Lemon Juice And Water For Weight Loss – SHOCKING Results!

lemon juice and water for weight loss

Although many who struggle with excessive weight gain a variety of diets, which often have a short-term effect, there is a natural drink that greatly affects the speeding up of metabolism and, consequently, weight loss.

Discover why are lemon juice and water for weight loss great and simple combination that will help you in your goals regarding the weight.

If I were to tell you that lukewarm water with lemon is that beverage, you might not believe me.

However, it is well-known that warm water and lemon are a winning combination not only for weight loss but also for cleansing accumulated toxins in the body, especially water with lemon is recommended for cleansing of the liver, which indirectly affects the acceleration of metabolism and/or weight loss

Lemon And Warm Water In The Morning

Warm water and lemon for weight loss are especially recommended for consumption in the morning, on an empty stomach. Although, there are ladies who use lemon with warm water during the day because it is well-known that this drink speeds up the metabolism.

In addition to using lemon and warm water in the morning for slimming, one should not forget the very important information, that is, this drink first cleans the liver, but also the entire organism from accumulated toxins, and improves the functioning of the digestive system, and in general in view of this, it greatly accelerates the metabolism.

It is known that lemon contains high amounts of vitamin C, so it is recommended to consume it especially during the period of exposure to viral and bacterial infections, as it has an incredibly positive effect on the immune system’s improvement.

Warm water with lemon should be drunk on a straw, if possible. In this way, you will prevent acid from the juice to come into contact with your teeth and damage them. Never drink pure lemon juice because of its high acidity. To be effective, lemon juice must be diluted with water.lemon and warm water

If you think that warm lemonade is a good home remedy for slimming, you should mix 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice with 225ml of lukewarm water. Then drink the blend into an empty stomach for 20 minutes before eating, to prevent symptoms that food can cause. It is most important to drink this beverage on an empty stomach.

In addition to being good for weight removal, lemon also proves to promote blood purification and is also thought to help with various cardiovascular diseases.

So it’s best to start using warm water with lemon today and do something good for your health, but also to eliminate accumulated pounds in the most natural way possible.

Warm water in the morning for weight loss is becoming more and more popular, but for some, this term is not suitable because they would prefer coffee to an empty stomach!

Does lemon and water in the evening have the same effect when weight loss is concerned?

Lukewarm water and lemon should be drunk in the morning because after the sleeping stomach is really empty. Positive effects will be best felt just when this warm lemonade marks the beginning of your day.

Warm Water, Honey, And Lemon

If you start the day by consuming this beverage, it is almost certain that your immune system will very quickly strengthen. However, warm water, honey, and lemon are also recommended for weight loss, and this drink is required to drink for a longer period to see the effects.

Of course, it should be kept in mind that warm water, honey and lemon do not represent any miraculous drink that will simply eliminate excess pounds. It is necessary, however, to take a little care about diet, and you can also consume lukewarm water with a few drops of lemon instead of plain water during the day.

If you want to prepare this drink, you will need 1 teaspoon of honey and half a lemon juice. Add this mixture to 250 ml of lukewarm water, and drink it in sips every morning, as soon as you wake up. Half an hour after drinking this drink, you can have breakfast.

Lemon And Acidic Water

Lately, lemon and acidic water for weight loss can be heard more often. However, it has to be admitted that this is not really a winning combination, considering that acid water is not a natural beverage and that it often generates gases.

If you really want to lose weight, it’s better to use lemon with lukewarm water, and if you want to add some honey.

How Warm Water and Lemon Work?

Warm water with lemon is a powerful combination that increases your chances of losing weight: powerful vitamin C, lemon antioxidants and the ability of lukewarm water to improve digestion.

To prepare this drink, warm water on the stove and let it cool to body temperature, and then squeeze the whole lemon juice into it. Do not use a microwave or pasteurized lemon juice from the bottle. Although warm water with lemon helps preserve the conditions for weight loss, this home remedy does not replace healthy foods as well as advice from your doctor.

  • Diuretic and laxative

One of the reasons why these drink works are that the lemon is a diuretic and that’s why you will use the bathroom a bit more often than usual to get rid of excess fluid. Additionally, warm water with lemon has many supporters and is widespread as a laxative.

It helps to get rid of constipation by allowing a softer stool. The lemon helps your body to produce liver enzymes. The advantages are less heartburn and bloating. Consuming this beverage also stimulates the production of gastric juices that help digest food.

  • Fats and insulin sensitivity

Lemon-molecule polyphenols found in plants with antioxidant properties – significantly reduce weight gain, fatty deposits, excess fat in the blood, high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. As citrus, lemon contains flavonoids that have many benefits associated with for weight reduction, including reduced cholesterol and triglyceride secretion from the liver.

Adults suggest that all of these properties not only help in weight loss but also in the treatment and prevention of obesity and diabetes.

Dr. Susan Brown from betterbones.com says hot water is helping digestion. Hot water with lemon will help stimulate the digestion process. What’s more, drinking hot water will slightly increase body temperature by allowing a mild increase in thermogenesis, a process that your body uses to burn the calories you have entered eating.

  • Vitamin C and weight loss

Part of the reason for the strong effects this combination has is the high content of vitamin C in lemon. According to an article published in the 2009 Diet Journal of the American University of Food, vitamin C is associated with body weight.

One researcher says that enough intake of vitamin C, in contrast to lack of intake, helps your body activate a series of chemical reactions that break down body fat and turn them into energy.

Warm Water And Lemon Experiences

Almost anyone who has tried to use lemon and hot water for weight loss has positive experiences. And these positive experiences are not exclusively related to the loss of accumulated pounds, but also to the improvement of the general state of the organism.

Do not forget that lemon and lukewarm water for weight loss do not belong in any magic potion and, of course, it’s not enough to just consume it every day so that the kilograms disappear.

Certainly, it is necessary to introduce some positive habits, which are primarily related to the regulation of nutrition, that is, to increased physical activity. Otherwise, it may easily happen that you are not satisfied with the effect that warm water with lemon has for weight loss.

Also, it is very important to keep in mind that those kilograms cannot disappear overnight, as they were not created overnight.

What does science say about the beneficial properties of warm water with lemon?

Arguments that support the claim that water with lemon is useful:lemon water for weight loss

  • Lemon helps with weight loss, which can be beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of acid reflux.
  • Citrus fruit reduces blood pressure and protects the body from damage to cells.

A study in 2014 revealed that lemon is associated with lowering blood pressure, especially in people who are at high risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. It is a very powerful antioxidant, which protects the body from damage to cells.

Consuming lemon has significant beneficial effects on health. For example, one study found that compounds found in lemon helped people reduce the number of fat cells and no longer accumulate them. Both obesity and weight gain contribute to the symptoms of acid reflux. If lemon helps with weight loss, it can also lead to the alleviation of acid reflux symptoms.

Can Lemon Harm Stomach?

What does research say?

There is evidence that foods rich in ascorbic acids, such as lemon, actually protect the stomach from some forms of cancer and other damage. These findings are particularly useful in people with peptic taste (gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer).

Water with lemon can be used to treat acid reflux?

Although lemon juice is very acidic, smaller quantities mixed with water can have an alkalizing effect when digested. In this way, the acid is neutralized in the stomach. So the lemon does not damage the stomach.

You’ve seen why you need to drink hot water and lemon. It’s easy to prepare, you do not need any recipe, so you should leave all the excuses and start tomorrow. The experience will surely be positive, so immediately get the lemon if you have not already prepared it for the morning.

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  • Nate MC

    I’ve personally used to drink lemon/water every morning, but go through stints where I don’t. But I personally felt a big difference drinking it first thing in the morning. I eat healthy in general, but I firmly believe that I got a nice energy boost from the lemon water. 

    I never thought about adding honey into the mix, but I’ll give it a try!

    • Daniel

      Yes, it is so refreshing and it is great for body detox. I also drink it sometimes, not every day because of my job but when I do I also feel an energy boost. Adding honey is great if you like it sweetened but also for improving the nutritional value of the drink. Honey contains powerful antioxidants great for immunity and can additionally speed up the metabolism.

  • RoDarrick

    Thank you for this insight. Honestly, I eat healthily and I also feed on junks too but not as much as I feed heavily on healthy foods. I do use to take water and lemon in the morning and night before bed. But honestly, I do not know that honey could be a very good addition to this combination. I will inculcate into my intake too and also try to suggest it to my sisters and my neighbors. Thanks for sharing these tips for weight loss.

    • Daniel

      Honey is a great addition to this beverage as it is great antioxidant and it also stimulates faster metabolism and sense of satiety. Of course, you don’t need to use honey always if you don’t want, simple water and lemon will also do a miracle for your organism.

  • akshaysaxena

    Awesome post, Daniel. You have presented your ideas wonderfully, they are very important to know for everyone. I always used lemon, just because it tastes good. I had no idea about its benefits. Your post helped me to get a good perspective about it’s greater benefits. 

    I’ll surely follow the routine of taking the lemon with warm water in the morning, after being motivated by your article. Thanks a lot for sharing this educational information. I truly appreciate. 

    • Daniel

      Thanks for your feedback, just like I said above, lemon is awesome fruit not only for weight loss but also for body detox, speeding up metabolism, boosting immunity and much more. You can be sure that with every glass of this beverage you do something great for your body.

  • Pam

    Hi, Dani, this is quite an interesting article. I am quite a fan of lemon water for its health benefits however I am curious where you researched the information regarding lemon water is beneficial for weight loss. Apart from helping the liver how does the drink burn fat? Thank you in advance.

    • Daniel

      Hi Pam, you can find hundreds of studies on the Internet regarding lemon water. I was doing deep research on the Net about lemon water and there are great results and experiences out there. 

      This drink stimulates weight loss primarily with boosting metabolism. When you drink lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach you greatly speed up the metabolism which results in your body consume more calories from fat cells.

      This beverage also ejects toxins and excess water from an organism which additionally affects weight loss. We usually have 2kg-5kg of waste (toxins, undigested food, excess water, etc) in our stomach and this drink clean our bowels deep and thoroughly. You will also feel satiated for a long period preventing you from going to fast food and sweets resulting in intaking fewer calories.


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