also less than 0.1 grams of fat!

Also, considering the flavor, it is naturally sweetened and flavored and contains no GMO, hormones, and antibiotics of any kind.

How Legion Whey+ Works

Whey+ protein helps your body safely and effectively to achieve your desired goal. Once taken, it is digested quickly, allowing easier and faster access to your muscles, where they are supported and allows them to become thinner and stronger while optimizing strength.

Generally, proteins consist of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, organized in different ways to form a large combination of amino acids, and amino acids are the building blocks of the body’s cells.

Carbohydrates provide energy to cells and amino acids provide the tools for growth and stability. Some chemicals already present in the body can help produce the necessary non-essential amino acids, while essential amino acids can only be obtained through foods such as meat, milk, eggs, vegetables or protein supplements.

And by using whey protein supplements, your muscle growth can be reached faster.

This whey+ helps significantly boost muscle growth compared to other protein products and can significantly reduce the level of cortisol, the hormone that awakens the muscle. And because whey protein is absorbed very quickly into your bloodstream, it means that it is released faster into your muscles, repairing and energizing them and preparing them for the next job.

Regardless of the nutritional and physical benefits that whey+ protein can offer,

  • This supplement contains more whey protein isolates, which is the purest form of protein available
  • Legion Whey+ Protein contains a higher percentage of protein than its competitors
  • It contains a digestive enzyme of absorption absent from most other protein supplements
  • Better taste than most other branded protein supplements
  • This whey+ protein raises your lean muscle mass (your muscles become more dense and stronger).
  • Whey+ protein isolate accelerates fat loss and assists in toning your body, helping you get cut.

If the whey+ is too uncomfortable to use and the digestive remedies do not help you, you simply will not be able to consume a whey supplement.



Pros of Using Legion Whey+ Protein

There are many protein shakes that you can use to help develop muscle tone faster, but a good deal of whey protein powders are of poor quality. To help you develop your muscles more effectively, it is important to find the best whey protein powder sold in the markets.

The difference between high-quality powders and cheap powders is very obvious. Below are the important benefits attached to this Whey+ protein supplement:

1. 100% Whey Protein Isolate

2. Lactose-free

3. Gluten-free

4. Sugar-free

5. Great Supplement for Weight Loss

6. This supplement is a great way to boost the immune system, which will help you stay healthy while working to get in shape. Rather than interrupting your exercise program because of a cold or infection, the use of this type of protein strengthens the immune system against disease.

7. If you want to grow your muscle faster, you will find that this best whey+ protein powder is the secret to muscle growth. The amino acids of this legion whey+ helps to build muscles because they stimulate the muscles with the fibers they need to expand during exercise.

8. The natural antioxidants contained in whey protein would greatly boost your overall health. Antioxidants help the body function properly in all respect.

9. Protein shakes from this product are incredibly easy to digest, because of the absence of lactose. Regardless of the age of the person consuming the product. Fast digestion ensures efficient distribution of high-quality whey.

10. It restores the muscle after your workout. When you work your muscles, they break down to grow. Once training is complete, your muscles must be repaired and reconstructed properly.

How To Consume It?

Using this supplement is quite easy. Mix it with water or milk with a shaker or just a spoon. In general, you should take 2 to 3 servings a day, depending on your needs and requirements.

The product has a low glycemic index and should be taken after your physical activity or when you wake up. It comes with some natural flavor and tastes great. It can be used with any kind of protein-based diet and for everyone, without exception, because it has no side effects.

Final Word

Athletes and people who exercise need extra amounts of protein and calories because they tend to burn more calories than normal people.

A supplement of isolate whey protein is needed for these people, and Legion Whey+ supplement is able to provide the required protein dose per serving.

This supplement is a low/no-carbohydrate meal that promotes the balance of nitrogen in the body, creating the ideal conditions for healthy muscle development and natural loss of pounds.

If you decide to take this supplement I would be happy to hear your results or maybe cons?

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  • Matt's Mom

    I have been a protein supplement user off and on for years.  My question is this, I would love to use this as a weight loss aid.  So do I just use it as a replacement meal?  And because of the high protein content, it would make me feel full and not hungry? Looking forward to your reply, thanks!

    • Daniel

      You can freely use this product as a meal replacement because it contains a high amount of protein which will keep you satiated for a long period and you will not feel cravings. Keep in mind that this supplement is recommended with regular exercise. You should have daily training for at least 30 minutes (cardio or lifting weights)

  • ecpags74

    This sounds like a good whey protein to use.  I’ve tried others in the past and I was just not happy with them.  They either didn’t mix well with my smoothies, or they didn’t taste good.

    I also need a protein powder that is gluten free that I can use after workouts.  Legion Whey sounds like it will fill the bill.



    • Daniel

      Hi Ellen, I can confirm that this supplement is great and so many people are consuming it. I was taking it 2 years ago and I was more than satisfied. When it comes to taste, it is very tasteful and that is a great benefit because I don’t like to consume something that is not tasty. It is definitely worth the money.

  • Jay

    Protein consumption is very essential for bodybuilding. I recently started hearing and coming across this product more often of recent and I actually heard it was really good and does a really good job so I decided to a little research before deciding to actually purchase it.

    I am pretty amazed at its benefits. Apart from just using it for muscle growth, the fact that it is also beneficial to our health generally is really amazing. How long do you think it would take before I start to see results when I take this product?

    • Daniel

      Hi Jay, I know that you will not like the answer but the answer is, it depends. It all depends how much you changed your daily habits when it comes to nutrition and exercise. If you throw away greasy and high-calorie food and replace it with proteins and vegetables you will see great improvements even in your first month. When it comes to training, you should have regular exercise at least 30-45 minutes a day.


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