Lose Weight With Atkins Diet – Can You Make It?

Want to lose weight and look great? Atkins’ diet is one of the best known to try. I reveal to you its rules and menu.

Atkins’ diet belongs to a diet who promotes low carbohydrate intake and is suitable for those who want to get rid of excess pounds.

In this topic I want to discuss can you lose weight with Atkins diet and what you should do to achieve maximum results.


Those who used this diet claim that for weight loss and getting to the desired weight, you need to eat as much protein and fat foods as you need to avoid carbohydrates.
Atkins’ diet was presented to the world by Dr. Robert Atkins.

In 1972, he wrote a book about her, which soon became very demanding. Since then, this diet has become known and popular around the world, although a great number of books on this subject have been written after that.

Scientists have also been interested in this diet, and in the last 15 years, many studies have been published about her contribution and experience in weight loss, but also the ability to overcome the overall state of the organism.

Atkins’ Diet – What Is It About

At first, scientists were not advocates of Atkins’ diet because they considered it unhealthy, especially because of the ability to bring in a large percentage of fat during the diet.

However, over time, this opinion has changed, which has contributed to research that has found that the intake of good fats is not harmful, as well as the experiences of those who kept this diet.

Also, the conclusions that are made relate to the results brought about by the Atkins diet, so it is now known that this Atkins diet for weight lossdiet not only helps to lose weight, but at the same time leads to an improvement in the blood sugar level, HDL (good cholesterol), triglyceride.

Although it contains a high percentage of fat, research has shown that keeping this diet generally does not contribute to an increase in LDL (bad cholesterol).

It is important to note that Atkins diet does not support excessive fat intake, nor does it drastically reduce carbohydrates.

The entry of these parameters is in line with the menu, so that the human organism can function without harmful consequences.

Atkins’ Diet – Phases

The main reason why diets who have low carbohydrate percentages are effective in weight loss, are changes in diet and everyday menus.

Namely, those who enter fewer carbohydrates, automatically feed into the diet more proteins that reduce appetite and retain the sense of satiety. That’s why those who hold Atkins’ diet do not feel hungry, and they bring in fewer calories and lose weight.

The Atkins diet has 4 stages:

Phase 1

In the first phase, you should eat at most 20 grams of carbohydrates per day for a period of 2 weeks. During this period, foods rich in fats and proteins are eaten, combined with vegetables with low carbohydrate content (green vegetables).

Phase 1 is the right start for a successful weight loss and lasts until it loses 5 kilograms (it can sometimes be longer and sometimes less than 2 weeks, but 2 weeks after the experience of those who kept the diet is some average).

Phase 2

During the second phase, foods are slowly introduced to bone fruits, other vegetables with low content of carbohydrates and a limited amount of fruit.

Daily carbohydrate intake increases by 5 grams every week (first week the amount of carbohydrate is 25 grams, the other 30 grams …). The second phase lasts until it reaches about 5 kilograms to the healthy-vegetablesdesired weight.

Phase 3

Now, when the desired weight is getting closer, it is permitted to increase daily intake of carbohydrates by 10 grams per week. This phase lasts until the desired weight is reached.

Phase 4

In the fourth stage, the ingestion of healthy carbohydrates is allowed, but until it leads to weight gain.

Thus, 10 grams of carbohydrates are still added per week, but if body weight slightly increases, carbohydrate intake decreases by 10 grams. In this way, you yourself discover how many carbohydrates your body really needs and you keep on that entry.

However, experience has shown that in some cases Atkins’ diet can be very successful and without strict adherence to phases.

Everyone can combine it as it thinks it fits best in the lifestyle of the past, so it often happens that those who use the skip to Phase I or from the very beginning introduce a larger amount of fruits and vegetables than prescribed.

Some people think that the first phase is quite sufficient, so during the whole diet they remain in this phase.

Atkins’ Diet Menu

Because of the characteristics that make it successful, Atkins’ diet requires a change in the menus that you are used to. The new menu should contain certain intentions that will contribute to weight loss, which this diet recommends.

Food To Be Avoided

Whether you strictly adhere to a diet by stages or choose to make your own combination, your menu should not contain this kind of food:

  • Sugar: juices, sweets, ice cream
  • Cereals: wheat, rice, rye, barley
  • Vegetable oils: soy, corn, canola
  • Trans fats: are found in industrial processed intentions containing the word “hydrogenated” in its composition
  • Groceries that contain the label “diet” or “less fat”: these groceries usually have a high percentage of sugar
  • Vegetables containing many carbohydrates: carrots, potatoes, any other type of turnip (this applies only to Phase I)
  • Fruits containing many carbohydrates: bananas, apples, oranges, pears, grapes (this applies only to Phase I)make your healthy menu
  • Lentils, beans, hazelnuts

What Food you should include in your menu:

These are the groceries you need to include in your menu while holding Atkins’ diet.

  • Meat: beef, ovine, chicken, duck, ginger meat, bacon
  • Fish: oily and sea fish, trout, salmon, sardine
  • Seafood
  • Eggs (one of the most nutritious natural products and therefore a frequent breakfast ingredient)
  • Vegetables with low carbohydrate content: spinach, broccoli, kale, asparagus, lettuce, cucumber, celery, cane, mushrooms
  • Dairy products: butter, cheese, yogurt
  • Bone fruits and seeds: almonds, hazelnuts, nuts, sunflower seeds
  • Healthy oils: cold-pressed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil
  • Herbal spices

Atkins’ rules are very simple: as long as your menu is based on protein, using healthy oils, as well as vegetables, bone fruits and seeds, you will lose weight.

This is also a menu of liposuction nutrition, just there are no phases. After the first phase, you can slowly add healthy carbohydrates from remaining fruits and vegetables to the menu.

What can you periodically include in your diet?

If you thought this was another diet that would limit eating what you love, experiences say it’s not like that. Of course, Atkins’ diet promotes the introduction of healthy food, but there are places for those tasty, which no one can resist.

Some of them are: bacon, cheese, sour cream and black chocolate.

These foods are generally considered obese because they contain a high percentage of fat and calories, so it may be strange for someone to be on the list of those that can occasionally be used.

However, a diet like Atkins, which contains a small percentage of carbohydrates, must in some ways compensate for the sources of energy that the body receives from them. That is why these foods in Atkins’ diet are acceptable and can be used.

What can you drink?

These are liquids and beverages allowed by Atkins’ diet.

  • Water
  • Coffee: although it may not agree with what you have heard about coffee before, coffee contains antioxidants and its consumption is recommended
  • Green tea
  • Alcohol may also be consumed in small quantities (although it should be avoided in Phase I). Decide on wine and avoid drinks and a large amount of hydrated boats, such as beer.

Atkins’ Diet – Phase 1 Menu

This is a menu proposal for the first phase of the Atkins diet, but you can adhere to it in other phases, adding gradual groceries that contain a higher amount of carbohydrates

Day 1

Breakfast: eggs with green vegetables, roasted on coconut or olive oil

Lunch: chicken salad with olive oil and fistful of fruits and seeds

Dinner: steak and green vegetables

Day 2

Breakfast: eggs with bacon, yogurtAtkins diet prevent obese

Lunch: chicken with spinach

Dinner: burgers, butter and broccoli

Day 3

Breakfast: Vegetables with sour cream

Lunch: Beef with vegetables

Dinner: Scrambled and vegetable salad, with olive oil

Day 4

Breakfast: Brewed egg, bacon, cucumber

Lunch: Salmon with butter and vegetables

Dinner: Green salad with vegetables and cheese

Day 5

Breakfast: Omelet and yogurt

Lunch: Burger

Dinner: Chicken salad with vegetables and olive oil

Day 6

Breakfast: Mushrooms and peppers fried on the butter

Lunch: Burgers, salad of rukola

Dinner: Pieces of pork with vegetables

Day 7

Breakfast: Omelet with cheese and vegetables

Lunch: Grilled chicken wings in a sauce of vegetables

Dinner: Vegetable salad with beef leaves

The vegetables you use should be versatile and 15 grams of 20 grams of carbohydrates in Phase 1 should be made of vegetables.

If after the intake of 3 meals you feel hungry, it is permitted to eat as a snack from time to time:

  • food that has stayed since yesterday (if there are larger quantities, you can use it as the main meal the next day)
  • boiled egg
  • a piece of cheese
  • piece of meat
  • a handful of bony fruits and seeds
  • yogurt or sour milk
  • berries with a little neutral sour cream

After Phase 1, you can eat carrots or fruit as a snack. You can also use a mayonnaise (made from some of the oil listed) as salad dressing.

If you go to a restaurant with your friends or family, do not be crazy. Atkins’ diet can also be held up at lunch or dinner outside the house. Here are some tips to help you decide which food to decide.

  • Order an additional portion of vegetables instead of bread, potatoes or rice
  • Order a dish containing meat or fish
  • Look for a butter or olive oil if it seems that your food or salad is not spicy enough. The sausages can have density or flour, so do not risk them. Also, salad dressings often contain sugar, and should be avoided.
  • Avoid everything that is fried in deep oil, paned or baked

When you are at home, make sure that you do not have foods that you should not eat, so that you do not get tempted to try them. This particularly applies to ice cream, carbonated drinks and juices, muesli, sweets and white flour products.

Atkins’ Diet – Experiences

Regardless of what you have heard or read about Atkins’ diet so far, experience shows that it is really very flexible.

Only during Phase 1 it is necessary to reduce the carbohydrate intake and in the menu you adhere to strictly respect the indicated amount for their introduction.

When this phase is finished, it is permissible to gradually bring in healthy carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, and cereals such as oats and rice (again in the indicated amount but larger than that in Phase 1).

However, in order to maintain the desired weight, the experiences of those who kept Atkins’ diet say that you should abide by these rules and when you finish the diet.

As with every other diet, unwanted kilograms will return if you return to old habits. In the case of Atkins’ diet, it is very important that carbohydrates in the diet are returned gradually.

In this way, you yourself will be able to see to what extent you can enter a specific purpose, without having the effect of restoring pounds and weight gain.
Atkins diet for overall health

Experience has shown that many those who have used Atkins’ diet feel that their appetite is reduced after the first 2 days.

Usually they say that they even have 2 meals a day, instead of a standard 3 meals.

Therefore, in the continuation of the diet, in order to get all regular meals, they begin to reduce their portions.

Mostly the proposed foods from the menu are so shy that they do not have the need for snacks.

One of the common reasons that this diet is unhealthy is, unfortunately, the irresponsibility of those who hold it. This is not a diet that propagates only meat, but it also gives the choice to use other intentions with the flesh.

This fact is often ignored, and most often hear other people experience of using meat, eggs and fats throughout the diet, and nothing more, which is a perceived faulty approach to Atkins’ diet.

In such cases, of course, there can be serious consequences. The Atkins diet is balanced, allowing the inclusion of other ingredients, at the very least the minimum necessary, and any arbitrary deviation from it can have consequences for the body and health.

Those who had experience with Atkins’ diet say that it can be a very successful weight loss solution if a similar diet pattern continues after keeping it.

This certainly means a change in lifestyle, which means giving up some of the old eating habits and menu items that led to unwanted kilograms.


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Many people notice that in Phase 1 they begin to lose excess pounds. Others have a different experience and say that weight loss is slow. Whatever speed you slim, to achieve success, you must follow the rules precisely.

This applies equally to those aiming to repair the condition of the level of sugar or fat in the blood.

The experiences of those who have kept this diet say that, if you do not follow rules, you will be disappointed with the effect much before the opportunity to really see what Atkins diet can do for you.

Have you tried this diet in the past? What are your experiences with it?

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